The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 5, 1900 · Page 4
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 4

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1900
Page 4
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Daily hoNEER-TiriEs. The it.iIi vi:.i;. i; n 1,1 ' r: ""XT: Lead A.I ' ' .a- ..- , : , :. i : I to -aa: , ... .- h. - ' a i- t:.- hot . a - - - r : ,:; ! ,i-:!.- :n in all ; ng !. t liiowiug ofticers - ,. . , - i ' . ; : i : ; e pu.-di'- 1 ii u -i: k w I" ii;oii the building. Hearst Mercantile Co. Nik. loo tn 1 H X Mill St. LINES CARRIED. Dry Goods, Carpets and Draperies.. Millinery and Ladies Ready-To-Wear Goods. the Teny bxlue N C . .VI is R.nJ-i . About Ladies' Fine Footwear V i . Mrs Schiiltz. Se, retarv Miss Wilde. Treasurer. W. .1. Speckman Lunch wa.-. served after the installa Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes' turn ceremonies and :t most enjoyable cVHiiini wa- spent. Trunks and Valices. Groceries, Hadrware and; Mine and Mill Supf)s.j As tae women d,, y.. greater share of lh(1, ouying it 6mi In Fcice Court. e, iida a ft "moon in poll' - coin' Mr Met'aith -, a resident of South l.i ad. wns on trial charged with bin-lag disobeyed the orders of the health officer fiertainin? to cleaning up and renovating vaults upon his property. Attorney l.aftev of Dead wood appeared for the defendant, and Thomas .. Kedlon for th,- ctiv The defendant was found gunly as charged and hn'd Earl. Mcrning Fire. Vi'Sli'l ihiv I:.' 'I t: :!Z :' - : 1 ' M - mill a hi r iu i.l nr. vv.i I in for that liinlil in I -cel. I entire ,'y UaK SOIHMI,.il I IV itv all'i III'' tile proved to lie in ;i resident on I'pper M;tin strwt oc i npifil liy C IV I hnes. The contents of the house, including a piano, was desti oved and the building damaged to the ajiiount of about $:ifl(l. Mr. IiiiK's loss he estimates at aliout ll.iion. He carried $S0o insurance and the house, which is owned by Wm. Voy, Is fully covered by Insurance. The origin of the fire is uncertain. Mr. DlnKes stated that about an hour prior to the discovery of the fire he was awakened by what he thought was some one rapping on the back door and getting up passed thro the room where the fire later' started, fie lighted several matches to see the way, but he does not think he let anv fire drop. About an hour after this, as near as he could judge, lie was again awakened by his eyes smartine and smelling smoke jumped from hi bed and upon openiim the door into A YOUNG I.ADV'tf LiKK iSAVKD. At Panama, Colombia, by Chamber Iain's Chohe, Cholera and Oiar-, rhoea Remedy. Ln Charles H. Utter, a prominent physician of Panama. Colombia, in a recent letter states: "Last March I had as a patient a voting lady of six teen years oO at;e, who had a very bid attack of dysentery. Kverything 1 y .- :.:i.lz--'s assay oili. e and la-I ; r n y ;s ioe..e, m the basement o! f mst n w block Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his line, tf Mr 1'Jlliott. an urn b- of ri. k .-:i..'ri b-ft last evening for his home i i Minneapolis. Mr. I-' 1 1 lot t has been in Leal the past couple of years and is ,i very pleasant gentleman and has made many friends here during hi. S'H.V i; 1 I'pstill and wife left even :r.g for Cedar Rapids, la., where they will visit for a week and theu pro-cee.i to Ohio, at a place close to Cleveland, where tl ey will spend some time in rusticating. Mr. I'pstlU's I -ealth has been poorly since his rest deuce here and a change of climate w as necessary. Kev. Ishad.i of Kobe. .Japan, will Gci upy the pulpit of the First Baptist thiirch this evening Rev. Ishida has been hinhlv cominemle.l wheie he I. a- iei ruled iis :m earnest, eloquent ami bright .pe-iUer. This is a Jim op-j'oft mitt v to hear of Japan's wonder-ail '!n::v- 11 1 1 1 uiie nf p. i piojia-s : - an 1 ., i i t . 1 1 Invitation is v 1 1 i i iii! w ho i a a iv t In -. t n-at . : i i eum ii i e, ., ;n , h,, i a t oi I In-: ii Vi 1 1 n i n i. n pn ha to I i i;i v i -a i ! I i- ..'let o t 111.- IIMIIll il ; 1 f t la- I I. SC. Ii i e U I I'll I .11 tile Km I I ': ' .i ' ,i : i : t i - 1 1: - !.l bal for ; Lit I I .v . liv oil.- .;e. in,- I- I !'! a a - have ii!:l;! U'ediie I, II:- '. ii . ii I. k All ill-., Mil I a - :t, t : n pi opo i, ! - In J. V. ..: I..-., ' ' . ol .Hi. ita ( i (ii ; n i-.a .v.- ! 1 .. ! ; I'll ! .1 v '. ell lil- I ! Kill L. 1 prescribed tor her proved ineffectual iitid she was growing worse every hour. Her parents were sure sli1 natural taat progressive dealer should cater largely to hr hkej whims. In no branch of the shoe business does the need of tti-j artist! make itself felt more keenly than in the woman s wear, and It hi here that shoe art predominates. Tan colors are more eagerly sought for than ever this season. Fanoj vestings and scroll dessigusare also very popular, ai are the 'treme plain shoe free from ornamentation of any descrp tion 7 ti pleasing and facinating effects in low shoes are e p:ie be yend a peu picture. Thee lasts have a tendency to a little more full. up8', at the toe and posses very graceful lines. They , oai- nearer the anatomical requirements of the foot than for many i-j-ou pa aud it is to be hoped that it will be a long-i'.ngenni; ?-!! Misses and Children's Shoes. The - 1 1 -:n hard wear given shoes by littl.-e fn.u- 1 ;- 1 ... a thi-ine of much thought and study on oar ; an We have striven t :! only the veiy ii-t ... u: ,j linn ha- been (riven the 1 -ts. that nature'? : fcred with i:i maturing the inut Si vie is always a pmndhent feature. O ;; s of il:e- !iiies are particularly .-tr.r.c .:. .. . : y, j iMiints. You ire iuvite-1 to visit the .'hoe depart::.' :r. uf would die What to do at this critical mom. -iit was a study for me. but 1 thoii-'ht nf Chamberlain's Colic. Choi era an i 1 b'arrhoea Remedy and as n ia-t resort prest-ibe-1 it. Th- nio-t won b-rful result ui- e:f, .t.- i. Wi a a: .-m!it hours .-!p was feel.ii-; l .. ;).; :' ,i tl.ii . davs -la.' w - - a- ! ii' ,:! of na--:-.v vv.-;i -I, .Il ;.! tli.S r.'!'.).' lv iii s.iil I II 'a- i:-'n i-r i ..rt'.d. ii was : t ! w :l v , a - CITY NEWS. Miss ('hant.v Martin will -nu at Christ , hurcli this cu-niiu. T I W'll.-on. salesman at limber. -will b-ae todav tor a two week - u ( it ion in j In. I. I". I'olk of lia.Miauii ..--. I .ead .-pending a few a.i v - with bile o lea ,ll!t.u, 1' Kai 1 ; I , u.-.n m.-- o! i !., , ,-o. - ,,! I he S ,: n i ; a; - . v. : I.- ad ; .e.-t. -,,t.'e : : ..,..,.-. . -urn- e ,1 e v ,, I I I, - I l,,-l , I .- bo'l - I rani-, ah Hug,,, I':-,, Mr .N'eid, : ma n -.Mud hone v , -t'lday from Hot Spima-. l.,-i,- I. -has beeii lie v..-t V, eel. le-v . ,Ti ;i, v . pa lor o; 1 1,. M i: , I : u 1 1 1 1 ill Slur -I ae, oiupain- d I- v 1 -daughter a- ii, la ad v.-.-o i da;. Mi-- Cii.,1 1' v M:i id ii, w.'l :n; t ie. t ion - :d la u :,:i.i : .. at i :i u I K . i ii, ii :i i.i.a- : -1 ' ' ; "i a ll-uc I,, - . i ,-: a v oxiei d i , - -d a I lie- ho - pit a I - ' I'..:- -: '- ... L ': r, i'h P ec ; Privileges ' a ..tied -I..- a- .e Il: - v I ..-I.l at ian-i PcfABJlSHED the bin k room "as almost ,-u ftica I '-d by t li- smoke ni.-limu thro the door. The side door into this room ;i so that it could be opi ned, tin- 1" K be;n' brokc and an i mild haw- cnteii-d had 1 1 n ib-sired. Mr. Dinges bad intended minim , is fundi eMeiilav mornini: to '' ri --i 1 1 -1 1 1 i- in South l.i-ud and tin- household e fleets wardrobe, etc. had all been packed ready to be moved ill 111'-moining and had been stored in tin.-room. British-American Club. 'I In I'oiil the iMinti t he at ion - i . ( i 1 1 .-1 1 1 1 :e . a ; Im in in:; I in :i u tlubs lor the leiipose of m.ikn .: -i .y-temat ii i a m pa i mi in tin- oiii-ii.: 'd-.- I mi I ead ha.; liilU-n in line : 1 1 - 1 the In itish nienc-i!i i 1 1 !-. i . - w lil ok th - i ii i ii ?: of An;..:--! i::t h I at si- ly hall for th-' urpoM- ol i ;nn. ii- :i I I pnblii an clu'. in Mm ' it.v T!e I -1 I- re a lai -;e iiu.iiber nl lion -b nt i cans in I .ead a id they an- pn-t lv .-.i n ci idly repiihl i, a us and the n.-w cl-.--will uiidoiibteii: - be aide lo do a. me.,' . -if ST. X JF s x 00 1 jUALITItb NO :;. Minn, w h-'- !: i.' i I ; a v 1 i -. e 1 1 . " a : a im l:'s ,,; H, v . -ii , I' ll I ! . i i hi ! ,-, ' ,V -..-'. rHiLLS . ' J ' I LAD, So. stand, V J' Ml i V. IrKW N!v K . V. ' Real Estate, Loans and Insurance I. 1 ( Mluv .Ia I ii.. I. ;.,!. S. Lunch Counter. At t!..- lierbv 1-inrli coiiirer. in i li:irv; - o; Overton Waamr. im-als an! spei i.a! orders are sarved at reasonable prices, day and nisht. Tierney tvi lletrv's pla, e, Main street. Lead. tf C5 S'i'KX'i-: Zlrhca i i , W ar.t- ti i -i r v i w Ki " i ti at"-- ' ::: -- :r"i' i ' amount of Mod to tie- party is tin- ounl v ,1 a i a n - I lie i mem, i m a i .. i. . New .aing Apparatus. Thi- old f ii n. o e ai-,1 h, aiiP4 ;.;:! ' i'l.ts that ha.; b, ,-n ii.-e.l m lie ,. :,t 111.' Ol tile Mill- r.-'s I'lliotl Opera I oil- the past several years a , ton: out yerlci ii;. v and haub d to the II inn-stake I'oundrv v leu- it as bought for M l :i iron. Tb dpi i a house mi'tiam-ll:l'tlt has expeliellied I ol I s i d e I a b I , trouble with lie- old ai ranm-iini.t in heating the huil.liim and so haw- eon tract id with .lame- I. Hind to luu-put in a heating apparatus of mm h larger roportions. with impi o i-im-nt s that will hive ample power to meet the demands of the building. The new heater will cost $ii."u and is contracted to be in place within sixty days. Monuments. I- om- J. Si;v ,!,-;- ha- tl..- aa. il. y for Kinibali Urns.. t;,e tiionanient liiii; of Lincoln that has erected so niany stoin-s in the Hills. Those in want will do well by liillinu' at No. 7 Gold street or adilre.-ing Lo-k Box Lead. S. 1 1. 7 121 n: If yi Mi :i:e looking for a gi-e,i s:a d. ask for ( diamHon's M i )N A 1; ' i I -St! ii t'.v mi; n-!,, ,de e 1 -! ir F.I t-M V in May bio, k, l..-ad. C I'iiii i Ml I in : e I : . i . I o- I i. i v i I'll. v,;i - III l.--,"l e-.-li i,,; 1 1, a I end ; ! , - a 1 , i.i a. I he a e of lliau: - ( l. Ol 1 le,d '. I" I Houses bought and sold, money loaned, genctiil ias-iiatiee and :io!arv public. Victor T. J-pM-n. K-,.,m 1, Cotton & Andtews block. Lead. S. I). If I . .1 t 'a !,, - , d Hasting- . !. who 1- Ion i ing the 1 1 1 1 i .-. Wils Ml Lead, e 't,lda Mi. Capps i.- an a!lei'- at hi- holie- ai-i. I - i ity a 1 1 oi lie;, ai a ol I la I in --. Mrs. 1 1. V. moth, r of hi ; , i t ( ; i Id,.- a I a , ,-d ill land last e, eig from ( lUlal't tnii t il .' Sh. i i 1 taake i'.n e. lid", I isit with her son and his lamiL . Mrs. I.eotiiiid and Mrs. Callahan and a sister of Hie latter ladv's who is visiting in Lead from her home in I'ennsv 1 iini.i. went ' down to Hot t'piings for a few days' sight seeing trip. A four months -old infant of M. and Mrs. William Meddaugh residing near Knglewood, dted westcrday mornini;. Funeral w ill be held today at the Sam mine. S. R. Smith has charge o.' burial. DR. E. S. BUCBEE Kyi. S. ! i-'--'1- om-1- i:: v i ' :: - i ' i i : i a . ' .I-', a ,i 1 1 ;i I , . . i a a a 1 ! .:'-..-.'! .i ' I. ' . M I 'a II.: da T:. -I. lb. v V i! I - 1 '. 1 II .a! a ! -1 1 1 ' ii I 1 1 , N '"I ' tail .hi. ill p : k . eai a. .a... !, I'll '.. !!!, Ilia W le I III. A ' ' I !, ,, it..- til. 11 I'iiii,.-'b VV A. Sol, two ,-ii, a I . i. I l.d -l ae b lli lilii; at Sp. ii n-li Ilia' i a - I. n i l.d a r-. ol i - in -I i i - I a mi II... pa -1 . - i ., I in. .iii I, - l a - i. ...... -iii I I i.-.t A i . Int. I i ill,!..- w a - i'V ei' a mi I a a . i ' 1 Ii i.a 1 s. : I an.. a,i i mi lie- I -a: I.l a; .: v a - icuied nvi-r to t Ii. n a a i I . wlio ai i la a, Ii d. a -. i v , 1 1 1 il . 'i In- b I! Id im; i - a line -i i n. I hi . pi i ,-v hied with all model n in, pi 1 1 , em. n; s illld W ill be O I llpjeil l,V St, , e IIOS I II til" lil -t llo-ir illld bv Ol'tii i s OH the .-eeollil. C.-iipi ntei s ai, iii work rai-n,!i tb.-lii.-t of the timlii-rs for tie- main iniihl ing of the I lo'iiesta k- cyanide. However, the gr.nliiig and masonry work l as not been lompleted yet p.nd it v ill be some weeks before it will be. But the intention is to get as much of the framework n p as possible during the pleasant weather, so that when the foundation is complete the building can be enclosed as soon as possible, and made teady for the interior of the plant. Notice to Contractors. Seal,-, bids vv ill be received up to i o'clock. August 11th. for t ho (-na ¬ WINES. LIQUORS. ORCICARS And it yiii kiu-vv riv.-cs en thev 'iiinl veil wiitilil want to M.C him. I've Got Ii! You want It! Let's Get Together. Special atteuti hi .: t-' R15' ing and setting V:v.-s. go u anv part of the ...cmtry t- do o:k F. UNDEPWUOO. EuiewooJ. n- tion and completion of a two-story brick and stone house, for Hose company No. 1. Lead. South Dakota. Plans and specifications, with the conditions, can be seen at the office of John W. Oibbs, Architect. Lead, South Dakota. The right is reserved to rejf any nnd all bids and proposals. JOHN W. GIBBS, Architect. THEe Yours for business STEVE Will Not Contract. The new hotel in Lead is to be built by days pay instead of by contract. The company that is to build the building has ccme to that conclusion and has appointed Win. Bartlett as master mechanic of construction. All advertisements for bids of contract has been withdrawn and the company will assume their own risks and build according to their pleasure. The ex- SPECIAL SALE on CROCKERY A Old Kins: Brewer.. HENRY ROSENKRANTZ, Who. was the first brewer in the Black Hills, is yet at the same old stand in Central. Came there in ..76, and you couldn't chase him away with a club. When in his town, Just drop In and see him. He's a bird. Terry Items. ( I'rom the Record.) The new picnic grounds at Summit are rapidly assuming the appearance of an ideal jdeasure resort undr the labors of a force of men employed by the Rlack Hills District Union to put it in shape. Judge Si haad has charge of the work and as a result his office JULY CIpEARINC UP. Sweeping Reductions To reduce stock and make room for new goods. For One Week- We will make a sweeping reduction on our entire Of hauling yotir hay and grain so far when you can do just as well, What's The Use if not better, by buyip of in this city knows him no more. A. Klein, propristor of the Family Liquor Store, is moving his stock and fixtures to Lead, where he will conduct a wholesale and retail liquor business iry the basement of the new Faust Jiutfiling just completed. Mrs. L M. Coweill. while nursine a case of blood-poisoning at Lead In some manner injured one of her fing Summer Goods THI5 WEEK. I will give 25c. Discount in CASH on Crockery, Glassware, Lamps Silverware I wish to reduce rny Stock to' wake room for 53? SHIRT WAISTS. CRASH SHIRTS. JOE SAVAGE The old reliable dealer in HAY AND GRAIN, Who has been in Central for so many years. Try him, and If you CANNOT do better with him then, go where you hava been going. His store Is on m Main 8iret. CENTRAL CITY ers ami allowed the wound tf romp in contact with her patient. Severe in ftammation set in and for a time mat ....sailor and trimmed hats.. . lawns; demnity, white goods, laces, embroidery In fact, everything classed as s ummer goods. It will be a price to close regardless of cost This means money saved to everyone supplying their need3 ' . at our store. Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods, Clothing, Hats, and Boots in4 shoes.' ters looked as if she would be a very sick woman. She came direct to Terry and placed herself in charge of Dr. Smith. All danger of blood-pois-c ming is now believed to be over. The new Odd Fellows hall was appropriately opened last evening with the joint installation ceremonies of Bald Mountain Lodge. I. O..O. F., and Terry Rebekah' Lodge. The handsome new hall was filled with Visitors ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD, . SO. DAK , Where They Sell Cheap. aSc S 'm No.5 s Main Street Lead S. R. SMITH, Lead, S. D. A

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