The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 22, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1900
Page 8
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THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. Try a Two Oiphan cigar. tf Whiefe. Way ! Min ne kah-ta water for the stomach. I Try it. I The king of ." tent igars is the Two Orphans. Ti y i lie. tf F. D. Smith handles nothing but ui best grade smithing coal. 1'Miy Ahkenj who has N.-ia ailnm for a ft-A '1 o - ; .il.imsl tl ji.imi. Call tcl i hunt 7 for uniformed n:es-geneer. Prompt service. Ii. n. t. Co. if you '.v. in; a mirn. i'ra.aiit ARE VOTJ HEANIC? YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR YOUR iMONEY, 1 1 v a T.o Oipliali I ( lit -. ..DON'T YOU? P Strong Pull.... ...To Clear Out Stock,.. .FIope FapiolljJ THIS SALK IS AS IXTIlK'KSTINi , IN VALl'i: AND I'KMCE WIS!: AS IT WAS WEEKS A ). 1 TILE OF LI PRICES YOU CAN GET T, WE GIVE IT five in Mu;i:i) pins ok jck I'uu sale ', the TON ONLY. Zo,; KI.IJIl UROS. .Mis. N. 1. Alionl lias just received a iiipot.. Kin- of -tamped ;(ods I'l dill .V v Vol tf. I' 1 1 Sin i i i '.oi .-a . oi i!.o:p v ' ii ! w rti f---f. .Ml in a A ; - a ! ,i te . I li.o:; a .'. , ; i i 'I'll" I'Hiimt ' oil :,,,'.. 1 1,. iu : in. I ' l ' ' I' VIM i ' I I,. ;; -.V.. !: ! ho 'i .Hi O: ,M.a .i 'I'' a ,'v ! .1. ''lo ll t !..-;,. 1 l: u ar ..Hen and Boys Gothing.. Hati caps and Gouts Furnishing Goods ssx Political Speakers are Wrangling over JB2a "The Basis of Values' i a 1 1 1 ii,! I' i - i : . ar mir -r,t:i we VM . iU "1 SltlllllHT ! ! , . 1 1 1 thi-- week , i - ;ui' 1 w hat t hev !!!- i hi la v'r ary i ' ' in r f .'ii. 'I so j . 1 ml a- Tal ly Risers. Kirk i ; ,'iiis J W'.f ... 1 'hi! I ips. I'll!''!' i ;u'( psi i:v I'l. A NO, h..iu Mi,sli ;mi: ) Ii- only at H.twKy'3 iilllltek Hotel. so. b:'h. Every Dollars forth Must Be Sold Shirt Waists, Silk Waisls, Suits, Dress Goods, C m will )mw t "i a minutr i-: p. !,e. fo.ia ll,a v Walking Suits, ;, Hosiery and Underwear. We Have the Goods . 'I'lriin.' lust of !',o Ts.7 A'i'l I Regardless 'f what thee Cost SALE TO BECIN Monday iVlorning A plhal'- liona lonliiiiiiHiit l!.--t jiii'iliial attendant.-'. Ileailwoml. 'I'll, li.o i i- I : 0 ii. . ! in.-. i- Ii:..- i. 1 v.iiiiilr l.i i: ' ..; ' ! T!ir r'-rlit. LlitV at ill.- ritr'u l'i':vc. Competitor?, sale a-, "The C; ;tt:e -f l'11. Cnne and -ce. Dn't will -it.-ak t i !:: l"i''"! tln-"r. n m I ii -Ii Mil; ZOELLNER BROTHERS CO. The Pionecs CLOTHIERS. H.J.Wr&Bn 647 MAIN STREET, DEAD WOOD, . D. CHICAGO ANIi HKTI'liN. ONE FAKE ROCND TRI1' VIA NORTHWESTERN UN E TICKETS ON SALE AI'GI'ST I'l. -I. and ,;. tf ' '(Illll'.tll V. Try a pound oi the Stan'lar.l Ca-h ( !i (h oi L'.'i,- i :;iid .lav. i . oiiee. It ha., a doiii io i., !!aor that els all other lii aiol - that sell for min ii n.oie money. U posiii.. iy i.inoe wait-, niol'-s. .".ml supei Ilii im hail' hy eiertrolysis. Mrs. Meliek Alford. the hairdressers, over l)eeten's vun .-tore. tf It is -t doctor's Business to study hvalth. Doc'.' rs eot ' 'onl ly n coin mend HARPER Whiskey. m.i b Cafr At Kerry, Deadwood. S. D We pray thee, heed him not who askest thee to take something, said to be the same as the Koeky Mountain Tea made by the Madison Medicine Co. 3." cents. Ask your druggist. ALL THE VICKY LATEST SOMBREROS FOR LADIES FROM $1.00 (.round spies of superior quality at :'.-. per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Deadwood and Sherman streets ANHAUSER-BUSCH, bl LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS Never Before In India, the land of f;,.,jn)., thv:s. amis die because they .-.n.riot obtain food. In America, the hind of nlmty, many suffer and die tie y cannot digest the food they ,.,,(. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digst.s what y,,u eat. It instantly releaves and radii ally mre all stomach troubles. Kirk G. i a ni. kle In Black Hills History is the tf A 10 cent smoke for Two Orphan c par. THE aTY. Smoke the Two Orphan cigar. tf Homemade genuine apple cider vinegar at the Standard Cash Grocery. Go to Vienna Bakery ana Cafe for ice cream. Served ever day. 675 Main street. tf Fresh cask of German dill pickles just opened at the Standard Ctwh Grocery. rtfADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY HENCE CALL FOR IT. Hi Hi nulillDie boeu to accuratel yr produced, or never before linn itiert ln sucbaGrand telection of the mibllrmn of the H Ills. at are now rl.ijniiat il.u popular Htudlo of H. R. LOCKE & CO., Main mreet. Main Street, DJtADWOQDl LSAD. rnr i t ct t TTrTi"rrri c i t r Whin you want to go to Central take Tuller's hack. Stand in front of N'o. Ii Lee street. Fare 25c. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modem Den-Jstry of ah kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years o experience. Rosenthal Blcck. The sweetest smoke on the market for .r cents is the Two Orphan cigar, tf The Lead-Otfcir. follow TO $4 00 AT CKERMANN'S THIS ill Photography, Cabinet Work or Phatlnolype Oil are very stout, hard on Y your corsets, always breaking; WEEK. COMIC IN AND SEE THEM. We offer voir your choice of all our elegant summe. patterns at $3 for this week only. Don't overlook this, for 1' is one of those bargains that you don't get every da ACGEPM ANN'S. Saturday. A..fust 25th. is the date of next special sale day at Chase's. I adies' corsets and mercerized sateen skirts, black ; nd colors, will be offered at reduced prices. See ad on page 4. Electric facial massage to tone up the flabby skin and remove. wrinkles Freckle Cream guaranteed to remove freckles, at Mrs. Mellck them down. "You must have a very heavy corset," said the saleswoman. Did you get them? Are you paying a penalty for being "stout"? Is it rpallv nerprarv? Ortainlv not with George Ilowell, an employe at the school of mines at Rapid, is in town for a 'few days visit with friends. W. L. Nell, D. D. 8.. resident dentist, has moved bis office to Room '.8, Syndicate block. , FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLER BROS. If your dealer does not keep the Two Orphan, tell him to get them of B. Stewart & Co. tf FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLER BROS. - De Wit's Little Early Risers are famous little pills for liver and bowel troubles. Never fcTrlppe. Kirk G. Phillips. All tho fruit3 and vegetables of the season at the lowest prices. Standard Cash Grocery. Min-ne-kah-ta water for kidney troubles. Try it. Mothers endorse It, children like it, old folkes use It. We refer to One Min ford's, over Deetken's drug store, tf The wolf in the fable put In sheep's clothing because if he travled on his reputation he ouldn't accomplish his purpose. Counterfeiters of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell their worthless salves on their merits, so they put them in boxes and wrappers like DeWitt's. Look out for them Take only DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve It cures piles and ail Ekin diseases Kirk G. rhillips. "Hunger is the best sauce." Yet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and sicic. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes the whole body strong. Sick aeadache is cured by Hood's Pill. 2ac. Millions will be spent in politics this year. We can't keep the campaign going without miney any more than we can keep the body vigorous without food, fiyspepsics used to starve themselves . Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you Coffee Talk. Our MOCHA and JA cause the contuineri to mack tbelr 111 and ask of tlx haopy housewife, "Where did you buy that coffee?" This Brand Put songs la tbe house wife's ioua, cause We' boat to soH smooth upon harmonious sas, and the husband to bs Jolly acd bapir Recause It is the bst and meat delicious coffee ever sold, equals any 5)o coffee evr on the market. Just try 30c wortb- one pound. J. GOLDBERG. aaoa sua -SSasa7 CORSETS. You are heavy and need a stout cornet. Sales THE NEXT SUMMER'S RAGE TOR MEN WILL BE THE SHIRT WAIST. TO HE PREPARED. WE WILL CLOSE OUT ALL THIS SUMMER'S SHIRTS AT ACTUAL COST AND LESS. SO TKE ADVANTAGE OF 1 HIS OPPORTUNITY, at RLOOM'S. O. beauty; what a iuerful weapon tortured p- we woman got it mixed. Not necessary to when you have the right corset. Ye guarantee it. The braves' men fail at lliv v.eiid." uorieti iak"" iiOcKy Tea cents A IW While tip y are the hot on the market. et " them t the front as ;i leader fur a few KKDI C !-:i PRICES. thou ar'. U't. o Mountain 1 1 r u n c i s . ute Cmifih Cure. It will quickly cure all throat and lung troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. j SSEY piano for my family. Haw- Eley Is the only regular dealer ut No. :!9. bv Builock Hotel. , A LEADER Cc ' iviu. race . inliiig sin I , n a ii to i a .-1 : ! e' : to eat all the good food you want. It i radically cures stomach trubles. Kiik 1 G. Phillips. N N'N N V ine Main io.i'l Tea '. IT" lecellt I.V -!l-!)Osed i ; in South ( Imaha be-in la., morning. The i i 'i inark"- '' ,.ou-aial he.i . ' at good tigio lol e I'l' o'elo: K Comer Main and Gold Sts 1900 Yb European Hotel.,.. - Rates $i Per Day I my- CARR & BERRY Props. Two Premiums Offered. Th Library association has decided to offer two premiums, one for the greatest variety, strongest coloring, largest blossoms and the most artistically arranged sweet peas. The other for 'he greatest variety and largest sized pansies. Exhibition to tske place so soon as a sufficient number of competitors are secured. Send in your names to the librarian at once and receive your number. Full particulars will be given later. Anyone having sweet peas or pansies are cordially Invited to enter the contest lw The mo-.: finished ar' Cameras v. i', : i ; The Superior 1 of Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere r li.-niaml seems- to I... all right. very latest in felts "kor hum; misses, sold evHiy-wh ere for 2.)o. are going at ackermann's this week at $i SO. The lunch ( nter fiend will be interested in ,:ncwing that the salmon cr.tch this y?ar is thirty-five million tans short of Ihe usual catch, and trices will rule higher for another season, as tae Japanese government is buying in thousand case lots to feed the Japanese rimy. The latest designs In Chinese pit lows, Indian heads, etc.; also sons very artistic lunch cloths, center pieces and scarfs. Room 8 over Deet Our Sample Room In connection Is large, finely lighted 11 ua lunusnea, wnera a gooa stock or j Quiet Orderly the choloest wines, llqnon and cigar He Bust Gerts PIANOS are constantly carried In stock musicf of the choicest Taxiety causes the alrll to ring with rood cheer attentlreJ ken's drug store. tf valters and courteous treatment causes! Place a climax that only few places In the west may boast of. Superior for.., Tone, Touci. . . Durability For sale. by III' A $31.55 $31.55 $31.55 Chicago and leturn rla Northwestern line, Fremont ElkhoA and Missouri Valley R. R. Tickets on sale August 23, 24, 25 and 26, on account ot the annual encampme nt of the Grand Army of the Republic. Final return limit September 1st, subject to extension to September SOth. Bear In mind the most popular train for Chicago leaes Deadwood 'dally at I) a Any further Information promptly and cheerfully famished by callinr or writing to -. V. A. HAMPTON. City Ticket Agent. Deadwood. D. One of the heaviest hail storms that ever visited the northern part of the state is said to have devastated portion ut the country between Burdeti and Miller on last Monday. Hail averaging in sie from that of a wainot to a hen's egg Is said to bar. covered the ground to ths depth of a foot or mora- Some of th larger stone, drove through the roofs of houses la aom. places, the atones being as large as a teacup and in some Instances killing; stock, lightening killed a Dumber of head' also. Kedfidd Observer. 1 Location In ttie Heart of the City. Steam Heat - Bath and Toilet' ia Eacn Rcca. 5 Fishel's Bazaar, Car7& Berry 663 SyndlcaU Bloc Main St

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