The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 5, 1900 · Page 6
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 6

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1900
Page 6
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SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, THE DAIL1 riONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD S. D. 1900. iiiiimifmiiiiiHiunmiiiMimii.iMiiii iiiHiiiimiinMitiHiiiMiiiiiiiiimiimiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir Jtolliver's lo.-cire Thursday venifie. .esleyan Qiartet August 1 5tti and Vth. r ..i mmm,mr-' J I 1 SPECIAL The Hardest To-Get-To Customers I Min nc kah ta water for the stomach. j Try it. E Photo Buttons 35c each at railroad I photo car. E ! Go to Vienna Bakery anu Cafe for E ice cream. Served ev.T day. 675 Shirt Waist Sale - l IJ..i-c liwt tln ;ivt !! aim , ? .i1- Reputation i a prcstinv of our business. ARE BEST YOU CAN BUY TO CLOSE OUR ..V tlliir vim Ti-nnt ,! ,.:n .. ! w.-ar c none m mem inniu. T!K- $ '. - . i 1 ' . 'Ki vT - V) j ' . Wit uir lotiniiii n i ' , - ! ;1 ,v tlk'V aiv and v.m ,.nlv iiiihuement In Neckwear, GIoves.Handkerchiefs, i ),;:- St..J i- larirv a ii -it'ii Our THEY E j Main street. tf E! Fr .-li ;t-k of German dill Ui kit- 5 j-i--t iip.'ii.d ;,; Hie Stundaid Cash t; i,, ,.i v. W. L. Ne.l, Ii. I). S.. : eriiilcut dec E t!rt, has moved hit. oIti e to Room E Syndicate block. Kivi; M i n ni:i:i 'i .s i p ick I'wl; sai.i. r.v Till; 1UN UNl.Y E .KfKi.Kit Ave ean otter vu, i an insiuxiion u. u, inic j. Suspenders, Underwear, Shirts, and Hoisery ever. Popular in price ami more attract iw !n X -, . ... "f Extra Stock of this Reason's Colored Shirt Waists.. E . m. rr - r-r- - E E 5 Caw) t--V 1 0 'l r c 0 r n Sl I P m 0) lo m t , it V"ii "ave notion , ' . . charact i r clot li in' ','ili-;i Yoll C- oil , - t' ' ir i WE WILL OFFER FROM (..TODAY ON ALL OUR.. $1, $125 and $1-50 Shirt Waists for J)g I : $2, and $2.50 Shirt Waists at ( (),. t,! ( 7 7'V'W.I rF7 ( 'II ) a ml Dh'7 ! -Ill-; I) Shirts that Sold at S2 and S2.50. now $1.25 and S1.50 Odds and Ends in straws, and Caps at Greatly Reduced Prices. .$1.40.: ii th I net . 'i! a i Zoeltuer Bros Co. IM.J.WERTHHEIMER&Br 647 MAIN STUEET, DEAD WOOD. I E; E E E E E lilt iiillllllllllllllillliliiiiillllllilliiiinr; THE CITY. Little Eifel. A clear Havana cigar for 5 cents. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. You will never find any other pills prompt and bo pleasant as DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Kirk G. Phillips. E8TEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only at Hawley's, No. 639, by Bulleck Hotel. Why get a hand-me-down, when you can get tailor-made Just as cheap. Deadwood Tailors, 671 Main street. aNHauser-busch. sr. louis AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. The non Irritating cathartic la humors and many other diseases, including rheumatism and that tired feeling. Bad blood is made good blood by Hood's Sarsaparllla. Hair work of all kinds, switches, chains, flowers and puffs made to order. Swithches for sale and hair bought. Ordero at Ladies' Bazaar. Mrs. Julia Armsrtong. pillions will be spent in politics this year. We can't keep the campaign go ing without miney any more than we can keep the body vigorous without food. Dyspepslcs used to starve them selves . Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you eat all the cood food you want. It radically cures stomach trubles. Kirk Phillips. European Hotel.... F. D. Smith handles nothing but th bpsi grade smithing coal. The wolf in the fable put in sheep's clothing; because if he travled on his reputation he culdn't accomplish his purpose. Counterfeiters of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve couldn't sell their worthless salves on their merits, so they put them in boxes and wrappers like DeWitt's. Look out for them Take only DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve It cures piles and all skin diseases. Kirk G. Phillips. The Philippine natives run pell mell, At the sound of our Yankee yell, Put, oh, what a gait they'll have, maybe, After taking Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. Mrs. W. W. Melick, the hair dresser, wishes to announce that she is again able to look after her patrons. Don't forget her number, Room 8, over Deetken's drug store. tf Ir. India, the land of famine, thousands die because they cannot obtain food. In America, the land of plenty, many suffer and die because they cannot digest the food they eat. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digsts what you eat. It instantly releaves and radically cures all stomach troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. Notice. There will be a meeting of the directors of the Garden :ty Mining company. Call at their office in Central City, on Tuesday, the 8th day of August, 1900, at 7:30 o'clock p. m. J. B. LEBEAU. Sec lla.r tin---niu- in ;ii it, ir. .iin n s at Mr-. W. W Men. - . K; v ever !.--tken s i!ni tii . tf i'i vi-: 1 1 1 i i ons of it-: foi; fs li-: i: v ti:i-: 'i'i txi.v. "Mi-U KI.KK HK(S. A I! He- i'i i, -i.n at ll (.,.- h I In.- i a -I !';!.-. ! a;e;ai i Paxton & Gallagher company's Little Eifel 5-cent cigar is oiv: of the best ever sold in the Hills Photos of the latest finish at the iviilroad studij car. and a variety of fancy mounts to select from. .Many i.I mir varij u a l i n i i r 1 -111 a;el iTrn i-i ' a I Mm. Inlet a i 11 in. hi . ' ; 1 1 -1 tl .-ll !. W. -l. Q'm: I I 1 : . i : T . r ,i. 1. 1 1 1 i . t Thm : i ' e wili 1 1 a I- Iiin- on I'. A (mission .1 -in n: I u! 1 r, i ft i i - Mrs. Su-an llati-er. of the Kir varii, who has been verv ill foi I'V- eral weeks past, is rapidly retraining her former health. .Mrs. Hostwick will give lessons in lace work and embroidery at the Ladies' Bazaar, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Wesleyan Quartet fiiifct 14th and 17th. pccompanied bj an the whistler will he will be here Au-They will be entertainer and here, too. Mr. Uolliver is a fine talker and will entertiiin our ;ieople let there be a large audience to greet him. A bmall admission feo will be charged at the door. K. H. Dolliver, a brother of 1a ..ier, will lectuie on "Our Government and How It Works" next Thursdav ( vening at the M. K. church. Sol Bloom has purchased the old 1 wilding recently vacated by order of the company, lrrm the B. & M . and is having it torn dow n and removed to his lots on Ca.ney street, where he will have it :-( -ected and placed into condition for occupancy as a residence. Jack Wade, an employe of the smel ter, w ho has bet n confined to a room in the Sister's hcspital. suffering from Mood poisoninf. has so far recovered I hat his physician pronounces that all danger of serious results from his case have passed. Alex Hill and George Fogeni, also two of the smelter boys who have been confined to wards at the hospital, are making good recovery's and will soon be able to resume thf ir duties. lien Marvin of the li. & M. came in from the west, where he has been on company business. While in Denver Mr. Marvin met Ed Charlton who formerly did newspaper work in this city Ed was then the sporting editor of the Denver Times and was making a reputation for himself as a reporter of sporting news, his department of the paper being one of the brightest that was in it. Ed is a good writer and has a happy way of expressing himself, one that will take in any country, so he is sure of success whereever he goes. Dr. Rothermel, the mine locator and expert, writes his old friend, George J Hopkins of this city, from points in Colorado, that he is meeting with un-tcunced success in the gold fields of that state. He has been made a present of 20.000 (hares by the company, for which hi has since been offered 3"c per 6hare, but is holding it for 75c, which he says it wUl surely bring in a short time. Dr. -inermel added that he would ist Cripple Creek for about two weeks, after which h? would go to Omaha for a few days and would then come from there to the Hills, arriving here about the last of the month. .The doctor is well known in Black Hills mining circles and will l e heartily ' welcomed. utnl ' u i n 11-. WORTH $8. $10 AID 112 GO TODAY AT $5.oo... This will be wiusuut a doubt the greatest money raimn slaughter sale ever nut on in our establish ment. Hats.,. . Men's Hats a the J 1.0c Shoes... f.iEN'S. WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S :.,. for today e ' ,.;r refills' Th ai'" a hm: at jii-t price. Vo l ll"ll ' I: want vo i to en hut ' , ,, what we an- don.-: LOWE, The Slaughter Sale King. 1 1900 VIVES The m"t beautifully finished an! relabk' Cameras soul thisvear The Superiority o! Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. Bloc Main St. MENS n il' iv it n r i i m i I , Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill III! lllllllllHlllliilll Never Before i In Black Hills History Hai the mbllme been so accurately reproduced, or never befbre ha there been mcb a Grand selection of tbemiblitnes of the HiUa, aa are now fliow nut the popular Studios of H. R. LOCKE & CO., Main Btroet, Main Btraet, DBADWOOD. LEAD. The Lead Other Follow In rhotogmphy, Cabinet Work . or Phatlnotype Coffee Talk.. Our MOCHA an1 JA cause the consumer to mack tnetr lip and ask of the haopy housewife. "Where did you buy that coftee?" This Brand Puts songs In the housewife's mouth, causes life's boat to sail smooth up-n harmonious seas, and the husband to be jolly arid happy Because It Is the best and most delicious coffee ever sold, equals any 5Jc coffee ever on the market. Just try 30c worth--one pound. J. GOLDBERG. Corner Main and Gold Sts Rates $i Per Day Our A Quiet Orderly Place. Jl. in Steam Heat ; Bath and Toilet J In Eacn Room; a. so to G. CARR In connection and furnished, the choicest are constantly of the choicest to tins, with waiter and a climax west may Min lie kah-ta water for kidney troubles. Trv it. lion. 1 mail -ir at the inline unlaid apple cider viu Cash Grocery. St ES""RY piano for my family. Haw-ley la the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Something unusual. ..A clear Havana cigar for 5 cents.. . Paxton AGalla-gher & Co. '8 Little Eifel. FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLER BROS. Tea dust on which there is no war tax sells at L'jc per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery. When you want your trunk moved or any transfer work, call No. 174 or 159 Harrison for W. A. or C. L. Snyder, tf When yoj want to go to Central take Tuller's hack. Stand in front of No. Lee street. Fare 25c. De Wit's Little Early Risers a.'e famous little pills for liver and bowel troubles. Never grippe. Kirk G. Phillips. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modem Den tistry of ali kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. Mothers endorse it, children like it, old folkes use it. We refer to One Minute CmiYh Cure. It will quickly cure all throat and lung troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. The Misses Mitchell and McCoy, the dc rmatologists, have arranged to be in Lead City two days each week. They will be found at the poular studio of H. R. Locke & Co., on Main street. THE SINGER is doing bu.sless at the old stand, 656 Main street, opposite Max Fishel's. Oil, needles and at tachments for all kinds of machines. Try a pound of the Standard Cash Grocery 's J5c Mocha and Java coffee. It has a delicious flavor that excels all other brands that sell for much n.ore money. Intestinal infection. appendicitis, and all affections of the bowels, liver and kidneys prevented by taking genuine Rocky Mountain ea, made by Madison Medicine Co. Ask your drug- Ground spics of superior quality at ?5c per pound at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Deadwood and Sherman streets. Harper Whiskey is liquid music, bottled poetry, ripe, mellow, refreshing and delcious. Sold by Carr & Berry, Deadwood, S. D. T). A . . reneei wumannooa depends on perfect health. Nature's rarest gift ct physical beauty comes to all who use Rocky Mountain Tea. 35c. Ask your druggist It U a doctor's Business to Btudy health Docfrs co'.cntly lecom-niead HARPER Whiskey. v.l j by Carr ft Berry, Deadwood, S. D. iff ' & BERRY Pr Sample Room is large, finely lighted where a good stock of wines, Liquors and cigars i He Bush Gerts 1M k. 1 iil lJ j carried in stock music variety causes the air gocA cheer attentive courteous treatment causes that only few places In the boast of. 7 I i PIANOS Superior for... Tone, Touch Durability For sale Location In the Heart of the City. Carr-& Berry ,663 Syndicate L. A

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