The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 19, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY PIONEER-TIM, DEADWOOD S. D. j Minne-kah-ta water for the stomach. j Try it. j I Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes-! ! senger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. j j FIVK ilL'NDKLD TUNS OF ICC t yon sa:j-: in Tin: ton only.,' j ZOKCKLLK ISKOfi. '. 1 1. Sin 1 1 a !i .-a ve n;i ai, y (.11 lull. I" -i". All In- asks i.- a i ham , i I i g i i : i u i : i ( 1 1 . i ;. J. llcrli'-i- a l.cifi lie !i..M v;i-i !i luii ( -I i '!.-! ina k i ii-; . i !. . : - Whieh Way P Strong Pull.... To Clear Out stock... AHE YOU HEANic? YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR YOUR MONEY, ..DON'T YOU? Chail; W". I Ii .EQopc Iapicllg YOU CAN GET IT, WE GIV. IT- imi win tii-". i liinl any ether , : i 3 sii . r 1 1 1 ; . t and so pleasant a DcWa: ; Little Kaily Kis' is. K.i k (I. l'hiliips. S'i KY i 'lANU, I; U1 nylinh .H. a lit i u ! h.i'i niily a Hawlf-y i ..Hen and Boys Clothin g . . this SAU-: is as ixti:km-:s'i'ix( ; IX YALIT, A XI) I'K'ICi; WIS!) AS IT WAS WKKKS ACO. ATALE OFLOW PRICES To (.har our .!itirr stuck o Siunniei' (iMid we will ulli-r t Is i-in this wirk No. 6?!', . Hotel. la. aioe !i.-i W'.-ir arrive,! in town la a . , ii : a '.' . I'll 1 : - :" I v. a . . ,n. I I 11-'' I In 1 i ,1 I I' a '! 'A miii I a II' I at ( He - i . -in. MH k. 'I I III'- I'l'ill'-' : and Hat Gents mm Coons s. Ca a- 1:1 I . I , !. II: rrrsfffr Political Speakers are Wrangling over I ivrapllrss ol Ioitiht ruv and what tlu-y cost "The Basis of Values ' ;. i t i 1 1 : i a n I la 'A i I " hie i. t. ii I(ihi.- . '.' ilia t a s Ii" i . a goat :ni:i.!ii i hi' Ik N''v Yin k pin-iimi'. I : c 1 1 i 1 1 Ail., in wliii was si, at 1 1 -Lead linsi'if ill lor M-w-ial .,i.s is mi ili i k again aii'l uill n Mini '.is po I a,n :il V. K. A'laias -.1 Monday Try ;i pound of the Standard Cn-h Giociy's L'.'.c 'In, lia ami .lava iiild','. It has a ilci i'-iiris l!aor Ihat ex. els all ol h'-r brand-, Ihat s !1 : ir in n, h more in ( II I . Th,' I'laiial. ah r i. ;,,i:l- Hi" .1. alii ;,t l'i,il Siinili i k ,il M: Cai A I K ii iuk I , :' .i - - ii In a' l r a n ill I,,-ss (if fix i ! ' -. Sin- lia-l jilM I ,- Every Dollar's forth Musi Be Solfl Shirt Waists, Silk Waists, Suits, Dress Goods, Walking Suits, ;, Hosiery and Underwear. Rc'arllr-s of what thev Cost SALE TO BEGIN C; in. a :nl uvt "tir I'rkvs ami vc will show- tin- IJ.tsU of Yalc on on: litu- in-iilr oi a minute. We Have the Goods i The rlirht vtutV at the riirlit ,r;a. C mi rt ilors will s.-al "! ".'--.i'i-;: ' "Tin- Crime of I'"!!. Comra-i'! -o. )on"; forgot t iie'nn ;;; .. ottday IViorning M , (, , , 'l ii -"ii ., !,:; !'!!. I 1 1 is i ,:,'',;- I 'a -I ii,' - to a inly i :: a!' Ii In ' n- , ;. !' a:i . I .. !. ! II UITI; WI-' k, v. I,. r .'. It. i ' . I" ad".e -1. S D . : ,'i !:..!., '' I',, k lad The Pionccs INER BROTHERS CO. 17 1. J. Wtrtcinr k Bro. 947 MaIN ST! 'EEL iiEAOVVOO!,, . I). ..,':.! i -:. a'lw.O'l ami 1 1 THE CITY. 1'0 Never Befor :i"i .1: 'c p, a C w. h ti ll.i l,..n.' ,ii ail. II kra.!" I i list .1 ul ly f, 1, A.MlAi'Sl"k-l(l SOU, s!'. LOCls ANT) i'AliST VI I. WAS K KE itKKU IS MADE DC MAI I' 'Ml ll li' OM '" HENCE CALL I 'OR IT. acst , III,! i i: a 1; p; ! all s!i. 111:11 h tro'i!, I liP-s. In Black Hills History Has Ilic ml, Mine 1,( en n ihi l ! I ii 1 1 : I , print need, ul III' v it I'd, ac In, fc lia', , I , i l incli a Crimd K'ln liiii i, I lia ml ill in, of the HiMh, a mi.' m,w , 1 ,. w i i, i , I , lulur hludioH (,!' H. R. LOCKE & CO., 1 1 1 , . i 1 1 1; i'iit 1 1 . 111 1:0 I i ( '. 11 1 1 a I Stand in front of Fare L'.V. S. Modern Deii- I iolia 1 1 1 : 1 ( I u.t Hume apple ( i'ler evai' at I he Sfii'iianl t'ash (irnreiy. Go to N'U'iina llakery auo ('.!.' f"r u-e ciciun. Served ever,, d i; . vV5 Alain street. t.' Fresh (ask of German dill pickles just oieneil at I lie i-'ta-ula, al Cash G:oceiy. ke Till ta hack. Sl I'eet. i III, Pie j ( hun li I Ii ; -jvitcil. i .lam, s I )' I : i ri i d ye. NO i . a life ii:-ni riiii 111,1:1. r. i v 111 I ie:iivi)iiil !'.-,, in I F. M. Ganfz, D. I). 1st: y of ah kinds. Main trtt Main street. LKAD. DB ADWOOD. 'I-'.s administered, experience. Kosen- GREAT SLAUGHTER SAL I Eijjlileen years o" ! thai Dleek. They Lead Othr Follow In l'hntOKrHphy, Culiiiu't Work ...... or l'linlinaly d, Tea t on wlie h there Is no war at Jje per pound at the Cash Grocery. tie. sell. .:i:,nda!d OF COURSE Coffee Talk. A I'l'i'ili'ci:. He dine across all the vay on a bicycle, a distance of nearly l;'ir hundrcil miles. He will visit Spearfish. Lead and other Hills t.evns before ret'.irnin home. THE NKXT Sl'MMEk'S RAGE FUR mi:n h'ill he the shirt wai ?t. TO I i: I'ltilPAUED. WE WILL CLOSi: OCT AI L THIS SUMMER'S SHIRKS AT ACTUAL COST AND LESS. SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY, at BLOOM'S. Mrs. Lons-.'in of South Omaha, sho has been visiti relatives in t'liearflsh. came over Friday night to attend the elite tainment at the Oj-era house. On returning to the Uul-!ock hotel at 'ie' close of tho entertainment .she vim taken violent'y ill W. L. Neil, I). U S.. resld'-Lt d- tl3t, baa moved his olflce to ltooia '3, Syndicate block. FIVE HUNDRED TONS Oi'' K'li FOR SbVLlt- I$Y THE Tt)N ONI-Y. ZOECKLEH HKOS. FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLEH BROS. D Wit's Little Early Risers a-e famous little pills for liver and bowel troubles. Never grippe. Kirk G. Phillip. Tour blood goes thru your, body with Jumps and bounds, carrying warmth and active life to every part, If you ta'te Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. you want a cornet o improve your liure remedy all (he defects and shortcoming of nature mould neat and graceful outline-give you most comfort and service for our money. Our MOCHA an1 JA causes the consume to em?k their Hjj nil ask of the haopy housewife, "Where did you bur thit eotfee ?" This Brand '1 ha wolf in the f?ble put In sheep's 'Tothii be'.-.use if he travled on his reputation ho culd.i't accomplish hia purponn. Count sileiters of DeWltt'a Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell their worthless salves on their merits, so they put them In boxes and wrappers like DeWitt's. Look out for them Take only DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve It cures piles and all pliin diseases Kirk G. rhlllipa. "Hunger la the best sauce.'' Yet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and sIck. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive TMADB na BSHT fand suffered 'i( n.sely. A physician Corsets All th fruit.i and vegetables of the season at the lowest prices. Standard Cash Grocery. Mln-ne-kah-ta water for kidney troubles. Try it. was calb'ii and for a time it was not known if she crulil recover. After a t'mo the remedies Riven seemed to reive rc'ii f. and vestordav she was d for r that she returned to I: 1 Puts songs In the house wife's mouth, causes life's boat to saM smooth upn harmonious isas, and the husband to be Jolly hapiy Because It Is the best and most delicious coffne ever gold, equals any .'ic coffee evpi on the market. Just try 30o worth- one pound. J. GOLDBERG. spcai .' It.-'' 11 1 It. W. Fro t. who fi r the ; , ii s have b en ni'ir. : nil th Mothers endorse It, children like it, old folkes use it. We refer n One Mln- ute Clinch Cure. It will qu.'-My cure' all throat ami Inns" troubles. Tirk G." Phillips. Tr' s 'SY pi.uio fur my IwiVit ;.-w power and makes the. whole body strong. Sick aeada lie - (ured by Hood's Til is. 25c. " liilions will be spent in politics this ye r. We can't keep the campaign go-i: without ir.iney any more than we c.ii! keep the body vigorous without food. Dyspepsi'-s used to starve then:-S' l'. es . Now 1 ivpr Msia C'ne (li::e-,:s what yi.n eat np-lii!;ws to eat all the 1:1 .oil fi..i y. u v :lit. It vill meet v t r every requirement. Get the shape l ' your figiii' corset satisfaction is then .i-MirJ. We Guarantee it So. W h' '.!i'' ;nv t!i.' lu-vt on tin- market. ' ' llici:! f i thi' Iron! a leaiicr for a !' '' . :' km ".nrc1: i) pkmci'.s. JfB ly, LEIAD'" : nan ', o t . ('-' ,' f-s ();,. n "Tar 1. No. '?-'. by r'i;' ick Hi ci ret ""(' ., 11 a . and ' to 1 nia. al".l ; lid Hon fieM Ki: k ' . I ' ) -1 , X" .. : ko-ie mi ( a! iP: e.T . , n - .'.c i :i . The." lvo e Kills .for L'-' yea fiieiiils in tlvs r.eli, a!iy ( ';i , s st'i;:::'.( h i ; ub' G. rhl.Uips. V N V A V N ;JfcJVN, -. V : l 0.. -. One Hlacl: many 1, in Corner Main and Gold Sts th ; 1900 Viu;S . ho 1 1 tin m sue. i ss in the i The ,...: Rates $1 Per Day European Hotel.... CARR & BERRY Props. f inislu'. ; a. . : Camera-- - ' The Superiority ot they have .). M.' Kelley. traveling re;ircsrnta tive and manager 6f the ready ptint department of the Sioux City Irilu-rp, was in the cify yesterday calling cu patrons and friends of that fatuous sheet Mr. Kelley is a hale fellow, well met, and -while in Deadwxnl but a few hours, made many friccds who will be glad to have him return for a Two Premiums Offered. TI: Library asso, .ation has deci.l, d to offer two premiums, one for the 'greatest variety, strongest, coloring, largest blossoms and the most .artistically arranged sweet peas. The other for 'he greatest variety and largest sized pansies. Exhibition to take place so coon as a sufficient number of competitors are secured. Send in your names to the librarian at , nee' and receive your number. Full particulars will bo given later. Anyone having sweet peas or pansies are cor i 5sfc-v:- 6? ! Vive Lenses Our Sample Room Lead Everywhere. In connection Is large, finely lighted I I HLe Bush Gerts T more extended visit to our city. Mr. Kelley is off on his mid-summei vacation and could, like many 'others, find no better place to spend it iban ic the healthful clime of the 31ack Hills section. The NORTHWESTERN LINE has been named the official route, from the Black Hills to Chicago on account and furnished, where a good stock of the choicest wines, liquors and cigars are constantly carried In stock music of the choicest rarlety causes the air to ring with good cheer attentive Quiet Orderly Place. PIANOS Superior for.., waiters and courteous treatment causes a climax that only few places In the! dially invited to enter the contest, lw $31.55 $31.55 $31.55 Chicago and teturn via Northwestern line, Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley R. R. Tickets on sale August 23, 24, 25 and 26, on acccunt ot the annual encampme nt of the Grand Army of the Hepublic. Final return limit September 1st, Mibject to extension to September roth. 1 Bear in mind the most popular train for Chicago leaes Deadwood daily at west may boast of. Tone, Touci. of the Grand Encampment ,G. A. R. to be held in Chicago. August 27-31. 1900. Dates pf Sale: August 23-26, inclusive. Extension of Limit: By depositing tickets with joint agent of terminal Durability IL Steam Heat For sale by Location In the Heart of the City. 6 p. m. Bath and Toilet nam ana.iouci Fishel's Bazaar, Any further information will be ' promptly and cheerfully furnished by j lines on August 2itn, and up to noon of September 2nd, and paying Joint agency fee, extension may be secured until and Including September 20th, 1900. Joint agent's offic will be at 100 Jackson Boulevard, Monadnock building. Chicago. J 3t I v o VS In Each Room; g CUTr & LJCYty i 663 Syndicate Bloct Main St. calling or writing to V. A. HAMPTON. ; City Ticket Agent. Deadwood. S. D. " ' N. N N

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