The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 12, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY pioneer-times, DEADWOOD 8. D. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER j2, i9oo "EVANGELINE" TONIGHT. Seventy costumed people in THE JCITY. Tonight 'Evangeline.'' Opera house tonight "Evangeline.' company Thieh Way The Home-take Hos meets tonight. Try a Two Orphan cigar. tf Short Orders at the Club. Mln-ne-kah-ta water for the stomach. Try it The king of 5 cent cigars is the Tw Orphans. Try one. tf A 10 cent smoke for a nukle is the Two Orphan ,-igar. tf FARGO lias just received a com Mrs. Austin Anderson of the First feventy people in "Evangeline" at the opera hou, tonight. FOR RENT Ytdirn house of six rooms and hath. No. !l Forest Ave Eri'iito :t Phillips Drug St-. ARE TOTJ HEADIXTC? plete line of tho Regent t-iiocs. tf vard Is reported dangerously ill. " Two hundred and four people partook of Sunday dinner at the Ci't more. The republican headquarters are up to (late, as is evidenced by th; fact that a. Harrison 'phone v., is in-t.i!.-. early vt-stcrdiiy morning. -EVANGELINE" TONIGHT. A ..i'ii:lit.-r of the lat.- ..,i.:i o Ci'i-iioi .-, '. !io li.i - l.- i ii i ,', YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR VbUR MONEY i-'lioi t Oi .! r is a new :'eat'.ie ;,t I., ad : m tin lull ! :.:; .in t. ..DON'T YOU? I Ion. en, ad'- c. n..,i,f a..'. v .:: .it t le- S: : il.t; d I a -1. i ': o. Li . ... : la'- a ' ;.. !: . E V C- ' I N E " T 0 i i G n " YOU CAN GET IT, WE CalV I -Lle!a nd Boys Clo t h i n. . m um eM Gents Fiiraislig Cfiods I Political Speakers are Wrangling over aa 1 :.. look;;. - a: ' a !'"'"'' ; ii : tor ).. i !...:: 1 . )''.! i : . I J..-,.;. ! . ! . . ! i . ... sit i:i ; : ; i ! K'l-.ic ' mm i. (Ill'A h ! 1 . iii : I.I: )lo;.. 1 : : inl)', ;. i ' pc, , EVANJCL:,',F. ' T:,:t.H .'". J I i . . ; ' : OI'd." I.'. . in tie .- '. i'.." .. . : it . ! . ... t re-t ;:i ,i :,, ; , ' , .-, the lo.l. . It is .-:iie 'I I" .11 . .... j ,i !:.. ..! a Wedding in hi. h i,;e v .ii i.,;. j.;,., on I iv 1 1 -id'. w ' .. I Weeks, lion i . a'. . ,i : ;. ... once u lio are li;i'..- in ; t. j ,;, in an affair of i h. , .n . Prof. I,;uv: mi. v. ho ,.i,; i i..ii m the work of ih.. . v company on Citv reel; and ulio has been a ivniil.-iii of tli- n the .;ist two years left for In-, ini iin r homo in Detroit with the inti iil 'im of n Ti e 7 7j 0 V ID CI S IS 0 a lli'.iiv .. -ei ;i;' lio to V C?n-.u r.nri r,et our prices rio -.e vMil shj.v '-.( v.-ilue on our l.injnside of a miiyte. ':a : t. We Have the Goods The nght stuff at the rujht prices. Competdars will spe.ik of tros sale as "The Crime pf ! Come .-nd s,ee. Don't forget the number. ' v' - Mail: i;. t. tf I": h : -i 1 : :.. : i-. ; r ... . i.- d ; 'I.- .-'t ,l..!.:i-i 1 ':i I . oi.:. i Witt - !.;;'!. Ea:!;.' Iii a; I : i. mpt. pala'ali.'e, j a -,ii'i'. pir.v.-p 1 ; I ii . nig 1,1 1 pd! -.. li a ' i. I'hil'iiii IP . ; , . d ,-.;' - ..' V'-'f. I li la i ',; ' '::o I'.i . I If i;.i 1." ' M " . 1 ! a '!' ;. .i ii 1. : !,! . S. pt a.l'-r i 1 T;.'e .-'.le. ' ; o', Ml lie !i;V t :'..- :. ai : . t( . T- . 1 1 j 1 . ; ' . "id Iher. EVANGCI.I"li:" T O N I G H T . "EVANGELINE' TONIGHT. Jesse S ! In in. Hi . v. I'm h., . ! The Pioneers ZlltLl.NER BROTHERS CO. 1 ... . ployed on the Ind ; , I . .,: t, , . . , : ,. veeli.s left ,. I . .. I 'j',,:, Where he has s-. im d p. ...;iii.:i wi'h 647 -viAiNsr: iEET. I)EA!3V0OD, I). me arlisli (edd ii.m; ";:;,;,;: ai tli in' .V cv;i:j... i i,if .. , , . ...,i i ' i : T !).( I, e: '-'i I ' .i, lM.:h sryl.-.h ai.a tu I.- had onlv -.1 HiiivV,.'. NEVER BEFORE F. fi :-:i iih li.'iidP ii.rV'K v, tf. hHT truile staitliitm i.'il. Call t.-l.'l hone l'7 for utiiforun'il rues nenccr. rrompt service. I. O. T. Co If you wan; a sweet. framant smol;o, try a. Two Orphan igar tents. tf Smoke the Two Orphan cigar. tf We positively remove warts, moles, ond superfluous hair by electrolysis. Mrs. Mellck & Alford, the hairdress lib i Hp o k R on Calamity null li. R. II. .Murray and .Malcolm M.-Cal-lum, leading stockholders in tho Detroit & Dead wood went out to Annie creek on the train and may remain several days, getting acquainted with the workings of their new cyanide plant. The many friends of Elder E. E. Clough and his estimable family will regret to learn that this year Is Intended as their last in the Hills. When il Mi S'o. K'-y. . Ijull.i k Haiti V.'. I.. Neil, i. ri., resident den-ti.-t. ha.-, moved his cd'ti, e tu liooni K Syniiii ate Block. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dea-dstry of ah kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years o." experience. Rosen- j thai Block. J IvtlOWS solllet llitl.; I,!' minillt; "EVANGELINE" TONIGHT. I'. K. Cosier, a stoohhoM'-r in Hi.. Deadwood I!, ar Culeb Minir.i; ,m. pany, left here last night for his home. Aurora, 111., after spending a week in the Hills. He visited bis company's property on Dear gulch while here, and saw the work that is In progress. "EVANGELINE" TONIGHT. K. R. Collins went out to his home, at Galena. Monday night, for the first ers, over Deetken's drug store. tf The latest designs In Chinese pil lows, Indian heads, etc.; also some very artistic lunch cloths, center the present conference year is ended they will move to Wisconsin where Elder Clough ownes a nice farm and they will spend their declining years la the midst of all the luxuries afforded in the eastern states. A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF THE pieces and scarfs Room S over Deetken's drug store. tf GET IN LING and wear the Regent shoe. Always look swell and never Poisonous toadstools resembling Palish rooms have caused frequent deaths this year. Be sure to use onl the genuine. Observe the same care when you ask for DcWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. There are poisonous counterfeits. DeWitt's is the only original Witch Hazel Salve. It is a safe andn certain cure for piles and all ;.kin diseases. Kirk G. Phillips. wear out. F.vgo sells them. tf time since his return from Colorado, where he went with a shipment of ore. Mr. Collins lias been enjoying a visit with his brother. F. A. Collins, of Iowa, for the past two months. The latter, who is th father in-law of V. H. Stewart, a salesman at Werthhelm-er's has returned to his old home. "EVANGELINE" TONIGHT. Mildred Franklin. Hazel Fishel, Whit for,!. Catharine Marvin, and Flor-Helen Whitford. Cat ha t di- Marvin and Florence Da-re mado VERY LATEST IN NEW FALL HATS HAS .HIST BEEN RECEIVED AT THE ACKERMANN MILLINERY PARLORS. THEY ARE BEAUTIES AND WHEN YOU GET ONE OF THEM YOU ARE RIGHT Try a pound of the Standard Ca-h i Come hither, O miden folr and fa'th-ful. The desire of thy herrt h gi anted. Before thee are tho at?s of unknown beauty Free, 'tis Rock' Mountain T'i. Ask your druggist. Grocer 's 25c ."locha and Java coffee. ! It has a delicious flavor that excels all I other brands that sell for u.uch ' Has there been such a gigantic sla lighter in prices on everytning in general as there is now on at LOWE'S FAHOUS DEPARTMENT STORE. In Clothing they are cutting and slashing the prices until they now have them down to about one-half the usual retail price. For example, there is now a sale going o n at this popular trading place of Men's Suits that formerly sold for f rem $10 to $20 per suit, they are going at from $5.50 to $9.75... 200 Boys' Suits that did sell for from $2 to $4 per suit, are going now at f rom 95c to $1.95 per suit ...SHIRTS... and in tact a full line of Gents' Furnishings are being slaughtered from 33 1-3 to 50c on the $1 While in the Dry Goods and other Departments, Sales r,'e be," made as rapidly as. a good hcirty rr,.in e?.ts hot. cakes, and tie ; " ch3ser every t,ne cjets tne bent end of the bargain. DRESS MAKING, The Dress Making Department of tms famous emporium vos r.c.i-under bet;r managemer.t than at tre presert time. MISS LOUISE RUSSELL One of C-.;ago's most popular and skilled cutters and fitters at : " head of this Department, assuring all who have work done there that they wi.l not only get the best worK that can be done on a cement, but will get a correct fit, and the very latest Eastern styles, as she is fully up-to-date in all branches of the business n.oie money. IIP ! lift! Ka y tots lawn part y of 'sterdav alletnoo i cook stove with of diminutive mi. j They had a litih dishes and tuUe tern and v ,. k-i P Strong Pull.... mama. K "fvinj dinner just like '""!''' P.1--M.U had to a '.-i .-. -he j ii, I'a-tini -s. j stop ;,,J t;,,, in tlleil la, , Till: J . - r I T : ' ES"-'"Y piano for my ramllv. Ka; ' l ley is the only regular d paler--! ' t No. fi'19. by Rulloek Hotel. I Ground spio; of srocnor .jiialuy at ' pa,- pound at. the Stanilurd Cash : Gtocei-j, corner of Deadwoo.l an 1 lie.nain strci i - v le n o j w.ii.t to o !u ( . i.tial take 'Fuller's hack. tand iu front of No. street. Fare .Tn-. .... I I ..e pro -rt s.. . . nations ot ti,e worid : j "' tho great l'o.. d consuming .aiinn-. j Good food well dige-tetl gives stri -ngtli I nii.v: iv riTi Sl'lil.TI' Hts fi'iilKl; FAi.r. M)Vi-:i.-i ii;.-- ki: nr,w v - To Clear Out Stock... , If you cannot ingest all you eat. you ,,.FIore apidlu need Koclol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat. You need not diet yourself. It will even digest all classes of food ... a bottle. Xo ether T .wi-.;i! x. kvi;i:vthi,; THAT IS IT'-TO-DATK CAN RTC rOI NIl I STfX'K THERK. The Keystone Hotel, after going thru a thoro course of repairs and refitting, by its proprietor. Mr. Kirken. will again reopen as of yore to the public about Thursday or Friday. M: Kirken has spared no pains to fit and furnish the house in the best of shape and will have one of the best and most convienlent hostelries in the Hills. The office, which will be on the first floor, will be spacious, neat and clean and a very pleasant place for the traveling public. For rates and L.eave your pocket-book at home if you please, but don't fail to take a walk through the many different departments cf Deadwood's Only Department Store. THIS SALE IS AS INTERESTING IN VALUE AND 'PRICE WISE AS IT WAS WEEKS AGO. preparation will do this. It instantly relieves and quickly cures all stomach troubles. Kirk G. Phillips" Electric facial massage to tone up the flabby skin and remove wrinkles Freckle Cream guaranteed to remove freckles, at Mrs. Mellck & Alford s. over Deetken's drug store, tf. Short orders will be served at the 11900 VIYES A TALE OF LOW PRICES further Information see his ad else- m-haPA In . 1 The most beautifullv finished and reliable X i.Cameras sold this year ! To clear our entire stock of Summer Goods we -will, offer them this week " " lucor VUIUJUUS. q THE VERY LATEST THING IN' THE NEW FALI, STREET HATS AND OTHER LATE FALL NOVELTIES, ARE NOW DISPLAYED AT THE ACKERMANN MILLINERY EMPORIUM ON MAIN STREET GO IN AND LOOK THEM OVER. Club Restaurant until 10 o'clock a. m. Mln-ne-ka"o-ta water for kidney troubles. Try it. It is a doctor's Business to study health Docf rs conV'cnlly recommend HARPER Whiskey. bv Out i. Berry, Deadwood. S. D Guarantee every pound of Goldberes regardless of former; prices and what they cost. Iine superiority of. Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. Every Dollar's ?orlli 1st Be Sold A Dead wood man who was recently on the Pacific coast was interested and rather grieved at the recent press dispatches tellinr of the sinklne 1 ILC Bush Gerts i ' t i A A 4 ' ft a A . . 'A . A . SMrt Waists, Silk Waisls, Suits, Dress Goods, of the big steel American ship May thirty cent Java & Mocha coffee. Superior in flavor and strength to any forty cent coffee in this market. Your entire purchase price is returned If not fully satisfactory. J. GOLDBERG. Deadwood. THE NEXT SUMMER'S RAGE FOR Walking Suits, Hosiery and Underwear. TkT A ITAn Flint In San Francisco bay on the night of September 8. The vessel was loaded with coal from Seattle. sn.T II1S5h 1 ; i 7- . Jf :!r.r -: m ';. Regardless of what they Cost 'SALE TO BEGIN ' -bile jrolng up the bay ran into the prow of the battleship Iowa, filling so rapidly that there was barelv time to MEN WILL BE THE SHIRT tTAIST f, Superior for... TonV-Toucl. get the crew off. The Mar Flint w TO BE PREPARED. WE WILL j CLOSE- OUT ALL THIS SUMMER'S SHIRTS AT .ACTUAL COST ANT) I the third larsreit ship In the world li e. , - - V, LESS, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF j I -Durability ICte four-masted, eteel sheathed, and a perfect beauty. She carried enourt can THIS OPPORTUNITY, at BLOOM'S, j vas to cover all the menageries In the For sale BY Xeff - ... t jfl o n d ay Si o r n i n g ! -ar t -zssrr- r-ns, 1." , ' " '- i , country. REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED TO THE ADAMS-BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUXD NIGHT OR DAY Fishel's Bazaar, t ft u 1 i "Evangeline' Rehearsal. The entire cast for "Evangeline" will please meet at the Opera house today at t p. m. for rehearsal. AND MAY BS CALLED BY ErTHeff 663 Syndkata BlanT Trfr rt TELEPHONE. tf

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