The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 22, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1900
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

-J The Lead Daily PlONEER-TiriES. sr.ih yi;ai: L1;aI, S. I). iI'.I.ACK IIII.LS i,VI':i)Ni;SDAY, Al'dl'ST 22. l'tnii. HNT.('I.;nTs 60.. CENTS PER DOZEN ..60 I think of rr- Watch this Space for Important ANNOUNCEMENT Of the arrival t t r, lines now hein-r jiurv HEARST MERCANTILE ..COMPANY,. No-,, limtti 110 X Mill St. i . ;, shoi-w I li I."al v.-i.Tina ry : ji-oti. has I li in IH-H'lwoinl for i u inl day.-, li' iitiiiu liorat-s l-I;-in ti I" ' ; -CI fj.- J I - -1 1 1 1 t . ' Houses bought anil sold, money b an j ' ed general insurance and notary pub- j 11c. Vic-tor T. Jspsfn, Room 1, Cottou ' & Andrews block, Lead. S D. tf J l.-x. Ro-i- i:i;iki-s a .spci-ialtv of. l.i.Mi trees and AliMibbory of any Kind i land and .si.-. Cut tlowi'is on ii ind. . ! i ciii.-is .--oliii'i'l from all parts of tin' ; j Mill.-. Main stivi-t. Load. tf luporai'v cpiarti-rs have boon Cabinet Photographs 60 Per Dozen a- tin-, will lint la.t l"iu Coim- iuy BLACK HILL3 PORTRAIT COMPANY:; I 2 DOZEN STAMP PHOTOS 25 CENTS. S Complete Lines Carried. linioli' tor the 1'ook & l.addor truc k on j Cold street L 1 1 1 1 11 trie new hose house; f.ii Hose Cuinnany No. 1 Is complet- 1 upy a part of that j . .1 win buildinu. CITY NEWS. Hr. If. Mc 1. Morton, t lie Vinneapol- the ladles of t ie house were led to be lieve that it was a seiiuine battle of the two moni c hs .and :i . oiilnmly sent for an aflieer to c emu- and j c i s -I a ffair.s. lb- i-aim- and phn ed I In-ai' un b-r aiTi-.-'t and o-t. r- ha- A ery littb. woman is often at the 4 f.yo, ear, nose and throat spec-ia'-uttoiii of a vrv Ins fuss. ; est will be at Dr. E. S. B'igbee's office A .1. l'low:iiaii. ex -ju.Ur of tin- . Wednesday and Thursday. Auizust 22 day inortiiiiu' In had lo explain in p.. i ; , l . t ' i judo ill circuit, was in Lead and 23. Dr. Morton is a very proniin- New Machinery Received. The mai bine shop of the llomostake company has been charged to nearly tioiihle its foi iner wpac e din ing the ) i.Ht summer ;ind within the past loilpb.- of weeks a laiK- annum of In inai liiin-i y has been it-i-ei i. from the i i .iei n inanaiifac I iiiers. There are Iw.i la i u le u tinniim lathes, making mum nir. nt iln-. kind of lino Inn r in tin- simp. I In n an al-ci annm-' tin ma b.m i Mh ill i 11 presses. Inn in a ' 1 1 i in I " I 'HI In e i mil 1. but Ie- had .-u mm h In , ..,l.iv. I'lit o. ulist. aurist. nose nnd throat, i, ran Todd, ulu, ,a been c;uite spe, iab-st ami comes b, do some- v ry i impo.-iant nitrations on tin- eye, ear.! ;om- and throat. This U be an on-j The seson of Outings, Celebri lions and Pi i: ss js. i. hiinianity must needs ln.-e coolly and properly cciuipped different occasions. 't For your needs ii: . i Wash Suits, Skirts . nd Wai-' the Li Lri. k. Lor the l.i-hte-.-t. ''do ui Miliinety, t;o to the I!:.-1'or y.i'ir wants op t mliiell is. I'ura.-ol-, and ,,1'at:- I' l'ltr Cool i'.tlu a in W'a-h lin--- (looil.-. .-.i- Un I:,: i. l'nr tin- c''iii!'-st of and I'm in h:n I '.Me k - ,1 ' I ' :1s liv-pa,! tin. til - I 'or o:,r Trunk, Yah-- h- 1 In-.u n. . ,, an :i 1 1 e un home, go in ; :,. His 1'., ii k. For oiir Ontim; I.uui , so to : lie 1 ;i link ( i n . , i . hi fait ion will lind thi' larea st ,.-ni t nit-nt "I Iba . aii'l pi p i's awa s rinhl . at ' I ii,, pal I'd di1 y .-. is I epci ti d as , ,:i,'i d I' . ; i i ' : . i . in.' l!.,in-l S i . i 1 1 i c ',i i t I'll w.l! lad! a pi n n at 1 1 a I I lie ui'l -' ti in d Inn a ma I a Hi' HI hi w ll n I, I" paid a "d I ' a ' In a I, nl . I e ii, ill III" - I:"'. I i .' !!' tike' P. t-publ ic ,i" ' I' W-i !. i , I. i ,, . ht'.' 1 .1!, "',..' ! . : r . .. ' r had in the L s. r,; i;ni:i-:. 1 :;tv m.ii hai I. I hi s. -o- d..:, ,i; llliK Ihnads upon in. ill and In.: j pipes luill an l -lei l i iin. i , . i . . Tie j lew inm liiin . ; . i i I d In the I, op a i I w.-t s f ( it'll 1 1 r! .' will ti i a I, i it til 1 1 1 ' ; 1 1 1 1 I ! I on hi- - uperior i i i i hi a 1 d nl a TRY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. !.! r t' I'f f!i-iKin int a t!"' ' ,, , " ;', , ! sw dlK-ii , ii.'i viiii a :, ! lio-. III I- In ,ii loll: n, 1 . ' ' i , I I!,. I"M I . ! ,, ii "Ii I I. 'I III ,V I - ei HI 111 I -I l-i ' "ii si a i n la I! S 1 1 1 1 i . 'I' w l I'e I i 't 1 1 1 II' I.I ' I ' . Ill II '-; III If"' S Ml IIL1: il'ln .-ii la ilia I a -a ' tii.. ,' i a! v. l f yvi Ii.n ,' . warn f, or tiidil s'ao.'--. trv Allen's l-'eat -. I N' th" fw' ;oi'l iaiila'3 vsill, ai.; riy V e I " " 'I M I" e S,l I 111 '!, sent li Mr. Wd-on to Mr Lal-'oll. it.- ; M .- -,. ain, w if. w ill b in.' I.ea.l 'ur-s o!ln.'ne fe.'t. InneMni; ,,n in ,'Imiu a u,il Willi rrlc. bUtura an I call-MH ipntt. Itolioves at tin- I : in.' -it 1,1- 1 1 ; . 1 1 1 1 1 ; . i ' 'of, 'lie letter le.nls. the lariiesl a-nl mo l eoinpli-te ma A llllie shop in I ':e stale, at I' a - I a l;ir ft r have in know li-.l .v. Wit! il, lai'Ke a inouii; ol i m n-a.-eil v. f ,i 1, . caused by tin- nianr i m ii o uh lit lilt in by t lie i 'oiiipany ilnium lie- p;i-t oar or two,jJ will ecUiie alinu.-i tin-full c apai ity of die simp to n,. - t f 1 1 . increased tl"in;irtls t s .vi. 1 l"ini'in3 of ill pni:i mi l plvis I ."I ' J inti' ( ; A. Ii on- "! ;.r .1 .ii: TI: ilk- In i "ii I kind : I : :. i, 1 1 .- a In ! ED v .- FOR ITS J. r. -; aii-l l oii.f.irt. Try P rn-l.iv. Sold 1 y j .ill '1: tiii-- -;: .1 an.l shoe. jipi'-.M fur rnnts. I . e nm at libit a Hi -. It a pb-.i sio-,. to , ,.u; nn. i,i know thai nr. 1 1 ill,.!- i. a.i-i with 1 Me- .1 V l'ie. man and Mi. II. I r . 1. Tiial i'ie-kaUrt l-T'.KE A Idr'.s Alien S 1676 Sf un in tin- ho ll in tiliiinpli V ale I. o. i I' lull. '. I Inst e.iin lioin ( o rnstrl I,e Roy, N. Y 4 St' hokirii; for a bi lepubli' an ii.:i.oril jui Sunn-,- win :. 111.', had been ii tin-m ibis 1 : 1 1 1 . ami hope the ,nr tin- past m -k. Good Ore On Whit-tad Flat. i.illiani and Sli o- 'I'ratliaii ai I hi t'Wiii'i.-i of several claims lcnal. il i.poi. same lor Sooth liakuta S-;ic- -i.-ly . .'. M. !.-.i . ;i-. Is to le aie to GRAND ARMY ENCAMPMENT AT CHICAGO, AUGST 23rd to 26th HALF FARK TICKETS Whitelail l-'iai. beiwein Vellovv ci'idn veairs. U. M , .(,u N,-.v Vurk ami from then- -o in to Montr -al. on a isit with n-la RlACt, find Sunar Loaf peak. 'I hey him leen dovelopiua; the ground loi s. -, I'i'al yc nrs and a couple- of days ,i,o encountori'd an ore body that bids CHILIS I ;'. i s anil l l n ndr j Via If you are looking tor a good smoke I THE NORTHWESTERN LINE, ask for Chaniison's MONARCH SPECIAL CARS . m I r i i - r - no W Bids Wanted. The; lind 'rsiizned will re-ieive l i lit i 1 the L'ith e!;.v of Au.nti.-t, limn, at Lead, So. DaK And strictly unicMi-made cigai Factory in fair to repay them for their labors in i I? o'clock p. in, for tin1 consru ;.i. u i' teen-fob 1'hey have sunk Kcieral May lilock, Lead. " '. ACCOMMODATIONS. (Contined On Page 7.) and completion of a two-sU -y si. me l, ii,,.., cnn,.,n v.. i. ,f la.or AH ami ('.'-ciKe W. Wells erounds and strike was ina.le in u.ail Cit v. 1Mi,nB ani -p,., in, at ions are- amoim ih number who will H the Inst one. '1 he ore assays between I nun I ,i :i. I this week to atteli 1 t In c an be seen at I loin Pros.' room at and .'.ri to the ton. Altho the ex v., in i!,-.,iiii i,,,n,ii,. ti,., ,i.,i,i (band Armv i m n in pment at Chi. ano tent of the body has not yet tie j u rest,pV(.(1 to rejo,.t any or all bids. Henry assay offlce and la- a IIF1N PROS., Architect.-", bnratory is loeutnd in the basement of Lead, S. V. Faust's ne w- block. Lead, and he is pre- o i pared to fill all orders in hia line. 1 Privileges for Labor Day Picnic. An old bachelor, in conversing with The entire stuck r.f C. S. Bar-relt's Jewelry. Silverware Watcher. CKU. i: ... are to he sulci at auction to the hio-lust bidder without reserve or I v -I i 1-1 1 n . ....Sale Opens Wednesday August 15th The Labor clay celebration will be a reporter, said that many wome n t-eld at the Fnion grounds at Mount- marry because of their curiosity. e cih Lion on September 3rd. all of the don't know w hi'tln-r it is a fac t or six unions of the Hills participating, rot Frank M.-nire. who has been confin tcrnilned the indications point to a good Bized hotlv. The boys have suc-leeded in le-ising several aeljoinina; claims upon whic h they are in hopes Of finding a continuation of the ore body that th v have encountered on thtlr own property. o Lead the Convention City. Lead has some exciting times ahead, or probably nsore correctly speaking, borne anxious timeH for certain ones Who are directly interested. On Saturday of this week the and democratic county convent ions will be held in this city and one week from that date the republican county convention will also be he ld in Lead There being a greater amount of in terest than usual devebipim: on b.ith sides, there is no doubt hut that a largo crowd jf visitors will bo in the Uty on both )f these at 2:30 p, m. ;Uid will continue from day to day as lon-r ,ls this notice reniain--. I5v ! r THE RECEIVER. I ITV I 1, ott are eanu-stlv i.tu--,te(l to be present as w . --iw L A L I CZ O : WT-at har-ain f..r yuu. ' Seats have been arrano'ed tor all. SALE AT THE STORE Next to First National Bank. MILL STREET. Plds for the following privilege-are requested: One bar privilege. One merry-go remind. Two confectionery and ri'lresl raent stands. Two lunch stands. One cane rac k. One novelty idand All bids in ii -t be iii'e ompa n led b ,-ei per cent of iimoiint bid. .1. C. Mcl.KMOKi: S I." td Lead. S H. en to the bosoiial for M'veral days on j in count of Inning bis foot sma.-lied in the mines, was disc harmed yester- ; day from that institution. ! C'ark & Lvons. the gents' furnish- J ers of Lead, have received a large supply of campu- ai bats, of both pobti-' tal parties If ou wish to show our , dors call and get cm -. s 2 tf ' i I i , 1 1 will , a no i'l ,n -: ol I lie I ..: ei.i - Ll.lM ,l I ie l ollle of Mis. It' ll R. Stone. W. '' ' - ! -" " a,'t'-ri,ooii All WALTKR Me KAY. T3 John lOspe n .cheid returned to I.. ad ' ineinl.i is nr.- leipa-st.-d to be pi", dmiilai after an absence- of fi : lit. Mu.-iin-s, of importance. Mi A. KLEIN Real Estate, Loans' S fife jnontlis. diirin-; which time In- has visited in Kansas City and other part .-5 of Payton. Pi e-i l- nt. Con l!,:- ' who hn4 been lyina Paid for His Fun. Monday evening late, two of the boarders at the Cottage boarding bouse indulge, 1 in a little scuffle, according to their tale to his honor. Judge Walsh, yesterday. Hut the Bcuffle for fun was so realistic that Missouri. Put in his travels he has . -.erv sick at .us room for the past and Insurance OiTicc May Block, Lead. S. D seen no place that was better than oup, of w,.oks, was removed to the Lend, and lie is glad to be at home Pister-S hospital at Peadwood last again. . Formerly of the Family Liquor. House of Terry, has removed to'. Lead and is now open for business , t' with the best stock of wines, li-'j quors and cigars, which he is sel-"t (.-, ling at the very lowest prices. I LOCATION" ; YEARS IN THE 2 24 BLACK HILLS lOHASES ) Mr. Klein, is located In the base-e( ment of the new Faust block on ' The Corner of L l ...... FAMILLIARLY KNOWN AS THE ..Old King Brewer.. been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and is still at the same old stand Who? Why, Henry Rosenkrantz of course. He has been in WHERE THEY SELL CHEAP Sunday. Con is reported as not much improved, but just about holding his own. Miss Fetch one of the teachers at Custer, has ben up in the northern Hills frfr several days visiting at different poinfs and was in Lead yesterday and the day before, the gtiest of Mrs. .H. E. Davis. She returned last evening. Sam Lamout will leave tomorrow for his former home at Aurora. Neb. Sam has been the local agent for the Adams Express company for several years, but of 'ate his health has been bad and he is obliged on that account to change climate. iviMini and y DR. E. SBUCBEE. Eye Spfxia-;--"- Offlce in Bailor Block. - BLEEKER STREETS. (. And cordially invites all his i CENTRAL, .. . ..So. Dak fiends, and especially those ofJ Saturday August 25 rflA Dal4 'Rrn.inAfK I x- Steve Zeki:oa MURDER uu mux wnen in me city. ; So will the fact that von can are Wants to see vou wn WILL OUT cYou are Always Welcome.- We take pleasure in announc ing a special sale on A. KLEIN. I .Id anl Mi I'lllllllllL Hay and Grain just as cheap of JOE SAVAGE the old reli.'ble Central dealer as anywhere iu the Black Hills. Word was received in Lead yesterday morning from Mr. and Mrs. Duncan McLaughlin, who are residing at Sturgis. tint their 5-year-old daughter had died. Mrs.' Florin Baker and Mrs. R. Dunl.ip went down on last rvening's Elkhorn to he present at in search : WINES. LIQUORS. OR CIGARS And if ACt. trcv. : -on these gocd m t: ' to see him. .. I've Got It! Vu t'1 Let's Get Together- Yours for bunic " r ' We are receiving our fall and winter line '.n these goods and take! this way bringing to your attention one of the largest and best selected Try him. takes Bace this af- " - - THIS Space is Reserved FOR lllaln Surest, CENTRAL CITY STOCK OF NEW CLONHING IN LEAD ANTHONY HALJT mi ins' Beer Hall the funeral, v ternoon. Dr. H. V Dr. Bug! Wednes 1 1 list to tl.o the New .-' has Just r list to the nea polls. " ' of the la. -. Minneapolis. PRICES FOR SATURDAY, absolutely less than cost CHASE rton, who will be at e ' on Atrpust 22-23, 'aurfday," Is the ocn-naims hospital also ih hospital and he - been appointed ocn-- -- hospital, all of also oculist to several railroads running into E. S. BUGBEE. MAIN STREET , - A Special attention Given to Reminding and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work F. UNDERWOOD. ' Englewood, S. D. PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Riter LEAD, b" LEAD, SO. DArCj No, 5 East Main Street,-

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