The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 9, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1900
Page 7
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- t "a THE DAILY PI0NEE1M1MES, DEAD WOOD r. D. SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 9, 1900. EVANGELINE. Treats Ml Diseases F. J. Wahaba .tfth. Attorney.) Ft KECLOSI KE NOTl'CE. Whereas, Kola it A. Kellit and l.uella M DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. i'rlnr Hill Mlume Company; principal I Km e of businew-, l'eadwood, S. lc, location or works, two miles westerly of Elk ! (Martini ;hst'i Attorneys. SHERIFF'S NOTICE OF SALE ON EXECUTION. State of South Dakota. County of Lawrence. ss REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. H.rans of South Dakota, in The r'fU assembled, reaffirm and ,;te "V jnegiance to the republican renew u , r,rincirl. and Particularly party and V V the party platform of the s exprr" 6 every pledge cf iay ."; ...wined. Longfellow's Beautiful Epic to Be Presented by Local Talent. The Ladies C.uiM ii the Episcopal church have st'ciiieil the sservkes nf OF Moi.ntaiti, Uooeine eouuty, S. fi. Killer his wife, did on the liith day of Nuine -' is deiiLou. nt . upon the I Ma lv.. niett.u'e to the Hank of iojiouii'; iii'Miii'i'i 'Hi h, lui uniiuiii 01 f sli a.-.-i mi lit N'e "-. ! wed en July '.'. 1 .... , . ori-etatinii. to -e, ure a i ertain no-. Hi nrv S. Graham and Mvron J- Gra-y !;.! rt A Keller and I.ii.dla M , " , ' Men and Women .Mr. t liaries ii. Kdulall (it Lake i'bu id. n., 7, the administration of Trfsl, : lal atiiv'.i.'.- set e) pi'-ite the names nam as executors 01 tne last. :n and the republicau party. I I S .! t'ol II I VI - l:e si. a: tin I N. w York. lin. assisted bv over n v- the country on tne revn- ddt aid ' aid Ml a re. 1 ci'iii-;-'' aK:-ii-ulturil and com me til c: u i.,i,.m about as s direct rl':1.P,f' VbV'applU-atlon of republican prin refill I lLP . , ,,,,,,:, nl JUiilltl l, - p I d : i: 3 11 " dln '' ',,:.,, s.raIk,n. )' Her. thi' mi: di'serit.ed reai i s ta'f. i-.t.c acd bi'.n: mi the I', unity of I.... .i r-'t.. .ii. ! 'a'. ' s.ui'h I'aknt.i. ant iti i'i-i i.; S..-rf.-h. ln-we I.m No. i'i." : i ' ii I -"1. - b a -. id i t.i: to ' In pl.e ,d il ! '. - lies -tl :h,. -ut dill-inn of ' !:, s W , . ' ' s W i, uf -. . t n.t, . , ' i I. :. - v I... " nil c i .ui ' t . 1. 'I M -...I ii,' P. v. .'nib .1 in I ..k To . ' ! aif 1, -f plats ! ". tin .ITS. e ..' . r. t ef !..! .' ..I I.a w - r. t v s.'ifh ii.,k,iM ht.-h s ltd ':..'" it. .it,, -i .- " .t'b .1 mi 'tie i.tli.'e ' '..' ' O' .'.,.- I.' -.I'd I. I'A f. tl itnd Testament of Samuel Graham, llen tlsi il. I'lailHiffs, s. Ill o. i-l' 1". Mai Vine, i'i :Ll! Not I. i- is hereby I'tvi n. I y virtue of ii 1 1 execution to me directed and delivered aim now in n:y hands, issued out of tlie ('Ink's office, of the ('mi tut entitt. Kiithth .Judicial i i ii nit. U ; re---"- -( ;htf ,(,a( an1 distinguished I r v i t. nm' rnrper.i ive? 111 . u 11:011 "i ' I- ' . - - 1 my if tlie I" .-t 'iinal talent, will p:- , . M'tt 1 -onitfi iinw .- Ev aliKoKiie in pan-, :-tomtir.e at the ( ipi in Imiise Wii'ii. is.- j,,'. day i . -1 i i ;i . Si pti mla r ll'lh. Ail the iieaiitil'ul srenes ailil ih-Kitht-fnl , hara. tid s. the Norman c aps and K" kilties of homespun, the customs and pleasures of t!,,. Ai adians, tom-tlu r t p i with the i ( itinu en tits of their stniK- : pb- r- if 'nilepi ii'ieii, e tiinl nnal exile, j p, w::l be ! pieiiui i d m :i manner to ' 1 - Nallie 1 1 K Sl.,.1 ... i It Mm'! . i- II. I'.ni'i.:' . e n .ciii.o . . e II i'atl!..i: - l. i II- . 11 Well- ... it w.r-.... f Kill- V. A. F'h .. . K A I'll'- . k. ! iii-ii W. ..!' ii W ,1,-wi" I '. V. .lew. f . ' r Tar: ., , j the state an.i nation. Hun James V. Kyli. '.lit ,., ,, ,ti.r, "i"' unstinted pr.iut ' ;!: ,1 patriotic support of tin i "of President Mi'KiLleV ('11 i .' Mac s"s in County of Law t in . State of Smith A"IV Hie. I; eiit v -'V . l''e I on.-: ban war ana leginaunL . ..11 measures. Dakota, upon a juiUnietit reniti rid in dr. d:e ! 'fti'v i :-'i'l . an 1 . .1 the paagafrP of the free1 li'' h , ..'iii.le act of nistu e o tin- i.).' back the days when this Ainiri- , i 1 1 a!,!i:v . ,e';:"''-s L We 1 : del U li." '" ,.:niiiii " ib- I " r fji'. ! I- We i -libel:'"? ' ' ne'.l'l- tlte pl'-'t'" i ''' rb pr.-i ii - ,.rts 'I syitk I'-"-- The r. enniaie ! h.tiestiv n i :t of i en s w new. and no one should i !- (' I' Call' 1 A Hasten 1 ( int: and hcarini; this ui m ofi!'! IlilsS -..ce ... r. .if-i r d'lli said io, nt iii favur of plaintiff.- against 1 '.'i i.i's in''.'. ''' '' 't!,!:""- "" day of July. A. H e p.iiV nt;.' Han, fr. 1 - fl""1. I have levied upon the fol- "" I'M" sin- tin-, e low inu di si i ih. d nal itop.ttv of saiil i -i ' 'ie . .1' t '). "'. iaf . . er, ,;, ,XU'; , i ''ii re .j deli n. hint, sa.d 1'iopeity l.ti:ng been I tn.'e ..I, I -ii." ' L'aee in spCI 1 1 ,. r , . ( ptltllhld hv lite on April ';;,' m. i :. to wit- Ti.e chey.-nn..- ami liit' rii tin literature. If. .1 (ta-lon It! K I Kall'i "ml r. I" i 1 pi J til fiiil' 4 ai. 7 i'n 1 'a H in it en 7 il '. ". P J I'1 no ,,.ii ;uU' h:r. I. . iM.rthwt-il. thus r. ,'ecmit.r ,' he republican platform of, ,, this im-iu-urt; and we rot. ,,. f.n-t that the passage of ..'t-ly ii :e to the untiring ei-, tl iii an -Hi!reMin li ir- m M'S-n. C.amble and B'ffiyteT :i ;ariy roi ognizt s that 1,-, fairly capitalized and ift, d. has built up our indu.--tttvcti t.'ie largest emjdny- .its are now- on stile at Fisitei's 1 I Ittizattr and should be reserved early. ' l ri..' It-, l r Ti Kalpb F: 1 1 Kalpb l.dili Ital.n DR) TODD, iVCETT BUILDING, Mill Street !' '1 1 .' l.doi ltak.T ' 1 ml.-' tl Tn.i'1.' Ml i'i' I'.'f.a. f-.H".. ii ''1 Le -i Id a ii- r o I'T 1 .'.'' !) ' - i , I . r " i'"io. the e of the t e, as. elui.nT.'li ip.'l i-l 't;t. r. s' Ann lodes and the It.'idger mill site i o u ,.'.l.v riven tin.! water richt, the Hoodlehu lode, '' Tc'lo.! d'eeT'iiliV,'' Crtind Deposit lode, Haiti.' lod ', INL. fluir-' .i- '''.' "oin in Wliitewood Minim; il.sttnt. .av-' ' ' ' '''"ee otitity. Soul It I a kol a. to wit. ... o, i, ;i i m i in l o. and that I shall on Monday, the ItT'h l!y s" i itil a rranttetnents with the owner of the j i r i ; 1 1 tion the ju ito of ailiiiissiou has In i n reduced to fifty cents. Public Schccl Entertainrr.i-nt Course. at the holiest afs, atid LEAD SOUTH DAKOTA fuily to compel'.' with ii - in the markets of til" !i ttiw a: !;'' :,.!,: to r tt,.itLd ;i furc'ii '"":;':" ,.rM. ''nil.: -beir .' 1 '- l'r ' ,.r -.-I her, ! - t. IP '.i J IV said d"- ,.L...i...' n!i i.' ..... S , ' S' le Hi'i:. li1 : .! ! on ;t st: : t .y fol'e.-MOlial b.l-!-. 1 !;t w hat 1 uiii on its own inei'i's a'e ,r Soil'll ,;iy of August. A. I. !'."io. ;:t ip,. 1,., ui- ions nf capital, hav.i.i; as 1 . . . t the toot rid cf the j rn- , . ,, ! :1,1s. r the inai ke's ttti aial : ; j i r ic lis 'lie p: ; the pe.. le. This vil j itoja without injury to iiii-i 1: e ..lei : ho! h.nir : - a. 1. ia-i ,t die lb. s tlt.d ( 'it i II III -I.-II . - nttti.e it lie essill V to ha . tin- s. . oin: elite: t ; : i r i u i 1 1 1 of tit. ml 1 I ' tll'Ile-t tie We 'le I"' . r sa. h ailiitional leg's f.: , and ional, as shall , i i . t.l-t all h M I.I l T; T " It M FN. re'.irv vij. ,. is lien l v e v. n 'be -o i 'in ,.f ,1.. .,;,f. ef .!!. '..'s ,,' ... l''i..r Pill V ., - , ,..j,.,i,v .. ' ' s, , , mi1 - r, I'i""1 ,.v ,s ive.l. r. a ):,' "le s.i!.. ,,f the dottn-i s, p fur ;e 'sTe. : ' nod is ,, I'. V .'Mend, d '. ..TO C.'.-'.'l-' T 1'll .,, !. '.'.,. dai ..' -' : ' m' '" at i ... . -.p, tm ' ! - in.ll s l!r.c'Mr.V. f-.vret.irr I Martin M.e.'ll ";r-., I'-' ) vkirti; ;: s' t.i:. Win t'eas default lias l.e, n ninde in tile !tl'i"t M TT rr.VN'KKTT si . f . .' f, . .i r, . , i ' in' i s- p ' w -i i n ' i t ; it ..' . v - '-' ' e.i 1 M. .,'! I I',, , 1' I , ,.. 1 j .l. I 1 I. .1 I I W 1 I . I ' -1 i mi i efi.i: l.-ii eusis ai. e le '.ai . on; : to t as to tlie n-" U-". -.iiritiiKns all liiedieiin -'tte has l i n permanently ef-i:y tins method pat i -nts know d v ht:! it will ids !, for a nil e i.e. of 1 1 . tit in. nt stands- tin ri-n so Ifr that mv omvs nte lii -. with full po , rr to : i f al l n. etc pf.'ln r l-.tte , . nl lo hi dm k a. in. of a;d day. a! the front door of the court house, in said inn n r v and state. tin eed to si II a I! the riitlit. title and interest of the above li. lined Cuoifie E. Maivilie. tn and to t'n above ilosrilieil property to satisfy said judgment, and osls, amounting to nine thousand eight hundred and four ( ! ' . S 1 1 1 ', 7 dollars and sixty si a en i eiit s, toget her with all ae- ruing costs of sale and interest on till- i i. 'li s. leliiiw i Insely oil tin fl!t. ' It will i.e :n the ( e. Imii.-e : ..V I -., nii.j. S. -p t -n, I -r 1 I. and w ill ! :t e. tin-.. I v Mr.-. ';tn.. iia 'aniuiii TolMhiis on "Who Fays the Fl'. icht "' - The f ijlov. inu press no- ' tiees in r. -tin! lo Mrs. Thiuna-. sliinil.i , bo !' a.l hi ri e bod'.' : i '" ! 1 - I i-htlli lil 'a ..H "ho Huts seek to d' stlov I butiest cenprti: ion rial prevint ih- w id-etins-ille i mpl'ij tin .nt of labor, and aj : 'T 1 1 r e;- i ' M " in r f".itni!i - ! ' ' : ri e i F, : in. --- In S. i 1. . , f ,). - ' nvl one oeeii, I ef Hie orini i'.r.l n' the mom v s, , 1 1 '' 1 d j Thorough and Permanent No Experi-j merits or Failures. ; ' .::- ;'.: ion ft. e. I'I. i Iimi ,.' Hell' IP, , Ol -S , Fr-,,i.ei!ie; '..I.e.! e; Vi.H... i:,,... is d. linipi, nl iip. n the the same ifom the Lblnl day ol .'tily. follow tilt" d, s, Hin d s.,K nee, ,lt. I of ,.,, ... .1. , ..... ,,f- ,.r ..... V .'I i,'..fl L'tlf.' daied 'In- ll'h .'.IV .' M.iv I v , ;-" . ve. nt. d I v Ft. .b ' 'I "m n! .I. .'! a IPiiin s or ih.' Cniti'v o' -,-. ,,. ,. J' lie i.inh !' .I . 'a in .1 in-' x M p-i-ii f 'Ite r',.:t 'v .' s- j, ,. i l,j I, line t -ri ee -vs l e. ,.'. 1 : o .. , ,.; .. ,.' 1 1. ,. r, i-ie , r .,r d, . d- . .. ai e v ' 1.,'i'A ri'll.'lV P.lti Of ?iill''l T'.llie'.l. Ol v . .' I . -: 1 .... I.a.- 1 ' , a s,-s 1 I . i. -nl am. . it, is s,-i up..!,, ue the hum. at p'ildi,' aiulioti to the higln :-t io- i ,e. Mie b n eti.ibb i s. i. hi. lib',- for i ash. fjTtir MS' a tita-'leliiieio n, . n- . ,;,,.,.,,,,. of the l i I States as will ni' o ' i The .! loi'in. nt of the state and its ;,. miiri -'i has b... n It.rcely leo'i'tht ;i I . m t by the sttrvti..!.- of tlii' war o' 'i.- i 1 .e ! I i . .n . bo . atimiiK it; etit'li i ino-t ii.-ttie s.'tlers Tlie ri'i'iibl: a a pare now. ? alA.iys. :i; ;ri . lates I he 'nt that they ri'liitii-d ia l -e. 'l th n oio'i in its l.n n of pel 1 1 . ai d iliat to them is due all Honor from a free and utateftil p. upii i i int i.i th.' pari takin ly .- ir own sottth Imkui i iii is in ilta w n wi'h s'.ain mid til.' in-ir;'oeli..ii the l'hilip-I'lne islands, and tlie honor an 1 credit tin y retlei I on our fair state. Tiny proved ;hrnis:"lvf s l.itiie. 1'iial and painatie Their d. upon lite li. ,u h'Tfe itiveii t he in a natne aiimiii; thi liraie son-nf Ana ilea, of wliili their nt ite and il- M ATT FLUNK ETT. f.dbiw - Nh N" ,., s!.a"e ue f V- "LMI-, if M"V Is re t. 1 . st ; , . . . iti, i .. -.,.0 ' Sheriff of Lawretire County. ",0 ISv James I!. Harris. Deputy. MARTIN K- M A M IN", ! Ii-r . loipieni e. :n a!. tine and off. i live.- Clii-a-.'., ii,ilv Herald. A brilliant ! t ,t . r. ( lev. -land I'l.iiii.l. iil.T '. 'ildet l lil pi. w. r as :i in ak. r. ( lia .inn News. Tlie till. 1. 1 IH e .,s nillM aitl l'i'tlblN -uipris 1 by ii al vvoimtlily eloit;eiire n:;!i. ! d v:t!i ti I.. iimi;. of deseriplion. pii n ..' e n t u it ti nil 1 1 1 1 1 d ! i 1 ' 1 1 1 : 1 1 :riis, that i li.'ite.l the niiii.ili!ied ad:nir:i-tioti o!" the ii nh. in e - Nebraska State Join ii, il Mi.-.s Vaiidi '.ii niim it.n e In r fa 1 to, ts I,, pi; ,, U lin Fays the Freight and lor an hour tunl a half II 1 1 1 . i : 1 1 . 1 tlie attdiinie with brinht so int i I It. t ions of w il and axiom at ic wis-dom. ( 'oliiiitbus iiaily Times. Indiana. The State School OF - MINES LOCATKI) AT Rapid City S. D. " -1 . 1 ;t .', ' i n I ' ' I . 1 I in -ail in,"-' -l-il if ,. f.-I'lU -bullld be rntlde in pill ' .,IV on. t b,n i be m m 'mil or fi.T. .'lv : 1 1 I he i'ee '. -time sfeU e doe Ii. i 111.' II- le -I. '11. Po'll . ,1 tin I ii '. . -I -1 1 1 . . 1 1 I a' i iti'. I" -.le ami ."d:. ' : 1.1, . people are justly proud 'J ". 1 1 Flaintiffs' Attorneys. - J" ' Dated, Deftdwood, S. D, July 24, .-! , i:mki. - :'" The forocoing sab1 1st postponed tin-, til Saturday. September l.'L'. at HI 1 "". o'. lo. k a. in. I MATT ri.I'NKETT. "T.o; Sheriff of Lawrence Countv. "7 M !:, is ,. .1 "on :" .ba te i ;. i Km; .".on I II ' Il e. ."im 1"! 1 II I'b.i i' Toil p - I .' Sir bet I. ill I. t 'l-lee il I I.'. Ji.btl (e 1,111 ion Ms I. II Collins ".on I -., 1 .1 Si: ; lo l l, in I. r ii Oee '.on 1 1' I ' Pi n k l ui n ::oo 1:7. .1 I. so: In t I.m I. 1 1 usii . I'M. :' ". .1. .1. S it hei land, trustee ""al "ol. I .1. Sutherland, trustee L'.Tu L''7. .1 .1. Sutherland, truslee f.nn I'm. .1. I. Sot lui Ian I. trustee .'on ;'7".. John : rkin f.i'D L'77. John Cerkin .".(in l'7s. . I. dm (;, rhin 1 fion :'7'i. John CeiPin ."on We i uhesi tat in - 1 y indorse and approve I.e.. .l I In ti as. ..a the P'th d iv of O. 1'il.e : ls.'i. s:,j, tnnrlutlgi'. with the lio'e Fi'llired lll. nbv. was duly .l-siitti. d bv the said; iin.i te,i-, e in ll.irri. I H lliines. or th. .'..I'tilv nf 'e'-ie'. Iowa. I'biell .1 s s i u 1 1 - , It" "' 'v as dull' m i.r,!"l 111 '11" olliee or the ; (Martin A; Ma.son . Altoitieis ) .. tbe policy and course of the adniiui.-i r at ion and the u.jsitttinn 1-v congress in re-peer to our newly nciniind possi sslons and e press our full conlidi tu e in the wisdom intfirrity and ability of the administration, support ?d ,v a lopuldiian lonctrcss, to deal wifely and jtsily v.lih the ipi 'siions conoorninK the same, an they may arise. We favor the extension of the powers of tbe railroad enmnds an so as to include the supervision of express, telephone and telegraph romiianlrs doim; busiiu sS within I CO l" USE AS FOLLOWS: mi ri:i fn.()TICI-: OF AITI.H'ATION FO rjj LFTTKUS OF ADMINISTRATION. r' -' 11 r or no. a- CI Hie -ai l e.Mlo,- ... ..a,-- L,v., ,, y,,M) trustee i A Mining Engineering Course. A College Preparatory Course, he next term begins Wednesday, In the County Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. r- ee. s. on irte ian e e ei oi'iui't'i le . it, Hook It.', mi pace TL' . Win teas. Die whole anieiiii' of prin.-iptil; , nn I ILM. c. . Ttirtlett fain (ST. c F lligirit's. tru-'ti e. . . 1 .0n I's. C. I' Hiktititis l.Ollll J J Sut In i l.ind t ruslee r, L'-T LEGAL NOTICES misstate, ue tavor the extension, m mir , lfinn state, of the system of rural ft ee delivery I -""'I'1- '' ' 0 tied inter, -t Ins beentni' due by reason of -a- h ih fault : and Wheift'S. the am. unit ilaitl'.ed to I'" dll" :: l In the matter of the estate of Ada llaird. deceased. Notice is hereby gin n that Thomas ASSESSMENT NOTICE. For further information address, r. on .", on .", on .1 .1 Sutherland t rusl. e Id an M. Itotters l.fioii J J Sutherland, trustee I. noil pon saiit moi letiL'.e at tl:.- .late ot rnis.;;.-, .f (rtirdiii ('iiy Mining I'oinpany; pltn ill., -inn of In. on -- veil hiindr. .1 till It l(. Unchain-in . . ROBERT L. SLAGLE, President, Rapid City, S. D. -!i--nni' ami si vent v-s( i en .ents. il',7i'.1 ;7i io nil $.'.i;..ii. pi im inal. and $ I '1 1 . 77 In 1 :,0.N. Matthews has tiled with I he lerk 2 ."al o-ni)l this court, a petition, praying for r. on i letters of administration of the estate :n:j. It It. Huohnnan . . "C. Tt. It. rtuehnnan . . e'.l. K. K. Puchanan.. business, i 'nit till i 'it y. S. 1 1. I N' is h. n l-y gii. n that at a meelinc! of the board of due. tors of the ah ive n.iiui d conij any. held a' Central Cjtv on 't 'lie 7'.; lay nf Auitii-t. l'""i. an as-'ossmen t ef mail, where practicable, as rapidly no may be done. I We decla-e ourselves in Tavor of the en- ; actment of a statute, with propi r penal- ' ties, providing for the purchase within the i state of all printing, blank books and sta- ! tionery for public use. I Kress full power to enact such legislation. We congratulate the people of the country on the enactment Into law of the ear- rency bill, which provider the gold -.tun l- ! fa in . , 1 oon , 2".d . 2 ad ram rain then fore, not i.e ts hereby given .' of Ada I iii i nl . deceased. 12 1 2 and that ma".. "'7. ::i;.. YEARS IN THt V BLACK HILLS thai by 1 1 1 1 in uf t iie pow , r of s.i P. eont ain -j ed in said iii irtgatte, and in pursuance of i the si. out,, pi sin li ease made and pro- r.ii I Wediiesihiy. the L'dth day of Septeni- linn McMillan. . . . Ihoi M. M ilan . . . V n. S.'if.rt Tra L. Sanderson. Ira 1, Stmilerson . 24 -71. j,her. A. I), l'.imi. at In o'clock a. in. of M. led. Hie Slid nioltl-'aL'e will be f orisdl .sell i.V.i "! i. of :"4 mills p, r share was levied open 'be on'siandinir. um k or the eoni-pat.v. p.ii .ible diateiv 'it .1. IP T.e Ilea:;, 'f a-mer. at his o'llee ill Central ("i'v, S. 1). ny siotl; upon whleh Miis nssesstnent shall remain unpaid on the sth dav of Si'l'ieinbi r vein, will be ib litiqiient ami ad- Veftl-i'l for s;ile. tun Utiles- fiayntetlt sluiF by a sale of the mortgaged pr mi-es therein lb s, t'lbeil. a! pliblie ainlliili. al the fr' I iloot' of the eoutt llotlse in Ii. tidwooil La" renee i . iii i . I -. S. lb. on the l'th day Sepietnl , r. I ' i".. al ! o'elm k in the f , " -iiihmi nf 'I.a' 'lav The mort en tt"d prernis' -i''i,.ti : n :l;e c.inniv ,,f La wr-nci' l!,.. S'lte ,.'" .-'.' Il llakota. :,Tl 1 are -, .,: fnlbiAs lo-ni'' peitinnint' '' of this court, to-wit: of the September term, l'.ioo, at the court room thereof, at tlie court house in Dead-wood in the said County of Lawrence, has boon set for hearing said petition, when tunl where any person interested hto" b ,T1, 'ie'l FA X ILLI ARLY KNOWN A3 THE ..Old King Brewer.. ,een a re-idrnt of CENTRAL for :.I1 these cars and is still at the """'.me old stand Who? Why, Unity Ko-enkrantz of otirse. lie has l-'.-en in nra as the monetary unit of value. Financial discussions no longer disturb the 1 in-ness conditions of our people. The repuh-Ican party stand9 for monev laws that '"nefit all the people alike, the "borrower ' well as the lender; laws that tuid to 'flues and equalize Interest rates, in ail Pans of the country., for the benefit, of c-..r Producers-! he farmer, the laborer, -he manufacturer and the merchant GET IN unk: andwear the lwTent shoe. Always look swell and neve, ear out. Fa.-o sells them. tf "7! Ira L. Sanderson 'nil 2 r.n "sa ciiing O.kiv ram 2 "o i J J Sutherland, trustee WW ? .'.0 "'1 1 L. Sanderson r,nn 2 "1 (bo a. Wilson r.nn ? ;n I I I. L ItoL'ors fain 2 r.n :. V r. Knnivlton f!?0 1 C.n C F. ll'.'ieHnirn lin (', is s. Tliilloi-k 1 271 fi ff, : M' S rtullo. k I 27'. ft "7 I"..' S. Putin. P 1 "01 r ".n Ft c Tti'ttrvV i f!in fi I' " st P'lllo. V 1 "21 't i "" S Hullo. 1 l .".rtn fi i:-. I" I S Hull. .1 Ii ' ""1 I' '" F ". S Itii"... li "T"'o ' " ee ' nun.,. ' i ?",o . 7". . f.7 st P'lMo. ! 7 to I. 71 made ii. f, , re. w ill be sol 1 a ' the I. (Tie,' ef the t n'Jf I! - '' ill .'. on 'he '.'"' h day of P :.'.' "n fe. I, ;. in. , i v ii h '--isa'i, ,e ' i IL'I'I lit"- .'"' 1 is ' ! n ind . i'eres nf sale '1 I.Ft7 IF Se :,.,, v T-,1 1 I'.llO deb .!... b I nr- S. ... stai, t an ! "'I'I W ,'S' . ii.. -,,i. i ) . tst , 'o ner ' ba fi s .. .a.,' tliK Motllintel't No. !.- 11 moi Fast "os-, ". i., ir 'lletn e norlh 4 ( d. c- ;.' ', . t Hteti, . s-iiith "2 .; f, it 'lime son. I, 1 d. L' VI ". f , I ' Hi, ii. . no''!' ..;i-i t .a 1 ', f, , t i. corner V" bi'ltitlt.i IL" .'O'.'t'ipi'll' '" V 1" be i" V ' ' ' ""'. nl I'lv '' s ' ' I " ! pi I ( Of ''I' ' '" ' Dated September Mil. A. 1). 1000. FU NK .1 WASllAltAFCilL Judge of th,. Count;. Court. CENTRAL. -SO. Oak I Nrvpp Mm Nnti.e i- her-by "ivoti that at a nieoCni; of tlie hoard of directors of il,.' (Pi''. Lii City Mininsr eonip;inv. In M a' C. nti a! S 1 1 . September ihb ;: ': ..liit,. hen ::--isiieiit No. Id 1 fnes ,'et'itij'ioti' was i banged " i U l "JU1U1 u In Black Hills Historv I I , I 'b Has IK. . . ,n d:,v . ' I I'll li li I FT f s-iL-,;,e , ' M , U l'TT -- in. Miniime tieen mi ue, i;r V". H Mail . . 1'. " C H'll'l e, ,. r Mm): . M F'-all V..' v V- . S- ' b It'l'"'.. I, I. "I I' I ' .' ,1. V . I i. IH ';., v l,i:,,,T t. I' I M.i'ii. ."a I vi .'bee t j'..'.; Sep', tr.'-. e s ! 'O.o r .t ""'""'J selee en ,,f in, .,. l t'teiitbcr : : M II' 'II f o lo Oc t. -- ; toi in, vs. i'V 1 1 " i i ' - Fub. Sep!. :i : 'iimi. i " " 1 i r'ou lei' .y. Whit ti. id, A l 1 1 nil - i "o I 7 ' '-. o,-, l 1 '"' ' i'.t o i.i ..: i i Ki ;h; h 2 "'' Judii ;.il 1 He ,.l ..' I (: .Slut,; .,: tli ..' '., 1 Mimi a. . .; not . ti,; I.,, ..n. , .., 0 2 " i county. ' ' ' Artln.r 1 7, . ,.' i I.. vs. n ".T I , K;i .'impsoti. Di ! ,..!, nit. J. IC. DiikcT. A. S. Ilaviion Baker cj Hay den ABSTRACTORS IK - No :3. DEADWOOD. r.ettulir metliiK cond nd fourth Mon 1y at 7-30. All members cordially lir- .Wpi 1 PHILLIPS, W. M. 1 L.LLIAN G. HATCH, Sec- 'eumr Mtnllos i, P.l n'C'tp H. R. LOCKE & CO tt A' ' B M'" S ret, DBADWOOD I LKAfi " . 'of i.ff:: c .1 TJi'l- OT- J ' i e' M. Full, r : " I W ' lhe5' Led -Other. Fop ow ' Io Plimogriiphy. Oubinet Work ' . Fe .. a I h , Hi"'. !''. I s',..,.t HiPo-t J You a re he-el y r " ' I pond, i in I ibor it: 1 L- "r 1 hatinotype lou'h ne' o C N" ' 1. M t iit,,,n o No 1 e " . or o'i I,,, I p ni . i-tl ''in' d.iv to pnv said d p n,; il, nt ;i , .... e- ' ol'i t b. r v i Hi ,, t ,ld VI " ' die '.e.l , ,..... ;,.i; ,l' .1 ' l ' W it. LI M SFLIIIK s, t.,rV ;, 1 Tt easni'i r '''' :':1" I? Montn Cri-'o ',v 2 ,i 1 i'p ,. I'--1,0' 1 TC' ! 1 he State ol i I ;,.,,,,t uilj f greeting: To the above iiiimcd dor fondant: j Vou are here by summon, d and to answiv the , i m i p Li i n r of tho iidioe named piaintilf. ;i i opy of which .iniini'iL- rlalnis. spuat'd Pi ..i '.ray M:ti- ,lne disfrb t. Lnwicnio loer.'v. c.'i'h Papo- ' 1. ip 1-. In h 1 ' IV ta. a' I. a :t fU'O po- V aid claim for the y.-.e b on lai'unrv ip: ' f 'On f a r'h of - - "s and is'.fi o'j Fowler it Whit field. Attorneys. ) ai tr.s. all of I t'YiO tipoti r irh of said S. R. SMITH !,. a e-t Mar. h ". r 1 'lie ".llowi'if ateend'lieil' i rf.oe if hodd- which was done for th In the Cir. tut matt of the Eighth i ing the sai l rhinfl, ited- r the provision's F' of Pen r.n 22.-4. P.evisnl Statutes 6f the , ,uli' iid Circuit ol" the Sttife of South .'"it ir.l eree-ti . c,ei' i'ut Inn - P.. joJi: o .1 'i 1' ' DKALKR IX ti. '1,'n-i, aid Su ; ( niieu se.ees. ii.iu e,i- a n o a . i v ini-ii- i,,ihui.i. wiiiiin iiini 101 i.awieire i." , avi'i-e of the ',0' "" I'Pri,' I'-eml-er 31st v ! 1 s.f1. and there s due f'orr! you thereon is herewith servid upoii ou. and to . M'i'vo a coiy of ;.our answer upon the j subscriber at his ollico in Dctnhvood, South Dako'a. within thirty days after I till.' Sel'ljci; of tilts slllllillOIlS. t'M'lU" 1 sive of the day nl serviie. or the I pl.iinl iff will apply to the coiirf for ithe relief demanded in said com I- - t re sen - the um of l"2 fit ui"-n eajh cf said claims. diC'ln t A. -Nnliol. I'ltnuttll, or J.".,"" 2.2. In all Vo l a'e hereby notified FURNITURE r, OlTC-lOV F!7M Tv,.;tha if within nine".- days from completed' ZT publication of this vou fail to con- - '- l'1 fondant. tribute vour proportion of fueh expendl-, I he Mate ot south Dakota semis ;r 1 tt, n tn-.-M lo the ' 1 ri" :nit and Everything in Furnishing a house. plaint. turn as rn-twuirr with the undersigned greeting: 'To tin' above named d- ,-liirtntr do, li nf the venrs nhovp mentioned r.r.-:..,!:,-,- r' '- e S'i'e ,1' -.,., n.Vottl lit-.i.'h ' he'-' Ii' tutrer ' 'n s'.,,li f... cnpnilf. ;ed 'o 'he elee'ers n' the '.ie 'or their appro' a! " hb'h T'-ieti f-iie'i V Vn nnprnved your Interest In said claims "ill become ! fendant : the eproperctv of the esnbrrl'.pr. vour you ar0 hereby summoned and ro- Diited at Donrtwood, S. D.. Aug. 29th, If 00 FOWLER & WHITFIELD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. co-ow ner, n tin na.s mane tne requires ex- 1 )- ue. . .... u--. .,..'. r ,,, a-'l -a fed shall be. -nm- i rt-t of i he r on- 1 ctiired to answer the complaint of the c,i..,,irn n. x,t. j,, . .,, r-.v-e'ehf ("51 pendif ures as r.TJired tysa'd Sor'im -2.4 ( i ,. ,.' . M. D tons. above named plaintiff, a copy of which i o 3 o urttiuD. juit i;. i .nm i !is herewith served upon you. and to I To the. above named defendant: iMar'ln f. Maw.n . Afn-nv ) serve n copy !" your answer upon the You will please take notice that the viATirn TO CREniTRS. ! suhsenber at his office in Dead'.vood, summons and complaint in thW ac-Ks'a'e of Jose ;h Tt Kf llv. dec. is.--l ; N'otiee is eivin tiy -h" utder- Mu;t h Dakota, v. it Inn thirty day s aft or t;on was filed in the office of the clerk s'ened adn.:nist-.'!-"! of ttje e';,tr.,.f .To- ,)10 s(:-V;ce of this sttnimons. -.;c!i:- cf the above entitled court, at the soph P. Ki Fv. d'-, to the credi'dr" . . , . . . .,'. ..,, hfiivnir claims asainst , s'vo """ tho day of service, or lb." court house in the City of Deadwood, the sa d ; w ! o exhibit t h. m w i i h the , pa j n t : ff will apply to tho eout t for ; Lawrence county, S. D., on this 29th rnTl'LE NW'TIT 1T 1 The cr. f- 1 0..-'!.-c r' ''t c'.Te cV. ,'1 1,-0 01 lie r.-r.e. i s o 'he"n' h"ed ind Fn- i .-'- r-.f5 :" 1 .... Ic n'cli rw-,1 i-nrio-- -.i-s s'a'e. w-i-'v tird m'tni-tpal bond' . .n r . . ,c ..nsi r,id intTirftvr.l , e.v," - - '-.'. 3 -.-crir:v. Iv Utl! c'l'h "ee ' ' r.e c -is - ec!sll- sjre tr iv rro'ife. f..-; no f.irm Innn Fhatl eye.d et e thousand dolla-s to any one nee, .si .ire ve,i, .v rs. witn n lour mortns the re!:, f demanded aid com- day of August, A. D. 1900. thi notiin. ,, r:nn. flm or er,--.n--,vjr.r Ft.earfl-'h. S nl.iint. a'n r tit" ".r-'t p'.ildi imi 'o the nl'! a liricis-ra'r1'-. . or to Mir in -7- Ma -am p. or to Mirin , M,.,n. FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiff's Attorneys. The .ve rmr-l r,..m:r ... u- a.i.cmys. at; n , p.:ll.woo,2. S. R. Aug. 2'dh voted upon 1" he pnej le a' 'he Cf neral T'e.l lwoe.d. ? p I .le-il.m to !e v.dl n 'he s'ate on T't"sday l:-. . r. V 1 lfOO the c, dav of No., i v r. !' 1 ' HE-'TEri V K-TLLY FOWLER & WHITFIELD The r-.l M .".-.nlmerf wi:! ?e ;.-ir'ol . , ., ... ",- ,,':''n'J Attnpnova fn PtnlntKT NOTICE. The-o -n ill re 12.4OPO of state su-hoo! ffnt'iy on hind on the firsi day of July P ' -sr. on s'ltwl ronds and Improved fartr i ;--t Tub. A" tr. '.2. .r""' 1 binds in Lawrecre county. Afiplicatlon for To the above r.amod d.'fem'int: ! .nni should be S!ed In th! offlee soon. upon 'h I'lllo fraioned Iv 'h-1 w-nrl' .'Shall the at-ovA artn r,dmcr t o the constitution ri reli'ioi tn 'ho 'nvecTr,"i' of the Termanent ?. herd and Endowment Fundi I appniv.1 and ratfie4.'" 'M-i'7.-. !T I' .- - M-iodv y-e.-r. N''TI'"E T' TKIdTi :- K-'a'e of Mien i Cud I. T- a-N'ti-o h'-r.'l v eiven Iv th Voti will please take r.oti, e fh.-.' .'.e s'linmons and complaint in thi-- ?.-- I Sell on Installment I'-adwood. S5. P. Mav la. 1!00. 'zI2,iK County Auditor Notice There is over SIC.OOO of ("date schoo' Immediately to the left of tvhi.'h shall : tion -was filed In the office of the clerk be printed the words "Tes - ar.d "No." each ! "" f " '' , preceded by a square in which the elector1 r',J,!1' " ,h" . ft .md ad n me a rms. t lnHiri,. hi, Mt I rer nn , havl n e claim.! acai n' t h a : d de- can place a crosss to Indicate his vote ,. of the above entitled court, at the ' money on hand in the county trea? eeaed. to- exhibit tbpm. with the neee j or give a DISCOUNT FOR CASH do UNDERTAKING, have had more experience in this, 'ire than all ethers together ii the Black Hills. court house in the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county, S. D., on this 29th day of August, A. D. 1900. ' FOWLER & WHITFIELD, Plaintiffs Attorneys. pry to loan on school onds and iir proved farm lands in Lawrence cour ty. Application for loans ghould t filed in this office soon. '. ., Deafivood, S. D., Ane. 1. 1900. Electors desiring to vote "Yes" will place asoq ptr ..rX pjo. di; ejujaq t bojj v desiring to ote "No" will place a cross tefore the word "No." Dated at Pierre, -the capital, this 1st day of August. 1900. , i WIIJJAM H. RODDLE, nary voucher. wPhln four month' nfr the firt puMleatlon of this nr.tlrp. to the mid exemtor of the offlre of Moody, & Moody. Peidwnod South Bnlrotii. s-fBH OUTLD ATtLSPROOK. Executor of tbe Estate of Alice Mi Guild. Deceased. s- R. Smith Lead, Tlw IPt 1e A7J'. j llflllT Tssj lift W r - ' Secretary of State.

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