The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 10, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1900
Page 6
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The Lead Daily PioneerTihes 25th YEAK. LEAD, I), i KI.ACK HILLS), FRIDAY AUGUST U). Vhh MERE MENTION. Lunch Counter. At the Uerb? lunch counter, in charge of Overton Wagner, meals and special orders are served at reasonable prices, day and night. Tlernev & Berry's place. Main street, Lead. tf the Sparso block is The tirst stO! n'url up. fxi.NT ir.i-s the special sale of .irp-ts t.h.s week at S. R. Smith's. 2t Remember rhe lecture this evening I. H Iioiltver. brother of the renowu-i.i .-tate-niar. ! Iowa, will lecture in the M K church on "Our Government ;t Washintrton. How It Is Housed and W orks. ' Admission 1T cents. Dead -'! wa. ar ir. Lead J-w -opK About Ladies' Fine Footwear w ood Hearst Mercantile Co. No-,. 100 to 110 X Mill St. LINES CARRIED. Dry Goods, Carpets and Drjpenes... Millinery and Ladies Ready-To-Wear Goods. Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Trunks and Valices. Groceries, Hadrware and Mine and Mill Suplies. Theo Geski as dow n to Smrgii -i-i- :. :nf-S3 matters. yestf-r ia Monuments. George j Snyder haa the agency tor Kimball Bros., the monument firm of Lincoln that has erected so many stones in the ftilU. Those in want will do well by calling at No. 27 Gold street or addressing Lock Box 635 Lead. S. D. 7-IMrn M-'lf NeVin-i lett eveuint; tor 'lJ th As the greater buying Butte. Montana, where he intends to remain The Sewer Rightof-Way. The mayor umi c.ty ouiu il or l,i-;td devoted i-st'T.i.i afternoon to look-Ins into the el i:;n- of the various un-trs l inoii.-it. thin uliieli the main hewer will li a to i;is.s i he met f;t the ( n h.ill Aheie they consulted with tin- ti'i.-t'-.-s of the Miners' Vnipn an. I n ln-r.- They also waited upon ethers who own property alone; the lin-e am! who 1 1 i not come to the city hall so lhat tln-y saw everyone oniernei Tlii-ir uliji-ct was to com.-t't some 1 1 1 1 i -ft ;i in I i ti ir ami learn what rail) inn- wanted for the risht-of way etc ami if iossilile to effect Kllllr kitl'l ! a compromise that would he sat is:artor to all i, lilies Hut yestci -il,. ' , work availed lui lit tie. Most of the parties visited did rot know what the wanted to do, i nil a few set priees upon their pro) rrty which will true to he considered liy the couiiril at a spn ial meeting This matte; will he settled this Week either lo i ompromise of mine nature or. if the city's representatives and thr property owners cannot reach r satisfactory conclusion then the '' ah. r-'-s aaj a'totic aad it kiar.. that S R Smitli had Uid ) i natural that progressive dealer should cat-er largely whim?. in no branch of the shoe business does the nei ; make itself felt more keenly than in the woman - added kit II ess. hen t!in.:.-hii;us to Ins bus L't " A.". The Salvation Army and their irieii.i- .-pent ; estirday at B-nder's aire Th- 'n.ioyed virions gan:e i'nd a very sociable time Refreshment.- Were served under the da'ec ticn o: th" members of tin armv and all report a very pleasant da. .1 K Medd nigh, the photographer, was out on the Homestake water ditch and sa s they are pushing the work a fast as possible. They have the walls of the pumping station completed and at- putting up the trusses. This building will be lompleted in a !.-w day.- Notice to Contractors. Scaled bids w-1 : 1 be received up to 6 o'clock Augis'. nth. for the ereo-t:a and completion of a two-story brick and stoae house, forHose com- pun has in South .i.-eil esterda -r!;. of John A bt. Otto W. ed t In- prop Lead p:.nv No. 1. Levi. South Diko "'' SO'Jgt 13 a.-9 ' d-ei.'np ". t- b w Jre full-:i--irer tie -- a past. here that shoe art predominates, lan colors arj m : for thao ever this season. ; Fansj vesting and si roll dess.irius.ire al v i -. : the KTireme plain shoe free fiuai uiuui.-i. , tiou 1 bt pleasing and facinatin effei ts in 1k sU -yeno a pen picture. Thee lasts have a tendency t - near at the toe and posses very graceful lines. Th-y oni auatomicai requirements of the foot than for aixuy s and it is to be hoped thct it will be a long-lingering ?: s. with tJ 1 1Kb t -of llUMIle;,.- Plans au 1 spedfloatiqn ' 'apth.'n ( u i. i i:;i-.l;oi !i i a man . w a . l.n il, ;i.a at ter in l.e.n 't.i . oniitioa- cia he seen at t?.e o:ace of Joha W.. Gibbs Ar-hite.-t Lead, South Dikou. The ri?ht Is r -served tJ re;'-" t any Lead The eoi" ert and recital to have been i-iveii at the Congregational i t.urch ana a.i hits an l proposal JOHN W GIBBS Area lielli 1 al A-n: 1 I, iii;L, w ,s j :esteri:ay luokiim after interests i ontiection-with the Mlkhorn Mrs. Loui' l.uolis. who has 'isitini, friend; at Whitenoud last wiek ha. returned home Cell Misses and Children's Shoes. the iii aaj The extreme hard wear given shoes by little fiik-; i;,, theme of much thought and study ou our part We have striven to serine only the very b"-t 0:21 r?r tion has been given the Lists, that nature's work may ur. fered with iu maturing the foot. Style is always a prominent feature. the uh hi- I. en postponed until .iign-t UMh ou aci ount of the Clan Stewait pii nil . also the celebrated e, tuie. under the auspices o: the V. (' TT. !'.. oct lin ing on about the same date R. I!. Stuart and Tim Foley went out to Spcartish Crossing Wednesday to irceive L'u .Don young trout from the Speartish hatchery. The fish were about three indies long and were all I lit in the stream Two or three years from now fishing at Spearfish Crossing should be good. John Abl. who went up to Butte a week ot ten days ago. writes home that lie is very favorably imprt ssed with that count!', and will mak his borne there for the present al least. He has secured employment there vith one of the mining companies. a- tae above 0: uur lines ot aress snoes are particularly stron? m points. You are invited to visit the shoe department 1'rof (inibhs and family will move into the resident e in South Lead re tently vacat'-d by Jchn Corcoran. Louie Jacobs has leased the south half of the Wolf! Kink buildinp on Mill street, and will soon occupy it. If you are looking for a good smoke ask for Chamison's MONARCH strictly union-made cigar. Fa?tory ia May block. Lead. t T. Grace Ha. Hey is registered at the Momestakc She is from Keitbs-l urg. Italy, and is in the Hills on a sightseeing to'ir. j ower ot the courts w ill he inioked and condeinnal ion proceediiiKs i oni nienccd The contract for the run fctriiction of the sewer is to he award k) tomorrow. Saturday, according to the advertisement calling for hids and the right of wav must he gained immediately. It is not the desire of the council to take any advantage of anyone, nor en the other hand, do they intend to pay exorbitant considerations for the sewer. They o press a edsire to do f.ll that Justly should be done, arid it la hoped that the aid of the courts will not be resorted to in order to settle the matter. However, later In the evening the city fathers made a settlement with th've of the property owners, and ther i one other settlement that will probably be reached tomorrow. There are still several others with whom an nureenient seems to be nnite distant at this time. HE GOT THE INTERVIEW. A M n r y of Amoi rammloics attd rftarr o1 Stat Hewifd. It wan while A hum Cummiug wn the Washington correspondent of ths New York .du that be bad a memorable interview with Lincoln's secretary of state, Sewurd Cuuimings reeelved orders one day to get certain information from Secretary Seward without fail, and accordingly be went t tbe secretary's othVe o see him. Mr. Jteward did uoi reeeive the newspaper man very cordially. "1 won't talk to a representative' of The Suu on that subject." said tbe sec-retary. "I am very busy. You are takicu; up my time, young man, and I can't lie lint iiereil with you." In itn instant Cuminiiigs was boiling with linger and hurt pride. He drew himself up. liokeil the secretary straight iu the eyes und said- "You forc-t. sir. rbat there are three parties to this interview." PcfABllSHEO 1876 1 last evepiiig's win re he goes whom he has His wile expec ts to go to Hutte to oin Krm-st Mav h it on 'jlkhoi n for St. Louis, on a visit to a sister not seen for vears. hf r himband within a short time. S R. Siniin is having a big busi ness in tbe carpet line during his .spe- Lead, So. DaKTy ial .sale l w "Mrs. Mack, w hose hom is at Oma ha, but who i.- visiting ia Deadwooul wil.i Mrs. Cottou. was in l?ad yester WALTER McKAY. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance "Three'" queried Seward in surprise. "How do you make that out?" "First, air. there is you. secretary of state audi one of tbe foremost tigure lu the worli' of men of the day; second, there is the correspondent of the New York Sun. ho has come to you on a perfectly proper errand in the service of his newspaper, and, third, sir. there Is an Amen-an citizen who considers himself the etu;il of any man on earth and w ho will' nut be iusulted by you or any man uliv ''' The great Seward looked at Cum tilings and 'mled. "Sit down." he said, -and tell me exactly what run want, voung man." The Sen "ui only gut the news it wanted, i! of r!ie best interview, with ' v. ird ever published. -Sat unlay !'. !'"-t . mm) 1 OSvc Mav Block. Ltad. S. D tins Ostenberg one of the machinists in the Homestake shops, left yesterday for Seattle, for the purpose ( f looking over that country. Houses bought and sold, money loaned, general insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jepsen, Room 1, Cottou & Andrews block. Lead, S. D. tf The funeral ot the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman took place yesterday afternoon from the residence. Interment in South Lead cemetery. S. Il Smith, (lir-'itor. Henry Sjhn.tze's assay office and laboratory is located in the basement of Faust's new block. Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his line. Cf ('Italics l)iii-,"-s ami family, who wire burned out in the lire on upper Main street several nights ago, are moving into a irsidencr about half wi.y ii Mill a, ret. in South Lead Steve Zerega After Free Rides. It is quite a common occurrence for the conductors on the I). C. narrow puuge between Lead and Deadwood to be compelled to stop the train and jut off persons who are attempting to ride without tickets or without paying. In many cases the would be passengers presume a great familiarity upon short acquaintance and being in one town or the other, and l.'own in all their money in having a good time, attempt to ride. In other tuses. some big husky fellow that thinks he can strike a Jeffries blow. Will try and Huff the conductor into letting him go free. Hut the conductors have their instructions from headquarters ami althn they are both pleasant and sociable oung men. they enforce the orders of the road and those that ride must have some thing to show for it The conductors are often threatened with bring Whipped, but as yet neither have had that experience, and the one that at o Want-, to sl-c vou u ln-n vmi ;irn in -.(.arcli of WINES. LIQUORS. DR. E. S BUCBEE. I n illicit y or irn. "Ti.e f !!: ' 'lie.- I ever S.'l W or lean!." vi;. - ,.. (. epevv in SM- . ''--. "W ' - 1'ie led life of A rteiltlf Kvk Si AT :i Ii.. ORCICARS And it ('u ( n tilt'.!.' yen l 'iU'W h; ricc vou wotild want Boiler aiflEnysE 1 1 'lit" ciiUii' x ii. on M ir 1 . d -il AH.:i i..,'. '1 he audi t i i 1 1 . Lie, .'uiisc: v at i ve i a .':;o'. Ward,,--loppeil ami said. al'LT -r tl.iti-'s. vv hidi had met - ;''iv. 'There's a juke.' i Hill of tile whole enter Ward then iiin. d'!r cine ua-and proper t . aged, lindlv one of !,: . with no n Sllihlelllv. tb The Mod was report this n. ontli in Wordmali picnic that il to oi cur on the -I'd of h is been i hanged to the tempts it Is taking chances, for " ""j dealt day morning and was taken sudden ly ill Dr. Zerfing administered to the-I idy and in a : hoi t time she experienced relief nnd ref ill neil to I lead wood . Mr and Mrs. V. O I leak, prosper mis farmers of Centennial prairie, and .Vrs Mi Nabb who is visiting the He.iks. and whose home is in Midii fen City. Ial. were in Ij'ad vii-ter-day. the gu. -t- of Chail. s Dickinson end wife. Mr lleak pun based tin ; rotter owned 'i;- Charlie and will take him dow n into the valley The Ladies' id Sociep. of the .u ustana ( h ui i h will gi v e a lawn soda I on the afternoon aid evening of Friday. August on Alderman .lulih I'lt.T-on's lawn in Hiawatha ark. 'i'lie societv. which works faithfully for n iie-ei v int: cau.-e. has hitherto l-r-en vcr sine, ssful ill its doings, and ". f shall look forward to a good pat milage also this time. The I'resliv terain Sunday school held a very enjoyable days' outing in the vicinity of the Savage tunnel yesterday. There was qutie a gathering of the young folks, and. in company with their teachers and a few fi lends, left early in the forenoon. They took well filled baskets and made all preparations to have a thor-oly good time. The Lead Call is very mich worried r.t the prices being charged by th J ice dealers in thN city for that commodity, anil advocates that someone who wants to mak? a barrel of money. i.hould have a good opportunity of accomplishing that end if they would 1 nild and operate an ice mar.tifac,- boys have the best of it. a good I r.:d of this; month It will be held fit Special at'.-ti : ing and scttii.c V the same as an officer has when h Is arresting a man. 1! ) to svt- hi oi. Pve Got It! You want It! Let's Get Together. Yours for business STEVE anv part of t !. '.:."' ' ' F. UNDERWOOD the I'nion pici:K grounds out on the Ft it Pierre railroad Morris Powell and Hen Maloney went ('.own on last t vening's train to Sturgis and from there will go to Rapid City today and then drive out to the ranch (f Ed Hanlin. Iielow Lapid. where they will take a week's outing. tainniciit i-iiii.' like an :ivalaiiche. The audience began to titter, thcu to laugh, thru to roar run! al the end of 1"i minutes was positively iu a hysterical condition. It was an illustration of the psychology of association and senti-uieut. precisely the sunt' as tliat which produces panics, when there are no coinniei ial troubles and uo financial dirtieulties." Clarence McDonald. Will Campbell. Madison Ballantyne and Young Iash-ley returned home yesterday from the bicycle trip to Hot Springs. They report having had a fine time during their week's absence and regretted having to return home so soon. OFF ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD. So. DAK JULY CLEARINCRUP Sweeping Reductions To reduce stock and make room for new goods. Carpets, Oildotlis, Lileni ... lii M ... What's The : Use ! Of hauling your haj and grain so far when you can do just as well, if not better, by buying of For One Week. taiing plant in this city. If the present temperaturecontinues up around the ion mark. we. too. will advrcate the same thing providing we are .given a ibair and privilege of camping there until Old Sol has spent his wrath. Hut we don't believe the t-rnposition woi'.d pay. DRAPER JOE SAVAGE The old reliable dealer in HAY AND GRAIN, Who has been in Central for so many years. Try him, and if you CANNOT do better with him then go where you hav been going. r We will make a sweeping reduction on our entire m Summer Goods m SHIRT WAISTS. CRASH SHIRTS. ....SAILOR AND TRIMMED HATS.. . UWNS: DEMNITY. WHITE GOODS. LACES, EMBROIDERY lit fact, everything classed as Bummer goods. It .will be , price to close regardless of cost. This means money saved to everyone supplying their needs at our store. Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods, Clothing, Hats, and Boots .'-''-""'-'"- in4 shoes. - Lawn Social at Central. This afternoon the W. R. C. of Dead-wocmI will drive in carriages to City and enjoy an outing. At the His store is on For Cash This Week. ALSO JUST RECEIVED BEAUTIFUL STOCK OF Kiln Street, CENTRAL CITY home of Mrs. Charles K. YVeedon will THEss WHICH WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE SPECIAL SALE. S. R, SMITH te held a lawn sociable this afternoon and evening, and it is certainly a very pleasant place for such an occasion. Tbe lawn is jt.reen with a luxuriant growth of grass and many varieties of flowers. Ice cream, and cake will be served In tbe shade of the lawn and a lleasant time is certain.' All are Invited to come and Join with them in passing a few hours of pleasure. Old King Brewer., HENRY ROSEN KRANTZ, Who was the first brewer In the . Black Hills, Is yet at the same old stand in Central. Came there in ..Ve, and you couldn't chase htm away with a club. "When la his town. Just drop la and see him. He's a bird. Where They Sell Cheap. . No. 5 Alain Street Lead ase's 7 JL LEAD. S. D.

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