The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 15, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

" TBE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. 5, 19., Sfesleyan Quartet again tonight 25 cents. Min ne-kah ta water for the stomach. Tiy it. Entire hange of program tonight and onlv 1;.", .as for Weslevan's. JH Staoncj Pull.... ...To Clear Out Stock... WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1 IWhieh Way 1 I lon.iiiiad-' g, nuine a i i ' 1 rider vin-1 fjar at the Sf.mlard CaMi Gnu eiy. Th.. IS. M pay car is lui i ; i n. i to I an he ioda on train No. Z'i'. iii. at ! .'. :. this - , ti ARB TOJJ HEADIITC? YOU WANT THE MOST AND BEST FOR YOUR MONEY, ' DON'T YOU? ::ig. i 'i'li'- i I S.-tl : i . pj.ij , d I .-tv i n Si: n .la n ,-. Th, . , , i j ,, i, ,.. I,.'-. k.. Mi , ., - I'l VI : : ' I M !; j :i , n ,.;; t m" ' in; i-'t m; s : .i : i 1 ti i i; r. j i :.y 1 .I1 : i i.i:u r.i:, -. M' - K.I!, . . .:. THIS SAIJ; IS AS IXTKK'KS TIN ; IN VALI i; AND I'KiVK WIS!'. AS rr was wkkks ; . rYOU CAN GET IT, WE GIVH ITfc ..Hen a nd Boys Clothing. . W PRICES TA 1 UJJ 8aii law ari M Fiirnislgjoils Political Speakers are Wrangling over fiat r c:i 1 1 r n Sinn :iii" I in tli'-- i-i'l .in.l what l iicv T. ,lv;n "ii C....U v.- v-ai'lK n,' w f.i::.c 'i - ! : tnuM's. I'lnihps : 1 1 - i ; 'i" i "Te Basis of Values' Vain, am. we v. a 'intuit' Every Dollars M lust Be Sold Shirt Wabts, Silk Waists, Suits, Dress Goods, Walking Suits, Hosiery and Underwear. IYo;arIle-.s. ct what they Cost SALE TO DECIN We Have the Goods...., j n: n- I lo.i.i.. ! 1 1 Mi i W.!'. . n mi !,', '. ' ! II I : "'in ;: loir a. . ) 'i'li u :-ti f j I .. II,' I 1 1: : I . in- wr.U ;i f ' .-n I . ! from New Vol k. ! Tht; Elkhorn ore train brought i "j clfwn thirty-two ca:s! of ore last even-! ins;, one of the lar.-est ore Mains ever j j - , i n mi i:ii. j j -"ivi: iit'.'ii;i:i tons ok i' i: j I K lit S A ! .1 : FA I I! K 'I'i i ' i.LY. j j z i; k imos. j 'I'li,- I , a i ii ' ii:' k!m -1 1 'i 'a in on 1 I I kali ce t!,, ; . ii-. n, ik, S'ooii.. ; - ; ' , ' ! ! ',,:. ,;i ; . , i k - i The ri-lit -tulV at t lie r;ir!it . ri.r-.l 'onii-otitt-f (Vionday Morning a- Tin Criiii. it' 1' r.uiir an.l -t'O. Dnn't I". .rt. t h. ':!:'.. ZOELLNER BROTHERS CO. The Pioncs a.!)li!Il:RS. Irtiiiryn. 647 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD. a. I). jLiumuuiMia nini n ii'h'iiwiff w ii'i'iiiiw imimi i t n ihwn n iiTirriiniiniiiWTTTiTin"ni''n i i ni n n vttsok I : hi tut niv Never Raiora i i I- In Black Hills History I" ; i,-...lii, , '1. , i n ,1, t , i h ii, 1 '-,:, I it.,- Hm. " l,,.,.:r Mn.ii. ,, H. R. LOCKE & CO., M ii ,n bl r-t : UAH GREAT SLAUGHThiviAIi ON ALL O U Main Ntret, DEADWOOD I $ Thev Lfaa Other Ftilmw S . i.,..., ii t ..I'm, i U..ik i i," ! II Id i Ik,- V I , , I I.Himntv i t . K. .N.,.1, 1 1 1 1. ;s., si.u nt t! u Iljt, lias ,v 1 1 1. in ellire to K'oii; ' J . .-yiitln ale l,!o, k. ! i i: .ii ni n;i:i tons ok in-: Koll SAI.K liV Till.; TON ONLV. ZOICCKLKK HHOS. I !: l..o otm'CwuM.No. ,ta.- T'llle.''- h... U S 1 a I, 1 ; n f i ont c,I ll.i. ft. . if'. a::ii t!.. Ir tati..l:e-. i N. !-ee street. Karu S-jC. will i,. i nt.-s I i.ii.-il l,i' Mr.-, .loim I ii.ii win in-o-r find ill. n'her ,'i!ls A ehaime has heen limit . w h . m . 1 y I , 1 ; i r i . i .it ;i pit nir iii IihU'- arm so prompt an.l so pleasant as IK-Wir: the Wesleyan's will sirg tonight in - K, iir h,.r i,ii.iKe. on Kii'lay after- j Kittle Kaily Riser . Kirk , . l'hillips. steatl of Friday night and the pi ire for J n,m. Aniiiist 17th. f. I). Smith hi.ii iit s nothing but th reservetl seats only eents. ! - . following marirage li, - ns, s ! t-Ri gra'le smithing coal. TUB SINGER is doing biisless at . v., u- giant. d : fsteiday l.y the .Ink p. M. (;;tutz, D. o. S. Modern Deu-the old stand, C56 Main street, oppo- j of .ourts Clde C. Oilheit of I lanl-! -jstrv tf ul, kiutU. tlas aduiinldteretl. site Max Flshd'a. Oil, needles and attachments for all kinds of machines. Vour blood goes thru your body with jumps and hounds, carrying warmth and active- life to every part, ing. South Dakota: Miss Kna M. t. lark of Hear (lult h. Also Warren Attall and .Miss llessie Peterson of Lead. .1. II. Lau ren, , and wife. Mrs. 1. Coffee Talk.. Our MOCHA nn 1 J.W causes the consiiuien to smak tbelr ami fl1- of the hanry houaowife. Where did you tniy coffee?" This Brand Puts Bongs in the house wife's mouth, crises life's boat to saM smooth up'iu harmonious sas, and ihe huabund to be Juriy acii hap y Because if you take Rocky Mountain Tea. ! ;. Hi ookfield ami son. A A Wolfen-Ask your druggist. i l( rger and wile with .1. .1. I.elia Waif Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal lilock. Tea dust on whii h there Is no war tax sells at - " per jiouutl at the Standaid Casii Grocery. ANHAUSKR-BCSCH, bl LOCIft 4NI) I'AlJriT MI LWAL'KEiJ HEER la 1A1M-; OF MALT AND HOI'S ONLY HENCE CALL FOR IT. Til. Ki kin M '1 , t I I i e. I :i!l et ; i'l .-'t'!.':i oa ...oiitit of Illuming tli" 1 . ,i : I: , ii a I. one ! rum lint S; I 1 1. . Ii:.- Ii.: pe I lio s iipi-l I't' lil'.c. ! , to l,e ; ,!,. to I'. m.-iU! Mi Hot t nliergt r ami Miss Kinniit Suavely. Mho have heen here on an extended visit. tVparteii last evening for thei- All tho fruita and vegetahles of the season at the lowest price?, Standard Cash Grocery. Min-nekah ta water for kidney trou ! 1 """ " '' -telling, hies. Trv it. T1" l;' " h '' IIiiwit ajsrn-Latioii I he 4 !..! a ..Mis.- VI. Mothers endorse It, children like it. '" - !. .1 I I II , I.I v rt, ii.ii.. i a s. w n day wiener. , ojiipany hi- sixt ' p. -op!.', : '::'. e !.,!.- I'll,!, is seldom --,!! e, en p), : ' - I.- i r i:u ::e , -if. :' I '. 1 It Is the an.l mK-. delicious coffee ewr sjlil,r equals any jJf colfi'S t vi on the n:aiK,jt. Just try 30o worth- o'te pound. -til old folkes use it. We refer to One Minute Toii h Cure. It will quickly cute all throat anil lung troubles. Kirk O. Thillips. EHV piano for my f injl! Hjiw-; . only regular i!-aie: N k!'. hv HulliK'k Hotel. Whili tli-'v are tlir 1 - -1 mi the niarke!. ' t licm tn 1 ii - 1 r- i : a l.'.i' i, '' I , ' I " . K1 1 ; i t c i . i !';'u"i-;s ..21(OW i ' 1 ai: ' ' i '. ' . i , . ! . 1 - ; ,u- . i ' : , i :, 1 1 . I ',- :i ' i .vi , ! iJ''' ! 1' 'ke V.'e.s !, .. ; : V , t., i, ,.. .,, 1 1 . ni. i I.i .: ::. M I . i -1 i , --. I , T w ,;k . i.e , f a i ii i ; i , 1 1 1 f,,r n :ii it, X ""' '"'l ''''f -t'H i:i !'e i iu-u 1 j -i i,, . , !S j,,,.,, ,,,, i .i low p: 1, e of S. i ts. and enf,,-,- jt,t f:- W',-,... ;il'.. A fail h-.-e- V' : .!-. -. n Corner Main and Gold Sts 1900 uVK li.iiii:.' -'PIA, d l-roi:,::!) i.miulit. O' t i- -wiil gr. el tie- hoys tonight. ' ' ,' " ' "' " ' 1 "Hunger is tho best sauce.'' Yet I .Millions will he spent In politics this ' some people are never hungry, and Rates $i Per Day European Hotel.... CARR & BERRY Pr Tlu- ni finisliol Camcra- they get weak and sicK. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes the whole body strong. .sk headache is cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. year. We can't keep the campaign going without mlney any more than we can keep the body vigorous without food. Dyspepsics used to starve themselves . Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you to eat all the good food you wafit. It radically cures stomach trubles. Kirk The Superiority of Vive Lenses j Lead Everywhere. Forced Sale. Three thousand dollars must be Our Sample Room The Riich Ortc A Quiet Orderly Place. In connection la large, finely lighted and furnished, where a good stock of j the choloest wines, liquors and cigars are constantly carried In stock music of the choicest Tariety causes the air to ring with good cheer attentlre waiters and courteous treatment causes raised before September 1st. If you want to buy good goods for less than it costs to manufacture them come and pee. Our entire line of Ladies' art Waists will be sold for 95c, vorth from $1 up to J2.25. Prints worth 7c and 7V4c go at 5c. Ladies' Kid Gloves worth from $1.00 up to 11.50, will be sold at 90c. Ladies' Silk Underwear, worth 45c and 50c, now 35c. Summor Corsets worth 35c, now mi it no I HrriL--va 0. Phillips. Miss Aurora Ford, who went from here to the New York School of De sign last year, and had all sorts of tribulations, is at last in a position to reap some reward for her labor and sacrifices. She has secured a situation as designer for a manufacturing concern and her work is giving satisfaction. She writes her benefactresses, Mesdames. Smith and Phillips. The wolf in the fable put in sheep's clothing because if he travled on his reputation he culdn't accomplish his purpose Counterfeiters of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salre couldn't sell their worthless salves on their merits, so they put them In boxes and wrapper H I a climax that only few places in the west may boast of. Superior for... S Tone, Touct. I 25c. 4 A Men's Shirts worth 65c and 75c, go Durability at 35c. Men's Balbriggan Underwear worth 2 For sale by Steam Heat 45c now 25c. Location In- tlit Heart of the City. Bring In your tickets and get your Fishel's Bazaar, Bath arid Toilet ?!B.ware, queensware, before Sep tember 1st. One low price to alL like DeWitt's. Look out for them Take only DeWitt's Witch HaxeJ BaK It cures piles and an skin diseases Kirk O. Phinipa. . . V ( ' U la Each Room. Car S BeTTy ; NEW Y0RK STORE. x . ooo syndicate biock main Shermsn SU Deadwood, 8. D. - J Vj&jrjjmjjjrJBm& &

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