The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 26, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1900
Page 8
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TnE DAIIA' PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD D. Stroncj Pull.... Which Way Jo Clear Out Stock... .FIJorc Rapidly AUK YOU KEADINc? YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR YOUR MONEY ..DON'T YOU? miw YOU CAN GET IT, WE tilVK IIMi ..Hen and Boys Clothings Hats, Caps and Gents Ming Ccofls " this sali; is as i nt i :k i:st i x ; IN VAM'K AND I'KMCK WISK AS IT WAS WKKKS i . A TALE OF LOW PRICES Political Speakers are Wrangling: over T iK.Li- mi rutin' ut SiminuT ('mini-, uv will ntViT tlu-in this week i v'unl less cil 1 1 r;iii t 1 The Basts of Values ' Come inri fjet our prices ;vici -ac will shav 'he basis vf value on our line inside of a minute. ..We Have the Goods Every Dollar's Worth 1st Be Sold Shirt Waists, Silk Waisls, Suits, Dress Goods, Walking Suits, Hosiery and Underwear. KYjanlk'ss f what tlicv Col SALE TO BEGIN JVjonday Morning will speak see. Don't stuff at the right prices. Competitors sale as "The Crime of I!",'1. Come tnid forget the number. BROTHERS CO. MJ.liliiir&Bi iUIN SHvEET, DEA0W0OD, S. I). t MAN SLAUGHTER T! Min lie kali ta water fur the stoaia I. Tiy it. Tin- Kiim of r. nut ii'ar.-- lh t he Tv 'i i ii in-. Tt i 1 1 t: A 1" ii at 'I..uai: tin- a ni'kIc it t! V'aip i .l.;ui ' i'iir. t farco i, ,-. m ii, a i'li !,. hi i;. j hi i f1 1 1 Si: .!!i U. h-m ..i;aiti; mil best u ! .- ii i . ; .i i ii u ' J Call li l' hi ii" :: u.lUh il m rr.i.' : r.i.i, j t i . 1 1. I T. ( ' It ! . . : 9 i w.i, ! i ai.i-a ' m. '. ',. i i . ' i I n. i a"Hi- tf Mi-. N'. I. Ai'nr.l has just receivi ! a i miiiili ij In" of .-lamped 4I0 1 C I III .' V 'ill' v. tf. I'. 1 1 Mm. ii ;.a h.f. ' ; h i nii'ii' .i.m i i . ii 1 1 " -1 . Ail I,- asi - i a . lain I ' Ii '! il ,1 ' I II. Till' I' 111 I' lill M.Mlh" till-Ill III- bettn vdii Ii! 1 1 1 -1 1 1 . We m, an th.- i Twij ( H rhan i .rai -. if ! T' a ili, .-I -in whi h 1 1 1 -1 is no w.i; ! l:'- "'I.- .it ::' ' i- i , 1 1 1 1 . i at tie Si ;i nihil l 'a ii O i in i i v . FARM) is Ih. snl,' at-. -in in ilea, I jv.rnil fur III' I ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 s Recent sh'irs I -Tiny n wr '. r nut . tf I 'I'll,- very in .-li.-.-t hat-, mi, .scarfs seperate to suit th,' pun -baser at Ackermanns. OET IN MX;; ami v.,-.-,r il,,- l;,-!.'i iii si. i.e. Always look s, !l ami v.i vi ! wi-ar nut. F.i- -i 1 1 -i-!ls 1 1,1-tii. I !' Tin' Evening I ml, -pi n, I, ni is niovinu toilay from tin- Opera House lilork t'i , t In- si'i-iiiiil l! ni' I ii, w V I :i ; i - lmilili iik. n x I 1 1 1 I h- 1 '. 1 1 1 I i -1 -.! I , .ii pas I sender station. you wm iip vir fiinl any other 'pills ' so prompt ami so pleasant as DeWit: s Little Early Risers. Kirk (',. I'hilllps. ' ET II K I ! A M I, in, - stviish iiiki I tu he hail eiilv it Hawlcy'3. So. tn'J. JdilUek lintel A I : i ate 1mm, ' -r 1 ,i -1 . s ilur;n , i nlltile-ll.i lit lies! i,f , :il' . liest of ' Iiii-ilii-.l atti-iniali!-. ,hln-s l!u 7 s 7 . Dead wi o,. ' I ! ill Th,- I.. 1 j; relation parlors ol p. 111. A i,' . s-ii . I , ,1 t hi' ( 'nil I i Ii ii ' , Ii u i 1 1 lie-, t in l hi-the ihurili Tuesilay at :T larne atti-iiilaiu-i' is ilesin-,1. Try a pound of the Standard Casjh Grocery "s 'Jr Mocha anil Java coffee. It has a delicious flavor that excels all other brands that sell for much n.ore money. Charles Healy ri-urneil yebterilay from the sad mission of burying his wife, at Rushville, Neti. The funeral occured at that phu-e Thursday afternoon. We positively remove warts, moles, mil superfluous hair by electrolysis. Mrs. Melick Ji Alford, the hairdressers, over Deetken's drug store. tf The Burlington passenger war ovr two hours late last night. It carried a large crowd of eastern visitors to Hot Springs. The chief reason for delay was the number of extra stock trains which are given first place by the Burlington folks. It is a doctor's Business to study health Doct- rs rot 'cntly lecom mend HARPER Whiskey. Q. i ' bi Carr & Berry, Deadwood, S. D We pray thee, heed him not who askest thee to take something, said to be the same as the Rocky Mountain Tea made by the Madison Medicjne Co. 35 cents. Ask your druggist. Mrs. E. B. Wescott of Clarinda, Iowa, who has been a guest at the Gill-more for a couple of weeks past left last evening for Rapid City where she will visit an old friend for a couple of days tefore r turning to her Iowa home. When you want to go to Central take Tuller's hack. Stand In front of No. 15 Lee street. Fare 25c. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS ; 4NI) PaBST MILWACKEE BEER IS I w!f; OF" MAT.T AND HOPS ONLY. ! HENCE CAT.f. Vim IT Electric facial massage to tone up the flabby skin and remove wrinkles Freckle Cream guaranteed to remove freckles, at Mrs. Melick & 1-ford's, over Dsetken's drug store, tf Ground spies of senenor quality at P5c per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Deadwood and Sherman streets The members of the Library association met yesterday afternoon to make arrangements for a flower exhibit which is to be held next Friday during the afternoon and evening. They have really planned a most, delightful entertainment. There will be on exhibition some of the most beautiful pansies and sweet peas. They will sell Ice cream and cake which will be served by a number of charm ing young ladies. A small admission fee of ten cents will' be eharged. and we feel sure Indeed it seems small for the amount of pleasure to be had, be cause every time these ladies have given an entertainment it has been a huge success. BIG REDUCTION. ONR ENTIRE STOCK OF ': SATIN. TAFFETA. FAILLE AND FANCY RIBBONS OF ALL COLORS. WIDTHS ' AND GRADES AT JUST ONE-HALF THEIR USUAL' RETAIL PRICE FOR THE NEXT FEW DATS ONLY. ACKERS! ANN. Try a Two Orphan cigar. ! BUT A Slaughter IS WHAT IS LOWE'S FAMOUS Today uki- ;unl w hat t hv o s t . THE CITY. Smoke the Two Orphan cigar. tf Homemade genuine apple cider vinegar at the Standard Cash Grocery. . Go to Vienna Bakery ana Cafe for Ice cream. Served ever day. 675 Main street. U Fresh cask of German dill pickles Just opened at the Standard Cash Grocery. The Speartish coach would scarce y hold the crowd ol tourists who came to Deadwood yesterday. W. L. Nell, D. D. S.. rellent dentist, has moved his office to Room '9. Syndicate block. II your dealer does not keep the Two Orphan, tell him to get them of B. Stewart & Co. tf De Wlt'a Little Early Risers a-e famous little pills for liver and bowel troubles. Never grippe. Kirk Q. Phillips. i All tho fruits and vegetables of the season at the lowest prices. Standard Cash Grocery. Min-ne-kah-ta water for kidney troubles. Try it. Dr. Howard Mc.I. Morton, of Minneapolis, who has been assisting hia brother. Dr. Morton, of Lead in getting nicely located, returned home over the Elkhorn last evening. Mothers endorse It, children like It, old folkes use It. We refer to One Min ute Couita Cure. It will quickly cure all throat and lung troubles. KirV G. Phillips. ES-KY piano for my Jamil t. ea ley I? the only regular dealer i t No. 639. by Bullock Hotel. European Hotel.... & BERRY Props. Sample Room 1 Never Before In Black Hills History Has the nihil mt boen ro Bci-nratrl ri'-pmduced.or never tu fore linn iliert ticrn mcb a (!nnd n-lectlun of tlie mibllnii's of the Hills, an are m,w !,() nai ilm popular Htudlua of H. R. LOCKE & CO., Main mrt, DK ADWOOD. I Main Straet, LEAD. V In Photoirrphy, Cabinet Work , Coffee Talk. Our MOCHA an1 JA O.UM. the coiinimerj ta mack tbelr Hp anil ask of the hiopy hounewlfe, "Where did you huy that coBee?" This Brand r Puts odcs In the housewife's south, cauaea Uf'ft boat to taH emooth 190n -harmonlou Idas, and the buaband to be J0II7 acd hapf.r Because It It the bust and most delicious coffee ever aold. equal ajvy 5)o coffee evur on the market. Just try 30o worth--one pound. J. GOLDBERG Corner Main and Gold Sts or I'hfctinotype S 400 Mens' Suits Worth from 10.00 to $20.00 will go during this Sale at from S5.50 TO S9.75 The i g ht of th,j ZOELLNER BIG REDUCTION. O.NK K.NTI l; K STUCK ill' SATIN. TAFFETA. FAILLK AND FANCY KIIUIONS in- ai.i. rni.dits. WIDTHS AND GRADES AT JFST ONE-HALF THEIR I ' S I ' A I , RETAIL PRICE FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS ONLY. ACKER MANX. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Den- flstry of ah kinds. Cias administered, j Eighteen years o experience. Rosenthal Blcck. J The sweetest smoke on the mar- ; ket for t cent is the Two Orph.m I if.-ar. tf I .viari iiiiuen. 01 pearnsn. raised a big crop of miner plums this year as usual and comes to Deadwood two nr three times a week to dispose of his surplus. O, beauty.' what a powerful Wparxjn thou art. The bravest men fail at thy feet. No wonder women take Rocky Mountain Tea. cents. Ask yo Mr-druggist. The latest designs in Chinese pillows, Indian heads, etc.; also some very artistic lunch cloths, center pieces and scarfs. Room 8 over Deetken's drug store. tf Saturday. A..fust 2,rith. is the date of next special sa!o day at Chase's, l'adies' corsets and mercerized sateen skirts, black t nd colors, win he f-1 fared st reduced prices. See ad on ' page 4. j The wolf in tho fable put In sheep's I clothing because If he travled on his j reputation he culdn't accomplish his ! pnroose. Counterfeiters of DeWitt's i Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell their worthless salves on their merits, so 1 they put them in boxes and wrappers like DeWitt's. Look out for them ' Take only DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve! It oures piles and nil ?n diseases Kirk G. Thillips i ME i-;XT jnI MM KKS RACE FOR y.K.; ,IU, HI-, THE SHIRT WAIST. ; 1,J i'F PREPARED. WE WILL; tTOSE OFT ALL THIS SUMMER'S SHIRTS AT .ACTUAL COST AND LESS. SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY, at RLOOM'S. Millions will be spent in politics this year. We can't keep the campaign going without miney any more than w can keep the body vigorous without food. Dyspepsics ustd to starve themselves . Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you to eat all the good ood you want It radically cures stomach trebles. Kirk G. Phillips. Mr. Smart, who has had charge of the Elkhom Hotel and restaurant at Buffalo Gap tor the last four years, was in town. She was shopping in Derd wood preparatory to taking a two months' vacation with relatives in Des Moines and other Iowa points. In India, the land of famine, thousands die because they cannot obtain foodJn America, the land of plenty, many suffer and die because they cannot digest the food they eat Kodol Dyspepsia Cure dlgsts what yon eat It msxavmiy reieaves ana radical ry cares all stomach troubles. Kirk G. Phil- j MP. . ' 647 Worth from $2.ti0 to $4.00, go 95cts Come early The Piuiices CLOTHIERS. in Glothincj NOW OX AT D EPARTMEXT STORE Monday today and Monday at from to $1.95, and get your choice. v - s '- 1900 VIV!;S TllC llM-'l i' " "' Jj' finisht'd ;mh1 re. ' Cameras snlil t !i. - : The Superiority ol Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. Bloc Main S t.. f 2 Lowe 1 c a ncD im 1 r a DDirrc cvj'isracai Rates I $1 Per Day B CARR - r SK-&Js,w:irm v: J t IS E n or; I ILe Bush Gerts PIANOS Super. Or fqr... Tone, Touc. I Durability 1JOR SALE BY is large, finely lighted where a good stock of wines, liquors and cigars carried la .stock music choicest Yaxiety causes the air with good cheer' attentive courteous treatment causes Our a climax west may Stdm Heat Bath" and Toilet u in Each Roonk. A Qalct . Orderly j J Place. i '- In connection and famished, the choicest are constantly of the to rin . waiters and I that only few placet in the boast of. Location In the Heart of the City. Fishel's', Bazaar, Garr& Berry ' 663 Syndicate

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