The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 11, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1900
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1900. THE DAILY PIOXEEK-TIMES, DEADWOOD D. "licAN PLATFORM. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. I ture as co-owner -w ith the undersigned I Lawrence county, S. D., on this 29th ueaL.i.s i x o : i.iLi .uiiv. 1 lure as co-owner whq me unaersiguea i i-.awicLi.o iuuuij, jlj., DR. TODD, Ileqal notices. 1900. 190 South Dakota, in nor Hill Mining Compauv; principal ing emh of the years above mentioned. ' av of August, A. D. e of l.uMb. L.taUmKl. S. 1' . lot-a- 'our iBlw' ln 831,1 clalras wl" kernel " of wl,s, two miles wes-.rrlv of E.k tne erroptnty of the esut-scriber. your; ru"LLlt I'rior of c,t-!iv.'r-s plac WHITFIET-D, " r emblcd. reaffirm ana ;e to the republican tlou on a leg- eo-owter. who made The reoufred ex Plaintiff's Attorneys. v our Mountain, 1-iwriiice county, S. Nut i. v. "1 In-: e is deliioiui -lit 1. Upon ,,( auu parnuui.ti .j i ' .... ;hi nd I'-' 1 (First Pub Aug. 31, 1900.) pend. lures as rtquired by said Section 2224 M. C, .TONS'. ,. auu . , v pianoi aa ui ., a. BANKRUPT'S PETITION FOR DISCHARGE. In the District Court of the United States for the Western Division of the State of South Dakota. 'erased i" . pledge of following Jl'.-v i ii-cd t'.ihk, oil a a-.-. -.-mi nt N... ;.. l.-xji-l .-:i Ju; Physician and Surgeon FAWCETT BUILDING, No. 11 Mill Street. LEAD, S. D. iyoo. i .i (First Tub. July 12 ' f J .i-h.ii .. :uh, - t be m v ei ,: 1 .,:i.i'i:iits m : " nf Tresl- ..... ...pi iuitration I he -i ' ' . . e shu: i hu . .v... r-i.ulilican party, te en McKinlO- W;. ' ,ry on the reviv- in tli' !,' : ,.t A ! in. i ! I St. 1, In tonfrtuJ"" ,.,.ui.urai and commer- i '. id lf iuduu..". - h aiiuut as a direct of republican prin Hi i :i. hi PROFESSIONAL CALLS AND CONFINEMENTS ATTENDED. OFFICE SPECIALTIES. cinaital during 111. In, .i : i n i:. til. '! i th" 1 1: '..: i.ui'i. t ol tip' tint el 3 . . ''m!!.lttration la t. rre: , .1 th..- r. .u an i ....ufc i conirr.' rnlativea ,re5s h.iVf ,j ;he riate and nation. ; Jaims W. Kyis-, the! - ,,ur mistimed praise .hi'U. ,.! 1 ii, t.-1 .-Siiiit:i I'. A :.:i. r 1 I li.ui U : I. J. 1 . an. I Slat.- ( I I li t. 1. sp. tli" 7th d;i 1 1 1 1 i ,1'ljM'l act of ii ..Mart. n A: asi.i Attorneys ) SHKKIFFS AOTRi; OF SALE ON EXECl TION. State of South Hal. ota. County of Lawrence, s.-. li. my S. Ciialiam and Myron J. Graham a.s i x.'i utur.s of tin- last Will am! Testament of Samiiid (ainhain, li.-. .!-' d. l'laint:lT, Vs. C.t oigc 1". Maivine. I'l fendant. Noti' is h'-ii by givi-ii. that 1-y virtue of an execution to mo directed and ii. livt'teil and now in my hands, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Ciri uit court. Eighth .ludli ial circuit. County of Lawrence. State of South Ibikota. upon a judgment rendered in said iiMirt in favor of plaintiffs against defendant on tin' ".lid day of July, A. 1). 1 Itiio. I have levied upon tlTe following desi riboil real property of said Nn' ... It V.;::;', Ar::. ' ,k n,,,,.-!, U i ; s,',.;. i . i.i h.i...s. !;:: A K"lb v .n. I l.u l'.a M s I ( ' 1 1 ( 'a ; 1 ( ' 1 1 1 "' - . - i , , , , , , , . , , . , , , ,, lv !.':. i s. ii ", .ii I , 'he 1 . : d.iv of l " -. ( , II ' ,ii 1 1 -' n 4'. i 1.1 I '. II :.: -n 1- !!...: :t -.. : l.e I'.n.k f Spi -al -.. A. II V. lis ! . : -Ii. .i -tH ! is. a . 1 ::.i . n i.i' ' ,, x H . , ;. ,, i ., tZi I... - A ! Her .ii'd Li lla M j-. x; , w.-iis :.: K- I., r ii..- r...t..A.:. .I. - n:..-l r. al .- v,- y K'l:- " 1 '" i'-'li: .1:: ! .in-' a -be i'.'.ii,:y s7 K. . Kd, '"" 1"" Law "'.. a:.-! s'.r. ,.' s,.;'li I'.ik..'.!. .11. d l'-l K. A Kill- -t'l lVv "' '"f'l'l'fli '" !" S'o U-.: K. Kllis :: :: '' ' -'i. - I.iik '" "" v. I) V .lewet! 1 V"" Id..: ' lobs.'l. - I..". .tt t'l- -li' !lVS.;... v..-: ii. w .!... 4H : -h.- s. v w. ', ..f s.-.ti..:i 1:7 n. V. i.wilt 'I' 'oi '!"' T"W I. -i ' nice Ian . '.' i C. (' ''air 1' elm 4 in ea-I 1! II M . vis-l 1 1 a ' !.. ii.t r.'"ldi.l iti C c c irr L' ' 1""1. T'a .i i ' i i t'e n:t.. f id.iw in t'n l-s ('. (' I'arr 1 14" - ''" "tli. e ,.f Itn- -, L'l'.r of d. ed - of said 111. .1 A. Claston I 000 4 00 reri. e i'Miii'v, Smi'h I'ak'ita. hi h sai.l lie ,1. A. (eisteli 1 ono '.'oil! nli.ritrace w ,.s dily re. iir-led in 'lie otlbe l"'i i . i; i;i,)ii Ti'.o 1 : "!' tli" rcL'si,.,,r ,,! -.(.I I , nr. n . Ill r. i K.ilpb (Kill cnii euiie'v on the 17ih 'lav ef M av. lv.-s in 11'.. K. I l.'alph 2 77i" Ibs.k iti. Ilii'id'e-l and Tenty--i i12''i mi K I K.ilph 1 4'"-' : mi pac" 'wo ln;'idr. -1 .!"! eicli'v c'soi an . 121 .lohn llak.r ': '' 40 ini . wbl h sai l'caL-.- was 'ii. reaf'.-r .lulv l.:2. .lohn H.-Ji.-r :. ' in i; ns-in,d '.. Diaries pjon-.n a; will a p. Ihi.lli St, wanl. ii! tin- city of ;:i tin '-unity of l.awrcti'. . 'f Suiitli lial-.ot.i. in t-aul il; -itl'ully li pi'Miits that oil . of .1 uly. last last . he was -' -1 a liankiupt uniliT the iisre.-.- relat iuk tn bauk- i ,;riiitie support of the l'r- -ld-nt .MeKinley on j i. au war ami legislation I in measures. ni II lr D - - living I'd1"" " conini tE' passage or tne tree , . art of justice to the ' i till d -" .-..npenillll! PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND TEK-TIAhY bT AUKS. "Venereal Diseases" In Their Most Malignant Forms. STRICTURE, RUPTURE AND PILES, RHEUMATISM. GRAVEL, KIDNEY AND BLADDER COM- . .V... r.i.r IM, "."J -. l"rs.01 ' ,,.,.nUican platform of I pledge im-aturt'. Mini e to this : rcbiive of f ... t that me passage pride tne ;t was Lit? ,dy due to the untiring ef-,i.;;,ii i onui ess-men from ;S 01 the 1 Vt.sirr. Oamt.le and Burke. k pakota PLAI NTS. e rerutdi' .'" i .titv ri'cOKinzs mm if-f airly capitalized and And mile-, pavii'. M ) i .- 1 1 hav.- I- 1" 'I in s;)i,l reels, k bie llimdr. 1 I - L'li'i'i'Tit nf r f deeds' offee ill It aie t.u.-ia. f3;ly nian.ig lias 1'Ullt up our the largest employ- ICO s xt v - t III-' e ' made on or l.ef'.ie Septeii b. r t T'OO. the1 t. r same will be s.,1,1 at 'he (i!iee of the fens- j ni.,1 ur'r. No 27 I.. .' -'rt'i'l. I n adw tkhI. S.aiih ; le"l at hoii'- k Gonorrhoea, Gleet. Losses, Sexual Impotency in Vi r-t v ' w o '112 1 o:i ( a l'-l W ho i - ! 'U- tle w In ri :e d. fail!t . is ilefi -ndaiit. said properly having been heretofore attached hy me on April Bubo, Unnatural Weakness and ""Young and owner t 'i s and th t to later at r.d the highest wapes, anu fully to compete with in the markets of the ' eow doe ."1 snid rt"'e nod ' o'-ICaee to s.ii.l ! ,;.), 1 oIMI to w it : The Cheyenne and l 'nkota. at 2 n'. lil p m . tu pnv "aid 'b'-linii'ient :i '"im'iil ti.L'eiber with costs of advert I-i t' e r'rid eyoenses of sale. ; .II'I.H'S REItSXMKN. Reeretnrv. I rbailes T'ier--oii 'b no. or seven nuo- duMlia nous '" 'i'"" ," '"a ll'irs :uol IWrtl'v : dred a" 1 tw, nlv-eiL'bt d rnbjett or en-ct me ..u.. ul ..... r "J ii , ,.r t he ni.irkl'tfl ind In'ere fur. r rinelpnl I -1 1 1 1 1 : that he has duly sui;retiilerril all of his plop, it v . ainl riuhts of prop-ii ity. ainl has fully ctiniilit-il with all the li iini ini-nts of .-aiil m t ami of tho orihis of tin limit toinliini,' his linnknipti y. When Ion', ho plays that ho may ho 'h i '1 hy th.- i oui t to havo a full ! '1 isi hai from all debts provahlo asianist his estates umler said liank-ltipt arts, cxiipt siii h debts as are iexi i'iti 'I hy law lidin sin h discharge. I Kati'il this Sth (Jay of Septi'lnber, A. ID. i : 1 AliS'EK I STEWARD, j llankrupt. OI',ii:ii OF NOTICE THEREON. I Msti H t of South 1 lakota. ss. On i his sth day of September, A. I). I !". on reading the foregoing petition, it is I )i il"i i d by the court that a lu-ar- ebv uivn that at n meet inn f iliroeiors of tlie Trior Hill Vol Ice Is b of tlie board At i ri iinr co'ii p Ne keot, are Uurniii aii'. ' ij........ 4 nf the people. This evil 'V lleM Seteeini'l'r 41 11 r. , I inters t Oro lodes and the Iiadger mill site and water right, the Hoodlehug lode, Grand Deposit lode, Baltic loiL 1XL, in Wliitewood Mining district. Law-rciii e county. South Dakota, to wit. and that I shall on Monday, tin- 27th dav of August. A. D . I'.um. at the hour Tl n' i .'O is berebv civ ir'LV'i-'e W i! l.e f.ireelo-- - abo.-e trii rll" d I'd mis, 'I on Tb'irs.biw tlie "a 1 '.00 .1 11 t. 1.- l.v without injury to Lid be overthrown Middle aged Men. DISEASES OF EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, LUNGS, LIVER, STOMACH, DYSPEPSIA AND BOWEL TROUBLES. NASAL CATARRH: - In- Toibl s oiijonal H ii t i li cure, im liiiliin; reini ilii s and I real mi ni in onliiiury lest trade. if was order. , that Hie sale or ine ieiin-ini.-ni stoi k for assessment No f.. be and is ber.-bv exterobd from sVotemhcr f!, 1'ion. to the 22n 1 d.iv of S. pvtnbe-. I'."'!, al tie same idaee 'in. hour . t ' b therefore. fav.T Mi. h additional legis .1 . both Sta'.' all'l Iiai.unai, .in biiah .voo-1 in Ilea. I lb,. I) ' V sYprct.ary. jri.H'S REIls-AMKN t:lish cemi I' ' ' "' " if Sontn f ''i o'cloi k a. in of said day, at the 1 1. , ' ben 'f T,.-i w ren. rrjfv 'i,,. n Iodine all ; and Il.iiliol""" "II" 1U" powri lu 1 1 s.a .lo,.r it... r. n.-ik..': S.e, ill. sab-1 int. d'le and tolve the sain-, ai.-l meie proper puu- ,ost; of front i'oor of the court house, in said 1 In taent to all who tuns -seen 10 uetiMiy $1' per iiimitli. IIM' lest competiiion l,lr"' ,0 1 nLMisi 12 1' possible ciiid" m.'Hi in i.ioor, aim ne M TT T'l.rVKFTT lor sum anu ii hi:. ". ... C'nuntv, S T Vrittd states as nin Kie 10 con (Martin M:i'-im. tt.irn.y 1 MnliTC. ".K S M.K. Whereas .1 fault has been nind.- in the pnvmetit of the Interest and one tns'all mi ni of the re incipal of the money se ured la- a niori en ee dated the 11th day of Mac ii T-'i'i eveeutid bv I're.lerlr V Haiti's and deniiio Haines of the County of, Plate of outli Hakota. to .lames M Fish, of Hie I'nuntv of l.nwren'e S 1 no 1 wl'iib ll'in I I'll ce wis eeeord. d In th" om. . ,,f ibe r. rist,. ,r .! . .N ,.f (l.e Coun'v ' S'tli'l-iff v i vsi ttornev f, .' Firvi f 1. aw ret" i it t ';ii IT VsiL'tlee P'lb. he developtm nt of the .Male and its re- nf sal.l Mortu 1 1 1 '.mo ) Irces has he. n largely tini'iKiit anoiit ny Office Consultation Free. The State School I survivors ef the war or ine reneinon, county ar 1 state, proceed to sell all the right, tit!'' and interest of the above named t. ; '-go K. Marvine, in and to th above de.-:i lied property to satisfy said judgment, and costs, .mounting lo nine thousam eight hundred and lour O.SiU.t'.T ) dollars and sixty seven cents, together with ..'1 accruing costs of sale and interest o." the same from the 2:!rd day of July. Hi-Mi. at thu rate of 7 per cent per au ins "' ii. in upon ini' same on ine isi da v of ( Ii f oIm'I . A.). 1 :uii, lii.f'oic said 1 i unit at Sioux Palls in said district, at 'tuoo'. link in the alti'inooii ; and that i ere amonu its earliest aid most ac-- settlers. Tlie repuhlii-au party now. ill-- iTU'F Mini t i: i ; -a p v I always, ai I'll. i.a. s ine rni tnai tney Prill'-il' il n ik. P'ato of S of Law rem IL- Co 1 0 Mn Itemed snd a. ! th;- n itin'i in its ho lr The 11. 1'l.e tn. In Ml- ib ni'h pa:'. not i. e I hi-i eof In ) 1 1 1 liiisheil t u r I ' 1. teril. ar.d to tin-in is due all honor in r.o.1. 112 of M- r ; " -ml d .v of Ma .' i' l a free and u: .' tin people. ahn-l S n' upon 1. linipn llie ' I ef He i.rint tn Hi-- part taken i.y our oin i., as ",,, -, f ..'In i-v " h. i-h Pakoia m tlio war witn ill. I - ':. 1 l .lulv 1 L;n and the in-'n !' 'len lr the I'lnlip- Ml llie num. -I sin 1. islands, and the h"iinr and credit Ih. y the 1 1 ad wood I'lotn i r Times, a m-ws-pap.-r pulilishi'd and prinleil at Dead wood in said district, and that all Known ii' ditors and oilier persons jn inl. i e.-t may appi ar at .- ai'l t mi.' mid Ida. c and show i au sc. if any t hoy have, why the iniyer of the said pe- .1-1 our f.ur M;it,.. 1 In y I' roved or inv n'lu-i-i till'" 'In Hi" nt public auction to the highest for cash. MATT PLi'N'KFTT. Sheriff of Lawrence County, lames !. Harris. Deputy, t he Na iraselves brave, l-nal and patriotic. Id l.e m: -b fi ilt A nit leir glorious d-'ds upon the fieiu have tn i' i: len them a nanie annini: tin lira'e sons I of a ii v enr st i'-oTnele -nil 1 000 Hy M Ib.i ' rtiiiii "f Mo' pi in- at the time i lull- n Ml" whole "en -t should a Aaiorica, of wlirh their state and Its bnle are Jcptly proud. b. e, pril 1- Ins.- Ke i uhesiiatinsly indorse r.nd approve t i I ii in r should not be granted ; and il is Fiiilhercl ordered by the court ,,i.-e: ibb John i 1 1 ' I H i I .1 s John I of the administration !ia -a-. . I'lletl Whereas, on the l'"h day "f (letob.-- I I'd. , pis. 1 112. II!-!. Illist, I the legislation by congress In respect id moricage. with the note secured i that the clerk shall send bv moil In all i lv'' ei kin .... OK MINES UVATKD AT Rapid City S. D. OFFERS COL'RSI-: AS FOLLOWS: 1. A Mining Engineering Course. 2. A College Preparatory Course. The next term begins Wednesday, Sept. 19, 1900. For further Information address, .. ROBERT L. SLAGLE, President, Rapid City, S. D. lour newly acquirtd possessions and ex- was dole asML'in d l-y th' sai-l i - i iberid'V Iss our full rnnfidi nee In the wisdom. MARTIN & MAmO.V. Plaintiffs' Attorneys. Dated, Deadwood, S. P., July 24, 1 !00. The foregoing sale Is postponed until Saturday. September 22. IfioO, at 10 o'clock a. m. MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. legrlty and ability of the administration. .-,"(1 - Ml .".on 2 Ml M'O 2 Ml Mm :.' "al j ion r.-ij M'O 2 "" I r.oo ?:,n 2na 1 Mi I I I 2".0 12... 2M) 1 27. ! r.OO 2 r.u ' r.oo 2 r.o .Min : r.o bportetl by a republican congress, to wisely and i stly with the questions 1 is. I'"'. 1 12 1''7. 2o". 2oi, 21 is. 1( Collins... .1 Sutherland Hiai k burn . . . I. Sutherland, I. Suiherlaml I. Suiherlaml I. Sutherland I. Sutherland frustee trustee t rustee trustee t rustee t rustee Icerning the same, an they n.ay arise. favor the extension of the powers of railroad comrrison so as to Include supervision of exvress, telephone and Known creditors, copies ol said petition and this order, addressed to tin tu at their places of residence as stated. Witness the 1 lonoralde .lohn K. Car-land. Judge of the said court, and the seal thereof, nt Dead wood, in said district on the Sth day of September, A. 1). D'tiil. Seal.) OI.IVF.R S. PKXDA R. Clerk. I First Puh. Sept. 1, 190(1) .lohn O.erkin .... graph companies doing business within state. We favor the extension. In our te, of the system of rural free delivery man, wnere practicable, as ran d v aj 22 y be done. edecla-e ourselves in favor of the en- John (ierkln r,00 John C.erkin 1.000 John Oerkin alio H. U. Young, trustee... r.OO C. . Bart let t f,00 C I' Higgins. trustee... l.Ofift C. I'. Higgins 1.000 J J. Sutherland trustee If, 2-3 J. J Sutherland trustee 1,M0 M. RoRers 1,000- .1 J. Sutherland, trustee 1 .000 merit of a siaintp with nmrwr r, mortgagee to Harriet H Haines, of thc I'e'iutv nf Webster. Iowa, which assign-t-. mi was .lulv recorded in 'be office of the r. cister of deeds of the said county of I,aw-r- nee. S. Ii.. on Hi.' 2i'.'h day of October 1 ill Him ib 142. on t'age 72. Whereas, the whole amount of principal and interest has become due by reason of such default ; and Whereas, the amount claimed to be due ilium said mortgage, at the date of this notice, is the sum of twenty-p'ven hundred sixty-one and seveniv-seven cents, i 2 . 7 : 1 . -77i ID-Kit: $2'ni. principal, and Jl1.77 in-t erest. Now. therefore, notice Is hereby given that by virtue of the jKiwer of sale contained in said mortgage, and in pursuance of the statute in such made and provided, the said mortgage will be fore di"! by a sale of the mortgaged premises therelD described, at public auction, at the from door of the court house in Headwood. Law rence county, S. p., on the day of September, it'00. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. The mortgnged premise are situated in the County of Lawrence. In the Slate of South Dakota, and are de-Rcrlhed as follows, to-wit: Beginning at YEARS IN THt O A BLACK HILLS J i, providing for the purchase within the teofall printing, blank books and sta- fiery for public use. Sss full power to enact such legislation. congratulate the people of the coun-od the enactmert Into law of the cu--cy bill, which provides the gold stand-as the rLonetarv nnii v.i... e.i It. R. Buchanan f.on ooo raio R. It. Buchanan R. R. Buchanan ll discuMloni! no longer disturb' the busts! conditions of our people. The repub- FA 38 ILLIARLY KNOWN AS THE ..Old King Brewer.. been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and is still at the same old stand Who? Why, '""'is ror money laws that len' 11 the DeoDle allk h .. (Martin & Mason., Attorneys.) .. NOTICK OF APPLICATION FOTl I JOTTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. In tlie County Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. In tiic matter of the estate of Ada Itaird. deceased. Notice is hereby given that Thomas N. Matthews has filed with the clerk of this court, a petition, praying for letters of administration of the estate of Ada Ilaird, deceased, and that Wednesday, the 2iith day of September, A. I). Pino, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, being a day of a regular term of this court, to wit: of the September term, lliiiii. at the court room thereof, at the court house in Dead-wood in the said County of Lawrence, has been set for hearing said petition, w hen and w here any person interested may appear and show ause why said petition should not he granted. Dated September Sth. A. P. 1900. FJtANK .1 WASHABAl'CH. Judge of the County Court. a 00 2 aO 2 .Ml 2 Ml r, 00 r.oo OS fi 00 r, oo r, oo 2.r,n 2 r,o 2 TO r. oo 1.2a 1.2a 2 r,o :r,o 2 .0 2 r.o 2 r,n 2 r,o 2 r.o 2 r.o 2 r.o 1 r.o ,io r, 3', r, 37 r r,o r r,", r, no fi n, c f..-, f. 70 ell as the lender; laws that tend to iMe and equalize Interest rates In all tofthe country., for the benefit nf .r .".2 s. 2.3't. 2.42. 3. Ml. 2.M. 2C1. 3C.2. 3C3. 3R4. 3f,7. -2C'i. 271. 372. 373. 3co. 3'l. 2''1. 3'," 444. 44C. 447. 44. 4 t'C 4. '.0. 4"1. 4 '2. 4"2. 4" . "'. the southeast corner of lot from which I" iticera the farmer !, i.y, .v. Rosenkrantz of course. Henry 7f.l S. Iocatine Monument No. 2 bears S 'fturer and the ierehanC ' He has been in R. It. Buchanan l.oon ftan McMillan 2'0 Dan McMillan 2f.O A. B. fUdfert f.00 Ira L. Sanderson POj Ira T. Sanderson r,00 Ira I.. Pandeiron r,on ching r,,xy r.on J. .1. Sutherland, trustee r.OO I L. Sanderson r.OO C,eo. A. Wilson r.on L. Rogers r.on A. C Knowlton 220 P Blarkt'iirn 1f0 S. T.till04-k 1.270 S. Bullock 1 27", S. Bullock 1,200 S. Bullock 1.210 S. Bullock 1,320 rnnropKn ameshment To the Constitution of the State of South Hakota. To the Teople of the State of Pouth Dakota. The Sixth Legislature of the Si ifo of South Dakota at the sissiou thereof begun pnd held at rierre. the capital, on January 3. ISM. and concluded on March 3. A. D ISftfi. proposed the following amendment to the Ponstitutlon of the state, vl-A Joint. Resolution Proposing and Aeree-inc to an Amendment to the ronstltu'lnn of the State of South Dakota and Sni-mittlnc such Amendment to a vote of the TV"ople. Be it Resolved bv the Tfruse nf Roprescn-tatlvee. the Senate Concurring: SEC. 1. QCESTION' ST'TIMITTED. That nt the next peneral election In this state the following proposed amendment to thp Constitution of the State o' South Dakota which hereby agreed to. shall be submitted to the electors of the state for their approval, which amendment when improved and rntified shall become a part of the Constitution as Article twcnty-ele-ht 121 thereof. ARTICLE XXVT1I PEC 1. The several counties of 'he c.atp sinM fT.Ve et 'ho moneys of the Permanent Sehool rind En-ilow men Eon-Is In Lnrcts o' cnVol eono- .So. Oak CENTRAL, F Never Mm In Black Hills History deg. 11 min. East 3'i" ft. distant and running thence north 44 dee. 2'' min. nl Id!) feet: thence south -r.2 deg. 03 min. west 91 feet: thence south fd deg. I min. east Ifil !i feet: thence north f,5 deg. f." min east 101. r, feet to corner No 1 and place nf beginning, containing I'.Mn siunre feet, being more pn-'bularly described as let one O) In block Q of the City of Dead wood S. D Dated this 2r'th dav nf .Tulv. A D T'OO 11 RRIET B 11 MNES, ss1enee of Mortgagee. M TT PM'NKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence Co . S D. Attorney's. J. E. Baker. A. S. Haydeu Baker & Hayden ABSTRACTORS 8vn1tcte bloek. Peadwood. I. D. fi I c 11 Vo?Uax A t to. in v s. C-7 '".. M'l. S Bullock.... S. Bullock S, Bullock S Bullock S Bullock.... Yoc c Mu.k. Y o C Murk . Yee c M.i-1,- W. M Pr.vt . M i-v Wagner, s'e'h Bul'. '-. John H.iL-i-ibv W. 1'r.T-,. . 1 230 . J,220 . 1 20 . 1.3-.0 . . 7t0 Ml 1 1 1 CO . t O'.O . 1 '"" 1 I . 1 "'"'I . Id""' Hum i i First Pub. s.. pi . :t. H. R.LOCKE & CO., j Th Lead-Other. Fol ow v v I O tt. S No. 2S. DEADWOOD. Regular mealing, .eeond and fourth Mod dyi i 7 30 All member, cordially ln- 21. I'''"! ) Fir t Tub .H ate. eoun'v and municipal bond' ntions. (Fowler ai Wliitlieid, Attorneys.) In the ("ii. mi loon, ol the Eighth c "r.nn revo.l rv.n"i. -"d nr in Irsf r''ir rhotogrihy. Cabinetwork Xt V I ull. 1 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. r Phatinotvpe. . "OS ! ANNIR 1 "'1 12. ''.It. '21 PHTLLIP8, W. M. O. HATCH. Bee I " LILLIAN of South I ,.i wt elite T dftrden Cjty Mining Company; i l.n-e of business. Ccn i ral I'ny. s 1 c Notice is hereby given that at a meet ine of the board of direitors ef the ah iv (bo W Mil" Mfla J M.i'l Julia T Mi-!.- farm li'"l v.i''i;n ib. i- limits rosoeei ivn-fv : under sin-h regulations ns the legislature mac provide, but no farm loan shad exceed one thousand dollars to any one person, firm or corporation " The above proposed amendment will lie voted upon bv the people at the general . le. i inn to 1 e held in i be s'ate on Tuesday I- I ill. il. Jinln ial Circuit of the SI Dakota', within and In county. Arthur 10. Simp: on. id.ii: vs. 10 a Sinip.-on, I lef- ndant . The State oi Soul ii 1 1 giecliiig: To tin.- iibou rd " a-b- on ,. sue.. . :c :-' r i iiaiinsl eompany, held a' C, ntral Cit v "n i the 7ih day nplntiist. 1: an ass( -sumn' i ' No. l'.i. of nulls p. r share was levied sold 'ball ha . lib. l the oVT,, Afl.'ie 1 "-.b , ,': 1 .-,e of Mi a Na' the outstanding s:ok of Mi m- the :! dav of Nnv. 'i'li. r. It. T j upon S. R. SMITH t.aliv. laat-e i -n mi -I ' i t , . To -i. I l.e ota finis n allied de,- '.vi l.l.I i m sim. mi: . .-. .... i- n., 1 J-. DKALKK IX The proposed amendment will be p'm'rd upon 'h" ballot followed l-v the words: "Shall 'he above .amendment In 'he enn-stiMicen In relation to the investnient of the Pirmanent S, Ikk.I and Endowment Funds be approv. 1 and m-ified"" 1 'lnne-liatidy to the lef of wbi h -shall be printed the, words "Yes" and "No." each prei edcl by a square in which the ebs tor can pla-e a cross to indicate his. vote Beau, : is-ir. r. a' h.s otflce in f-tl'l-l Cjty. S. 1 1. Any s!-i. k up"!', whiih ' r-s-e-f.,. , shall r.-mn'ii n: i a d n 'h" ''h d.v .. Sept. ntt'cr. 1'""'. will be .bdii em-l.' a-d a 1- ertise-l for -al- d ui.b-s ivni' r. -bal have been mad-- '.'fire, will be .'d a-auction a' 'he office "f the ini.-ir" ;n Central I'i'v, on 'h" 2Mb day of Sep-cm- ber. 1' a' 2 "" o'clock p m 'o rnv h delinipnni nss,srnen'. together w 'h . .. I I'OW lef & 'h;t!i. l( At tm n y s. ) FURNITURE In th.- ( 'if uit i o lit of t! Judi' ial Circuit of the stat Dakota, within and for " Huhth of South Law rcii' e li ndant. You are hen by snmmnm-d and c-ii lo ahv.vo. ibe c hi 1 1 1 a i ii I of the above named piain'ili. a op o' winch is hei'-with ."ii'i i. poll oi. iiiid to s'-ivo a copy of ;, answ.-r upon tho subscriber at his in Deadwood, South Dakota, within thirty days after tin; service, of this summons, exclusive of the dav of serviie, or the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in said Ele tors lesiring to vote "Yes" will place and Everything in Furnishing a house. v of adver'isine and eynenses n' sale SOIIJ put? ,,co. pjo.w alii .uoj.t'i J H l.nnKM' r.-m- will pla, cross i desiring to vote "S" t "'fore ibe w-ord "No aa (Ftsi I'ub ug 1". V'OO is her. by given that at Noti 'meeting of the board of direitors of Dated -at rierre. the capital, this 1st day of August. P'C'O. WILLIAM H. RODDLE. Secretary of State. the Garden City Mining company, held at Central. S. P.. September .20. lf00, the date when assessment No 16 becomos delinquent was chancd from September V 100O. to September 20. 1900. and the date of delinquent iMoodv. Kellar ?,foo.1v. A'tornevs ) NOTICE TO CREDITORS " , Estate of Alice M. C.ujld. Deceased. Notice is hereby given by 'he under- i signed executor of the es'ate of Alice M i o 3 00 CD 3" Guild, deceased, to the creditors of and all perstoni having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them. w.ith the necessary vouchers, within four months after the firs' publication of this notice, to the said executor, at th office of Moodv. Kellar & Moody. Deadwood South Dakota. FRED C.rU.rt AtTSBROCK Executor of the Estate of Alice M. Oilbl, Deceased. 'First Puh. Anrr ffi. ifion sale from September 2.". lP'Ob to October 8, innn. J. B. LEBEAr. Seer. tary. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To C. M. Fuller and W. A. Reaudry: You are hereby notified that I have ex ounty. t i.u 1.. t A. Nil hoi. Plaintiff, v-. Pert C. Nuhol. Defendant. The State of South Ljal.ota sends greeting: To the above named d-feniiant: , You are hetehy summon-d and re-'iuired to answer the lomplaint of the above named plaintiff, a copy of which is herewith served upon you. and to serve a copy of your answer upon the subscriber at his office in p. adwood. South Dakota, within thirty days after the service of this summons. xdu-sive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will apply to tho romt for the relief demanded in said i"ia plaint. Pated at DeadVood, S. P., Aug. .201, IflO'l FOWLER & WHITFIELP. Attorneys for Plaintiff. To tfre above named defendant You will please take notice that th' summons and complaint ln this ac tion was filed Indihe office of the clerk of the aboTe entitled court, at the court house in the City ot Deadwood, . lt non pended in lalior and Improvements the Mnnto Cristo No. J. Monto Cristo No Pat. d nt Deadwood, S. D . Aug. 29th. r.'v'i FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. To tlie above named defendant: You will please take notii e that the summons and tomplaint in this action was filed .in the office of the clerk i f tlie above entitled court, at the court house in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. 'P . on this 29th day of Auguf. A. P. 19"''. FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Plaintiff's Attorneys. Notice There is over S13.0oo of state sobio' money on hand in the county trea-ury to loan on school bonds and ir proved farm lands in Lawrence cou' ty. Application for loans should l filed in this office soon. Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 1, 1900. W. A. ZINK, Countr Auditor. (Martin & Mason. Aftornox-s ) NOTICE TO CREDITORS. r- . nf T. Ti l--M s. . . 2. Monto Prisfo No. 3 and Implre lod.. or mining claims, situated in Ida rj-av M;n- No.'iVe u berebv ,C .Lr- I ing district. Lawrence county. Sooth Dako I Flgned administratrix of the estate of Jo Sell on InstallmentF . or give a DISCOUNT FOR CASH UNDERTAKI NG, have had more experience in this line tu" H others together lr. the Black Hills. ta. at bast J100 per year upon earh of said claims for the yean losi and 1"'9 of $200 upon earh of said claims, all of which wai done for the purpose of hold-In? the said claims, under the provision of Section 2324. Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period ending December 31st 1899, and there Is due from you thereon the sum of $13? 6rupon each of said claim., or S333.S3 tn all. You are hereby notified that if withla alnety day from completed publication of this notice you fail to eoo-trfbote your proportion of soon expendl- seph B. Kelly, decensed. to the creditors of. and all persons halvne claims against the said deceased to exhibit them with the nnressary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said administratrix, at Spear fish, S. D , or to Martin & Mason, attorneys, at Deadwood, S. D. - Dated. Aug. 22, liKK). HESTER A. KELLY, Administratrix. Administratrix of Jos. B. Kelly. Deceawii (FlrM Pub. A US- 23, MOO.) 1 S R. Smith Lead,

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