The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 4, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tines. I rt , " m.;ai, s. i. i i:la( k iiii.i.s i, 'i n:si.v. si;m:ui:i:i: 4. i'.o. five cents. 'I -.1 . r tj :vl.M N!, , ,,;Ni Mi- ,,' V. MM; H I.N r:.xu,,r .- I' I d 'I I . I ST l IHig-h Gracle Photographs I I Pictures Enlarged at Home WaUh this Space for Important AMONCEMEiVl Qi' tlu- arm ;i ' 1' a ik-w linv-s '.'n-'vY lie!;!-;' iniiYlia-s.-i! HEARST MERCANTILE ..COMPANY. Ni-. Iff !.. 1 1" N .Mill St. 'i i i;K . I '!'! I.' ?BLACK HILL3 PORTRAIT COMPANY ;i Complete Lines Carried. No. li E.itt MAIN ST,. LEAD. S. D. A GALA CELEBRATION. ! !,. a,. i , II,' I.I - I 1 1 l .il' . , ii.. "I lli' l.i i. "i :n - K. I v !..! I.i I ii ii - a 1 1. 1 1 1 1 - i : ., p. i .i I ; I - a ml many a I ! i d i 1 1 vv Ii n h n .-1 . 1 1 1 I I In ill-alum "I a .-u I i n, . I m . 1 1 1 a 1 1 I to i v . Inv mi nt that il lie 111.- i.-.iiii-ites ol , . .. ho'i! n 1 1,, plat, - :. i . I II I II to! im la.'ml lie em I , ,l: i 1 ,11,. ma I.- In! -til Dial ,v hi li vv .- ! !i 1 1, 1, thai Ii. v. ho .-I, in. I - I" Labor Day Duly Honored Near Lead Yesterday. in il. l - lioll. I o III' . II! .... V, II I ,,1 lll. et '. HI! 1 'i t I I loll upllal 1.-, luivv to We miners m ..SIX LABOR UNIONS TAKE PART. Lead, Deadwood. Central, Terry. Two Bit and Custer, "With 3.000 People On the Grounds. Tlie se.-en of Outings, Cek-b.- tii-iis and i'i -i: s is t;r..n us. ami human. ty n.ust needs bee coolly anil properly equipped to enjoy the different occasions. 'i I-'ur your needs in .oil YV.i.-h Suits. Skirts ind Waists, conio to Hie llig li; n k. Fur the Lightest, ' no -.: of Millinery, go to the Itivr I'.rick I-'ur y our wants on I uihud! is. Parasols and Fans, vis:i ii.o liig For Cool Faluns in Wash Dies- (doods. see the l!ig itri. k Linus. Fur tin- Coole.-t of rnderwiai and 1'ui iiisliings, visit tin- liig Prick's various departments. For Trunk, Yai, ir Telescope when needed on the U;; avva.v 1 1 urn home, go to Im Pig Prick. Fur your Outing Lum h, go to the Pig Pri. k Oro. crv dr piirtmeiit. lu fa. t vnu will lind the largest assortment of Hot Weather Nceds .1 II, mail put "I lie- un nl I lie 1 1 1 U 1 1 I . ill 1 1 1 V ul e W hen Oh' ' I UU' I ion I I .' I 1 1 1 ,1 t , ' 1 1 I ol Illlll'l I - la !, - to I .pun. lo I le- m . .1 t I, ol " a II I. 1 1 li U I . 1 - ,11,,, - I'll 1 ' ! ! !U'. I V III ',' thai the I! .!' i,ii I In- i ' .mil I " !i nun!. aiiil in. i . ant il.- int. i i ' -1 .M 1 - I In pi ".'. M i h ii , ,i i: i . a I . . 1 1 .o i a I i . ' 1 1 , .1' .. not lal'iu a- hai 1 1 or put in ni"i ' I I - than I Ii, man In- "oil,.-, in III.' In :m-- i:,l' would liot Inl'J.I In iTiiovv ; naV-Talior n' all kind - a u. .iitli n'' .- in Ii -"I i-.on . . i i 1 : 1 1 1 l nil 1 1 . . i ! 1 1 1 h ' til lii" in. - I liat a ! I -.v , ' i I , i I I hal In vv hi. ilu - in I In- a i I h or 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 vv - III'1 I ' 1 " vv o i I a I o I .-. 1 1 1 lln linn, hh- i walk-- 'l' II- v. i l,i nu - In In lionn' s 1 1 L i " ' . ' i -1 1 ' I'1 nn a.-i limit:.-, nl' 1 1 1 1 - tin' I.I.H---I dollar i- 1 1 1 . I i i a s a in i o w m d I 1 1 1 1.' ' . i , an- two . la . -es nl la hor. -, . : : i 1 I i ' ' I..' I ., !. ill. ! la, ' 1 1 i :, 1 I '' i a' -' -,,,1 !.-. r . " i i,: I;..:,. -t i...; over - k.l-i.i .v . d a . : p. ' m. at.-.; . the Ides- .us oi -oi i.i. an,: mini v and as i :, . i -ai i; i boiiies m i.i i ii i . n-h ' p -t in u' ii I un-- s, die i manhood an ! . . momma! I:v nui to to make up lie stioiu iiiihl aim of the im nl ' an o ! A ml lei us n s lahoi -ini.' iin-n i:o I. a t li with tin d t raiiiia lain to make and l e- p as we now l.e lie'..' ! till- th" glillllj.'-t lll'lsl human. hem -In n li I n ml ri g b I . -mis uu nt i '. in llu- -v.'.li wal" world, and .vnh lln i "ii ! 1 1, m ' our o 1 1 1 1 1 v . llu -Mi - ii ml S-1 i I !' I a I . of on r lain.- and lln 1 1 1 .- i -1 1 1 a of our i Pert y .ml I I ' -loin I', i. .t ' il; ov u - . ha lit 1 he -' 'I u of pi o -p. i '. n-nl show lo I he ' ii a I w ha I n i ' ' 1 1 all la Iml i n i, - 1 1 1 1 vv . 'I'ha' il I tin I'la n- in. In H v .M;d in llli 's I v I if 1 1 1 : - 1 1 ipieeii of i epu ! In s ' Hi- i l.e lii-nui of hi- a h!i.'-s M. SUagg- ' 1 1 r , . o 1 1 1 . . d Mi ll.iiikia who i - in the 1 1 II - . ! .un a - b ma k uu- I on i and w.i- i li v 1 1 1 1 to addles-Hi.- aud'ein e I1, dw, d upon tin la I or. i 's i ihhIii ion lor v . .a' - I. :o 1 ami I'l'oil-iht liillh tin ad V a lit lU'e- lo so ' a Iv l.v tin in L'aliiai 'on lal, oi 111- s.. . i h a It ho . nlu pa la ! i. I v - In U't . w i of n a, h 1 1 1 ' i i , - t and w a 1 1 1 1 1 t i Iv . iv .1 1 In- iimli.'ii. . Mr Can f il ha I., en a lahi'i I. ad. r for a r'vut lea II v veals . I i i n a I" i- i I ,. ,u to do ", .. lii t'iu , an-.- 1 1 i- a tl'i. in ami foii-eful speaker and Indd tin-. lo-e -I i.t'eiii on ,.' uni;. u In He eh,-. I I lit nl i id. 'I'll II . . nil ' l In a ppll ol II il i v i- :i! in. i Im ii li .i nl ii il o.lll. I Ol and 'l n t-s a I way s ri.glil . at ntrtwiitt i i-i - i n . : I ' 1 1 vv Hi- III, WO I. al ' , til. .a Hull' I I I.I I-. 1 Ii -piled and a-'In a - ,. w In, h ha pla. I II HED 1 ScPA -nil ol Uu- .v MEAW.V lia v ' 111 pel II !' 'I iiiaiii in -. i -i' ii- o lo.V. Older I. -P 1 Qualities I, av 1876 Hi" pi i. ir p e L t''''''"M r 1 iml I! Let i ,ll'l 111 H II' ' I I ' "dint in o II , pi oil I lli'h' ' 1 1 ' II e-'.lt Ol "! I- til' till' VV urn i- sii r a- well i Im i ell Its , In-lip OLil. il II III" d l.v I h. Il ".st JT" Ilia m "V . TV S i ' UU pel 1 1 M ' a nil a i a I d' d l.v 'IL I'll. 1. 1 d siu the fi, ill w oi id w : I lullv. 'I'll I lie llliille I have e dUI V ' a d v a li Died. I I Is 1,1 Si k I labor. Tim 111 Labor I ; i v ii.i- "Hi' .Hid -ii. ale; we arc m I1- In .-..! Ihal il a'l MH I'SS. Till' Uealller lIlMHIill til.- llil.V anil evenim- ivas pill' 'I Lver.v vv here in tin' lt. it tciw ami ll.iM Mmiiii am riMiiil i v t Inn- a -v hl-nce ul a Hi-IK-lii I in iin-ral lull ul' llu- 1 1 1 . 1 1 with the .Miii'-i s iiiii'ius in llu- i .-II' bnitiou ul' this ila. All nrl, was MISpi'lllll'il leever II IIISsllll illlllll he and all Imsi ins.-, was at a si a mist 1 1 1. Trains from 1 1 - various p i n t - w- i lil'i i villi! al I In Mini ii t .i i ii I aim pn 1 1 1 grounds. I In- ii liter nl lli' il.i.v V t. tivitirs, ami t In -i vviii' Ih-1 vvi'i'ii two ami three thdiisainl people cai 1 1 1 tliTi Almost ev.r.v pail ul' tin- Hills whs represented, Iml l.i-.i'l uii'liiiiiii edly furnished llu- larger iiia.iorit.v nl' tlx1 gallM-ring. In the I'orrmiiui llu- trains hut the B. II. & Kt. I', carried several liun dred people to tin' grounds, ami in tin-afternoon mill evening tin- trains were packed by people coming am! going. At the grounds there was the merry-go-round, the ring and rune games, the hance to knock the nigger over with the Imse bull. etc. The dancing pavilion was large, but was inadequate to the demand. There were many family gatherings who had prepared and enjoyed basket dinners beneath the shade trees, and others were supplied by the lunch stands tipon the grounds. Two "refreshment" stands did a good business, but we failed to Bee any unmanly actions or drunkenness, and this is speaking well for such a large gathering. In the forenoon J. D. Skaggs. who was the speaker of the day, delivered in his eloquent and able mann an address that received very complimentary comments from the large number who heard him. He took fbr his subject a quotation from Lord Bacon's famous labor speech, entitled: "Labor Est Rex. WALTKK McK A Y Monumen-ts. (i t-orge J. Snyder has the agency .-. '. n -o. iii I i o'nd il ion - -I I liv e, 111 It sllllllTlel - a la hori ng . oin in un 1 1 v been happy a in I con ondilions of unrest vv oi Id ha - in v .1 ilmlurlieil and d 1 II g Vesuvius ill w hen labor lias tented. Such for Kimball Pros., the monument firm I i ist . nioin v and In a i n s. vv !in h vv . ma v . all i a d I a I : and -i . olid I ira ills j and inus' h- vv Ii ii h v i ma v i a 1 1 I a I, or It K mi loi t una! .- lor . it In r vv In u I le v i hidii v ' thai on.- i an . vv i' hunt III., .illn-r Tln"r ml--I i-.-t - ai.' paial lid I lull, vi' that tin' i a 1 1 . ' i i in iii' i a I and . . . niniii I.- t la I ions have lai :' i v In . n I In tilt oi a nil .1 a h. n a i. ' ial n I I In ' lo ..- re lal ion Mid a; ind I, v lln - tun ureal mining pnwi'i's in lln- soeial world. Labor lias its pi . it 1 1 1 1 1 It alw ays las. and alvv a v .s w ill I, aw. lli. I. ..a brains, thought, education ami the rlniiKiis manhood, as well as the uu blest ami highest endeavors ul' slates-inen nnd philanthropists bave I,, given to III.' Sdlv lllg of Hie problems of labor. Tin- lirst. how to secure lion ; est employment and llie ni.iinf.'iiain e nl righteous wages. He who laboi s al hard manual and honest labor does ; not want something for nothing. La- j hor dues not raise its cry for charity, j hut a chance to earn au honest dollar, and the great question that has j concerned the thought of labor is how shall we maintain the rate of wages i inaugurated during the period of prosperity, during all the days of adver- I sity How shall we make and main- I tain happy and pleasant homes, create I a competency that we shall pass on to ! our children as the years go by. I "Capital also has its problems. No i person or corporations possessing a I large amount of capital desires to I keep it locked up or hoarded away. It is only when political unrest anil i social skepticism ceases among te I people that capital hides itself away. I of Lincoln th; t has erected so many Real Estate, Loans and Insurance On.ce May Block, Lead, S. I) stones in Uk Hills. Those in want will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street, or addressing Lock Box 655, Uhelt II lldleW.s died ill Hie l.eild ho-pital at 1 in visli'idav morning. Ilolll tile i ffe. I.s of Ivpboill fever, lie was a little past :iu years of age. I'eceaseil ha been a resident of Lead for about three years and lias been employed as one of die civil engineers during that time with the lloniestake. He has been engaged the past summer upon the new water ditch and was taken ill about ten days ago. His condition lie. ante so serious that lie was brought to the hospital a week ago. He came to Lead from Lincoln. Neb., he lieing a graduate of the Lincoln university. Here he met and became betrothed to Miss Cora Beard, Lead, S. I). 7-12 Im R. K. MORTON, M, D. Practice devoted exclusively to diseases of the Eye, Ear Throat Notice A cow owned-" by Chas. Eklund of Lead has strayed away and for the return of same a liberal reward will be given. She was branded on left side T. O. D. and Is of red color and without horns. have generally been caused by sordid selfishness and unfeeling manifestations of a misappreriation of capital. Ami when capital gives its best thought and honest manhood anil noblest efforts to the highest advancement ot its dependence, then will labor, which is not cold-hearted and irresponsive, respond with Its best and tiuest efforts. Another duty of capital is to induce cooperative efforts on the part of labor wherever possible. I believe that when capital seeks the highest advancement of labor and places before laboring men the inspiration to a day of toil and induces labor to see that the object of such labor is not alone the acquiring of the day's wage, but that labor has and should have a higher, better and more manly principle than that of acquiring its Reading Glassies and Glasses tor the Relief of Headache and Poor Vision, Accurately Fitted. OFFICE IN FAUST BLOCK. (Over Dickenson's Drug Store.) OFFICE HOURS 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 4 and C to 3 p. ni. LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Lunch Counter. At the Derby lunch counter, in charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are served at reasonable prices, dav and night. Tierney & Berry's place. Main street, Lead, tf of Blair, Neb., and that young lady has been true to her pledges and came on from her home, and !ring the sickness of her affianced has been at-his bedside and untiring in her care of him. who. had not the death call been made, would have been her husband in less than a month. The deceased was a member of the Odd Fellow lodge of Lead, having joined a few months ago. He leaves hfs parents, residing at Norwalk. Ohio, and a sister at Cleveland. The remains will be shipped east for burial. Dickinson May have charge. The great thought of capital is how It can safely invest money so that i A. KLEIN I daily compensation. Then labor will feel that It has an interest in trie success of capital and the achievement of its success. Co-operation creates union, and in union there is strength. ; "The duty of labor first Is careful "If labor was king in days of Bacon when means of communication were so meagre and one part of the world was so Isolated from the other, and when so little was known of what the other was doing, how much more would labor be the absorbing thought of the world when the great heart throb of labor Is united in the Interest of la- there may be a sure remuneration. The hard toil which has been incident to the amassment of these fortunes is not so soon forgotten; neither is it in the heart of man or any set of men to place an investment where It goes into the pockets of many without a due return. And hard indeed Ts organization. It we do not care for ' ourselves, no one else is sure to. Died. At Lead Sunday morning at 8 o'clock We believe in the strongest possible I organization. An organization so John K. Carey, of inflammation of the bowels, at the age of about 30 years ( House of Terry, has removed tol Lead and is now open for business v r' with the best stock of wines, ll-'j' (- quors and cigars, which he is sel-sl , ling at the Vv.ry lowest prices. i I LOCATION T i, Mr. Klein is located in the base-! ( ment of the new Faust block on The Corner of j. ' MAIN and ; SLEEKER STREETS. (.. And cordially invites all his friends, and especially those ofjj . V. TU r . . , . . . ..V Heceased has been a resident of Lead for nearly six years, coming CHASES compact and perfect that all m',ids think as one and that all head Tieat as one in the working out an.1 the development of such plans as wiU in the best possible manner promcte ITfe interest of labor. An organization not radical, except when it is right; care Steve Zerega Wants to see you when you are in search of WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And if you knew his price on these goods, you would want to see him. I've Got It! You want It Let's Get Together. Yours for business STEVE ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLDMBBB and Steam Rtter LEAD, SU. DAE here from Iowa. He has during that time been employed in the Homestake mine. He was married between three and four years ago to a daughter of MERE THEY SELL CHEAP John Costello and to them was born two children, one of two years iVid the other four months. He was taken sick about ten days ago. and the lat me xaiu mountain seciion to cat on him when in the city. J ful and conservative when there is danger of transgressing the rights of others. And again, labor must realize that capital has rights as well as labor. We beltve in political socialism; not the sociaism that would drag down or destroy the rights of others. Not that kind which strikes at the basis of law and Just govern ter part of last week he was operated upon as a last chance of saving his life. He lingered .between life and You are Always Welcome. Saturday Sept i death for several days, but the inev A .KLtiN. I itable came despite the science of medicine and the care of kind and lov ing hands. His father, JAC. Carey, Table Linen, Curtains, Bed Spreads oi rort ixidge, Iowa, arrived in Lead ; 600 FACTORY SHORT ENDS. of bleached Damasks worth from 75 cents to 12.00 a yard at about ! one-half price for this sale. FIR 3 last Saturday to be with his son during his sickness. The deceased was a member of Hope Lodge No. 60, Lead. The remains will be shipped to his old home in Madison, Iowa. Funeral sen-ices will be held today at 2 o'clock In the Miners' Union Opera house. Father Redmond officiating. S. R. Smith has charge. Lace Curtains Way Down ment. Not that kind which cannot be distinguished from riot, rapine, disorder and anarchy, but the socialism which was Inaugurated by him who spake' as never man spoke. That socialism which Is to do unto others as you woul 1 others do unto you. When this condition is brought about, then, and not till then, will strikes be unheard of murders be forgotten. Lust will flee away as the dew before the rriornlng sun. The earth will be chanting its song of prosperity. Et-ery man's home will be come his palace, his wife tha qneen, his children his Joint Jielrs to his throne. Then will come the realization of that dream and that prayer which has been uppermost in the heart of the world's noblest manhood and purest woman- Prices for this day a money, saverfor you. Bed spread same way. Ijifo ELYidL Accident ..Insurance.. THEOb e. geskey. At the Labor day picnic at Mountain Lion grove on the Black Hills & Fort Pierre, W. E. Cowin, Lead's confectioner and caterer, win conduct the refreshment and lunch stands. Every, thing will be the best Prices reasonable, tf No, 5 East Main Street. :; ',,

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