The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 22, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1900
Page 7
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THE DAILY riONEER-TIMEX, DEADWOOD 6. D. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 22, 1900. ADDITIONAL BELT. TERRY JOTTINGS. Treats Ml Diseases1 LEGAL NOTICES. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Trior Hill Company; prin-I'-iml phut' of business, Deadwood, S. Ii . location Mf winks, two miles est-ii!y uf Elk Mountain, Lawrctic e S. 1. Not i e. The! is ti . I i ri ii : i nt upon !!: ;id:ow,iig deiiiiicd rtoc:., in ac-I'lMit of a;-M s-iii, nt No. levied tin .'Ay :. l :, ill,.. M'v.-ial uiiiiMuits s. t i ; id..- names of tin- r- i ' .- .ii In -I.!. r- as led!' ' No Nam..'. H -. An t. 1 I i !!. Shu t ! J ' " i has been duly arpointed by the (aid tourt. for se.thment of said final tt'iested in said eetate may appear and tile his exceptions in writing to the .'-aid account and contest the same. FKA.nK J. U'ASHAIIAUGH. County Jude., August f.:h. 1 ""i (First Pub. Aus. 7, IDuu.) i K C. lais. .'. .i . i Intl. I ;-i -.- I .i . i i .!' i :.. I n:'. .1 S, ai - ia i.. ih Y- .-I-- :i I iv i .... . ; ! ; - ' . !' Son' :. ! ' in said register of deeds' office; and the Oro Mining claim in Quartz Mining district, desciibed in the records of office; all in Lawrence county, liakota; by which, default .the of sale lias become operative, and a- Hon or proceeding at law has : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 to recover the debt 'h. Tt by. nr any part thereof. T!;.' .iiiai nit claimed to be due -ai l I!n: !-a--.- i t the date hereof, ;: .ii :;m! ! 7 uit.-i e-t at 10 :,' i ;-:.-:i::;i :i-..i M iv .'d. ' " i ' MiTIi'K ip SALE. Th-- Hester Mining c 'i,iiii,auy. Priiu iiuil I '! "! Ik.-,!u.-.s 1 aMuihhI, S. 1i. jO- .tiion of i'ru.'nu-. near liah-na S. .,'i.e Th'i.-i'i- .lelai.jiieiii 'in Hie fi,ll". .!.-, I II.. . .,4, on ai c ount ol .i-. f-m. !! N.. 1. '. i.-l u I 1 1 v i:iih : U. - i ..I .i::: :..!., : , ; j. . ;!;. ,,,nn ol me r.iKiiorn wa OF of til.- I'. S. ;i;iy :'i.iul was in Terry :is hi the Steal us l.uin- a.- ill TelTV e.-lei 1 1 ; I . lie- I ! -in I 'Am 1. 1 l I . '1 -1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I -1 111 Men and Women DR. TODD, N .1 ' A:nt PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN Alt' ir ' H. K oflix' "' H M bt-r n"11 w i: :c- '" LEAD AND DEADWOOP. 1 i ' t and) White-wood particularly said South power no been secured on is per 1VI8, . a '..'.. i a;;,.ei!it . i i,t!i- (III". ' ! t:e ol' : . '..ill. - lore- . : , . : : -.... at !.av-sth . . :.c 1: ' it r. t i.i:.n rr;y ii, i' i: I.' 0 li i ' i 1 1 . A ! i I'. ! .- i' ' i, a -!i 1 i: 1 1 K il;h i 'r, . I K 1 1 1 1 ! . 1 '' ! 1 1' ! li i,:i del ii. h d ! i ' .! I-.iiiL-a are ' h i'.i-.' t A. h r t . 1 la i I'l - I ! 'Ii ted I fi (,,) 1 '.12 In .bdia i I llll' I A a. iier, i -call a : Ii. will b. 1 , .Id! IN" !: i;Ki:i!. ; anUrupt. I'll!-,' Sept. 11,!' be s,,. at th it. No. -7 So I'll Ma hot M ,e, , ' I c ' 1 1 ' of I.i e nt I ' ' tor. I Lu-i tin: X to :l loll, by Kel- i , al I'.uty , Da- :, ii. . m . :i ' . ' ,V : i.i i i.-1 Hie Me i: Me 1: ! m n'd .Ii '1 :ni!'!n: t vf!i (::; le" to J j n : . th i ml. :i : -' M i : r,;, 'l ! BLO'jD. :.,vlN anj r)ISt-ASES of MLN, ' i i ie i.M. . D ii S T I : O Y I N G SYPHILIS ,.,id VEHLHZfKL UlSKA&E'i m ,iH STCIC'rUKP.. HYD4UCELE. t , : V A , T I i: a . . .. .,,., ! e to the 'Ml, d t:i d- e , l'U,,, 1! elll Da. .: .Mly 1 1'l-. canity, in Hook t- ::ihi r. hour. COCLLL. GONORKriOt . GLLtlT. SI'EHMATORRHOEA, LACK Or SEXUAL VIGOR, I MPOTENCY m YCUilG, MIDDLE-AGED and OLD MLN. URETHRAL STRICTURE piompHy cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. $10 per month for treatment and medicines. NOSE AND THROAT DISEASES. ! i i i 1 c I p ,ii' a' ' ie nl !!! I .,1 V I'll , 'lav. vis at the sa me id ire n-id .Id. ICS ULISSAMKN hit's i actlv i k An.!.'' they pM i to the I" -(Y.Mai::' 'I They hi makine a t m: i. i ; n I .i -'.I I'min M 1 I i -lid aec ir Mr 11. nni!:, II' .- aho'it 1 .".ii 1 v i a l ed IK it -,- by openinu ! ill In ,av ! I !'!: ' l:avi . in til' : i r. , . u 1 1 v -lid '! the prayer of t he sai 1 Tveiit--i i 1 .''Ii on I and "luhiv il'Sii), Da,. 1 1 ( I ii . 1 d ai am- two himdi and whic h sai ! to ri-k II there. -r. p: . ,'.','1 i, " v i ' .1 . . -' i ,1 .1 ,":i'."-'. - m' s:i ' WILLI l SKLl'IK. S.w rriary nml Tri-.-isiiT-r mortgage was there-ued tc Charle s I'ier- alter imlv a.-si or else they wanted to start a name, for they took the machine, nickels ami all. TAPEWORM expelled, RHEUMA- j -- - - - TISM. sTOMAf.H. IIINR I l V F RM N1 TI I ' K TO ( ) WN K HS ( I F I.A X 1 1 BE FORI-: i.Martin & Mason At'orneys 1 SHERIFF'S NOTIC'r; OF SA LL OS EXECUTION State of South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. Henry S. Graham and Myron J. Graham as executors of the lat Will I" I I i' m shiia 1,1 not lie granted. iiil it is Luther ordered ,y the ourt ,nat the cleiiv shall send 1, mail to all known creditors, copies oi th. said petition and this order addressed ;he:ii at their places of residence i.s stat d. Witness th'1 Honorable John E. Car- KKIDNEY and BLADDER diseases I TAX hkkii SHALL ISSl'K ,,,rH Tn Maiv Fox. in hose name the land hereinafter described ii taxed: James It Williams; Eliza L. ashabauga, in whose najDe the bouthcrly l:!1-. feet PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured by RECTAL MEDICATION alone. "RUPTURE" radically cured by an and Testament of Samuel Gralmrj, threeof stands of record, and to A. U u.nd. judge of the said court, and the Wilson, who holds the record title to the ANNOUNCEMENTS. Sheriff At the rf quest of a number of my friends among the laboring men of the county I hereby announce myself a candidate fur sheriff of Lawrence lounly for the term ensuing. CHA8. H. MOYER, seal thereof, p.t Sioux Falls, in said entirely new. sate, painless and tialanc thereof. Deceased, Plaintiffs, vs. George E. Mtrvine, Defendant. Not'ce is hereby given, that by vir You and each of you are hereby notified iis-trdict. on the lath day of August that on the first day of November. 1S!i thie following deecribed piece or parcel of bloodless method- LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment tt all AILMENTS, peculiar to their eex. real estate, taxed in the name of Mary Fox, and situated in the county of Law- Lead. S. Dak resce, Bt&te of South Dakota, (u. follows Lot No. 6 in Block V, in the city of Dead tue of an execution to me directed and delivered and now in my hands, ipstied out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit court, Eighth Judicial circuit, County wood; was sold for taxes then due and A. I).. 1900. (Seal.) OLIVER S. PENDAR, Clerk. By TORE TEICEN, Deputy. (FirFt Pub. Aug. 19, 1900.) DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. The Pocahontas Mining company delinquent for the year 1896 at tax sale Sheriff Fred Doten announces himself as a by the treasurer of said county to Law of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, rence county and was by said purchaser ! son, as will appear by assignment of liecord in sain register of deeds' office in Hook One Hundred ami Forty-two (112) on page sixty-three ((',;), and who is now the owner thereof. And whereas, uefault exists, and there is now dee on said note and mortgage to raid Charles Pierson, the sum of seven hundred and twenty-eight dollars and twenty cents ($728.-20) for principal and interest. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that the said mortgage will be foreclosed by the sale of the above described premises, at public auction, on Thursday, the 20th day of September, 1900, at 11 o'clock on that day in the forenoon, at the front door of the court house, in Deadwood. in the County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, to satisfy the amount due as above specified, including all fees and costs of sale. Dated August 13, 1900.- MATT PLUNKTT, S Sheriff of Lawrence county, S. D. F. J. WASHABAUGH. Attorney for Assignee of Said Mortgage. (First Pub., Aug. 14, 1900.) upon a judgment rendered in Bald duly assigned to L. V. McOonnell and by her assigned to Irene C. Wilson, who is court In favor of plaintiffs and against niadidate for the office of sheriff of Uwrence county, S. D., subject to the decision of the republican county eon-ttitton. dAwtf defendant, on the 23rd day of July, A. now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase. That said taxes then due and delinquent amounted to $84.07 have been paid, with interest, penalty, and ooeU ac principal place of business, Central City. Location of works. Carbonate D. 1900, I have levied upon the follow ing described real property of said Camp, Lawrence county, S. D. crued, $34.65, making total amount necee My practice Is based on a strictly legitimate and professional basis. I promise nothing but what I can fulfill I treat each case on its own merits and make a legal contract as to the entire expense. Including all medicines until a cure has been permanently effected.. By this method patients know to a cent what it will cost for a cure. My method of treatment stands unrivalled in so far that my Cures are Thorough and Permanent.. No experiments or Failures. Consultation free. J. E. Baker. A. S. Hayden sary to redeem $118.72, and in addltair defendant, said property having been heretofore attached by me on April thereto, tho cost of service of this notice, Notice. There is delinquent upon the following described stock, on account of assessment No. 13 levied on July together with such interest as may accrue after this date, must be paid and 6th, 1900. to-wit: The Cheyenne and Oro lodes and the Badger mill site Legislative. At the earnest solicitation of my tuny friends and after being endorsed k) the First ward caucus, I atiLOunce "yself as a candidate for the state lgislatnre, subject to tho action of le populist ccunty conyention. that the right of redemption will expire and deed for said land be made within 2, 1900, the several amounts set oppo-h'.te the names of the respective and water right, the Hoodlebug lode, sixty days from the completed service of Orand Deposit lode, Baltic lode, I. X. in Wsnood Mining district, L-rence county, Sout'j Dakov, to-wit, this notice. IRENE C. WILSON, Holder of Tax Sale Certificate, listed at Deodwood. 9. D. . Aug. 20, 1900 (First Pub. August 22, 1H00.) Dttdwood. S. D.. Aug. 18, .SOD. chas. h. McAllister, excursions to colorado, Amt. $1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. shareholders as follows: No. Name. Shares. 21. T. L. Smderson... BOO 23. T..I,. Sanderson .. . 500 24. T. L. Sandeison. . . 500 25. T. L. Sanderson 500 56. Sol Star 1,000 8C. Geo. A. Anderson.. 4,000 75. Julius H .'nsamen . . 500 Baker & Hayden Northwestern Line to Denver, Col and that I shall on Monday, the 27th day of August, A. D. 1900, ai the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at the front door of the court house. In said county and state, proceed to sell all the right, title Garden City Mining Company; place of business, Central City, S. D., orado Springs and Pueblo. Rte: One fare plus $2.00 round Assessment Notice. ABSTRACTORS 2.00 8.00 1.00 The Hester A Mining Company, Prin- iNotice is nereijy given mat at a neeting of the board of directors of "IP- Tickets -,n sale August 19th and jWl For all information call at Elk- lora Dassener utatirm at and interest of the above named sryndleats block, Deadwood. B. D- 4.00 1.00 George E. Marvlne, in and to the above clpale Place of Business ueadwood, S. D. Location of Properties, near Galena S. D. Notice is hereby given that at a 141. Will Ickes 2,000 143. Samuel Lawrence 500 144. Samuel Lawrence 500 l.',0. Julius Reusamen. . .10.000 1.00 described property to satisfy said judgment, and costs, amounting to nue thousand meeting of the board of directors of 20.00 21.60 1. Julius Rebsamen. . .10,800 157. Mrs. S. H Carlile the above named corporation held at it office in Deadwood, S. D. on tho 13th day of July, 1S06, an assessment Kent 500 1.00 eight hundred and four 9S04) dollars and sixty-seven cents, together with all accruing costs of sale and Interest on the same from the 23rd day (No. 6) of (one-half cent) per I6. Julius Rebsamen. . . 5.500 11.00 191. Will Ick-?s 1.000 2.00 share was levied on the capital stock of July, 1900, at the rate of 7 per cent And unless payment shall have been of the company, payable immediately per annum, at public auction to the the above named company, held at Central City on the 7th day of August, 1900, an assessment (No. 16, of 2 "4 mills per share) waa levied upon the outstanding stock of the company, payable immediately to J. B. Le Beau, treasurer, at his office in Central City, S. D. Any stock upon whici this assessment fhall remain vnpaid on the 8th day of September, 1900, will be delinquent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been p-iade before, will be sold at auction at the office of the treasurer in Central Cily, on the 25th day of September; 1900, at 2:30 o'clock p. m., to pay such delinquent assessment, to tether with costs of advertising and expenses of sale. J. B. LEBEAU, Secretary. (First P-Jb. Aug. 10, 1900. to the treasurer, Wm. Selbie, at bla n ede on or before August 22, 1900, the same will be sold at the office of highest bidder for cash. office in Deadwood, S. D. the treasurer, J. Tf. LeBeau, Central Any stock upon which the assess ment shall remain unpaid on tne 20th MATT PLUNKETT. Sheriff of Lawrence County. By James B. Harris, Deputy. MARTIN & MASON, Plaintiff's Attorneys. Dated Deadwood, S. D., July 24. day of August, 190C. will be delin-uent and advertised for sale, and unless payment shall have been made before, win be sold at puulic auction City, South Dakota, at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, to pay said delinquent assessment, together with costs of advertising and (xpenses of sale. JULIUS REBSAMEN, Sec. J. B. LEBEAU, Treasurer (First Pub. Aug. 7. 1900.) 1900. at the office of the treasurer, Wm. Selbie, at the American National bank, Deadwood, S. D., on the 8th (Martin & Mason, Attorneys.)" NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF AC COUNT. In the County Court of the County of day of September, 1900, at 2 o'clock p. of said day to pay said delinquent assessment, together with the cost of advertising NOTICE OF FORFEITURE. To C. M. Fuller and W. A. Beaudry: Watch this space for Important Announcement S. R. Smith Lawrence, State of South Dakota. You sre hereby notified that I have expended In labor and Improvements upon the Monto Cristo No. 1, Monto Cristo No. and expenses of sale. 2, Monto Cristo No. 3 sad Impire lodes, or WILLIAM SELBIE, Secretary and Treasurer. mining claims, situated in Ida Gray Mining district. Lawrence county. South Dakota, at least $100 per year upon each of R. C. Hayes Attorney.; NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE. Default having been made in the payment of princ ipal and interest secured by a mort .ge containinng power of sale, dated the 3rd day of May, 1898, and recorded on the 12th day of May, 1898. in the office of the register of deeds of La . rence county, South Dakota, in Book 112 of Mortgages, page 39S, whereby George E. Marvine, mortgagor, mortgaged to Otto P. Th. Grantz. the Cheyenne mining claim, the location whereof Is on record in Book 17. at page 102, In said register of deeds' office; the Hoodle said claims for the years 18P8 and 1899 of $200 upon each of said claims, all of which was done for the purpose of holding the said claims, under the provisions i Moody. KelUr & Moody. Attorneys.) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Alic-? M. Guild. Deceased. Notice is herebv given In- the undersigned exec'itor estate of AJiee M. Guild, dec cased, to the creditors of and all re:- liivrng claims against the sail decease.!, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers. In the matter Of the estate of George S. Williams, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that Edgar t-.'. Clough, tho administrator of the estate of George S. Williams, de-teased, has rendered and presented for settlement, and filed in said court his final account of his administration of said estata, and petition for distribution, said estate beinff ready for distribution; and that Thursday, the c.lh day of September, A. D. 190c being a day of a term of said court, to-wit: of the September term, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock m. at the court room of said court at the City of Deadwood, in said Lawrence county, nCffU'T1. flTicI tictrl"? of . sl'iV prr'Mnn of Section 2324. Revised Statutes of the United States, and acts amendatory thereto, for the period ending December 31st. 1894, and there is due from you thereon the sum of $132.66 upon each of said claims, or $533.33 In aU- You are hereby notified that If within nineti days from completed publication of this notice you fail to contribute your proportion of such expenditure as co-owner with the undersigned during each of the years above mentioned, your Interest in said claims will become the eproperety of the esubscrlber, your within four months after the first, publication of thi notice, to tho said e bug mining claim and tunnel, patent from tho United States to which Is of record in Book 87 at page 558 in said register of deeds' office: the I X L .Mining claim, patent from United Qnen IriTrTiirh U rornrAriJr. TVwiV IR ecutor, at the of3:o of Mocdy. Kclhw & Moody, Deadwood. South Dakota, co-owner, who has made the required ex penditure si required by said Section 2324.

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