The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 26, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 26, 1900
Page 7
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SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 1900. THE DAILY PI0N-EEK-T1MES, DEADWOOD 6. O. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. ( F. J. Washabaugh, AUuniey ) I FORK ' LOSl KE NOTICE. " T, cnRCES V. H. Todd Iti; the attorney and coroner were nominated by acclamation. !..?.?.V.-.V.V.V,T.V.V. SIO"" FIX A TICKfcl. O. BL SL No. U, MADWOOD. Regular maeUan Moond and fourth Ifoa days at T:0L All member cordiallx 1- TlUdt ANNIB L PHILLIPS, W. M. LIT J J AN O. HATCH, Bee Prior Hill Mining Company; principal pla. i.f busine, Deadwood. g. It.; loca-uon i.f works, two miles westerly of Klk Mountain. l.avvrenre county, S. I. v, Th..... is .bdinouent. . upon the Continue-! From Page M I Whereas, Robert A Keller an.l l.uilla M Keller, his wife, did cm the !:Jlh day of I May 1M'!. mortgage to the Hank of Speai-I I'sli' a coiiwiatiou. to secure a ceriam no" given l.v Robert A. Keller mid Luclla M. 1 Keller the follow tug described real es ' tate iving and being 1" ' '''"""V " , ; ...a auh ,,f South Dakoia. and county ticket, tne tnau- the i " , ... the convention me Treats Ml Diseases iiiK described slock, on account oi .niviit No- " levied on .Inly :. lw -ral aim units sri opposite the nana- (E. C. Davis, Solicitor.) In the District Court of the United States in and for the Western Division )f the District cf South Dakota. In the matter of John Darker, Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy. To tin; Hon. Jchn E. Carland, Judge of the District Coutt of the United State, in and tor the District of South I lakota. John 1'aik . of D a iwoo 1. in the County of l.acien.e nml Slate of Sot l!i Dakota n the sai l dis.rict, re- ffi p f the democratic nominees Ni slian holders, a s fnllou 1 in the Citv of Speartish. to-w it Xfif ,., that were concede, to Notice of Special Meeting of County Commissioners. Ti. John II. ililssell. James M. Fish foil, a is. the of 1 No 1 : 1.' M lie OF :nt Slue lot-. tbe ., .v were ratified without of Cobs I llisell' Iff tin ana lots in the S I Sen. appointment of I! an. I It TD opectiv Nilll! i: si... i: sn. li li it I ! ' : 11. w one . 1 1 Plat of of the S ten .1" . H I -.kiK T st mi t . c.iinniisMonev.-i.iniv. South iiakola: Oil. W of Town, si !1 . -a. ,f was then 1 1 1 . . . . . I. , ::1 1 " i ill U 1 1 , central -!' I 1'. llowsf I-,,t ward. to mi iter s 1 a I i;. e Vn.l a:. .1! .-!. lai 1 , . 'li l Men and Women DR. TODD, MANENTLY LOCATED IN LEAD AND DEADWOOP. Dead-wap I . Tin;.! lial.oi.i. I'll .t:n I v le III .1 p . .1 1' li p. Sr. olid I mba ay. ; i l- I i . ,., r,.b Lad0'"1 lit -t p. el l' -. I ' , ' II ,rJ. I'1-1' Ilcim i IT (jrii fin- l.ei J;. fPi- V thai on the 23rd he was duly aid-i.d. r ilie ;i."s of 1, mi rtii'te : that . : , .1 a 1 I. is prop-. oi " . and has , l t ,e t . iiuire-. ,1 i f I . orders . :.' - ! an' ruptcy. 1 1, at !o- may l-i , h vo a full I ,! ht jiiovable n '. i . a il bank- , h .I b! a ; aro i.i i, li ' 1 ' hai'KO. ( 'l "t-A. D. 1 1 l : l . : p. ('!" . i N ; r.E- i:. J. C.i .1. ;.::o .! b Ir-.-a: ASSLSSMENT NOTICE. ir.i. : i;k i:i 1 1 i J . 1 1 1 X r. 1 1 ' la nkriipt . o'u'.tor. '''11:1:1: J. -Wl! ' l i it ham lb II : I'' fins""1- ' yd: " heed's: 1 D !,:l on .1. f; e l!ol 1 No Icon Hi'"'1 H 1. s: h 1 ii l1 i,. in i , 1 1 ' '.u;i I . at I 1. :nl w . ii id, Murray s jfton Boome. ' the , .li- li hi lv in the it I ' iuj. : 'ii 'I'. 1 1 y. Tet ' II. J . ' in I Terry : .11. I'll nl. Whii' 1 in 1 not i. e t hereof be the Dailv rioneru'- IsBitll. .I.ll! T. F. laii- , d t u i- Top John Wall. l-a---Wooihilh ". !' 1 I. M. r .1. . e-sl li i" . "all- A in el i all eilil-.1 sll.-.. ell I'll the le.-l. II. .d Lu vsi u.l. ,. I'''i r-. ,i.Ti k. The . 1.' . :.. . 1 ', ... . I ei 1 i 1 o. ..pii e,l I ' 1- ion. M"-,, , , 1 1 him -f Law n s M nllllt - r i' II. I. Bthorn. HonM.r I'a.k. r'i ..-i- .. and .I."" l-i'-'i "f v s. , l ,1,., ';i f , of I. :nie . -- 1,-cOl Kirk and Speat lisl. ( nissinu iuu 1. 1. "I ui: Lpresetite.l. ihese will ne .,.... ....... a " ,,11 ,r ,..',' ,e.l,r d. . ds of s le t ,b .1 ill tin- ; ('"'iiiiv , I "akiiia . in ! ",'i on i b ' i I,'. to I. p ; "' I .. ..,... Sl:il,i of S 111 ll he be held a m.-imi! ami .(iTicK 'M' ri)i.ri:rn r.i" M. Fuller and w . a. neaieu To C. n ,.r MoV ::'" "'I l'fe . ,iav ,.' May. 1 :" "" . and n-. .... i, a ion or mi ix- b'O janized by elect. uz .luni-s mm- jd. cl.ainnan. and William I.. Faust nf Deadwood as se, l etat v. I'.W I - 'lies, a in w paper print. . 1 tit 1 . ad-vcml. in said district, ami that all known .rodi'or; and other persons in imerest may a pear at the said time i ii.l place tin.', sl'i.w cause, if any they have, why the prayer of the said petition should not he granted. And it. is Put her ordered by the or ni 1 1 oat the del shall send I v mail to all known 'editors, copies of thvt said petition and this order addressed ,i inein at. liner places of residence ,-.s stall d. Witness Hi lb notable John E. Par-land, jmlb-e of ihe said coin t. and the thereof, "t Sioip; Kails, in said -. -iril;r t. on lb lath day r.f Aup.ust, D . Ifiii'i. ,S.:il i OUVKIS S 1 ' ! '. N D I . Cb'tk. THE DEMOCRATIC SIDESHOW ,. M ie h.H" ' ltieOll" ! " ' ,v,.r Hi,. .I. bl i ui"d bv said nn.i ' x; t o,v part a as il was s' ip.ib.t.-.l i sie I lnof-,L... i bat ir d- fa'i:t -!i"Ubl be made in pav .., -, a, of lie won ib'd or 'a You ate hetebv notified Unit I have ex-. ,,,,, ,1 i labor ;in l iri:i"ovement upon 1. Montr. Cristo N.i 1. M"r.' '''" 2 Montr, cristo No. :i av.d lini-.r- 1 n inins claim., situate.! ... M.. f.n.y . " i,a- rll-triet. I . 1 I I ' " -ouniy. Solllll Ibiko-i, ,( bast 51"" l"-r tor upon each or I': lid el aims for tnc v,'a' 1-v and " f I upon .a.'h of sail claims, all of . u . i f.-,r Li.. i.uir."se of hr!d- The Ticket. 1 Satb'-ilan 1 HPi' kburn 1 "ii l berl i let. .1 Cili"iland 1 s-,.n.,'ibin '. .! s-n lb, 'land. 1 s- ,, n,.. la ml. oi : in . . . . on t", 1 riltei Irilstei trm-'e I -M-ti' I .! I A 11, ei n an continent in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, .-'.pecial, co:u-pii, a', d and Kum-riliK dis- ,-a.-e. 1'urvA'ii:, chronic. BLOOD, .ixIN and DESTROYING DISEASES of MEN, SYPHILIS and VENEREAL DISEASES in all stages; STRICTURE, HYDROCELE, VARICOCELE, GONORRHOEA, GLEET. SPERMATORRHOEA, LACK OF SEXUAL VIGOR. I M POTENCY in YOUNG, MIDDLEAGEO and OLD MEN. URETHRAL STRICTURE promptly cured without cuttinK or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. flu per nion'h for treatment and nudi-cities. NOSE AND THROAT DISEASES. TATEWORM exm'Hed, RHEUMATISM STOMACH, LUNG. LIVER, Trcasui. 1 Thomas u . 1 in " Register- A W. Merrick. Auditor -.Mm E. Sullivan. .y, inol lpllv al .. .an,. .In-. ' 'l. II .1 lot .1. 1 ,,. Ill ' .'ll'ie b b.'l" -Hill. tO onb I at '"I, e 1 die - I -I - I -iki'i .. . mkiu 1 ' il 1 f.oi o,..' ,i,o juirt r-bii es. uiuli r tbr provis H113 the , Attorney-Charles l-.. naii. 111" Revised Slatt.te.s nf . . m 1 " ' of Section ;"'J4. abb" P'lll lav l I. ti Coroner-A. Iv Monalinn. W I. be ( :" kin 11 Voillie tr li.i'b" n n 1 ur - 1 i I I'C'V' id The democrats met in the ( in h p.-! I'ni'.d Stale to. for t'i" and tl '.',, MI'll of $ ,f John R. Wilson was mail" !! is amendatory inme- .iiline I" niber Hist fioin von ibereon ,., , ; h of said claims. ,u are ben 1 v tili-l f i o;n o"i;il.'t -i! ) . v. a ' 'il '1 con- i ,, . f - a. U ""'i"li- "... .... t..Mi..j ' . U'llv i l: f I. Bv TOr.i: TEHIEN. lieputv. i r;,-t l'lih. At..r. r... 1 :"iu.) .hn K. IMs-Ai'tel' Mi" ,il coninii'l' lotlll. 'lit " I'' chairman and J. rary seci-eiar . Bent of the um committee mi a now main o:ii - s.) i Martin K'ILiNlIY and BLAOD b of ti n ttorne; iJ I'D SAI ; X diseases . e r. es p i ' ,V- Ma-, N'( )T1' lAI'.lT ii' mit the , :'(iN pent wit lei :dica- ( ', unit 1 o 1 cel. H 1 L ES aeJ RECTAL tl-.c'v c ' etl b, RECTAL I 1 , IN alone. Huprunc 1:1 lieaiiy 1 I,. " U- S.Ce. t-li'.l Upon L a ' M 1.'. 1 I -.rst I'ub. reported. Tn a n nd M ron .i. Hoi S. Cl'iiliaiii were mad' Mill.: lb' ' ! lllte 1 a ! 1 inaueiii 1 : n i the ' 1 . pol I .e 1 1 1 o. u hi. It W a I ra-Will lIuii I, of the la-t Samii' 1 'in were auopt.'d I I'dii v 1 1 a 1 1 1 and Dee, ;i s e,a i;ln, s Te-tatnr'tlt of used, l'la.btill lOnsi.lel'ed till .a p W ,,l l"-, , los-1 ence conuiiiii 1. 1,. I f, i 1 1 1 tdooiiless method LADIES will receive the moit deli- cate and satisfactory treatment '.. all MI.MKNTS. peculiar to their sex. i My pra.tiie is based on a strictly ! ;o":t;mate and professional basis. 1 .i: lanminpo of (' 111 I-. '- tli' U in .1 pr. m : 1 1 I 1 I.- n I.i ' : - ' ' ' - " ,k "a .a ib mil ill' i'"! I" -'in same old dose"- the pops eon. . ! i id a,"i' ab- of i be III"! 1 ll,.-, I. ,11 public ,f I he crnill ll" eolilliV. S 1 t ill. at Hi" I I m I . nd'.voo.l. Liw-,,n llie lull day of ll , pi ., p., ib" ' ai'lial. on lanu.i' democrats the treasurer, n hi rl II, l'.'ll. ulid ' "in hub d on Mar. i ... .. i' IV auditor, attorney, coroner and -u. This brought out a liea'.-.l v.', proposed lb" folb. imr aim numei: i, ill., i 'on-' ii m ion ef the stale, v. . i.a... io. solution I'roiKing and gree- li-- the for s,.pi,.,nl.r r. ai 1" o clo, k in ttie lor. - i norm of that day The niori u-ag. d premise--: are .-ituated in th" County of Lawrence. In the Stat. of South Dakota, and are de-i scribed as follows, to-wit: Beginning at I the southeast coiner of lot from which I ii,,, i,.' memlmeni to the Constitution cussion. many favormK semiinu committee back with a demand ,,f ihe Stale of Pouih Iakota ami m." r, r.-. r. r. 7" J ' " t TO state senator and one represent a- one v r- K ". Poa i ' in " I 1 in n ... - P. "... i. S P"" . r - IP 11... 1 IP ' 1, m . . s' p. 1.- St. Ibdlo-k C Tl'illo, V a ballwli pi"n V S IPoloek Vw Mu'k Y. p c Murk Yep '". Murk V. M T,mtt lar-' U'.nni'T s'eih Itullo. k John Bairealey W Pratt C o. M"C.oif . . . !e,ln T Math.'v.. tiTe, and if refused, declare the stuff off and nominate a full ticket. This 4'". rv 4".T. 4'S. 41'-. -r.i. -r.- 1 "10 , on,-, 1 ?"0 1 ""n 1 " i" 7 i" "" . V. ft" in. in . 1 oen 14 (IT, 1 oo" .ei! 1 ',. HI S Locating Monument No. bears s. ,' .leg. 11 min. East :!0V"i ft. distant and running thence north 44 d. g. 'Jb min. west lfi'i feet- thence south deg 0.'! min. nest !0 feet; then".- south M .leg. IS mill, east till :, feet: thence north deg. min eajst 1"1 a fer t to corner No 1 and idace of i,;,o,, ontaii, im? I' M" square feet. lentiment seemed "likely to prevail. iritt intr sm h Anieiiiiment v a People. , ,, He il Resolved bv th- lb use of R, presen-t.ltivCF. the SVr'Iiate Crvlienrring: SFC 1 QVESTTON SCHMITTRO. That at' the next general election in this state tbe following nropose.1 amendment to the CnnstiMitlon of the Plate of South Dakota which is herebv agreed to. shall be snbmii-... .i. i..,r.ri r.t ib.. state for their ap ?." "0 on but the chair poured out some oil ami to'iil'"..' Ma! il.e. .D.'f'en.l.ilil. Notice is hereby i;ien. that by virtue of an execution to me directed and delivered and now in my hands, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit court. Kishth Judici: .1 circuit, County of Lawrence, State '.f South Dakota, upon a judgment rendered in said court in favor of plaintiffs and against defendant, on the 23rd day of July, A. D. 1900, I have levied upon the following described real property of said .defendant, said properly having been heretofore attached by me on April tith. lflno, to wit: The Cheyenne and ():o lodes and the Badpior mill site and water rip;l:t. the Hoodlebug lode. Grand Deposit, lode, Baltic lode, I. X. in W' v r 1 Mining tiisfrb t, Laurence count. Sou' i ')kov, to-wit, and that I thall on Monday, the 27th :,,,v of A'i.;u-t. A. I). 1300, idvised the convention to submit "for the last time," as a split mipbt piomise nothim; but w hat I an ful-till I treat ea.h case on its own merits and make a legal contract as to the entire expense, including all mod- , icines until a cure has been perma- nently effected. By this method patients know to a cent what it will cost for a cure. My method of treatment stands unrivalled in so far thai my Cures are Thorough and Permanent... No experiments or Failures. Consultation free. J. K. Baker. A. S. Hayden Baker & Hay den ABSTRACTORS Syndicate tlock. Pemdwood. D- fi!4. ' ra . r,. defeat Senator Pettigrew and Bryan. that in his opinion the pop party i being more particularly described as lot one (1) in Lb- k Q or the City r.f Peadwoo.1 :S h I lMte.1 this 2fuh dav of .Tulv. . T 1""f' II UR1ET n H INES. Assign.'.' of Mortgage'. M TT PLCNKETT. s;i, eriff ,,f l.nwi'encr Co. S D. would never be heard of after this j ;v i. Julia I Ma'te v Nnd unless payniint b shall have year as a national party. The "dose" Vefor.. Sei.temb, r s-h. 1''"" i rmnlp on the same was swallowed under protest and the I i.iiri r proval which amendment when approved and ratified shall beeome a part of the Constitution as Article twenty-cieht (2 thereof RTICT.K XXVIII SEC 1. The sev-f.rl mimtl.'s of the state shall inve et the monevs of the Permnnent Selmol and Endowment Funds in bonds of school norpor-niirins tatc. eountv and niunbipal hnnd ,. iM f-,rt mofgrigvs upn-i rood improved .,nn land- within Mieir limits respo"tivr-tr -in 1-r such rcgulni ions as tbe letrila-,, r,. .oav nro.-ide but no farm bnn sbaM ,,v.,.,i ,t. 'hou-"i"d .'oPp-i to anv rem convention proceeded to nominate WebTl'lJ Hank. 1' With the above result. Nomination Attorneys. Ml be sol 1 ill the office of tb" em c, l.... t V'ncT-p'.'in Vat'' b.v,,d Somh DaVota. at -i . ,.. .,;,( a a" to j.av said ., -s'i."c t tecc! In r w i : h cost - of I'.l evi,"" r . ale Wll.f.l M i.r,n'E i. . r, i i' v and Tr. i :' - ::l. V '.! i i 1 for treasurer was made by acclama tion; for register. A. V. Merrick received 74 votes nnd John Carroll (or auditor. John E. Sullivan S- votes the li':r of Di o clock r,f said .'ay. at the front door of rvr i" il' ' 1 1 E runt ho'l : re r at a ni the stilt, and a ' 'If l.I- M i tbe V ..I T' in s::id i nmty and di all the rl.eht; title tl-." above named 'KTi: c. n ii"' b tb, ell v o : am , pro. c 1 to in', re of b. r a.,,,.- c.o. l Vj.rv me in and m tne aimve i-e 1'. Mar i;p DHI.IN'Qri-.N'l SAI.K NOTICK. The l'oeah'Citas Mining company; principal phi e of business. Central City. I.o.ataui of works. Carbonate ( -imp. Law n tn e county, S. D. Not ice. There is delinquent upon the follow in-: ib' -.lined stock, on amount (.f assessmr nt No. H levied on July 2. d pie:, th" -owial amounts sr-t oppo-- te the t. cues of the respective shrift hi hb't s : fallow : ,'It f,,'b,.V d .bev P'.a '1 releic 'a 'll satisfy costs, md I 1 P It, , t- ..oi a Watch ile... i ; h. al property said judgment, a i . i o , 1 1 1 i i : ' o n . . ei"fht hiiniireil and foil an 1 sixtv-seven cents. a T-i-i'i a thousand 9S14) dollars together with 1 Fmb.w up if b d "' ,f w b' 1, spa" 0, d "Na." ear b 1. -h , 1"- ' '- tlis Vo'. v to 'be b f r e W O-'ls "Vi's" a a co.ia re in w b , rn-'i I" in '!' irpic to ote "l b'd t v " No. Name. Shan I" , l 1 'in ' i tl in;- lb will place Ilr rl,. Inrs d ho pat b '1 !b" " cross p fnitid m'- .i '7 a t ' IL' " ' r.f b. th. IX '"1 Tnited State- n ,rn:s before th" wr.r.l ' "S ami lesirinir to voo- "Nn" will place a I . for" ' e word "No ' into., it Tierre. the capital. thM 1 2Z. T. L. S iniloi'son . . 23. T. I,. Sanderson . . 21. T. L. S.indei son . . 25. T. L. Sanderson . . t. r'ininrr , hi, n r.f T-eeord in ft" r.'ETister rif lee-dl rlaim. pteof fr is rpr-onled in day Hook I'v P.D-e 1".ff (Peine No I"). in said reiri 'pr of Mineral Txt of August, l'.oo AVILLTXM H ROPPI.E Secretary of State all ai'cruini; o-ts of sab- and Interest on the same from the 23rd day of July, 10D0, at the rate of 7 per cent per arfhum. at public auction to the highest bidder for cash. MATT PLUNKETT, Sheriff of Lawrence County. By James B. Harris, Deputy. MARTIN & MASON, Plaintiff's Attorneys. Dated Deadwood, S. D., July 24. 1900. and thp Oro mining claim In a (M) r.oo r,oo . .500 i.eoo 4,000 . 500 2,000 500 500 deeds' office 5G. Pol Ftar SC. Geo. A. Anderson. 73. Julius R.'nsamen . n-iiitan-n,j ni.nrt? minintr district, riarticu A nit. J1.00 1.00 1.00 1 .00 2 00 8.00 1.00 4.00 1.00 1.00 20.00 21.60 1.00 11.00 2.00 141. Will Ickes (Martin & Mason. Attorneys ) NOTICE TO CRE-PITORS. Etate of Joseph B. Kelly, deceased. . . , . dvpn bv tbp nmier- 143. Samuel Lawrence 144. Samuel Lawrence a. OI II " If "' 1 "J r.' - nigned administratrix of the estate of Joseph B. Kelly, deceased, to , the creditors 150. Julius Rebsamen. . .lO.OTJO larlv deicrihed in the records of said ofTlcp: all in Ijawrence coninty. South PaVota: bv whkh default, the power of sale has become operative, and no action or proceed-In-; at law has been instituted to recover th debt secured thereby or any part thereof. The amount claimed to be due on said morteaee at the date hereof. Is principal $1 700 00 interest at 10 per cent per annum from Mav 3rd. 1SR. "75.4", a total amount claimed due. 12.075. 4": Notice Is he-Uy riven that hy virtue of . , .. i A Mnv40aCTA will Ko fore- :B1. Julius Rebsamen. . .10,800 of. and all persons na.Tujs cm... the said deceasea to emiun. wmu -oi. "- neeeswary vmicherSj within four monins after tho nrst puDiioai.on o-i mm ''"-; to the said administratrix, at Spearflsh. S 157. Mrs. S. H Carlile herit 500 186. Julius Rebsamen... 5,500 191. Will IcJws 1.000 this space for Important Announcement S. R. Smith P. or to Martin & Mason, attorneys, m Dearlwood. S. D PHI.l inn. t-r rhu ni", s'" "... Vloeed and ald prcirles aold at public wictlon tv tne snenn or iir..,p ...o.-or his deputy, on the 8th day of September A4mlnlrratrix. Administratrix of Jos. B. rj IFIrst Pub. Aup. 23, 1900.) And unless payment shall have been nede on or before August 22, 1900, the same will be sold at the office of the treasurer, J. B. LeBeau, Central City, South Dakota, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of ad-ertlsing and expenses of sale. JULIUS REBSAMEN, Sec. J. B. LEBEAU, Treasurer 1900. at 10 o'cloc a. m.. ai uie irom. uw. of the court houe at Peadwood. South Dakota, to pay said dt. Interest and disbursements allowed by law. 1 OTTO P. Th. ORANTZ. Mortgagee, Dated. July 18. 1000. MATT PLtJNKETT. (Martin Mason. Attorneys.) NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OE ACCOUNT In the Co.untv Court of the County of Lawrence. State of South Dakota. In the matter of the estate of George S. Williams. Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that Edgar B. Claugh. the administrator of the estate of George S. Williams, deceased, has rendered and presented for settlement, and fried In said court his final account of his administration of said estate, and petition for distribution; and estate being ready for distribution, said estate being ready for dls-of September. A. P. 1900. being a day of a term of said court, to-wit: of the September term. A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m., at the court room of said court, at the CHy of Deadwood. In said Lawrence county, has been duly appointed by tho said eourt for settlement of final account and hesu-tng of said petition, at which time and place any person Interested la said estate may appear and file his eicepttona In -writing to tbe aid account and contest th same. FRANK 3. WA8HABAUOH. County Judge. Dated. August . 1900. (First Pub. Aug. 7. 1909.) (Moody. Kellar A Moody. Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS, of AllcM. Guild red. It1 executor of tie J. Guild, deeeejx-a. to ino rrVy persons having claims ' K - wiVvio Kam with til (First Pub. July 25. 1900.) Sheriff . ' NOTICE, There will be $12.4SO.O0 of state school money on band on the first day of July to loan on school bomda and hnprovd farm fends tn Lawrence county. Apnl"-""n for loana should be tiled in this oftW oon. Dead wood. & D.. May 15. ltKK) W. A. ZINK. County Auditor. mrr Wtors, within four months artr tWflrst TmbbcaUoo of this noUc. to .the mi executor, at the office of Moody, Keuar Notice By order of the Board of Directors of tho Pocobontaa Mining Company made on tbe 22nd day of Aufruat, 1900. the delinquent sale of stock on cco-int of a-Mscaneot No. 13, wt ertteoded from Aug. 22. 100, to An. . 10. - -- P18 a bWjbUTB BHB3AMBN. Secretary. ! A Mood. IX"" woo". , R ET. GOLD AT-U3BROOK xeootor of tbe EUte of AHce SI. ChilM

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