The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 7, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1900
Page 7
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1A1I.Y I'lONEEK TIMES. IiKAUWdUD S. f. H'K.-I'AV UOKST ADDITIONAL BELT. i.p.r t.ic tte rewtiai.f j.-.ufLec i -ai.hii.p-. , ana tne nrst rntu!. Treats ill Diseases Li.:, .x. M A::j. m N. t .. n:.. .-1 a 1 1 l ; . Lt t :' Lis , i editors will li brio! ,ffTthe oi- i first -!a?P cook i.'niK'. A. K. is .n: -NT. P. wa Boston Celt'.'; tOUs- : '.-"('. an ass. -sine iut M on- half .-nt per 1 , . . i. tht . ap t..; -to. k , , ir,; .. ..i i" immediately . 1 -.-Win. S.b:. . at hi.- mo ; : S P c.U OF ;.:teb Prop. M. o. . . t' tl..' tr.v.Mi: ul Ti . .li 1 '. ail a . . t... 1- ... .... .. I I . U .1 . ,h. ,f I. os Angel.s, C'.tli- ,i.:l!r.E With h'T. fl'l"Illi. . u'.'. kston.- at h.r horn.- ; rni.'. :: t--s ! Any ii. ::. -day c.: : tit r. :i( .i i..'' a-s. -s- ( e ,j iH r.'i tlLpaal on the -('th A .! :!. j :(. w;u ... delin-1 I .i-H-i t i-. d mi!.-, "and nn- - Men and Women DR. TODD, PERMANENTLY LOCATED IN ., Centra!. " u are looking for a good smoke 1 ... fh-imison's MONARCH- d 1 1,- U - I. a'. . Ii. n ina.i- w . i !" -old at pa. atl- llun o: :,' ul l In' I r.'a'iM v. Win I t ioi - " . .... .n-made cigar. Favtory in i ... i hay bi-. Ua,i' Ameii'an National 1 lK,r 1 1 n.i. m il N . .ll.K .i N . ,d a rti ;. 1'. on the 8th !'" uight and sold . money loan- U M HOUSr: , ,. , . oil."'. e anil notarv pub at 1 I,.- tatik, day c o . '.) k pav -!:!. : "I'i .-in i ri , i :u'.', ill eral UMir- 1 of mil day ,-j,.t,,r T. Kpten, Room 1, Col ton tO j "M lie .'r.'al If i t ''.ciHi'i'aT.t assessment, to i:.i . In al;. LEAD AND DEADWOOD. i LEAD CITV OKI-ICE. Puilo.s ; of S. Ltiltz... i i J.iiiw. ov.-r .;,K.-r. N ,. Mala sit:. . t. ... ad. Tl i:s) . TI 1 1' US 1AV and S ATl'UllA V all. r noons, from 2 7o to ::o p. in. , DEAIAVoOU OKI i 'I: in Wa.t--; Dloi k, cOMi.-r Mam ; 1 D.ulvv,,o, streets. Deadwood, S. i. .i.u!v . I cept hours in Lead. - .V M. i .i'.gl.. . Si Al H INS : '.:t i oi.i t id ' I.. . a ;t. v. itb.n ..i.d awr.llco. Sn.lU I, ay. l'laiut:tl. 1 n. tie's assay office and la- it... Ht-cr? I - i In :Mi '!:' . o-t of a.H-r? j s- ' ' ; . - of mi!. 1 ';':r; wi i.i.i m si:i.i;ii: i S. ! arv and TreaMii .-r. I '""' ! i - . :,tt (1 in the basement of ock. I ad, and he is pi e- H.itor M it. . .. .... . h. . i. It il ' M i ...c i -..-! . .- . : . : : t.. ,t.i: I.- ;... I ..- f..l.. . .. . .i . . ... fi 1 ,, I OTIieiS lu UI3 uur. u I .v., 1;nt NOTICK. J'nor : K . I ; it a i. iiimki:i; i.o;.i: n, 1'. !.-r N H..1.-OU air! S 1 1 : a. an, !."-" ' : '.: name i- to pla.ntill :m-knovAii Defendants The State of South lul.nta ' r.ds Only the ; greet ,iig . To l'. i. i- N Hanson ;m-l S I! Human, defendants: You are hereby mi u, moio'd and I iharks ciiai-out ttie ni"i'. CtlHI'r.'' d ihark re.'.-n'l ctargeii hm niortpa', a i.' tie man '" " (luired to answer t he . omplaint pliant iff above named, who h was (1 of led ik o of t'.e urdt rsicn, d referee i: i 'ij v.. jtt Deadwood. South Ui-ota. i n the ilth day of August. A. 1 ..t :i oiio 1: i:; ih... i,ou:i. a; ' ''' the raid . r.ditors may a ;.:.!, l rv v e tl:- .r , iaim--, ..pprint .t !' '' anii-.e ! an : t'a:..-;... l nn h o:!., r I- ;siness as ma-- '..' v.i.v before -aid nit . 1 ; i: w h.i.i: c. henxktt. K- feree in Bankruptcy. 1 D .'olvvu-od. 'South Dakota .1 . ' : rd. ! :o,i. I'." I' !- .1 :!v 1". ll.ii, I , NOTICE OF FIRST MEETTING OF ' ki:i 'i : nKs. " ' '''.'; i'"i'l ut i!., 1 n:ie 1 S'..'' :: .:' I ', ; '!,. U -fill Ph. - : (.. I ' ' . t : --ouo, D,,kui., t- ' '-' "I I.'.! . aid ( 'utbL.T' -, II Palli ,. '"' th-- ' : d.t.,- id Kdw.ud Cuth M-on. u! l. a,w I. :n the fount. , I ( -w i , , a :,,!,--., ni I,,,,, ki apt. N,,;,. ,- I- In r. l-v g. n that on th" -IM ! of Jim . A. li l-.ioo. (. Mild '' ..! in ' h I , if uu. vv hi, was duly iU'i-' d a b.iuki : i t .nn! that the first 111, . t .l.g ot I.I- , M -d.lors w III be held at Ha uMl.e ,, tl,,. lefelee in M'" City ,,f Deadwood. ' " in' . of I a .v i em and Stat, of Suit I. S ..ii li 1 .. I.. ,ia. mi 1 1... Ilth day of Augu-t. , 1 i i: ,,l l en o . lo, k in Ih.- fur, nun n of said day, at which lime Ihe ( I -.1 1 tors may attend, prove Ih. ir i I a i ni s . appoint a trustee. . xam-ine th,. bankrupt and Iransa, t sin h "'li' r biisim ss as may properly come i In tor, the m rting. .l! N II. I. K ; BEN N 10 I "1", lief, tee in . .auk ' aptcy . Ii:lv 21-1. HKMl. ' First Pub July 21. 1!H0 ) ! ASSKSS.1I:NT NOTIfK - Ruby I'lat Mining Co; principal pla. e of , business. Deadwood. S. 1 1 ; location of j mines. Bald Mountain, l.awienee i county, S. D. Notice is hereby given that nt a : meeting of the due. tors of the above. 'named corpora! ion, held on the !itlj day of July, l!Hi(l, an assessment i 0. : M of two (21 mills per sha'. wasi i levied upon the rnpital stock of the m'l Borrow, ,. r day a ItoHtou firm of d a man $5 for inakiiiK ii mi a loan of $lu and lam interest. A Lowell lua tied a man ?-' and .v; fur makint; out the c cry month he causes "i a new tnorttraKc and ,; cadi tiliM'. I.esideB the f interest, thus bringing , In $PNI per cent per -....ral mortaKes are k a i- l,c tirt one. ami n.wi-r pays u'oes into . a i ti ton Traveler. m charpes n.m if pilar rat.- MS. die Inleies. innum. I ' not re at".;. ' I fvery Hill Mining Company; Principal dace of business, Ik'adwood, S. II ; location of works, two miles westerly of i:ik Mountain, Lawrem e County, S 1) Notice At a meeting of the board of dire, tors of the above named corporation held in Heaihvood. S. 1), on the 1'tli day of .liny, Iltuo. an as-S' SMUieiit. I No. e I of two LM mills p.-r rhare was levied upon the iapl-1 tal sto. k of thf corporation, payable 1 immediately to the trea-urer. I). I(. Shoit, at Keadwood. S. 1). or to Julius Itol.Minicii. secretary, Lead. S. U. Any stork upon whh h this a-..-ess Hunt shall i cina i it- unpaid on .Monday, ' Augu.-t l.'lth. I'.'oo. will become delinquent ami advert i-ed for -ale at pab-le au'tiion. and unless payment is made before, v'fill he -old on th( .'!rd day of S. ptcrnbi-r, 1!iiij, at 2 ocloi k p. in . at No :7 I."e street, Deadwood, S. Ii. to pay -in h delinquent assessment, together with i o.-ts of advei-. 1 1-1 n g an.! en-n s-es of sale. j I'l.ii s Hioiis mi:n. Sec. lie lenil.-r ! ginn:: - ;.t . ..n,. i Ne 1. . !; i. .- I .- : -.a' en M on u in. lit No M l..n- N v K 4 f--t; . tin I.. .- .- U ?C ' in- i. S 4-1 VV. -' 1 ;. . ! hell S pc 4 I i : 1 4-v ; fe.-l , I In ... . vl- ;.. - f. .-t . 1 1., a.-.- N f, u s 14'':. '. f, .-l to flit. .. nf I., irimimtr MAi;.A I'll I(T l.nlil-:. 11. ginning at i nrili-r Nn ) V. In tire 1' S I.OMiInill Mim .!'.. nt No ::i I ears (.. :,4' K :;;.n:t s feet distant; thence -V. W 10. f. f.-.'t , there.- S. 1.', 44 K IP'S 7 fc t, tlnii.e S. M( : "' W .I"" f.-.-t, t hene N. Id 4t' W. 14"S 7 'e. t to p I ... e nf liegitlllltlg i.ii ii.i-: iionanxa no: Loin-: n. g:n- lilliu- it cei nci No I. w hi'ln e r. S I..k .i'iiii M.iiiuin.'tit Nn il N SJ' .'.) 17 ..7.i:; s feet il!:.;o. ih. i.c S " : V ;.h f.-et, the tin- s .- v;-,. ;, Teet tln ti. e S 'Jt ;' K i','.'. '.. feel, thence N y.:- '.ii k. ; fe. t: t hen. .- N l.; 4 1 U' I . 7 f. el I.i pla. of I' i;iiino.t Vli'llll'i: No 1 l.uld: H.-cliiniior at i one r No '.. whence I'. I., .itlon Monument No ill N S-'1 .'.7' K L'n".". 4 feet distant: thence S vl" .Mc V. .Inn f.-ct. theno- N. 7'c W 1I7.'L' f.el. tli.n.e N vr r.n k 1 1'. f.., t . ii,. in , n ::. I., w 11 3 feel. tlO'Il.. N .f ! K 4".". S feet. ther e .; ... K 1 (: feet In place of lieglnning YWKKV IIOV Nn 4 I.OIIR llegin-ning .it cim n. i No 1. idiiiii-t1 I' ? I.oia-Mon Miiniiinent No. ,':i tients N. v' 4'1' K :::. ; f r di-tnm: thcin e n k, )-: i'i feci ; them r N - If. K. ."'' 1 feet . ' hill. .' N ;- :: W 1 1 7 L' 1' feet , III' lice s VP "." V t'iCII fret. tllill'-e S C ZlV K 14'. 7 feet til il.l. e of I" L'intlinK v k i: v i v No :i i.i U-M-: n. mnuiiiK ;ir i Mric r No 1. whence 1' S ly.. Htloll Men iic. nt No ::i heiir-i N v" 4'.' K '. f. . t .l:-'iuii. th'ti.e s v :' ',u' a. 7 '" ' . th"n..' N' 4 ::' W P'V! 1 feet; he-i.c N r..".- r. :.; 2 f ; th. ti e N in th..' office of the clerk of tho circuit court wdhiu and foresaid Lawrence county, at Deadwood. South Dakota, .lull" 1.'., lioo, and serve a . opy uf i your answer on the subs, ribers at ; their office iu the City of Deadwood, Lawrence county. South Dakota, with in thirty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take judg-' merit against you for ninety three and ;i'..".1ii0 ( H3.tia i dollars with Interest I thereon at the rate of 7 per ont per j annum since the 14th day of April, ' I'.HIO, besides costs. I Dated Deadwood, S. I). June 1.'!, j 1900. i McI.AI'OHI.IN & Mcl.Al'nilLIN, I Attorneys for Plaintiff. Miincr of Ilouht. pjj 1 .! ! . i .i.g: al ulate you. Mil-"" v' 1 t:t, : i-'aii ! you are the father of a lin I ,1 was at'out three Mil mDtlif 11' pii- :t iv a fitatter of eongratu- lalinu jli't ! 1 mi.i..-. imi ( .i .- j;s- I i' n't know aluiiit that. 1 (First Pub. June If., 1900.) Ionlr P't at'i'iii I-, uiiuuii-n hi.-cii m . i night. J-1' ti ed I'ree 1'reBs. P cr Privileges. iFrawley Luffey, Attorneys) NimCK OK SHERIFFS SAI.K I1Y ACTION. Slate of South Dakota, County of Th- ii"'.' 1 : -i-tu.'il i riairnian o t In ;1t u . i ii'i initto. for the Wood M. ;i - M a - on. A 1 1 m n. - i It.hs .I. nn v Hi. U is to i lieui al T.e I'nion pi' i . c grounds on Aa;iisi j Lawrence. ! In Cii. uit ( oiirt. Fight Judicial circuit. ! Edward II. Danielson, Plaintiff, will l . i. in- m aled (nds tor t he SIIKKiFl'S MiTH'i: (iF SAI.K ti i:.i: i ! ion Stat, o: .--oiitii i. I'o'in'y "f La w i . a. e. M- H.-niy S. ( ; rahani and .My i on J. (1 ra 1 w 1-' .: f. e. , th. nc n v:r "...' K : '.: !e in S i .''.' K 1 I'.s 7 '. to i l.c e of heginnitig. ALU .NI"K No - I)!'K II. L-innit'f al or,), r No 1 whence p S ypm- .jriOUS exclusive pri V 1 1. . .-ith.-r i.parately or . olio, tively. up to ti p 'llie oldest, most successful and accomplished Kiiropeau-Amei lean educated physician and suieon on the Arneihan continent in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, Special, tora-pli.aled and lingering dis eases. l'lirVATK, CllltUNlC, BLOOD, S.IN and DESTROYING DISEASES of MEN, SYPHILIS and VENEREAL DISEASES in all stages; STRICTURE, HYDROCELE, VARICOCELE, GONORRHOEA, GLEET, SPERMATORRHOEA, LACK OF SEXUAL VIGOR, IMPOTENCY m YOUNG, MIDDLE-AGED and OLD MHN. URETHRAL STRICTURE promptly cured without cutting or pain. A new cure for NASAL CATARRH. $10 per mouth for treatment and medicines. NOSE AND THROAT DISEASES. TAPEWORM expelled, RHEUMATISM, STOMACH, LUNG, LIVER, KKIDNEV and BLADDER diseases cured. PILES and RECTAL diseases positively cured by RECTAL MEDICATION alone. "RUPTURE" radically cured by ah entirely new, safe, paluless and bloodless method LADIES will receive the most delicate and satisfactory treatment cf all AILMKNTS, peculiar to their sex. My practice is based on a strictly legitimate and professional basis. I promise nothing but what 1 can fulfill I treat each case on its own il am as executors of the hi.-t Will I am. nt No 1 t ears N" Mi' ir K 7 2 la of Aut-'iis' ytti- One merry e i round. One cane i;n i. One shoot int: pallery. corporation, payable immedlttly, to the treasurer, I). R. Short, at Dead-wooi., S. P., or to Julius Rebsamen, secretary, at bis place o? bulress in Lead, o. P. feel illslant; them e N. P.. W. S feet; ihenee N". 4 S't' W HS:t 1 f.-et; th... ,. s w. :t:i r f.-et; tli. n. e s. PJ' 14' K. lOr.P! 2 feet; thence V 63 'JO' E. K'..: .1 feet ; I hence N. MS" :.W K ." C feet, to place of beginning. One lum h (ounter. One lemonade and ice ream sland. One candy, fruit and popcorn lltind, Or other ;iri v i U-pes desired w ill he ar.d Testament of Samuel (Indian. Deceased. Plaint ills, C. oige K. M .rvine, Defendant. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an execution to me directed and delivered and now in my hands, issued out of the Clerk's office of the Circuit court. Eighth Judicial circuit. County of Lawrence, State of South Dakota, upon a judgment rendered in said court in favor of plaintiffs and against defendant, on the L'.'ird day of July, A. D K'i'0. I have levied upon the following described real property of said defendant, said property having been heretofore attached by me on April considered. Kitrht reserved to reject Iidv or all hids. Address all bids to VANKKV HOY LODK Ileijlnnlng at corner No, 1, whence U. R. Ijocation Monument No 31 hears P fir, T,h' E. 2R."3 7 feet distant; thence S. S3 f.0' W. 1124.6 feet, thence N. 33 If.' W. 279 9 feet; thence S 5 l!f K. 1270.1 feet; thence S 33 15' E. 11 3 feet, to plare of beginning. I.lTTIiE 1UAj IjOUK. Beginning at corner No 1, whence P. S. lyooiatlon Monument No. 31 bears S. f.P K 2430 2 feet, distant: thence P. S3" r,0' W. f.19 feet; thence N 3 37' W. 1482 feet: thence N N" V3 f.0' E. T.K (I feet; thence S. 1 12' E. !4k7 2 feet; to place of beginning. LITTLE HILL No. 2 I)1E Ilepin-ning at rorrer No 1. whence l P. Nxa-tion Monument No. 31 bears S r.!i 2!' E. J V I'ARKEFt, Lead. S. D. s :i td Lunch Counter. At the Derby lunch counter, In vs. William H. Workman. Defendant. Not iro is hereby given, that by virtue of a judgment of fore, losure and sale in the above entitled action on the 17th day of July, A. D. 1900, and an execution issued upon said Judgment, the subscriber, Matt Plunkett, sheriff of Lawrence county. State of South Dakota, for that purpose appointed, will well at public auction at the front door of the court house in the City of Deadwood, County of Law-rein e, and State of South Dakota, on Monday, the 'oth day of August. I!i00, at lu o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the real estate and mortgaged premises situate in the County of Lawrence, and Slate of South Dakota, and directed in said judgment and execution to be sold, and therein de-s, ribed as follows; An undivided one fourth i i interest in and to the Bertha lode mining laim. -ituat. il in Whit, tail gulch; al-o an undivided one sixth interest In ar.d to the Ryan fl'if I ion lu,!" mining; , I.i : m -;ti;,it i on t h" no: t ), i !.-. ..,!.- ; S ada ::!' h. all in ' li" Wl,:!, ' 1 d ! t 1 0 t . I . i ' - In , f. t S, , , I ! 1 ..a k"t:t. or - u in 1 1 . I. '!,.;...: - i: ,i . j... i : - f i - : nt tu .,-,!-. .; d.-t: , t.t 1 1 i d . : .: I , i 1 1. ' , ! :- I ' , .'.( i ;;.! . 1 -i d - . . .-. ; harge of Overton Wagner, meals and Any stock upon which thN assesa-I ment shall remain unpaid on Monday, j August 20, 1900, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auc- tion, and unless payment Is made before, will be sold on the Ilth day of September, 1900, at No. 17 Lee etreet, i Deadwood, S. D., to pay Bah ''elln-1 qnent assessment together with costs - of advertising and expenses t f ale. I JUI.U'S REP.SAMEN. Roe. i Edwin Van Cise. Attorney I NOTIfK OK APPLICATION KOIt ! LETTERS OK ADMINISTRATION. In the County Couit of th. ( canity of Lauren, ... State ,.f South D. kola. In the in a 1 1 . i ol the ( -Lit. i ' Eliza- l t M , I'hee I lei . a-d. Noli," is h'-r.-liv no n the', i .man X M. I'll,',, lu , Pb d v dh th. o k of Ibis c, ,n it . a tit ion. pi a v in ' i,;- 1. t-t is of ad mi li i- 1 1 n t ii ui i, t lie . of i:i:ab' tii M. p.... i. , , a-, ,! . ,) ,haf. special orders are served at reasona 43 2 feet distant: thence N. S3" f.0' E ble prices, day and night. Tierney & Berry's place, Main street. Lead. tf Monuments. tith. 1W"0, towit: The Chevenne and ' Kin f.-et: thence N 1 12' W. 147 2 feet; (iro lodes and the Badger mill site I ""'.-J5 JM,' ,W, ,w, .'h,:nr S' I 1 1J E. 1!S 2 feet to place of beginning. and water right, the Hoodlebng lode, Mflpn,.tl, ,alia,,on. ,r,. East. Crand De,,-it lode, Baltic lode, I. X.. URA ,,. Hk(.r ,,. in YA&'tev. or 1 Mining distr;. t. l.nsv-;4..,if Magna 'harta 2" 2'3 acres; utr-i. county. Sou'-i Dako'J, to w it, ; LI'Me Honanza No. 2 lode. 7 72S jo: , v , , ,, ,, , ,, -,. I Mili'ir No. 1 I.h1. 2" r.77. n.-r.-.. ankev and that I shall on Monday, the -. th j y No 4 --, ..r,,4: Ydiikty ll..y ii,,-. of A-u-u-t, A. I). HIOO. 'No 2 lode, 1 7 77.", f .!.; Alli:ince Nn - George J. Snyder has the ageiiey nr Kimball Bros., the monument firm 'Lincoln that has erected so many stones In the Hills. Those in want do well by ailing at No. C7 Gold street or addres-inc 1 o. 1; Pox e I .M-i f. r.' V.i I.k.-V lt..V -.. I.:--le Hill i.,.i... is 7::i i IPll No 2 id". ;n -t.K t of cer-, v 1 pi 474 ai-rci. I merits and make a legal contract as to I the entire expense, including all med-! Icines until a cure has been perma-: nently effected. By this method pa-1 tients know to a rent what it will 1 cost for a cure. My method of treatment stands unrivalled in so fur that my Cures are Thorough and Permanent.. .No experiments or Failures. Consultation free. J. K. !;...-:, : . A. S. H.r.V.. lld-sr clV Iiv.. k ABSTRACTORS yi :. . v.. - tl.-i.1-.ww.. H 1 . hull- of 1 o , o'clock aid il.iy, at the front door of hu'iM'. in said county and ... d to s. ii all the right, title . r uf . i i iilmvi. named S. D. 7 12 1m it 1 Notice to Contractors. ,1 S'-ai. i) Mil . m;;i . , ( , ; w , j . ., tl.' ' "!ock. A-i.-'Mt : ; Hi f 1 1 r 1 1 i m 'm ami i nt!.,', :l ,, . k and 'or.e b,.H, il . above : 1 1 -fy n-ls, , i and o.'l ,rs w th i- ' r- -!'(i. ' ',1,1 So-;-!, Ivl Plans 1 .. , . .- 't'!:t:rn. . ,n ... . ' J,"l.n vr i ; i i..- -.-!,- . rv,...- The r;L-!.t ; . Dr. Collier ( i i.i .M'.vni all 1.:.!- a:,! Ir(1I1.. JOHN v. r-, ; r s a- f l'u ' N i I. ''. -: i !: r.- t i ' ' ;. : : ' i . : i ' i ; i LEAD AND DEADWOOD '- TT '.MiiTl i! 11 .: ' . put;.. o;-:: lV V -' i. 'MiM.fT s Mu:-i;. y. . . : ! !... '!.-'. .1 -'y 2 I. m r mi Old Kinsr Brewer.. HENRY ROSENKRANTZ. ,- Men Mi no, M hO Was the first r,i..w. r in tlio B'ack Hilis, is yet at the same old i. and in Central. Came there in 76, and you couldn't i hae him aay with a club. 'ben in hia town, lust drot) In B1 see him. He's a bird. i'.c I t !.,, i , .mi - - , . t.-i. a' b aM .... ...... . .. -:,.'! ' iim f- r Ley-ar- ! ' ;,m! i ' ?-'"" upon , i h , f -M.1 , n v. nil wlih 'Mil '..I '..r ;v,e of ',,)- :rg the -nil !,..--. :,d. r tf" piovl-lnns of Pe.-.'en ::;: 4. :;. vi-.-d P:a'utoA of the t al'.-, ?;. o nr,d acts ,im n la'o-y there-to. for the perbl .:.l:r.g Iie.-eniter 31-t i sf.o, nnd thcr- m (lie f;oin you thereon the .:m of J-;2 : nj.n m- h . f a:d claims or J'33 21 in all Ynj are h"r. ! y notified that if within ninety days from oon-pleted ruhlica-ion of this notne you fa 1 1 to con-trihute your roporti'-n cf s-jch .x;,er,dl-ure as co on-Tier with the undersigned during oa. h of the vcaj-B abov mentioned, your In'ere-t in said clin.i will become the eproper, ty of the i sal r;t . -r. your co-ownir, who has Trade th rfijni'cd n-pcn'P'ur-s a r.-cjuired ty said Section 2324. M. r, TON. (First Tub. July 12, lf-OO.) 1 v.i h.o.i.1 (.ill f at Oillmore House. Mot ,1 ;u. Wed a, s lav a. and KrbUvs. Lei ii olllce. 41.1 Main Stre.-t. 7 'a-- Thurs.lavrt an.l Saturday!. LEGAL NOTICES. In tin- ( ii phan-' ( 'mil t in:- t :..' and County of Philadelphia. In the matter of the e.-ta'e of Jatia s Mulligan, supposed to bo dec. as(d. Notioo is hereby given that the said court has entered a decree- that the legal presumption of the d.-ath of said James Mulligan, has been made out and that he is required, n alive, or any ouier person for him. to produce t i the said court, on or before November l"th. r sati-fa' tory evidence ot his continuance lii", ..-: otherwise administration upon b! e-t. to will he ordered. .1 FOUT1N. y.M.tat.f Clerk of Orpin:. '' !. .lOSLPH " 1 - Attorney for !' ti' r " iFil-t Pub July ?,. V ' What's lie I'sc : Of hauling your hay and prain so far when you can do just as well, if not better, by buying of JOE SAVAGE The nid .oti.i.1. . .Id ' .11 , ' . I I , ' i t t, c ;,, I ' . i i( i: ' T -i: i ri i::i: r in' c i '( 1 1 NT !n ; I.. ( ', i .iit -, ( 'i . it t nt i P. i , mnt v (,: I ."a rem St.,-.- ul Smith I lakota. i I. t.'l" U'.ll ' I" of t ile e-tat ' Of lb o: tz- S William.-. 1 a -.!. Ni'to, v-ivliy g.v.n tiiat I-Mgar !.. I'loigh. tin- administrator uf the, . date of ( ; ii g. S Williams. de i has i.n.l.t.d aiel pi .-s. nte I 'or s. 'tl. no nt. and lii.-d m said cour h;- tinal a. oi hi- ad ni in ist i at ion ' i ( -aid (--tafv ml petition for distri-lution -aui e-tat.' being - idv for. oi-'ril'Ut.on ; aud that Tliur-dav. th" ''i. day of S.-pt.-mlj. r A I "io, la u a day of a term of -aid . ohm . fi i t . o' 'he Sept en. be- t.u m. A. I J : a' 1 1 1 u . ie. k .,. i.. ;.t i i..- . mu t tr. ni tu -aid co if at il.- M of '. (' ;.r! vv ood. in .-aid l.a'.vi.;;.. count;.-. ;. i- b n 'i'i';.' ai point-! 1.;. th said' .(.'it. ;or -ti. ii.'-i.t ..:' sai-1 final ;.. . ovr.t ar.d 1,. arinc of -aid petition. a' w hi. h time .ind pl.T " any person in-te. ---ted in said estate may appear and i tile his exceptions in writing to the said Account and contest the same. ! . .-!.. - Iv -. ' l-n . ,- ..-... '- -.a, -.- I, :- 11.11 . ., 2 l...;.. l-iic N r v :' ' : l ""' 2 f-. ; t ,-.. i ly ! 1" ' .,n;h."ly '-'in '! n-,-1 v Jo lo. i-ioR :,n ! ml !''.. t il p., a", n r- : f . -i - s of t h" e.n '--.. ,-d i ri t . . -'ir-i.v ir' of recort f-l nHo. r.' the o,-ir- j.'rr o' of Lnvvcncp conplv Pou'h 1'iVo'i In !,.oks nil nt paces ai follc-.v-ilcneril Ick. Itnoker We TW,k fin --. :,n' Hook I'd pace I'I. Micna '"hn'ta l,.u... Pook IK1, iec 7. .in-1 P,vlc I'I. I. T.iMl llorana 1o,1p Pnok 103. ; ii-.. 4 '' and Honk HI. pace !. Ar'hur d 1 lode. Tlocik !2, paee '12 and Puok 1.11 nc 1ct V.-nV-rv Plo- No 4 lode. Pook '2 fnL', ("it nnd P.ookir.1. rnirn H3 Yan-l,v Ilo- . 3 loio. Hook ?. pat." f!3 and Un-.i- , isfp 12. AlHapcr No 2 lede. :i,,ok v! f e 1ft nrd Pook Vd. P'"--' 1"' VnriV'-.- Tov lode Book ? pnee 40 and I'.-ck '"1 rr 1' T.ptln Hill lv... Pook 'M, 4n nnd Book 1 11 pace 1" !,!- ".- H,o No 2 lode. Rookie" f.?Tl. -".I and p-.. y y pn gp I-! c - . ; e--1 In- r-V'! rv''v r " 'h1 (. ' 'v V. ?. 137ft. AH'irr vp hr..i M t 1"77 I'rion and t'c:on No. 1 !-es o-s, - c,'!.nr!ne. !f any. i:rki-w-n .v a I a'l twi'-oTia rlfl'-n'nc- p v. -o-y -,-:v i -.-":i rf the s'dd (7 n T -e H'-ok--. X' - (Li'M. Little rton.-ra.. Xr-hur No 1 X'l-'V.'-f Pov No. 4, Yank.-v floy No. . x;' No 2. Yankcv Hoy. t.!rl Hill, .-.ri L;"'c T T : T T No. 2 lolec, ir roqni-f! o fil-. -i-.-'r -.v.-r-" rtalrrs 'itn Pec-later f the rn'trd Prates T-ind Office at Pat-' ' c;- in -ho (dtn'v of P.niinr'on. Ptafo r' c'e',i Piko'a. during the sixty dar pr'.nd of purli atlon hereof, or hey will t-e ttrred It virtue of the provisions of tfc ,stvt. A. K. GARDNER Rerjrtr. It Is hertby ordered, that th foregoing notlc of application for patent be pnb- llahrd for sixty d7 tn tie Ploneer-TlnMa a telly rnrrPr pnhltebecl at Deadwood. Lawrence county. Sou Hi Dakota, the said u... cuauie ueaier in "AY A Kin ...... ',-'.,'' : C 1 ' , ..... e, lit. ' -i. :.' N. , I : '. . ,i ,. ..,y 2. tl a i . r.i . .lit- - - r o.po -' i. .in,- - .-: Ih" . . . t...- -h. " in ;!. i - - ,,::".!- :.. 'I' I.. S .:..o ' -uii . . i., ,' i on'' T ' . S a ' i ; , ; -( , n . . . '. , i I oil . I 'I '. S. i no. i -on . . :. ! in) - - I I. S no!, l -oti. . ".. ., ' ,,,) ',. Soi Star 1 (jt v .' '('I I thus K ,,s,:ti.. n . . a ! ("I -1 foil A A ii 1 1 . i -t:i , . ) o, j mi . 0 V. II 1, ke. .., , ; on '2 Miini'.-l i .a a i : i . - " , u i on i- Samuel I ,.i w i ': iv ' u-l " " .InliUS Red: .It. 1. '. . ''1 Pi .. Ml 'Hi I ui III- li- b - . : '. a v . I '.'I ".: II s S f! . K" T;t " ! "1 ' .i' ;: :- a.- .."-."ai ! "J ' V. I ! . ! ... 2 0-1 Ar.,1 i.:,:. - . . --. no i:t bull L.g.. h". n !.,!. on I . toi.. August .2. ImOO. '!:. same wi!l b-' sold at the offi. " of i'.o treasurer. J. It IxBeau. Central f 'y. South Dakota, st 2 o'clt" k p. m. cf said day. to pay said delinquent assessment, together with co'ts of advei tising and J xpenses of sale. JCLiUS REBSAMEN, J. B. LEEEAU, Treasurer. (First Pub. Aug. 7, 1900.) IX . "AIN, na been in Central for so many Jear8. Trv him or. f T-n.. r a w. 0T d better with him then go here vnn . Hl "tore is on 5. CENTRAL CITY ' C. K. Dav is. Siil:, iro; . I NOTIfK OK FIRST M KKT1X') OF f UKDITuKS. In D. -::..: id.. it .f(th. i i. ;.-d Stat.-s for th" ' v:rn D. .:-.". or t! " Db-tric-t of Si .th Dakota. I:i lUr.k- 21 y. In the rr.ati. r cf Jebc Pari.' r, Knnk-rjpb To th creditors o: Jor.n Barker, of Deadwood, in the County of Lawrence, and the district aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on the 23rd day of July, A. D. 1900, the said John Barker was duly adjudged Assessment Notice. The lle-ter A Mining Company. Principal Place of Business Deadwood. S. D. Ideation of Properties r.ear Galena S. D. Notice is hereby given that at a j ANTHONY TRAUT PfilCTICAL PLDHBBR Qd Steam Rtter T Su. DAK meeting of the board of directors of the above named corporation held at It office in Deadw&od, S. D. on tie FRANK J. WASHAHAUGH, County Judge. Dated. August 6th, 1HK). (First Pub. Aug. 7, 1900.)

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