The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on October 25, 1991 · Page 13
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 13

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1991
Page 13
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Friday, October 25, 1991 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER CommentA-13 Senate hearings prove need for term limits the syllabus: "Placing the experiences of racialethnic women in the United States in the center of analysis is one way of making the complexity of the social construction of gender that affects all women and men visible." The professor (a highly respected researcher and teacher) stated in the first class that she would be presenting an understanding of diversity from the viewpoint of black feminist theory, but recognized that one could study diversity from other points of view. This sort of class work is how one introduces graduate students to the dialogue of the academic community. The students do not sit passively in this class. The professor is not indoctrinating them. Just the opposite is happening. She is introducing them to a variety of ideas and theories, and encouraging them to ask questions and seek answers. It's a dialogue UC can be proud to offer its students. JANET L. BOHREN Mail Location 2 University of Cincinnati. est and cooperation of the parents in the education of their children to improve the education they are getting. This is not going to happen with busing. When our kids were in school, we attended PTA meetings, parents' night, band concerts, and athletic events. We worked in the refreshment booths to buy lights for the football field; drove the kids around the school district on Band Days to collect donations, which were used to buy new uniforms and some special musical instruments; supplied the materials and did the work ourselves to build dugouts for the baseball diamond. Now does anyone really think these things would have been done for the kids if they had put them on buses and carted them off to another school? If you want good schools and good students, you need the parents, too. So forget busing and get to work with your kids in your own local schools. JAMES A. LAMB SR. 10654 Deefield Road Montgomery. Readers' views and out of touch with their constituency. I urge every citizen to vote against every state and national legislator that has served more than eight years. This will provide the short-term solution while we work on the constitutional solution. GEORGE R. MAYHEW 9062 Eldora Drive. der a cloud." I had a wonderful feeling that an answer was there. My fervent wish now is that Clarence Thomas will be a wise, God-directed justice because he, like the people of Israel seeking the promised land after bondage in Egypt, traveled through the wilderness, guided by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21-22). God be with him. MRS. CHARLES E. JOHNSON 3178 Portsmouth Ave. Merit of mediation Jerry Lawson's guest column "A Better Way to Handle Disputes" (Oct. 16) warns that we waste too much energy and resources on contentious legal process. Professional mediation seeks healing solutions rather than harmful friction. If all Domestic Relations Court proceedings were subject to mandatory mediation, fewer dissolving families would suffer the harm that occurs with the current system, which offers either victory or defeat and guarantees that there will be "losers," most of them children. CHARLES STOCKER 3241 Woodford Road. Senate porn TO THE EDITOR: I would like to express my complete disgust with the ThomasHill hearings. The Senate Judiciary Committee had absolutely no business publicly airing such a charge. It was handled correctly the first time in private and without any attempt to prove or disprove the charge. The charge is a judicial one, not a legislative one and not in the province of any legislative body. The "leaking" of the FBI report was an obvious political ploy by the opposition. It is illegal and immoral, since the promise was made to keep it private. A special prosecutor might be necessary to avoid a whitewash investigation by the Ethics Committee. I would look closely at the staffs of Sen. Howard Metzenbaum and Edward Kennedy for the leak. It was "the fox guarding the hen house" a group of men investigating a charge of sexual harassment as members of the legislative body that passed the law and promptly exempted themselves from it, proving they did not believe it themselves. Senator Kennedy, the Senate's most famous womanizer, sits on this panel? Talk about being two-faced! This spectacle was the best reason for term limitation I have seen. Combined with the recent revelations of excesses of bounced checks, privileged parking and exemptions from law, placing themselves above those laws, term limitation becomes imperative. Politicians in one office too long become imperious, self-centered UC diversity class Clarence Thomas I hereby nominate the U.S. Senate for a 1991 Emmy Award for staging the most pornographic television program (the nomination of an associate justice of the Supreme Court) in the history of the TV industry." A.J. SCHAUB JR. 1430 Dyer Ave. School busing I read recently that during this session the. U.S. Supreme Court will consider school busing again. Busing schoolchildren away from their local schools was an expensive mistake from1 the beginning, and the Cincinnati school district is now recognizing this fact. It realizes that they need the inter I agonized with America as I watched the proceedings before the confirmation of Clarence Thomas. I read the headlines regarding Thomas being "under fire." So he was! My sincere hope was, should he be confirmed, that this dreadful experience would give him the ability to forgive those who sought to destroy him, and give him an inner strength to be a far better associate justice than he would have been without this ordeal "by fire." He was confirmed. The evening headline screamed that Thomas goes to the Supreme Court "un Roland Teigen (Oct. 16) drew incorrect conclusions about a class on diversity at the University of Cincinnati. He claimed students are learning to be "politically correct." Having audited all the sessions of this class, I say just the opposite is occurring. After a conversation with the student Mr. Teigen refers to, I concluded she misunderstood what happened during that first class. It is her misperceptions that he commented on, not on what actually happened. The diversity course is a graduate course in a master's program. To quote Letters We welcome letters from our readers. Address them to: Readers' Views, Enquirer Editorial Page, 617 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45201. Limit your letters to 250 words or less, and include your name, address and telephone Another editorial view Brown is challenging politics T.lGermond J - ..... cans to help jobless people than to continue the nuclear buildup after its time has passed. Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette. and $5.2 billion for other nuclear war apparatus. That pretty well sums up Republican priorities It's more important for Ameri President Bush has vetoed $6.4 billion in assistance for out-of-work Americans yet he's demanding $3.2 billion for four more B-2 nuclear bombers next year & Witcover SSromuiell's A Cincinnati Tradition Since 1819 ' 117 West 4th Street-621-0620 Open: Mon. Tues. Wed. Fri. 9:30 to 6:00 Thur. 9:30 to 8:00 Sat. 9:30 to 5:00 .8 Ji SOLID BRASS CHANDELIERS Beautiful Gas Logs Live Dancing Flame with Glowing Embers. Come in & See the Clow Feel the Warmth Stocked in 16", 18", 24", 30". & 36" QUALITY FOLDING SCREENS Fine Mantels and Mantel Shelves HEARTH RUGS Stocked in sizes Small, Standard, Extra Large down his earlier reputation as a politician of flighty imagination and notions, earning in the process the politically unfortunate monicker "Governor Moonbeam." Perhaps alluding to that past, he said here: "I am only one person with faults and flaws. And in my 50 years (he is really 53) I have made many mistakes. But I commit to each of you that I will strive to my utmost to continually change within myself." Brown's new war against money in politics itself represents a change. He raised nearly $20 million for his gubernatorial, presidential and senatorial campaigns and was an avid fund-raiser as California party chairman for two years after that. That experience, he says now, opened his eyes to the destructive impact of money on the political process. . Asked by a reporter later whether Brown was compromised in bringing this message to voters, Caddell replied: "Who better than someone who has been in it and confesses his sins in it, and who speaks to the anger of the country?" Brown enters the race with the advantage of public recognition, but what voters know of him has not always been positive. In taking on the whole political process rather than Bush or his Democratic opponents, he is counting on public outrage at all politicians and on voters seeing him in a new light, not as part of the problem, but as part of the solution. It is a tall order. Snark Guards Utvftlto tusium lunue mms rut ohkih C1 , . . 18"w - 36"w We also stock many sizes of rectangular SStfrSft wide gls screens from 28"W to 56"W PHILADELPHIA: President Bush isn't George III and the American political process is not British tyranny. But former Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California seized the obvious analogy in declaring his presidential candidacy here Monday outside historic Independence Hall. Here where the colonies declared their independence 215 years ago, Brown didn't single out the incumbent Republican president by name. Rather, he declared political war on today's political process, arguing it has given rise to one "Incumbent Party" in Washington "of Republicans and Democrats alike." Most of the other Democratic candidates for 1992 are running as outsiders against Bush and Washington, but Brown is going them one better by specifically including his own party as part of the problem. Citing "an unholy alliance of private greed and corrupt politics," Brown charged that "our democracy has been the object of a hostile takeover engineered by a confederacy of corruption, career-ism' and campaign consultants. And money has been the lubricant greasing the deal." Accompanying Brown to Philadelphia, however, was Patrick Caddell, the prominent one-time consultant to many Democratic presidential candidates. Caddell said he has retired from politics and was here as a friend of the new candidate, with no formal role in his campaign. Another veteran consultant, Mike Ford, said he will be serving as a volunteer. In the square where the Declaration of Independence was read to Philadelphians in 1776, Brown reiterated his pledge to reject all. Beautiful Reproductions of Old Andirons, Bellows, Screens, Tools & Fenders. FRANK'S political-action committee money and to limit contributions to $100. "The insatiable appetite for campaign dollars has turned the government into a stop-and-shop for every greedy and narrow interest in this country," he said. The failure of Brown's two earlier campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination, in 1976 and 1980, and his loss in a 1982 Senate race have marked him as a distinct long shot for 1992. But he is seeking to tap into a discontent with politics and the establishment, that is boiling over right now. "Bouncing checks, skipping out on restaurant tabs, and self-serving pay increases are manifestations of the insensitivity and contempt of entrenched politicians in Washington," he told the small noontime crowd, referring to recent congressional excesses. Although Brown is a well-established liberal with a solid record in support of civil rights, his approach to this campaign is reminiscent of the attacks on the establishment of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace in his own presidential bids of 1964, 1968 and 1972. In fact, Brown has embraced some of Wallace's old slogans, including "Stand Up for America" and "Send Them a Message," though in an entirely non-racist context. Part of Brown's problem in this third presidential bid will be living Sale Ends Wednesday 10-30-91 Harry In I Last few days to save during our Craft Spectacular! Sale end Son. 10-27-01 UBsi mmmmm Jack Germond and Jules Wit-cover are Washington-based, nationally syndicated columnists. ttv 'J 50 OFF" 50 OFF 16" Grapevine Wreath Great value) Excellent for your fall decorating needs. Regularly 5.99 Sale 2.99 David Duke is GOP creation Lifelike Mini Tree & Mini Ornaments 12" Pine. Reg. 2.99...1.49 Choice of over 300 ornaments. Reg. 99 each...49 Carl T. Rowan 50 OFF Plush Teddy Bears Always a big favoritel 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes. Reg. 1.99 to 6.99 Plush Floppy Eared Rabbits Adorable bunnies in 5", 8" and 11" sizes. Reg. 2.49 to 5.99 Plush White Cats Soft and cuddly. 8", 10" and 12". Regular 3.99 to 6.99 All Lace Trim Includes newest (all patterns and fabrics. Reg. 90 to $5 yd. 2 rolls $1 50 OFF Spool Ribbon 6 to 10-yd. rolls. Choice of many colors and styles. Regularly 99 roll German Statice 2 oz. Supple and easy to work with. Many decorat ing uses. Reg. 3.29...1.64 gram of arresting more people, building new prisons and jails for them, keeping them incarcerated longer and executing more of them. Republican leaders may never have joined the Klan, or celebrated the birthday of Adolf Hitler, but when it comes to basic ideology and a willingness to gain votes through appeals to racism and economic fears, there's not a dime's worth of difference between them and Duke. That's why Republicans don't fear Duke as governor of Louisiana as much as they fear him as a third-party candidate for the presidency next year. They remember that, using the same demagogic appeals that Duke employs, Alabama's George Wallace won piles of votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Maryland and elsewhere in the 1968 primaries, and received . 13.5 of the national vote in the election. Duke could take a lot of votes from Bush and break the GOP's new grip on the South in presidential balloting. For the Republicans, some very ugly chickens could come home to roost. WASHINGTON: David Duke, the race-baiting, Jew-hating for- , mer leader of the Ku Klux Klan, has knocked off the Republican candidate and is in the finals for the post of governor of Louisiana. And that has the White House and the Republican National Committee in embarrassed frenzy. President Bush's favorite, Democrat-turned-Republican Gov. Buddy Roemer, came in third in Saturday's primary, so Louisian-ians get to choose between Duke and former Democratic Gov. Edwin Edwards, who spent most of his tenure fighting off corruption charges. The White House is at great pains to declare that Duke is "not the Republican candidate" and that President Bush is "absolutely opposed to the kind of racist statements that have come out of David Duke now and in the past." The ironic truth is that Duke-the-successful-politician is very much the creation of the Republican National Committee, and of Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. They wrote the successful play-book on the politics of racial hatred, of regional and class paranoia, of the use of buzz words to inflame the emotions of voters. Duke is using it with skill. Duke campaigns ruthlessly against "affirmative action" and "quotas," telling whites that they 1 1 F mm Ar I 1 fit Ppar.OCK I 1 are losing jobs, scholarships and other things to blacks who get "unfair preferences." George Bush is just as relentless in his baseless cries of "quotas" to justi-, fy his veto of a civil-rights bill that really includes no "unfair preferences." Duke runs hard against welfare recipients, telling economically hard-pressed voters that they are paying to give food and shelter to lazy bums. Nixon made it a staple to rant against "welfare bums"; Reagan told many stories about "welfare queens" and their "frauds," and Bush plays to class resentments in many ways, including naming to the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, a black man who assailed welfare recipients. The politics of fear must include flaming rhetoric about "violent crime," with a promise to do something about it. Duke offers plain-talk extensions of the 1988 Bush campaign featuring a black murderer, Willie Horton. Duke's "cures" parallel the Bush pro MlnlTrlggcr I Que Gun 1 I i Illy wiiu - a Chairs 1 I Provides even " - . 1.71 e oq with coupon I w"-"-r- P.lU.?''. 12-Mid 16"- 1 " KCH. ., Reu.a.w . t k i me "I CINCINNATI AREA: CHEVIOT-4009 Harrison. W ol Glenmore. (513) 661-0503 HAMILT0N-34 mile S. of 1-275 (513) 742-0636 Craft & FloralOullel ff next door SPRINGDALE-90 W Kemper al Princeton Pike. (513) 671-1400 KENWOOD RD.-Acr. from Kenwood Towne Center (513) 984-2121 C HIGHLAND AV.-at Ririae. acr. from G.C Mall (513) 631 0801 EASTGATE SQUARE-S.R. 32 next to Biqq's (513) 752-3433 BEECHMONT IV"J AVE -1 mi W ol I-275 (513) 474-4162 MIDDLETOWN-3526 Towne Blvd. acr. Irom Towne Mall (513) 424-0174 COVINGTON-Winslon Ave. at 43rd Latonia Ctr. (606) 291-0444 FLORENCE-8032 Burlington Pike. W. of 1-75 (606) 525-0839 DAYTON AREA: DAYTON-4910 Denlinger Rd. btwn Shiloh Springs & Salem Ave 278-4842 MIAMISBURG-Southland 75 Center. Rts 741 acr. from Dayton Mall. (513) 434-2162 SPRINGFIELD-1258 Upper Valley Pike, south ol Rte 41 . (513) 325-3689 MIDDLETOWN-3526 Towne Blvd., acr. Irom Towne Mall. (513) 424-0174 RUBER HEIGHTS-7325 Old Troy Pike, just south of Taylorsville Rd. (513) 235-0015 1 Seniors! Frank's honors Golden Buckeye Cards with 10 DISCOUNT off your total merchandise purchase. Carl Rowan is a Washington-based, nationally syndicated Store Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 to 9, Saturday 9 to 8, Sunday 9 to 6. Now Hiring. See Store Manager H

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