The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 8, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 8, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

U4 the Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. .'th yeai: IJ;AI), H. . ( JiLACK FIII.I.S m a V. SKI'TK.MHKK I'.tun I'KI'AKT.MK.NT OF OIK VVOHK IS I .V ( ' 1 1 A I ( ; K OF , s p ( .( 'I A f, 1ST. "V Watch this Space High Grade Photographs : '. Ko niuk.'s a specialty of I-"- " :.i Mi: i,y ry ;:uy k:u j .:,'!- Cut !!ni'i'; on huh.. ' ' : :'ror:i ai! pa rt o;' t i, a : ' !.- a i !!. . . !" ' ' :'l v ! ' ! -: M-: m. i M . i -ii. ' ii-.i-' ii' !,.; ! HEARST MERCANTILE ..COMPANY,. for Important ANNOUNCEMENT Oi thv arrival ,' .. ,. nciurcs enlarged at Home T ' I I 1 1 ' i i i i ) i 1 1 i , J-.In. I. I..,.-,,. ., i X'-. l"ito lid X St. Iiiu- i:..u- l.ein.,1.,.., j:a i i i i v . v 1 1 ; I I 1 1 I ' r fBLACK HILLS PORTRAIT COMPANY tf No. 0 Edst MAIN ST.. LEAD c n .... i LJ o. 1 ' i .in... .'Hi i ii - u i ain . '' ' ''"111. Kali-,,- I , in . - : '' ;.i':i.'.-. lie , ,e, ts to l-e- ' i. '"" i a month (,,, 1 1 i .-, u 1 1 i . .-1 1 : '"ti ''H i ti:.' smlit., of t s i (. ' ri ;'i '' i:1 ' iu ii mining . in ami . ti .- , U Complete Lines Carried. """'... ii . It -' i ' I : i y In i-it Iui , Cut the Police Force. The ( ll c ill Lead at its i adjourned 1 1 1 t i 1 1 u abolished tl i. h "l ti. -alabi inn- , limal.- .f the II::. , -'in spit-, astronomers sav. , a :- d the extreme heat this summer. , "' i do. tors deilai-e nearly all th,. ; -nation.- were in, lined bi- di.-or- Sa in ii' I ('mil XfW N ..I k, U I,. ii 1. 1 ii I h i i I u ii Thonia.- X i. In 111.' Koiiii'slal I'.i.ll.v smash. ,! l!,, 1 r -. a pi, n;. ': mini ,1 1 1 will ,. !ll!.,'l - I 'I'll'- " i main. i . hil, II,.'. IIIU . I ' ' III,'. I to j, -on;,' . I ; i f . e i, I,,. ,1 'In- iiH'iil h.iin.' tun, ' l'i in. .ill lor tl,, , ;,il, ll..'ll l'.lll,ilie. 1 i M Mat ular I'm i t-a 1 1 1 1 two ot'fi, i- ol ,e, lal iiiulit 1 1 inn from v . s t . i da. Tin- re con-iM i ni; of i In. I' of poll. ! - lllm I. i lilplov .i , mil" had hi.s ban. I M' mi. ii mornirii: pOlii Clll.'ll. Has lOHMilel fur I lie needs of Hi.1 j i l Sill I'll i. 'Ill ill lli':.if The sescn of (lutings. Veleb: . , :c :is and B, ,; ( , , , Inanity must needs bee ov an,, liroi,0, ,, , different oc asion.-. it ' e Lor your ucds i v, h ;llls. SKir ; w, w . I lie Big Jlri, k. ' 10 Lot' the Lightest. ',, .... , MillituTj. g., to the Hi - , Fu'" wa,,,s ":1 1 '"''ei:,-. I'a.a.ois and i-'aa- v-' .". Bmk. ' IsOil Hi, If you are looking f,,i il'sl f" ' 'lia mis. ,n s I good smoke MOXAIU'M - .1 11 'i II, in I., strictly union-made . igai Mav 1,'oi'k, Lead. Ki, hai mi .Mai id. has pb-a- lia- ii. , tot . aid I-'.i"tory in t: i i. - mi ii. --'otiia. -h. Cood health ful- '' 1 '! 'itg. .. K .!"! Lis i p.. ' : '!!:,'... 11 M,, eat. If von K!n- ""'..,, or d' sp.'ilslil ,. Wi!l lU I'.'ll' .-'I d p.- e, !y , ,.,, "i ' :i k i ; ii, nip- X ' ,,,!' ' I. I.i.l-!. Ii:' t ; a a - 1 1 - ;, 1 "" - -"" '"' '''I II. ; ,e top f " '"" ' : lll'iitln II ,, mi ; "ii in ! . I 1 L' , ' ' ' 1 I ' A Mr ni, . on, ,,; . 1 1 1 1 1 1 f h llllle h ' ' ' I ' ' I I I"' "I ' I: 1 i'l poslolll,,. !-. main .ii I n i ii i . 1 1 1 : Ml p. 1 1. , to 1,' I.', I it ii a ii : i ' J'oi t'u.d 1'abi , j,, -aill ,.( l!u- Bi-i ,. I.. rur ' "; l ;"'"' and Furni-hin,-. vi- ', "" ',. . ' ' !- lb l.ol: , 1 - in. i k ill a i i ,i n III- I, illK I k : i o iletue, n tlir hour, ii noon . and mill nk-ht , t her. will Ii.' Iui officers on dul ami fioin midnight li noon only on.' ollii.i. 'I'll . actum ol aliolSiiinir ii,,. office ,,? special polii man will a It . f .lain.-- ( 'lia in I.. r . u ho has held tins position sin. i- tie- i. iu-n of Frank Ah I . Sr.. as major f A Pleasant Dancing Party. Mrs. John Walsh nave a very ph as ant. danciuK party Thursday evening nt her home on Wall strict in lionor of Howard Smead, who is soon to leave this city for Chicago, where he will enter a military school. Then? were I.. .Id 1 1 Ip 11 a I e vial lie Ml ek- tl I. o I n l,oi, t, i ,: Mouses bought ami m I,i, uioih io.hi ed. general ins'iian, . and notary public Victor T. .h-pscn. K'ioiii I. Cottou k Andiews block. Lead. S I) tf A ft ' . boltl. oi ( ',.,,,, j,,,. fiirniinri' polish gil . n to every lad.i in Lead i ".ok down iniii Kiuh;l. 'I'b's' M-it. His iifo has b 1,11 Hi;it slat,- for S.'l, be U ill join i, ,. ! e I'l 1. n - 1 aril.;,? departm, nt . Lor lo.i, j'ruuk, Val,., 'l.-ie-e,,',,. ,. ", , 111,.-, o,,e l, a. -a needed oi; I.,.- ; away iron, home, go to i,,. ii,- l.,iik. 1-or ion,- u,ltig Lnrll, U) lUi, Uiuk (.io (Jii);mii ""'t M-u will find the latest assortment of Hut Weather N. ,.,jf and jiri. es always riht, at 11 '- ' ' mi-id.T ,ii, a, " ! '"" W: Mlollll. llho I- ,, ,,,.m. :" ; ll"' Lead base ball team, left -t.Tda.i u ilh his famiiv "" ll,a '' "min Mr. Brown 1,-avcs ,'" "llls He otinl of pooi- heah ii. It is stated that of a thousand vol- ills toilav at the t'n i 1 1 1 o,,.. toilav at the l'liriiitiii-e who of S .Mi K. Smith. Don t miss it. Anna Lsternrooks expect to n liirn honie. Fluid Hrown lias moled h:ick to Lead, alter having spent the past two ! three months in Deadwood in the mpl-.i- of .Juiins Deetken. Mr. Brown "ill open a pharmacy in the Spar! block as soon as that building is com pleted. Which is cxpeeted to be about the first of October. tart next, Wednesday for Sioux Fall.- PcT-ABilSHED near twenty couples present and dime lug was the pastime that wliiled away the hours. At midnight a very lialatable supper was served and the FOR ITS Qualities lor Hie purpose of continuing her .-a,: ies at All Saints Kpiseopal school. K. Faust has returned to his home in nmes of travel which )r. 11 ward Leigh Pell examined in the 'ion of his latest book. "The Bright Side of Humanity," scarcely two hundred dwelt at any length upon the virtues of the people whom they profess to describe, while most of them faithfully mirrored all the vices in sight. "The Bright Side of Humanity," is the first serious attempt that har, been made to present the distinguishing noble traits of all races. It will be published by the B. F. Johnson Lead from the Chicago Grand Army reunion, where he went with the party that left Lead some two weeks ago. Henry SL'hn.Ue'a a3say office and la- i lames Snell, who has been danger- ! "ly ill at his home in South Lead : lor two weeks, is reported as bei,,,. 1 evening passed all too noon for the merry gathering of young people. o Married at Lead. Last Wednesday evening a unlet wedding was celebrated at the home of Henry Malllard and wife of Lead. The contracting parties were Mrs. . Nellie Freese and Dr. Judd Hedges again on the safe side of the balance boratory is locuted in the basement of j , y his physician. Tb s was Mr. Knells Faust's new block, Iad, and he la pre 'Hills PRred to All all orders in his line, ff Lot ti. in block L W'ashinirtrin !.,!. i uoiisinng company, Richmond. Va , Lead, So. DaK , "'mi aua.'K or pneumonia and he was near death's door at. one time during : this last sickness, but we are glad to '" to state that he is on the way to recovery. and will be ready September lath. dition was transferred vesterrfav thru I McKay's agency, from Jacob Koskela and Judge Qulmhy p.ounccd the words that made the happy couple man and wife. After the ceremony a EASE AND DISEASE. .urinous wedding supper was par 1 I WALTER McKAV. mneii or, after wh cii Mr n.i , The case 0f th(. s,.ll(, Vf. ! i Harris will be heard in Judge Walsh's court today. This case is one where 1 Miss Hattie Malmwi- .. . 1 A Short Lesson On the Meaning of a Familiar Word. Disease is the onnosite ,f Hedges were driven to Deadwood and iu i eier i,anator, ror a consideration of $(i00. Word came from Spearlis, yest'er-ilay morning announcing the death of the young baby of Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver, who are well known people in Lead. -. D. Bailor, M. D J. L. Esch, M. D. DRS. BAILOR & ESCH. Diseases f the Lye. Far. Nose and Real Estate. Loans irom mere left Thursday far. Belle i 1 . "no hoiks at j the Worlds Fair restaurant, is com-plaining witness, charging that Har- rourcne, where they will make their home. The bride has been a resident and Insurance I hroat a Specialty. Classes Acurately Fitted. Office No. 119 Main St. ris assaulted her. From 0,. Doctors Bailor & Esc), renort two K . ",e tl, 1 May Block, Lead. S. D Webster defines disease as "lack o"f case, uneasiness, trouble, vexation, lisqueit." It is a condition due to some derangement of the phyccal or ganism. A vast amount of the '-disease" from which people suffer is due to impure blood. Disease of this kind oi t-Kaiaka. Mont., and tfi groom conducting a dental office in Belle Kourche, where he enjoys a prosperous business. "W ases of tvphoid fever ! T h n"a"""" lla-k eyes that from the new water' t , I 7 V were brought into Lead to re.eive , "! L " 'ther tbe nlant Monuments. Ceorge J. onyder has the R. K MORTOiX M, D. .... j... .,,,,,, , , actions the police medic al attention juuge win determine. for Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln thi t has erected so manv S. Ii. Smith s store will surely be noivded today on account of tlm fee stones in the Hills. Those in want will do well by calling at No. : r.nlH bottle of furniture polish tbat he will is cured by Hood s Sarsapnlla. which blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures scrofula, salt rheum, pimples and all eruptions. It tones the stomach and creates a good appetite, and it gives vigor and vitality to the whole body. It reverses the condition of things. street, or addressing Lock Hox fir,:, give to every lady who calls. Lead. S. D. 7, o , , Clark & Lyons, the cents' furnish. ers of Lead, have received a large supply of campaign hats, of both oolitl. Dr. Mahood. accompanied by ' family, arrived In Lead yeste.dav and will make this city their home for a time at least. Dr. Mahood has been acting as president of the Bla Hills college at Hot Springs during the Past year, and was recently appointed by the M. E. conference to the charge In this city. He Is a very pleasant gentleman, and will no doubt meet with a warm reception from his congregation. They have moved into the residence formerly occupied by Rev Scott on Main street. Notice A cow owned by Chas. Eklnnd f Arthur Monahan audi, late f,. ,he office of coroner. o ,,e fusion ticket, left iast eiening for Sioux City. la., accompanied by his mother. Mr. Monahan will meet the woman of his choice at that city, and thev will be married on the Lith of tnis month at the home of a relative of Mr. Monahan. The young lady's name is Miss Cella Mc-Govern of Minneapolis, Minn. She Is a young lady of culture. Mr. Monahan is well known in the Hills, having been reared here, and is a Kunig neaun, comfort and "ease" in place of "disease." Practice devoted exclusively t, diseases of the Eye, Ear jfTliroat Ke.uMu.- Glasses cn.i Clas.-. - : .r the itelief of Headache and i' r Vision, Accurately Fitted. OFFICE IN FAUST BLOCK (Over Dickenson's Drug Stoi. 1 OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to i and t; to t;i LEA. SOUTH DAKOTA. Steve Zereca Lead has strayed away and for the return of same a liberal reward will be given. She was branded on left side T. O. D. and is of red color and without horns. cal parties. If you wish to show jour colors cal and get one. 8-2 tf The funeral of Mrs. N. Marcoux took place from the Miners' Union hall yesterday forenoon and was largely attended. Father Redmond officiated and interment was made in the Catholic cemetery. The Ladies The pleasant effect and perfect Fafe-ay with which ladies may use Syrup of Klgs. under all conditions, makes it their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrup Co., printed near the bottom of the package. For sale by all druggists. 1 l A. KLEIN Herbert Barker is said to be laving low for Brother Corum of the Pioneer-Times. 'He says he isn't to be inar-rled-not to an eastern girl, anyhow-but that ha does contemplate taking a vacation all by his young man of exemplary habits and stands favorably with all who know him. The i are putting up a bold front, to say the least, and evidently Intend to start a campaign of education, or at least endeavor to show the Word comes from Chicago of the birth of a big baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knight. Mrs. Knight was Miss Tony Martin of thlg city, and Mr. Knight was formerly an W ants to set you win-11 v formerly of the Fan ily Liquor,, ( House of Terry, has removed to ) T Lead and Is now open for business v Ts with the best stock of wines, H-4 quors and cigars, which he is sel-i employe or The Jenkins pharamaey. The Belles of Blackville. The belles of Lead will present the "Belles of BlackviTle"," an old-time minstrel show. Thirtv sodetv U.Tioa in search of WINES. LIQUORS. 'Jog at the v.ry lowest prices. will appear In burnt cork on Friday WafS "dles- Tallor-Made Suits d Fall I waists, and to open It right, w e are going to make a . LUL4 1 UN i mgnt, September 14th, at Miners' Union Opera house, for the benefit of the Hpiscopal guild. Tickets only fifty cents, on sale everywhere. Don't stay away if you can't come. people their side of the great sideshow. The chairman of the county fusion campaign committee, John B Wilson of Deadwood, and also vice chairman. James Cunlck. of Lead have both bee nallowed the privilege of engaging the services of a stenographer during the campaign. Judging from this they evidently Intend to do a great amount of correspondence But theories do not stand before the fire of facts and .prosperous conditions for the past four years. William Wallace. Whn ro..;,l., 1 A SPECIAL SALE FOR l Mr. Klein is located in the base-)! ment of the new Faust block on ; . "yie Corner of ' MAIN r: and SLEEKER STREETS. , OR CIGARS And if you knew his price on these goods, you would want to see I've Got It! You want It Let's Get Together Yours for business STK - i 1 AnW ... 1 Saturday Sept 8 Lunch Counter. At the Derby lunch counter, in charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are served at reasonable prices, dav and night. Tierney & Berry's place, Main street. Lead, tf y .,uiiny invites all his friends, and especially those of4 a the Bald Mountain t,Mn . Redwater. about twenrv-th r Following price apeak for thmw.o. on hla when in the city. , fYou are Always Welcome) from Lead, came to the City of Mills ANTHONY fRAUT PRACTICAL PLDMBEn There is But One BUDWEISER, and that Is the nrodnet nf tha ,.,. ..750 Blue and Gray Tallor-Made 8ui for . $1Q.OO Assorted Color' -ff! ' $12.00 Assorted Color, handsomely braided $1-150 Asaorted coloi handsomely braided ;.ieraay ana will spend a few days looking over the most prosperous mining camp in the world. It has been some twenty odd years sin m ttt. A. KLhlN. i . $5.00 7.00 9.00 J $10.50 18.50 - - w ... UUCUO er-Busch Brewing Ass'n. It leads other beers In aualltv anrl nutmtt and Steam Rtter LEAD. s0. DAK over half a billion bottles of the oris- lace first came to the Hills and not until yesterdv has he had the opportunity afforded to m I " 7 ' ,nnd0'ely braided ' ? ' .Toil ira t ii ' .. mat naving been consumed by a discriminating public. I . """"? . """n w uirpeci our jLnje 01 Lead since that time, When he last saw tjs mining camp only two small structures were risible, and only one Fall and Winter Wraps "Every Man is the. Architect. of His Fortune. v,u ow in the town Ernest May, the grocer. Mr. -.! tuw COMPLETE. 'An I ife. and. Accident Architect designs, and A.V V ' that he walked jip to the Durango mine and made a careful ..,- v. DBASE S -rr zecmea-iry a ou-cr. The gretiest balder of kettlh 'is Hood's SirsipirtlLu rnt o- out luunninn tint Insupance mcio was nothing to Indicate that he was the nrst ana sole owner of th!nr,- - -j - firm jourvution. h trukes the Mood, the bisis of life, pvn nd strong. n trclaect of yoar fortune And secure Hood' $ your hetllh balder. mons property. Slno. t j TOERE THEY SELL CHEAP - . '"ft, b has accumtilated a nice little fortune, being engaged in nivv ..- 5 East ?!ain Strprt i THb. e, geskey; "" and he has made for himself a bean-tiful home out on the Redwater. 'j4 Load. vj -m m m m m m. w w

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