The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 23, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. r.iii 'i ,..: i.i;.r s. i. i i:i..cK ii i i.i.s i,; ; Tiii si . v i ; : 'M' : l-"jv ' .:.v; i T. ! -i ''.: k 60.. CENTS PER DOZEN ..60 1 1 HEARST MERCANTILE Watch thisS;i.i for Imporiar ANNOUNCEMENT Of thy ar:; - .v THINK !' IT N . COMPANY.. I Cabinet Photographs 60 Per Dozen i; liiH-s. ni 'v ll'i N Mill St 1 li'- will ii t lat 1 . n No-, li" To tne Po'ic IBLACK HILL3 PORTRAIT COMPANY:; I I I . I' - t. li K '- ;tr. i T'i f ; inn Kv :t.-u M. !- Ki- K.t-;.. i;i;.-i r.-i N'os.' ami Complete Lines Carried. I 2 DOZEN STAMP PHOTOS 25 CENTS. ?uvvv.v.vv.vv?iiv.v. Mini.- ,, Philadelphia Dr. Morton v ill tak" mv jc-actice at once. Any- CITY NEWS. - - - - - - . in,., ha viiu glasses fitted ,y me will Miss KiIh-1 Iteahl went down to t at l;!.-rty t.. come and have any Stin gis for a tew days' visit w ith 1 hams--- m , -;,.. w ithout charge if i ll letlds. in ( es.-arv I : . Clark Ac l.y m ; have received a lars" Th.inkiiu all m;- fi i'-nds for th-'.r invoice of i aiapainn hats of hoth p- p. 'ntvu I ai l respectfully llitii al parties If oii wish lo show K S HVC HKK a:: 1 Vi- i. ;. Dennis was a Deadwood caller m head Horn lo the wit'.- of John l.aden i vim colors, (all and set one. ,;t Bis Wantea. Tin i: n i : si iici w : ! ' r.-, .-. v . j Clark & Lyons, the gents' furnish I ei of Lead, have received a large sup 1. 1 ad, a hahy eii I A hahy hoy v. a.-, hoi n to Mr. and Mrs. .Salllll-'l Hellth' at ait -l t!'.- : 5';. .!.- . ..: -Vuiis;, 1 ply of campaign hats, of both politi- ' ', i.. tor Tn I1S' I'll 'tl.'Il . ... , i,' , .,. ..i " ' I')' k lock 1 1'1 1 - " 11 u .1 v 1 s ii i yj Minn u I I I The sesou of Outiugs Ce!ehr tion.s and Hi i huuiiinity n;ust neetls hee coolly ami properly i-q'i.;i. i different occasions i For your needs in e(.i Vah Suits, Skirts . n i the Hig ltrick. For the Lightest. ''()ii of Millinery, go to the ;.-l'or vour wants on I nihrella--. 1'arasols and Fan-. For Cool l'"ahi i. s in Wash Diess Coods. see the n.; j: l"or the Coolest of Fmlerwcai and Furnishing- v: Hi i. k vaiious departments. For voar Trunk, Valise v Tclestupe when n , away liom home, go to tin- Hig liri. k. For vour liming I.uik Ii. go to the Dig Hi h k li i . , lu l a. I you will ti n i! the largi st assort ment of Hot W . and pi h es always light, at fl!l ' lltlipleti'll! or a t WO st -v .-'Oil huii-e fn: Hi Company o. " of I.. ad t'nv i'i.i'is am! sn- ili.atioiisi (.in In- sect; a' Hem Hro-' room at j No. 1 Hretteil h'ul.iini. Tim I Uht I- r. iv. i to : -'jeet any or ail lids! , i olor.s call and get oic. S 2 tf An infant lauthlei of John Milium and wile died Tuesday niiiht in Lead ' 'I In' I -ial v ill he held this after- I i . ( n . I'alher I.', dniond ofl'n ialin. J I.. Mai . ou Iniiel al direi tor. I Alex. Ho.-e makes a specialty nf i lawn trees and shiuhhery of anv kind To Mr. and Mrs. lleiman Aronte of Terraille was horn a hahy hoy. (ieorne Collin-, arrived in Lead ves tiidav from i visit down in Neluaska. Clark Anderson manager of ( 'liase s store at Slnrii's. was in l.ead yi slei-dav . M. ('. Caninli.-ll expects In leave this afternoon for Canada on a visit to his mot her. There arrived at the home of ( liris Johnson a Iril-y girl, and it came to n ake its home. Mrs. (Jeoru.' lieemer and Mrs. John Heemer and two children arrived in l.ead last ( v eninu. I'f.'N' HIKiS Ar. liiteel-. S D A Pink Party. Last I'M iiiiu llsi- pli-asant lionic of V. K Sriifa.l ; ml fiimily i -.-jiiiiiU1 Willi Ihf iiHM'iiiii-ni hi two .-iin'i' nt' thi" yoiini; ol l.-u-i A pink 1-arly nivcii ! li Sim-a-l was til-' oi ' asion ol In- Kalli'-niiK anil IIh'I--was miiiic In -i v yuiiiin ii'Dili- ill tin1 city pifsiTil ami i'ii.ji 1 1 of tin' n.ost (IcliHhit'iil I'vi'iiinus possi 1)1.-Diiin inn was tin- (riii i-al asti.iii-' and the cvininu ln-iiiK cool and rcf rt'vli i n 1 1 1 : 1 1 plcasinc v. as ii-'MT allow ed lo Ko licf,'niiin .nd there was always ready feet to nip the liulit faniastir to the strains of music furnish--I h v'-l'iof. Windolph At midnight a nni.-l IcIliptillH Sple.ld I esl.'tlllelt with all that the niaiM-ts afford was served for the merr j aiheriiiK anil it is needless to say w s greatly enjoyed. The tvent was known as a pink party, and c cry where the color of pink was predominant 'I he ladies all wore dresses made of pink material and the Kenlleinen wore pink ties to correspond. Tic looms tlinioul the yesterday for Miihii;:in. whore they and made a most plea: i n r effe. ! Those who ; i- w In- d of dan ins; enjoyed 1 1 . - i - '.' in so. ial ihal :pon tin' well iiilite.l La ! on i-l.'.wn. II w a .. a very en ptvahlc wiling spent In ::'. and it w a- aim: ' mi the small ho'n el t ! mot tsin ' !.'. the (ialln'1 in ,' -lisp- i -.-.1 lor I In 1 f-;ectivi lionn-i. Tho pi e:., nt v. Misses I. mile ulams of 1 lead wood KsterlirooKs. T or. (Iil-I--- 1'ien I .a Mare. Moore. 1 i ,-. kholT, Murray, Kur and and si.". Cut tlowers on hand Old. us sohci'el from all parts of tin Hills, Main sii'.el. l.ead. tr M i s Itlain ii ,, rimrson recent ly fioiu A 1 1 i.i li ( . . Neli has hei n i iiciil;.'.! a.- ination of lie llonu slake hospital ED 1 Privileges for L?bor Day Picnic. The 1 .almr day celeliral ion v ill lie I'eld at the rnion grounds at Mount aiii Lion on S.ptetnher :!rd. all of the si unions of Mn- Hills pari h ip;i' iiig. Hi. Is for th- follow in-; pi Iv ih ges are !'. -.', 1 ill pn I leg" i 'in I.-," . -. , : ociid ; '.: - i..'!,i.:i a: ! I: i j ' err n. 1876 I Qualities t-s ' ,1,,' Iready eii,-red npoii . Hues h i u 1 1 1 r . en; A,.ijjiiiiii;il www jwmrjnwnu yyrrtft wntiaM 1 J lam. i i I I . ; M :is Mi, !i,.::ui v '.IV III.' '-'.ill , ! a In , - : i ' , r I, i : ! i ,, : w James Ciise k. state mine inspector. : j,,.,. , j , , , j , . s; venl down to Mystic yesterday after- nieiided l.ooii on olli. al hiisiness. Ccni",, W James Tavlo,' ll,.- t a i lor; n " liar ( r()W ,( .;, . hunt of Lea I. -. . . m ti lie, ! to li, !,..iii, ; , u ,,. , : ,nf. mi.' w it !i i r.v sip.-ia , , , j ,. L. J. Ilael, ,' re, , !l!l c I C..;, U'U , , ,,,, , w ill I'" local-.. with W'.Mf fin!; ,a tin- ,, , , 0, , ;, a , " , . .I u i ' , li ma i , r ', I, I i , ,. i i as,,' Nlf":J'"c: I ., p..;-, I.. i , 1 l! e d:;u I I 'n- - ' si; ,, II' a:,, n : i.-lni , , ..1, In. , I, . , '.' . i .1 .. i Ml .:i Ma . . Id." . I.. Lr-AD, So. DaH i i . , Fa tn t I , ,nl j. c. n i n ;i of ti,- r,:.i, k liiii- M a ii ii f. n I uri ll -g ( onipalM of Deadwood Ifllg. naills. i in., iM ..,, ,,..., .a.,, ,,1,,,. -il't,.,' D SS I I 'I- !: 'I 1 I a;- " ,.l I ' g; o 'iv .. I ' lie Hi . 'i la M: . I. Si ; ' lo have Lead w n hoi a sku t i , me i. c Chicago to p.- mi m lit I y remain. II-has been i -in I.1 iv eil in the liriek Store for alioui I vv 'I'. e years. Paul Ce'iiig. - intends to leave Lead today for (lernianv. where In- go. s on a visit vviili (.datives. He has not I 1 1 s i II ( 'S s, lleorge I iiiii.iii and wife will leave I, i ad today for Chicago and points in Michigan on a visit with friends and T!u- entire tov-l of C. S. I'jiLrylt's- .Icwclry. Si 1 wru a i v W alelu s, v.': , . .!. arc to lu old at aiut imi to the lii lict li'uldcr wit In -tit r. -si-t-v v or l i ' . K lalives for a month. Dr. Shoewaler, the Lead vetci inary 1 bein al his old homo for over forty surgeon, has been in Deadwood for; ....Sale Opens Wednesday August 15th.... years, and expect.-, to remain on lliis visit for about six months. V. A II mil to-. F!!;!-e-T- .- x veral days treating horses belonging to licni ge Iteinier. Patrick O'.N'eil received a scalp . ' in . a:i 1 u i! i I' from dav to da a- l."ig;' a this, notivi- rciii.'o. -1 THE RECEIVER. Mary Walsh, Coodnian. Steele. Hart. Dickinson, U 'dly and Delanev. of l.ead. mill Miss 'S Kleiinor and Martha Ollleas anil M.iv Hoonoy, who are visiting- In Lead fmni Sioux City. . Mos ffs. Murpiiy. Td ers. C. H. and W. H. Hennings. Thirty Goodman. .Turicli. Searle. Campbell. Warsnn, Monro, liiinilln, laissi'T. Nornnindin. (I'drady. Malonoy. Hallniitytio and Ttutler. o Married at Rapid. D. II. Morris and Miss Liziie Hud dleson wore ucited in wedlock last fvouing at Rapid City. The groom vas fo.' about tiuee years tne American Kxpross niessenirer on I he Fori Pierre road and lias many friends in l.rad. Ho Is now running in tne same capacit between Chadron and Ccsper. Wyo. 'I he bride has resided at Piedmont vith her parents for many years. Here the happy couple met and learne 1 to love one another. i on are c.ann --1 1 ia a i tict n l D- In- nrc-nil , v -j ia at harijaiiis, , -r a m. LADIES ' Scat- lia vc 1-t cii arrar.oa-il lor a 1 1 . wound while ,t work in the Home :l-''"' ;" ' '"'i ""e. ' in !."--. ves stake Vest. '1-1 iv. Tim wound was i -1 a v . look i :i ' .V" ' I mc n " s i -r dressed at the hospital. , : t he e. n i siou i ts ho nr.- " " ,, ,, .... take advanta of Hi" c-it rate o'' ice 1 homas I,. ilarvev is spending his . , , , , fa re for the i mini trip to Chicago time nowaday at Deadwood as one ol the attonie.. i for the defense in Henry S. hn.te's assay oiliif- and la- Ihe Summers' perjury case. ; lvratory is loc;a"d in Ihe basenierit of II. A. Kail end family and lv Iv Faust's ngv 'ilni k. Lead, and he i--- pro- K(.vs ami will leave Lead lor pf.rod tftl'i' all order? in his line, tf Kansas, with 'he intention of in. iking n you have mibo-Has in m-ed of re their future h une in that state. airs, lake :n r.i m No. 1-1'.. Iai-t Mrs. Full , and granddaughter.: Mnin slreet. I' you have cash irgis- Helen, daughter of L. P. Jenkins, re- t,.rs typvvriters in need of repairs SALE AT THE STOR MILL STREcT. Next to First National Bank. T t- -r -- - I AVA LTICR'McKA Y. t; ke them also to No. 1 2 1 ' j Fast Main street. Lead. General repairing shop. tf t A. KLEIN turned homo Horn Sturgis yesterday, where they have been visiting for the past week. Mrs. ('hail..- Bliss, who has been siting with her sister Mrs. Frank Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office Mav Bl.vk. Lead. S. D Mrs. W. .1. Lilly and her voting son, i ' . . . , , ... ,. ... , i. Formerly of the Fumilv Liquor who have been sick with diphtheria. ! . 'i Lunch Counter. At the Derby lunch counter. In charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are served at reasonable prices, dav and night. Tlerney & Berry's place. Main street. Lead, tf f HniiKf nf Terrv has roninvpd d Delehant of l.ead. the past two are reported by the physicians as he-months, departed for her home at jnK praetlrallv past the danger point. Kansas City voterday. TnP young son was very low at one ! time and Mrs. Lilly also has been YEARS IN THE 24 ABLACK HILLS c,uite sick. Lead and is now open, for business ; with the best stock of wines, II-'jl ( quors and cigars, which he is sel-j y ling at the very lowest prices. , J LOCATIONS" 1 Mr. Klein is located in the basc- ment of the new Faust block on. 4 -VV' A I : CHASES Mrs-. It. I.. Carpenter, who has been the guest of Mm. A. McKinney in T.ead the past two weeks, left yesterday afternoon for Billings. Mont., where she will be joned by her husband and they will visit in Montana for a month FAMILLIARLY KNOWN A3 THE -Old King Brewer.. been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and is still at the same old stand Who? Why, Henry Rosenkrantz of course. DR. E. SBUCBEE i The Corner of : MAIN and 1VHERE THEY SELL CHEAP Eve Sri:ci.-i j before returning to their home in Cas S D- Office In Bailar Block. U v-' k BLEEDER STREETS. J L And cordially invites all his He has been in CENTRAL .So. Dak Steve Zekka Saturday August 25 MUROER . . . ...-. - . are per. Wyo. Mrs. Huddleston and daughter. Miss Eva. departed yesterday for their home at Cincinnati. They hare been visiting with John Tegarty and family and Mr. and Mrs. Hathaway of this city for the past month, Mrs. Huddleston being an punt to Mrs. Tewrty So will the fact that von can A friends, and especially those ct 7 the Bald Mountain section to calljj J on hiia when In the city. iYou are Always Welcomed WILL OUT We take pleasure in announc Ing a special sale on A. KLEIN. Hay and Grain Just as cheap of JOE SAVAGE the old reli-rble Central dealer as anywhere iu the Black Hills. v ants to see 'u in search - ' WINES. LIQUORS. ORCICARS And if you 1 now hi- 1 ' i jfl goods, you would wan! I've Got It! Vou ,nt,t Let's Get Together. ' i " j V Yours for bui!K ' and Mrs. Hathaway. Dr. Rush K. Morton, late of Philadelphia, who l as permanently located Ik Iead Is a brother of Dr. IT. Mc-Morton. the Minneapolis specialist. Pr. Morton is the first exclusive eye. car, nose and throat specialist to lo V We rs receiving our fall and winter line in these goods and take THIS this iray bringing to your attention one of the largest and best selected X Try him. Mam 9:rd. osNtRvL oirr Space is Reserved FOR STOCK OF NEW CLONHING IN LEAD ANTHONY TRAUT PRICES FOR SATURDAY, absolutely loss than cost. Alius Beer Hall cate in our citv and we wish him success. Mrs. Robert Holeate. accompanied by the childran of Mrs. Hummer, left yesterday for Boise City. Idaho, where Mrs. Hammer Is residing. Mrs. Holg&te will visit "there with her daughter for a time and then go on to parts In Utah and visit for three of fonr months. The children will remain with their mother. ' fCi"int?inii1 on Pn- 7.1 Boiler aid EogiieKepalrii Special attention Given to Regrind-ins and setting Valves. Can eo to any part of the country to do work F. UNDERWOOD. ; EngleirootC S. D. PLUMBEB CHASE PRACTICE MAIN STREET l C.vm Pittcr LEAD, SO. DAK. No, 5 East Plain Street,

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