The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 11, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER n THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. 1900. THE CITY. I Iwhieh Way Two hundred and four people par took of Sunday dinner at the GT Try a Two Orphan cigar. if Short Orders at the Club. Mln ne-kah -ta water for the stomach. Try it Tb king of 5 cent cigais Is the Tw Orphans. Try one. tf A 10-cent smoke for a ni kle is the Two Orphan -igar. tf FARGO has just received a com Seventy costumed people in Evangeline. I hear your daughter has broken her engagement with the Duke. Fact, she found she ( ould get Rocky Mountain Tea at the same price and took the Tea. Sensible girl. Ask your druggist. Rev. C. L. Kirk delivered the last of his series of lectures to a crowded more. A genuine cash selling sale now on at DcMouth's ARK. tf ARE "STOU HEADING? Saturday, September l.'.th, is the date of the next special sale at Chase's plete line of the Regent shoes. tf See ad, on page 4. YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR YOUR MONEY Short Orders is a new feature at FARGO is the sole agent in Dead the Club restaurant. wood for ths laraous Regent shoes Homemade genuine apple cider vin They never wear out. - tf house Sunday night. His subject. The plan of the Ages '' was made very entertaining as well as instructive. Mr. Kirk has drawn full houses ever since the lirst lecture was delivered. Your best friend can give you uo better advice than this: "For Impure ..DON'T YOU? egar at the Standard Cash Grocery. Evangeline at the Opera house next Do you appreciate a good thing.' If Wednesday evening. Seven of the so try Goldberg's thirty cent Java & best talent of Dead wood in it. Mwha ';offe. 'YOU CAN GET IT, WE GIVK IT. Judge A. M. Campbell of Aberdeen ll your dealer does not keep the accompanied by his court stenograph Two Orphan, tell him to get them of er, F. N. Granger, arrived in the city yesterday and are stopping at the blood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, weak nerves, tired feeling, rheumatism, malria, catarrh, take Hood '8 Sarsaparilla and be cured." Constipation is cured by Hood's Pills. "i cents. ..Hen and Boys Clothing Stewart Co. tf All th3 fruiu and vegetables of the Bullock. Mrs. andelia arnum J nomas is season at the lo test prices, Standard Cash Grocery. considered the equal of Mrs. Liver- more. Hear her at Opera Mouse Tues To prevent consumption quickly. Hals, Caps and Gents FnmisMng Coofls day evening. Reserved seats at ure throat, and lung rrouuies wim Flshel's Bazaar. One Minute Cough Cure. Kirk G. Sergeant live Sparks of Company C of the famous Twentieth Kansas, arrived in the city yesterday from St. Joe on a visit with his old friend, Prof. Pert Martin He has' siin e been engaged at the Derby as one of the chief mixers and we are glad to know will remain as a resident of the t o w n . Political Speakers are Wrangling over them the The longer you smoke better you like tbem We mean the tf Two Orphan cigars. F. D. Smith caa save you money on lumber. All he asks is a chance What knowest U.u the worth ol Jtoeky Mcuntaln Tea made 1 y the Mad lson Medical Co., thou f-jul substitute, who scarcely br?.uhtd one .summer? Ask your druggist. Mrs. Vanilella Varnum Thomas has been called the Queen of (he I'lat-form. Hear her in "Who Pays the Freight?" at the Opera House Tuesday evening, Sept. 11. Sheriff Plunkett and all his eputies were out yesterday scouring the county for jurors. They had a hard jo!7 to fi!!'irgwitii ;cu. U6 to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for "The Basts of Vlaues Come and get our prices and we will show the basis of value on our line inside of a minute. We Have the Goods ce cream, served everj uay. tf Main street. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. John Treber left on a business trip to Sturgis. W. J. Collins of Rapid City was a Sunday visitor. Henry Talbot left over the Hurling ton for ri. .1 H Dickover ' anie up on the -;ik horn for a day or two in Dead wood. C. K. Rogers of lies Moines. Iowa, is visiting friends in the , iiy for-;i few lays. Fresh cask of German dill pickles st opened at the Standard Cash Grocery. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, purifying little pills. Kirk G. Phillips Wi-tuMVed seats lit Kislirl's Pa.aar The light stuff at the right prices. Competitors w.ll speak of this sale as "The Crime of 1!U)0. Come end see. Don't forget the number. 63 secure the number required, so they could report by 'j o clock this morning. The popqlist paper started by Louis Knowles in Custer a few months ago collapsed last week. The Mack liills country docs not furnish the right atmosphere for pop papers to llourish In. The will of th" late Win. Day who bequeathed all his property to .John ft for ill- l;m al.-i hi for "Who Pays the Freight." Opera Pi. ink Anl House. Tuesday night. September 11.inar Ml:. in., The sweetest smoke on the mar-j few d:i s. ZOELLNER BROTHERS CO. 'I :!!!'! I ( '! The Pioneers CLOTHIERS. D. ket for r, cents is the Two Orphan cigar. ,f I I ; . i in ill llle 647 MAIN SIIvEET, UEA0WOOD, F. D. Smith handles nothing but th bet gnule smithing rval. Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes- I , T. V. 1 "TTTrnTriTTTirmiirTiMirTii t nw! i I. I:-I i. I e 'i , ; 1 1 1 1 nv a i lit. 1KV PIANO, both stviish an l E;1 NEVER BEFORE All in th to be had only -a Hawlev'3. Mil, ill o i(y for M '-I ir W III) 1:. , been few da.vs past, return- tJlickauf, which consisted of a small Interest .in some good mining claims, was Hied yesterday for probate in the county court. Messrs. Sprinkle, Cerney, Tllley, Morton and Theodor went out to Sno-ma Sunday, and they not only bring in glowing accounts of the fine shooting to be had there, but they brought in a fine lot of game. They brought in 44 nice ducks and six prairie Jo. 639, Bullck Hotel. W. 1.. Xeil, D. D. S., resident dentist, has moved his oftice to Kooni lit. Syndicate lllock. life e ml Illl'f I enger. Prompt service, u. v. i- If you wan! a sweet, fragrant smoke, try a Two Orphan cigar 5 cents. Smoke the Two Orphan cigar. tf We positively remove warts, moles, and superfluous hair by electrolysis. Mrs. Mellck & Alford, the hairdressers, over Deetken's drug store. tf The latest designs In Chinese pillows, Indian heads, etc.; also some very artistic lunch cloths, center pieces and scarfs Room 8 over Deetken's drug store. tf GET IN LINK and wear the Regent HaS ther hfn Olirh 3 n'irtini ..I.. ,,Mu.. : .. M, yd. aia uynici m prices on everything in L. C. Verplast, after spending a few ed home Sunday. P. Ilaiick. of Omaha, representing the bar supply house of C. p. I.jver A; Co., is in town. IM Slocum and Fred Oldham bid their friends goodbye and left to take up a residence in'hicago. Joe I'nderwcxMl, manager of the lios-ton-South,. Dakota proerty on lllai k-tail. spent Sunday at the Bullock. Mrs. Jennings, wife of Dr. Jennings, and Mrs. K. Hagens, wife of the druggist at Hot Springs, are in the city. E. T. Dalby. after a visit here with his father, the well known mining man, left for his home at Hamburg. Iowa. general as there Is now on at LOWE'S days In town, left for his home at Sturgls Sunday evening. He wfll return In a few days and make a sacrifice sale of his stock of buggies and carriages to close them out, as he wants to use the money In stocking his ranch. Miss Kate Murrin and Miss Fried- FAHOUS DEPARTMENT STORE shoe. Always look swell and never wear out. Fa go sell3 them. tf Come hither, O miikn fair and faith In Clothing they are cutting and slashing the prices until they now have them down to about one-half the usual retail price. For ex- ampie, mere is now a sale going o n at this popular trading place of F. M. Guntz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of ali kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years o" experience. Rosenthal Blcck. Poisonous toadstools resembling iiiiishrooms huve caused frequent deaths this year. Be sure to use only the genuine. Observe the same care when you ask lor DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. There are poisonous counterfeits. DeWitt's in the only original Witch Hazel Salve. It is a safe andn certain cure for piles and all skin diseases. Kirk G. Pbillip3. Try a pound of the Standard Cash Grocery's 25c Mocha and Java coffee. It has a delicious flavor that excels all other brands that sell for much u.ore money. ES""Y piano for my family. Kav l?y is the only regular dealer u' No. 639, bv Bullock Hotel. Ground spices of srnenor quality at ?3c per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Deadwood and ivien s buits that formerly sold for f rom $10 to $20 per suit, they are go ing at trom $5.50 to $9.75... 200 Boys' Suits that did sell for from $2 lander entertained the Bachelor Maids at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fishel last evening. Nice refreshments were served and a supposable lovely time was had, as bachelors who are not maids, were not permitted to be present. ful. The desire of thy heart i.s granted. Before thee are the gates of unknown beauty Free, 'tis Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. to $4 per suit, are going now at f rom 95c to $1.95 per suit. John V. (Jibbs and John Esterbrook, prominent residents of Lead, were in town seeing reh'.tives off on the evening Klkhorn. August Gadekin of this city, a former subject of Emperor William of t.ermany. was made a full fledged ( itizen yesterday. Miss Mclntyre. who nas a si boo! nr ...SHIRTS... Furnishings are being slaughtered at and in fact a full line of Gents' from 33 1-3 to 50c on the $1 be: rg While In the Dry Goods and other Departments, Sales made as rapidly as a good hearty man eats hot cakes. ;n. e pur J3 Strong Pull.... Hugh-wood, spent Sunday at the home of her brother. Will Mclntyre. who resides on Williams street. lici t lingers w, nt down to Sheridan on Sunday's Burlington to pay off the men engaged at the Maloney nine Lead ('upper mine and Smelter Sherman streets. . j When you want to go lu Central take Tuller's hack. Stand In front of ! chaser every time gets the best end of the bargain. DRESS MAKING. The Dress Making Department of this famous emporium vm, e. under better management than at the present time. MISS LOUISE RUSSELL One of Chicago's most popular and skilled cutters and fit:e .- ' head this Department, assuring all who have work do that they will not only get the best work that can be done on ga To Clear Out Stock Mrs. Treber and her sister, Mrs. Willoth. Mrs. Hoffman and daughter Florence, returned Sunday from a pleasant outing of a few days at Hot uui aC a correct- Tit, and the very latest Eastern stv'es, as .FIJope Fapidlg she is fully up-to-date in all branches of the business. ueave your pccKet-Pook at home if you please, but don't fail to take No. i !.ee street. Fare 115c. The pio"i essni nations of the world nre the meat food consuming nations. Good food well digested gives strength If you cannot digest all you eat. you need Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat. You nee 1 not diet yourself. It will even digest all classes of food ... a bottle. No ether preparation will do this. It instantly relieves and quickly cures all stomach troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. Electric facial massage to tone up the flabby skin and remove wrinkles a walk through the many different departments cf Deadwood's Only Department Store Wis Freckle Cream guaranteed to re 1VUU VIVbi Springs. W. V. Olds, who was called here on the United States grand jury a few days ago, after renewing many old acquaintances and having a pleasant time, left for Custer. Miss Jewell went to Edgemont to look after the welfare of some little folks In that vicirfity. If necessary, she will take them to Sioux Falls, to the home for the friendless. W. J. Todd of Spearflsb was In town looking for a printer to help him take care of his Increasing business. Joe Is a hustler and will make money out of the Register If anyone can. State Mine Inspector Cusick was In town on his way to Keystone, where THIS SALE IS AS INTERESTING IN VALUE AND PRICE WISE AS IT WAS WEEKS AGO. A TALE OF LOW PRICES To clear our entire stock of Summer Goods we will offer them this week move freckles, at Mrs. Melick & Al ford's, over Deetken's drug store, tf. If - v i Short orders will be served at the The most .Ix-aut ifully finished and rcliaMc- Club Restaurant until to o'clock a. m Mln-ne-kah-ta water for kidney trou bles. Try it I La r I fCamerassold thi yoar ' TL. O I . . - I It is a doctor's Business to study 1: health. Doct-rs cot'VcnUy leconi-ciend HARPER Whiskey. F.i.' by Carr & Berry, Deadwood, S. D la me oupenoniy ui jVive Lenses I Lead Everywhere. Guarantee every pound of Goldbergs thirty cent Java A Mocha coffee. Su he goes In the line of his professional duties to look oyer the Holy Terror and other mines In that district Major Wood worth and Mrs. Moses and daughter from Fort Meade, came perior in flavor and strength to any Bush Gerk T .regardless of former prices and what they cost. Every Dollar's Worti 1st Be Soli . ,-' ..... ." . Shirt Waists, Silk Waists, Suits, Dress Goods, Walking Snits, Hosiery and Underwear. Regardless of what they Cost SALE TO BEGIN s .... up on the Elkhorn and left for Cinnabar, ont.. the terminus of the 0 forty cent coffee in this market. Your entire purchase price is returned if not fully satisfactory. J. GOLDBERG, Deadwood. THE NEXT SUMMER'S RAGE FOR Northern Pacific road leading to the National park. P. A. Peterson and Chas. Bernell PIANOS Superior for... Tone, Toucl. left yesterday for Wyoming where iney nave some mining property. . The gentlemen have been In Dead wood jj o ii a ay- o r n i n g MEN WILL BE THE SHIRT WAIST. TO BE PREPARED, WE WILL CLOSE OUT ALL THIS SUMMER'S SHIRTS AT ACTUAL COST AND I-2SS, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE 0 THIS OPPORTUNITY, at BLOOM'S. and Ticfnlty for a month past taking Durability ( a vacation and a much needed rest & n V ' Porter, the drlTer for the Adams Ex i?OR SALE BY press company, resigned his place Sat REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BAB COCK HAS MOVED TO THE ADAMS BLOCK WHERE HE CAN BE FOUND NIGHT OR DAT Fishel's Bazaar, 663 Syndicate Bloc Main st urday and left for Chadron, intending to enter the employ of the Elkhorn. W. W, Melirk, sheriff of ax-Sheriff Me-W. W. lMelick, son of ex-Sheriff Mellck of Lincoln, ta his successor. AND MAT BS CALLED BY EITHER TELEPHONE. tf

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