The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 16, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1900
Page 6
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Lead Daily PioNEER-TiriEs 1 HE A i . A 'K III ! A ; i I ! I l IV ' i:nts i . : . !.; i i ' 1 1 : ; ' : i : i .y i i: , i : : or i. HEARST W.ikh this Space for Important ANNOUNCEMENT Of the arrival of a new 1'hk-s now beirtir jiurchased High Grade Photographs Pictures Enlarged at Home IVIERCANTILE ..COMPANY.. No. KM Utt 110 N Mill St. AT CIIICAC.O PRICKS IB LACK HILL3 PORTRAIT COMPANY ij No. 6 East MAIN ST., LEAD, S. D. Complete Lines Carried. Sam Gilbert returned home last evening from a business and pleasure trip to eastern parts. Aex. Rose makes a specialty of lawn trees and shrubbery of any mnd and size Cut flowers on hand. Orders solicited from all parts of the Hills. The seson of Outings, Celebraticnirn(l Pi -u . is ur. in us. nj humanity must needs bee coolly and properly equipped to enjoy tie different occasions. Vt For your need.s in coo' Wash Suits, Skirts J-nd WaUt.s, come to the Big Brick. For the Lightest, ' uo of Millinery, go to the Bk' Ilruk For your wants on I inbreKas. 1'arasoU and Fans, if i,t For Cool Falun in Wash liles. (biods. see the lilg llri i-. l.divi. For tie- Coolest ol I'lelei-weut am! I'liriiisjiings, -v -it !:. B.g Hi a k v u i a iK purtuieiit . For v.i,.! Trunk, a; . '1 i 1. m ope vvlu-f in'cile.! oi. t:.,- n-,-, a.viiy foin I, aine, go to :.. Uig ilii h. For v.'iir I.un. h. go to tne :.g id o k (iio.ery d- p..i i... m. In tin t von will Iind tne largt'.-t ;.mii linelit ol Hot '!i. : .ic.j and pn. es aiuav s right, at Red Men's Picnic. Tomorrow in the date u on which will be held the picnic given by the Red Men lodges of Dead wood anil Lead, at Hencler'b park. At 9 o'clock In the forenoon of that day the two organizations headed hy the Uniformed Rank, and with two brass bands, will form at the corner of Main and Meeker streets, and march to the grounds.. The committee in charge of the festivities of tlie day haw ;il lowed nothing to t' by lef;iul and every effort ha;- been mt forth to malic the occasion u pleasant affair, for all who nth ml. The dates for picnirs are fast comini; to a close for this year and all uho can .should attend tomorrow's I' Li at ion. tor there will hot likely be any more this year. "The Belles of Blackville." The minstrel entertainment given fit the Opera house Friday evening and Saturday afternoon was attended b yonly a fair sized audience, but toe efforts of the amateur company was appreciated highly if we may judge by the applause given the various parts thruont the performance. There were thirty of the ladies of Lead who appeared in ournt cork, and considered from the point of amateurs c-ach and every one carried their parts very satisfactorily. All names upmi the program were fictitious, and this reporter being unable to penetrate the burnt cork, hi- is handicapped in giving special credit where it is due. The entertainment was given for the benefit of the guild of the Episcopal church but the receipts, when expenses are paid will be very light A Change in Names. Since the consolidation of the Highland iiinl llomestako mines there has been several changes in the names of the workings that have been under Highland com nil. Altho to the lo al public the old name-, ion ttnue. the proper nalnes as rc-ogrlzed by the company for the old Highland mill Is the Americiis ' mill. In the same why the Highland hoist has been .renamed the Golden Prospect hoist. These two properties are built upon claims by those names and thus they derive the new names. House Moving. Carl Moberg, contractor and build er, makes a specialty of house moving. The nubile is welcome to get estimates and he makes a specialty of undertakings Where mechanical skill is necessary to insure a (in. alles) successful competition. Office at 611 fest Main street, Lead. I'eter flrakka transferred thru Victor Jepsen's agency a house and lot located at Highland Park addition to Lead, to George F. Arnold. A meeting: of the Knglish-Ameri-can club will be held tomorrow, Monday evening at Society hall. All members are requested to be present. If yon are looking for a good smoke ask for Chamison's MONARCH strictly union-made cigai .Factory in May b!ock, Lead. M iss lli ailiei . an tf pei p p. oil trim il l n ei in l.i .id iiiii' Irrim Chicago, a .icstenla to comincii in i Hi lift depart nu at M ore. L' v en I li g pi ;i i a lid .-( li'ii, b o.liiv ,il 7:1 mini ion i ninicil la 1 el v S 1 1 1 1 1 1 a school will I Usual hour ol p. m woilv in thiol' Hers;'!'.-, I 1 1 : 1 1 .1! I III i.-t I lol. I c J 111 - alter son-vice, e held at thi Frank "K. Sihors. a toiisonal artist lioni Council Hihlis. accepted a position with .loshlin it Hrunger, the mill street barbers, and is holding down the third chair Miss Grace Dwyer left on yesterday's ii. At M. for Red fern, in the southern Hills, where she goes to accept a position as teacher in the schools of that place. Henry Monheim is expeited home today from Chicago, where be has etc.. for his establishment in Lead, the fall anil winter stock of dry goods, i tr.. for his establishment in Led. Henry's aasay oihce and la-boiatory is ioc .tc ii in the basement ot must's n w Mock, Lead, and he is prepared to till all orders III Ills lite . it Alex Rose has a great quantity of pulled plums ai his hot house, nrxi to the Lpisropal I ill t h. Lead I'll lloWel's and ilesignes a speehlll; . (hd. -is sola ili'd from all pails of tie Hills. ' Wilbui Disney, inopi a lor of the l! ; Store in Terry, returned home :i ft ' aiL abseipi' of about ten days to the large cities of tin east where he went to purchase his fall and winter stork of goods. Houses bought and sold, money loaned, general insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jepsen, Room 1, Cottou & Andrews block. Lead. S. D. 'tf At the F irst Baptist church this morning Mrs. Womeldorf will preach from the theme, "The Mind of Christ. " In the evening the service is special for ladies, the topic of the arfflress. "The Influence of the Voung Indies over the Young Men." Edmund Beaupre, who has been in Lead for several weeks looking after his real estate interests, a part of which was consumed In thp big fire of last March. left yesterday for his home at Montreal, Canada. He does not expect to return very soon. ' .. : : i ' ' , . - , f .. li i! ..a..-- Mr I'.hiiii in ins - .i' plain ' on ." ngiisi v 1 "i'i. at In dianapoli.s. l..-an liy pro. laiiumg t In--iiine right of ii 'ticism ami also alb-g- d Mexican ;ir precedents. Vallandigham spoke of the suppression of the secession revolt as "a wicked and unnecessary war a war for the ( rushing out of liberty." He declared the republican administration did not wish to end the war. If fThad it "could have saved the L'U.OOU lives at Fredericksburg." in the same vein Mr. Bryan spoke of the suppression of the Tagal revolt as "a war of conquest, as unwise as it is unrighteous," for which "there was never any occasion." He likewise intimated fhat the administration did not wish to end the war. "The republican party." he said, is responsible for every drop of blood drawn in the Philippines." Vallandigham feared TfVew ar for the I'nion would result in the overthrow jot the republic "The men in power." ! he said, "are attempting to establish a despotism." He frequently re lined lo this idea "It t hos. in ii ut hori t y are allowed lo a, enmpli-h I In-ir p'nr pll-os." (.' said Ml Mil spec. "tie- people I I ! P. dep. . ', o their I i i -i ' ies and ., ! i . ol i a i . h '. : I i L. - (,. d ! ,1 i III ! 1,1.. -'A . Pal',! ' ha' .11 :..n 'li; Ani.'i .. ait l.a' in, ni.-i a a Hi a o 1 1 1 1 ! i .- . : ! i a I ' i i ' i i : 1 . o. i I 1 1,1 1 . , II. a.. I ' 'e- p 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 hid al millV esl.l M i d a de-po!l-. ' The j will of I he pi i - idem ." In saul. "ha. J I . .ai ilii I; law iii tie- Philippine.." He I 111 plol e. I he l. a I ! . lo consider ' 1 lie effell of i 1 1 i a I I s U I '1 pi 111 IIMI' OWI1 I iiaiioii." He dei hired mat ' even now j we are beginning to see the paralyzing iiitlii.-in e of imperialism." He fre- I 1 1 It ' 1 1 1 1 IVplesSeil llisle;i of (if 0. I monarchy. He asserted that the "re- publican party has ai-cepted the Knro- pean idea and planted itself upon the : ground taken by George III." S .of course. Mr. Bryan's statements now are as false, his fears now are as I baseless, his pn dictions no are as ! u n w i i i i a u 1 ei I as were Valla ml iuhatn's statements, feats and predictions ill : si." The republican partv .stablish-. i -1 1 no uionai ehy then and doe., not , ev.-n dream of establishing one now. W illiam M' Kinley is doing now .just what Abraham Lincoln wa.- doing then compelling rehels'.'to obey the laws j o ihe Tinted Slates . I lit I be 1 1 ' 1 1 . i hand ' 1 ii '. an and a ' - . 1 1 i v ai.- ia . -v lie on r,. j t ti v. i ! I - ': ii-i a . Valla mi i '.''ha m an.' L ' - pa ; ' da! 1 ila li Thai Mr Id . an -!anii.! now n -. ; ' i 1 ! a in I r;ha I ". ' ,11 vi:n-i lit a 1 a ti ' . ti ' h;-; T!a' law- o! Il-e Lifted St ile, i :- a It ncet hi i- i,-i":ta. Th i u-i . an-: ainuineiii. fia . -',it and rcbelljra ale a I vv a v . tb - a n i l'hie;i at Int. i j ,11. can. Value of Man's Life. The supreme courts have recently decided that the life of the average man is worth just what he is able to earn. A man's earnings depend to a great extend upon his health, and it is always within his power to improve his condition. The stomach is the measure of health and strength. Every man may be bright, active and happy, if his digestion is normal. If it is not, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters will make It so. It puts the digestive organs in condition to properly digest and assimilate food. Try It for constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, biliousness, liver or kidney troubles. There is nothing just as good. The genuine has our private revenue stamp over the neck of the bottle. For sale by all druggists. , o Monuments. George J. Snyder has the agency for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln ths-.t has erected so many stones in the Hills. Those in want will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street, or addressing Lock Box 655, Lead, S. D. 7 12-lm Lunch Counter. At the Derby lunch- counter, In charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are setved at reasonable prices, dav and night Tiertie.yf & Berry's place. Main street, Lead, tf MURDERI So will the fact that von can WILL OUT Hay and Grain lust as cheap of ' JOE SAVAGE "Y ''" ' "V.- ' ''' ... ' ' '.;"' -' ;. '.'.''.;. i -' . - , - the old reliable Central dealer as anywhere in the Blade Hffla. Try nlm, -' ' ,,,, i : Main street Lead. Clark fc Lyons, the gents' els of Lead, linvc received supply of campaimi hats, of 1 1 1 icay p. t i t ies. II oii w i -h wiur 1 1 r tall and get ope. tt furnish a 7aru- liotll polo slllO' N - t 1 f hi- c: ii 1 -1 I 'i 111 Lead 1- ..; ! lilt:;.. ll,-. I'.iiuIh w ho 1 1 1 1' is. d lire ill I.e. el a Minion u i . i os lion: M.lllieol. iliH III g III- I ill I i: la - -o and Ira c o i ti ii g Minn li.iKola ai.-l ui slim I to a TI I' i " lid- (ii i u in 1 1' m elms' 1 1 a I i n I 1 i ! il v Soul 1 1 II low I M I In- Hollar in .t 'nu of t ,. m-IihuI liiifird lold Friday night, the general routine of husiuess was transacted, and ainniin other things Miss Nellie Storniaii was appointed principal ot the South Lead school. Mi.-s Mary Delaiiey w as employed as teach er of the fifth grade in the rlii;li school. ('. M. I'illlieltoil writes Lead from lies .Moines. I'inkerton was tormcrly the Lead schools, and is to friends in Iowa. Mrs. principal of now located in lies in the iness, ji.vinir Moines, where he is eintaged real estate and insurance Imp. Himself iind family are en-good health and are n e !. pleased with tin ir iii-w hone W illi mi liolh ol la .Mull. in, I Miss i Ilia 1 I n Anna Kust. I hod i-veii-L G. W are inu ill I ' ad wooi I bv Ki Mr. Mill i i has n .-idi d gooil li. a ,i ea i s and phii ol' the Mono -take in la ad for a i-. in II com pa n who . i n id.- i . a voii n lad I'i mi; ( I or many Mine or . i f. i an ' I wa i . i iliu v la i e The a :'1'a i r - ni i --em e of roiiiaie 'lilt siy hi . The ha ' i i on p theii home in Lead, lour . : ' 1 1 1 . to . II. out li s . a ' i o s n tin at t'l'st I 1II11K.' I.e. . w I Work upon tin sonage of l.e;id is and tin- frann-The building wil lieu Catlioli- paV-progressing rapidly, work is partly up. I he two-siory and wifll be fitted with all modern improvements. The foundation for the 1 church building is under way. and : while the new building will cover the . same dimension': as the old cliurch ' building, the capacity of the new one will be much greater owing to ttfe in-I terior arrangements. The building will lie all right. A. 0. Vincellette of Terraville was bitten by a horse that had been taken down Into the mine last evening, and hart his Injuries attended to at the hospital. Mr. Vincellette Is one of the mule : drivers in the Highland mine nnd they were attempting to break In a new horse, but the animal .proved to be of a vicious nature and Mr. Vincellette was treating hlnH kindly and coaxing the animal, when suddenly he made a grab for him, and planted his teeth In the lower lid of the right eye, cutting it severely and also Inflicting a wound on the lower lip and breaking one of his teeth. Work upon the Spargo block is rapidly advancing and by the first of next month the first floor of the building will be ready for occupancy, "rtiere are three store rooms and they will be occupied by i loyd Br.own, with a drag business; W. B. Perkins, with confectionery, and Coolldge Bros., with hardware. The entft-e second floor will be occupied by Che Rohlrn Star club, but will not be in. readiness for them before the-latter part of next month. When complete the club will have as fine and well arranged quarters as can be found this side of Omaha. The archlture of the building is One of the finest of the many brick and stone buildings In the city. .BRYAN AND VALLANDINGHAM. 1 Mr. Bryan must nave been giving his days and nights to study of Clement Ia Yallandigham's works. That notorious copperhead's thoughts are echoed In all Mr. Bryen'a recent speeches. This similarity cf thought is natural, for Mr. Bryan now, like Vallanding"-ham In 1863, adrocates surrender to rebels. t t '- - - --. i - , VallandingbaBVa. most violent and treasonable speech was delivered May 1. 1863, at Mount Venon. Ohio. fvfle began by proclaiming his "right to crit-iclse the acta ot oar military servants." He cited as precedent for trecli crit- PcrABllSHED 1876 W. J i V. LTKR M- K AY. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance ( ;;:'u-,- Mav li!,., i. . i. ..S. I1 R. K MORTON. MJ. I'r-i. tf c ,!, ,.,;,: .,;., : e:iS"S el ! Eye, Ear jS'Tbroat il'.Ml'iHp (jhlSrfe.s ; II. 1 I .i - t'T tho Uelief of Heaii.'C.f r . r i 1 I'oor Vision, Accurately l-'itt' I OFFICE IN FAUST HI.OCK. (Over Dickenson's Dins Store ) OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 an. I t 3 P a LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Steve Zerega Wants to seo you wlun ycu are in Kearch of WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And if you knew his price im these goods, you would want to ; ee b;B- I've Got It! You want It Let's Get Together ANTHONY TAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD. SU. DAS i Accident t 1 Qualities , JHll I Si Lead, So. DaX L. D. Bailor, M. D., . . J. L. Esch, M. DRS. BAILOR & ESCH. I ii.. So" i it.- if - 1-: , , ..s- a;, .not a sp. .naf'... I itt.-i Office No. 119 Main St. CARL MOBERG Contractor an J Build t HOUSE MOVER. The public is welcome to pet estimates, and 1 do make a specialty of undertakings where mechanical skill is necessary to insure an (In alles) successful completion. Office 611 West Main Street, A. KLEIN 4 i V formerly of the Fan 11 y LiauorJ V House cf Terry, has removed toil Lead and is now open for business J l with the best stnclr nf n-lno. li. V ij. quors ind cigars, which he is sel-j' ling at the y.7y lowest prices. i NICE LUNCHES 4 r' of all kinds put up by one of the4 j best caters in the country. I LOCATION . T.l-, . . ... air. rvrein is located In the base- ment or the new Faust block oni( m The Corner of MAIN i and H BLEEKER STREETS. And cordiallv inuit i u: J i j ...... . I ms ,i Y friends, and especially those of the Bald Mountain section to cal i L on him when in the rity. TYou are Alwavc WpimmA .r Hj w fl VtVVUJWl a.u.a no D. v Two individuals who had Partaken too freely of a high lonesome the . night before, were before his honor In police court yesterday morning, i and were given two weeks in the city jail In which to recuperate. These 1 were tne first cases of this nature to come up in police court for two ' weeks., f ' GHASES WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP Sept turaav GREAT OPP0aTUNn" 20 PER CENT REDUCTION For One Day Only 15 s I TO BUY DRESS UOuDS WOOL' DRESS GOODS. OOD GOODS AND LOW PRICES! New Millineryr Nev Furs , i c New Cloaks, - i . i IX EVERT . DEPARTMENT ' AND TVB ARK STILL SUSTAIN- Insurance 'If -'. 1X0 OUR REPUTATION FOR O r-- -t t 2 mwmu, J-01TX2. X?AlS.OXCt- tain t Itmt,

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