The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 21, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1900
Page 6
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TiHES Lead Daily The ONEER II A I 'Si L'l. I'"'". PER DOZEN ..60 60.. CENTS M. L ,t:.d broiler, I ne Wn- hi, v.Iio u employed with I i nest May at Lead, departed on i evemusj'.s Ivkuoni. for Denver, . i '. do., where they will v isit with ' II . ends tor a couple o. Weeks. Wesley A. Meart and wife anie up; 'iioin Stargis Sunday and speut the ; j.'ay with Judge Joseph H. Moore and Watch this Space for Important ANNOUNCEMENT Of the arrival ,,( ;t W lines now beino- j,ur, haaj THINK OF IT HEARST MERCANTILE ..COMPANY.. Nos. louto 110 N Mill St. wale Mr. Stuart returned in tne J evening but his wife remained over l tin ii short visi: in the City of Mills. Cabinet Photographs 60 Per Doen j: Codk- (juick as this w ill not last lonr iBLACK HILLi? PORTRAIT COMPANY ij I 2 DOZEN STAMP PHOTOS 25 CENTS. Complete Lines Carried. CITY NEWS. Jacob Heinish, an expert brewer fiwm Minneapolis has arrived in Cen-tial City and will have charge of the brewing of the beer at the brewing establishment at that place. That the product from this establishment will equal any sold in the Hills is a 1 1 rtainty. Mrs. J A. Rerger left on Sunday's train for (lor. Ion. Neb., where she will visit with h-T parents until the last of this .veek. when Mr. Berger will to down from Lead and together they will go o New York, where Mi. Merger will pun base a stoe of goods. Mrs. John bt departed on yesterday afternoon's train for I'.titte. Mont. M r. A bt went up to thai city t line ' i eks ago and hits entered tip. employ T. I). Wilton returned from Iowa ye-teniay. Joe Rowett left Lead yesterday afternoon for Columbia. The seson of Outings, Celebrations and Pi e s is ,n -h. and humanity must needs bee coolly and properly equipped t i en-.. the different occasions. 'i For your needs in coo' Wash Suits, Skirts nd Wai-i. . . un... to the liig Krick. Tor the Lightest, ('iki. .-. of Millinery, go to the -. !'.:. :, For your wants on l.mbi ellas. l'arasols and Fans, . I'.rak. For Cool Fabrics in Wash Diess (ioods. see t!ie l'.i.; I;., k For the Coolest of Undervvcai and Furnishings, v. . ), ., lirick's various department -. For your Trunk, Y.ii. e r Telescope when n ! : ,:i tr,;, away from home, go to Ihe Dig Hrii k. For your Outing Lunch, go to the liig I!ri k (Inn. i .j. : ri.. ir. In fact vou will find the largest assortment of Hot W'. i:!,. .- , ,.,js j and prii es always right, ;it ' Mrs. (leorge lieemer ami Mrs. John j Leemer and children are expected home today. The (iolden Stiir lull will give a lugligtc parly ( I. the evening of next Friday. I be (i. R. Jep.s.'u and Nailian Jacobs re- . tinned home ;;,t evening from a few Throw.i From a Car. Yesterday afternoon a Load citizen by the name of llivere departed for a visit with friends in Canada. He left on t lie 1). C. train to make connections iit l'liiiiKt with the outgoing R h M. mil oi(iid'l :i .'fat upon lu b;;ike-wheel iii the r'ir end of the I . C. car. When :i .short distanci- from I'luma, Ihe cur nave a Midden jerk and Mr. Hiveie win ih.own from his seat and ofl tlie ar to Ihe ground with considerable force, lie received an ugly ut on the lie id fiom lomlng in i on-tact with the r.rls and w:is considerably bruised up about the body as a result of his unexpected experience. He however, con' it nued on his journey, a sadder but wiser man. That ho was not more yeriously injured Is al-iiost a miracle for the train was running at ji high rate of speed and he was thrown backward from tho car. Moral: To not lido on the l.iakewheel. o' a milling company then.. Mr. and j.Vrs. Aid are both od timers in Lead. I having prnct ieallv been pared in this i . dence of John Ksterbrooks and proceeded from there to the home of the ictims on upper Main street. The surprise was complete, but Hilly is 'i nerally to all such occasions i tid the merry party were all soon made to feel that they were welcome isitnrs, and from that time i.n it wits one continual round of amusement and sociability. Cards and music occupied most, of the evening. All ihe isito:--; hiouglit presents of uv the collection was varied but not tinware, it being their tiu anniversary, co-it ly. A nicely prepared lunch had been arranged for ami it was :i w ry pleasant eeni'ig spent by all. o Successful Lawn Social. 'J lie lawn so ial given at the pheasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Ileckwith. o'' ('em. ', yesterday ulternoou and evening, was attended by a large number and was a complete sin cess l:om every point. The evening was ;u ideal one ; ml many from Terry ( re down, and with the residents of (Vntiwl tho ap.i( ity of the lawn was t.iyed to room for all. Ice cream and i ake was served, and the pro-i eeds, which amounted to a neat sum. W lit to the beiielit of the Central City M. K. ch'irch. "PcrABllSHED r - 1876 city, and thev have a host of friends WllO leL't'et 111 lose tlli'Ill ilS M'-dlll'IltS. but thev have the be-t wishes of all for their futii.e .'access and happiness. The alarm of (ire was tinned in v es-lerday morni'i; at :'.::!u and the Mr, ,,.-I iii it in n t tuiaeit oat promplly. It I ' ov eil to be only another false alarm and with a due amount of cussing, tiiennu returted their apparatus, to l hair re.sji'M-tive quarters and they and the large h 1 1 1 1 1 r of citizens who l.iid been nub Iv awakened from their pi in ei'ul slai ibers retired and dreamed of .;i. ii: tires and heroic efforts on their part in the battle against the (lames, to only be awakened a -'a in by tip. 'vhistle at .". o'i in k -not the alarm ot tire - but calling 'hem to work. i sa... 4 r 'On rHiLLS 'o U. Lead, So. DaKi d..ys iit Sand t r. ek. Kni".-t May leturnel home Sunday frem a ten lays' stay at St. Louis, where he went tc visit ;i sister. The infant I oy of Mr. and Mrs. William ISarnnger is very sick and but little hope for his recovery is held. Mr. Joslin. of the baiber firm of Jo-din it Hiunger. Lead, was in Central yesterday. Ihe guest of C. D. I haussee. J. V.. Key, wi:' and son were among tin sightseers in Lead yesterday. Mr. Key is an Klkhoru conductor in Nebraska. The W. R. C and the H. M. Stanton post will met ;it the home of Mrs. Sutton this afternoon. All members are requested to be present. Houses bought anil sold, money loan eil general ins'iranee and notary public. Victor T. .lepsi n. Room 1, Cotton & Andrews block. Lead. S. I). tf Jack Moran. one of the wheelhorses of Lead's early history, is the first in this city to don lii-i political colors and display th.j democratic campaign bat. Mrs. Henry Monheim and chi'drep and Mrs. M. C. Campbell returned home Sunday t vening from near Custer, where they md been enjoying ranch life. Alex. Rose makes a specialty of lawn trees and shrubbery of ;:iiy kind and and size. Cut llovvers on hand, (iiders solii ie from all parts of the Mills. Main street. Lead. tr- Mrs. L. A. Carncr of Missouri Val-lev . la. and I. W. Kintiegan of Chad-ion. Neb.. :u i ompanied by his sister o,' I lend w ooil. wire visitors in Lead V I -t'Tll.lV 1'. IV II. inn. i mi. I luotli.-r. W. A of Injured While Out Strolling. Sunday afternoon Miss Eflie Ve-nard of Terry, rnd a couplo of other young lady friends were out for an afternoon's stroll, and had taken their kodaks along with them to take views of Home of tin surrounding rugged peaks. They were ascending a steep hill, when u looso stone from above broke from its resting place and darted rolling i!own tho side of the hill towards them. The lock struck above and broke in two pieces, one striking Miss Venaid on the side of the head, making quite a bad cut, and the o'her ple3e striking her on the thoulder, bruising that portion of her tody r.uite badly. She was dazed from the blow on the head but soon recovered and was taken home wjiere her injuries leceived proper attention. Miss Venard is a sister of Mrs. Walter Qnillan of Terry. o Fined Sixty Dollars. James Jeffries appeared in miirt yesterday morning and had his trial for beating up an old man one day-last week, of which mention was made at the time. His excuses for his con duct were of no avail and the judge fined him $i( or thirty days in the The entire stock (if C. S. Harnett's Jewelry, Silverware Watche-. C:-'. Iv.c.Ktl . . Where Pearl Comes From. The I'earl Isheries of the Red Sea extend the whole length of that water. About three hundied hints are employed by the Arab tribes, manned by crows of from five to twelve men each provided with a number of small canoes. There are two fishing sea-mns of the year, and this treasure is s-aid U be oft mt mes as elusive as a far more precious ti easure Health, for which so many search uselessly. The surest guide to health la Hos-tetter's Stomach Bitters, an invaluable remedy for stomach disorders, ret ommended by the best physicians tor the past .if'y vears. It should be taken for constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia, liver trouble, kidney weakness or any disorder resulting from impure bloo I or an overworked stomach sia. are to he sold at auction D the liiliest bidder without reserve or liv-hidditi-. ....Sale Opens Wednesday August 15th, at 2:." j). m. and will continue from dav to dav as tony as this notice remain-. 1 1 v .-r-icr THE RECEIVER. LADIES: Von are earnest 1 v i c ti t 1 to he prv-M'ii: yreat haryai'tis lor vmi. ' Seats have hcen arranged for all. SALE AT THE STORE j Mapleion. V ,:a ban'., ei-, of thai i it . ate ill i . ill 111' li, ! il .; over the ! i itv and .ii -u the i i . i : . i 1 1 -r pio" )" ts ol ; ! ! nut i y J Wid Hit. I . nd wife, or Spe.irfish, j vv. re v isit in z, in Terry Sunday. Mrs. MILL STREET Next to First National Bank. Vv' ALT ICR M, KAY. Spanish War Veterans. The new organization, known as the Spanish War veterans, held their meeting Saturday evening in Lead at the parlors of the Alert Hose company, and tour new members were it mated Their names were R. Ross. John lUirin. I'red Schrier and David T. Henry. After the general routine of business, refreshments were fn order, after which they adjourned unfit Tuesday evening, September 4th. Jt was also voted that the first Tuesday of each month be designated as the time for holding their meetings. county jail. Mis invoice of cash did not come up to the required ami. tint, and . he will consequently spend the next month w ith Sheriff I'limki tt at Dead wood. o Their Tin Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dickinson. Lead, were the victims of a surprise party lust evening, just ten years ago hist night Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson were married and in honor of that occasion was the cause of the party. About twenty-five friends met at he resi II it .el is ii sister of Miss Kate Kemper ami Mr. Hitzel recently nt'iined fr m Al, is!.;i. John Watcs came up from Spear- Real Estate, Loans 1 I A. KLEIN , Formerly of the Family Liquor J House of Terry, has removed to Lead and is now open for business (i with the best stock of wines, 11-4 and Insurance flsh yesterday end will return today. Office May Block, Lead, S. D He reports his mother, who is residing at that city on account of her health, ar being not much improved. YEARS IN THE quors and cigars, which he is sel-'j! 24 ling at the very lowest prices. I ABLACK HILLS Clark & Lyons, the gents' of Lead, have received a large of campaign hats, of both parties. If you wish to show your v LOCATION. Mr. Klein Is located in the base- DR. E.SBUCBE( FAMILLIAELY KNOWN AS THE ..Old King Brewer., been a resident of CENTRAL for all these years and is still at the same old stand Who? Why, Henry of ccurse. Just see him when in CENTRAL, ,. v, ,.So. Dak Eye Sri-xiA1; Office In Bailor Bh' I-eaD,, ment of the new Faust block on The Corner of L MAIN ; and j BLEEKER STREETS. And cordially invites all his ! friends, and especially those ofi the Bald Mountain section to calU on him when In the citv. . "Steve kkhg MURDER nil So will the fact that 3'on can Wants to see you WILL OUT in i a Bl r-O y 7 jYou are Always Welcomed 7 A IVT mIIVT T . r C I ii rv. ix l, u 1 1 . rll"! AR$ Watch this SPACE For Chase's ANNOUNCEMENT Tomorrow Morning: It will Pa You Well UK - I ' . . 1 e'hi". 1irK colors call and get one. 8 2 tf George A. Snyder was in Terravllle yesterday looking up business in the n'enument lin". George reports having met with good success and sold several monuments to Terravllle residents. Mrs. James Bowie and Mrs. Lees, mother and sister of Thomas Bowie, of Lead, who huve been visiting with their son and brother and other ft lends here, have returned to their home in Omaha. Victor Jepsen received a large number of lead pencils yesterday advertising the Norwich Union Fire Insurance company, with his naicf as agent. Anyone wanting a pencil had better see Victor. Mrs. E. F. Irwin entertained a few fi lends at her pleasant home In South Lead last Saturday afternoon and evening. A good social time was had and a tempting lunch wai served later In the .evening. John Tierney ot the firm of Tierney & Berry, was up to Lead from his home at DetJwood yesterday for the first time since the Fourth ot July. He has been confined to his home since by sickness. (Contlned On Pate U.'j Hay and Grain just as cheap of JOE SAVAGE the old reliable Central dealer as anywhere in the Black Hills. Try him. . h And it VOU im" " r on these p'ckkN y--u THIS to see him. .. nt I 1 I've Got It! u"a HUlStrst. CENTRAL CITY - Let's Get Togetne'- I t v ii V uunus neer Haul Boiler an Engine Kepairinpr Special attention Given to Regrlnd-Ing and setting Valves. Can go to . any part of the country to do work F. UNDERWOOD, .1 Engleirood, a TX , PRnGTICAL PL?,f MAIN STREET . a and btean, - LEAD, SO. DAK.j

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