The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 3, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY. AUGUST ?. THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. -r.-f J Man Quartet Aupst lfth and ,WjBK3?SS !;i , . rEcgTTTE 'UtS.,,f;i.s ;i jjjC Hardest To-Get-To Customers Mi.,Ii .-ti -t t: ". '.' , , .. ... : ii 1 1 1 1 I ' - the iirli.-l.-s I lint v.Mi waul ai... ,., i.. ... a r., ',,.!(.'-. to: 11 , -., ..,' el 'I- I'll-!!! . " ' ' . ( :. ! : til.l t I n.liimM...mHiinH.n".H.lHmni..n..MlHi..iHMM.H.UM. llllllllllllllll"1'"1"11111' ' Shirt Waist Sale Ma THEY ARE BEST YOU CAN BUY V I. N TO CLOSri 01 R M'jt ha n.t j his oil'i e 1 1 i.niii- . . 1 , . t . . I i 1 1 ' J I.I Ii'MM ' ' I I I H I . I 1 1 ' ' ... .1.. , ii ii'-p : 1 1 1 Mil an in.vtitn ot "iir in;, i- i . lit m , .an d .1 ' I N ' u.n iLPrrhipk Surrenders, Underwear, Shirts, and Hoiserv In Neckwear, GIoves.Handkercnieis, micuuh Syndicate Mock. Mar lin-r.n.-' in all it., brain nes at Mr-. W W. Mt-li- hV, Room v nver . 1 if- t ki n's drug sto:v. H j ,-','it 'inlay. August 4th, is th- date of the next spot ial sale day at Cha-e's. r 5 Extra Stock of this Reason's rni.ti'hir mi I'l iu- ;itii tn.iii .iiii-" cr. ( lur Sti'v See ad. on pane 4. -TVE Hl'NDRKn TONS OF ICE FOR SALE H Y THK TON ONLY. ZOECKLEK BROS Paxton A. Gallagher company's Little Eifel 5-cent cigar is one of the S - :sy' ..Colored Shirt Waists.. j WE WILL OFFER FROM j ..TODAY ON ALL OUR., j -. f CO $ , : w X n Z ia p J - - r -!-. n c p . ' " "l I - . b J -5 - v) l i 'To L '-- ? m best ever sold in the Hills 1 Why get a hand cn--down. when you can get tailor made just as heap, t Deadwood Tailors. C71 Main street, j FIVE H ENURED TONS OF ICE j FOR SALE HY THF: TON ONLY. . $1, $i 25 and $1-50 Shirt Waists for (flfl j " $2, and $2.50 Shirt Waists at ZOECKI.Eft J1ROS. 1 Thf W ('. T I ' will meet with Mrs. ; Malihs on Sherman street Friday af- j t.i noon Autr'ist rird. at 2 ?. All i members are requested to In- pre-ent. ; H order of the secretary. THK SINGER is do ng b i.-le.s at thf old stand. r...6 Main street, opposite Max Fishe! s. Oil. needles and attachments for all kinds of machines. Shirts that Sold at $2 and S2.50. now S1.25 and S 1 .50 Odds and Ends in Straw and Caps at Greatly Reduced Prices. $1.40 t:j v ml turn -n ri- i;. , Jul i undoridfd It- MMial and Th- ol:np: ' w hi tli. I to tii 'A" ' : in.ik' j d.'ii' in- party on K. ldii E , Th" tt'at'i r l:;t. ! " n i , i tllO'.u: t.t lii-;t to .- il ii..- l:. I"'. ! of I;, if . i. ith -o nir t TTTTirirnTTTTTlTMTlTl 0 Tin i. t or i.ot a ,il ill v. hat a day, , lal '..r.iiK win tori.L'ht . -lih Thf c. Zoellner Bros Co. 047 MAIN STHEET, DEADWOOD. r .....,. .iiHiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiniiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiir; : ri : ' i. II ,(ll , 1 111- -! ai;d all and : ;d lIMIII- ua : al'l-i w.N. live: t.ik:m fen- THE CITY. la t . 1 : 11 - a i;.K-i.' 1 Never Before purtx 1. V:!'.s ' .V(.:. an. in- d i . 1 1 : In Black Hills History ., 1 ' oinpaii le i n diiTi r- nT '. ii I, Sale to- Commence With Openmq of Store 600 lut the" t" v" r,,.,'1LL!.'. I i. V Little Eifel. A clear Havana cigar for 5 cents. CaJl teli'l hone S7 for uniformed im-s-Bi nder, l'ronipt service. 1). L. T. Co. You will i. "M r rind aiiy ether , 'il-mi prompt and m pleaKint as l)e;i; s l.ntl.. !:.!! H: rs. Kirk !. I'hUMps. ; ,,r..itiHi-ii.i i ' Haw- "Y piano for my 1 !. E .il Hie Hill". " w ' " ; "' '' ' IKH'iilur KiuilK". r' t'-l'a-' H. R. LOCKE & CO., No. e lr- '. Le oi. t. Hallo, m- .': 1 M Main Street. I Mair mr. DEADWOOD LEAD Ki'i ; n..: H e i i l or -.,! t Of I F. Il SHIRTWAISTS i F: o::i M,,ri.:i.a 'tin rs' .-amp!e?. ! ;n. -.d- ! the 1.-st ta :or lr the : -lvi'.l. d ri;"n t..i "i - Tbes Leftil-Other Follow In Vl.t.r-.l.l.v. ,,r l'l.ti:i.iil- ES'i l.'Y I'lANO. both ? an i g,d to he h.ui only "it Hawlf.v'i No. l!u!I' k Hotel. Vh tet a hand ni-. down, w!.. : ! ,aii t t.ulor-madn just a- i li'-ap. It.-adwood Tailors. f.TI Mam stre.-t. I. in. - .. in i ii. a. ' ra I a i a la i! lii-i U M.iml.i:. rr :n ,.i l.eforo .In ltf i- , oiirity our: yi-s-.tit.r. who ha.- juris- t!t V.-U- -'1..M..1.K Screwing unusual. A c ear Havana cigar for b cents.. Pa-tcn S.Ga' ghe- & Co. 's Little E''e'. FIVE illM R EI' TON.- OF E .Full .!E Hi THE TON ONLY. ZoF.fKLER MU'S. I . tor, .In.;.:. . o:! ' iihal ii'iL-h t. i.iay. an 1 I il.ltlOIl 111''!' Thev w tr;h .it-', a.w." - n h i .i-i postponed Coffee Talk.. sr. LOL'ls -. i -nrr.p'.i :. i,.r.; ell w ho ha- a i i ' ' ' ! profitat'le po-.f.i j the -ill- H. ' ati ' ANHAUSER-BUSCH. AM.Ato-r: ,h,.i,.h,.arinR until tho nth iru-t 4NDPABST MH:XN AI KLE BEER U. W( hth( r -ta'e !' 'or thi .it frrm $1.50 to $2.75 ! to keep dp oir reputation ;: .r.k Uii o ,1 No. IT 4 or - - i " L Sr. v BADE Or mali HENCE CALL FOR IT. Yh n Oii or any tran.-f-. r i 7-1, i ,r 'fir V . y are lit .-ub.iei t-i in -i hool or not. If yon are intr If you are in"' r- -' uh.r-- Adii:--wood. S. lal The ton--irritating lathaitie l . 1111 u , ,. . , c,,.oru St liter i air.- m trem his Jr-r. , i ..r, ,,thi.r diseases, in-, :or IlUIUOIS UUU ."" - . v r-.n, h.. v.-t V. ill' eludins rheurnatUm and that urea ; ; "o son Iw V. its Little tuiiy Risers a -e . ai ,.r l,v,.r and IkiwcI SLAUGHTER SALES, u.i w matte coou i hu if. n itoinc some le ' .. . .. tilexxl py noons mimihui..-. They a!! co at the . n: 'orm price JJ .-vti-nsive work on his ranen mis -ear and he now has one of the nicest , Phillips. Hair work of all kinds, swltihes. V! chains, flowers and puffs made to j ,,,op.Tties in that seetion. has a, F M Gant2i D. rj s. Mwiero Den- Our MOCHA an 1 JA cauwa the conttimiri to f-mac-k their an.l sk of the haupy housed il. WlieTe d'.d ou f-ny tb.u cone"' This Brand PuU songs In the houe wife's mouth, causes life. boat to Ball smooth ul'" harmonious a. af'1 ,h htisband to te jolly r- hapjy Because It Is the tt ami most delicious coffee ever sold, equals any 5 coffee ever on the market. Just try 30c worth- one pound. 75Cts order. Switncnes for sale and ha'r j good dwelling house on the farm, and Ugtry o all tinus. ,ja.s administered, bought. Orderfl at Ladies' Bazaar, i (,very outhuildine; that is needed to ! Elfth'teen years c,f experience. Rosen-Mrs. Julia Arrasrtong. shelter either crops or stock. Hp i tnai Block. Walter L. Vcra-c. l Deadwood. South Dakota. Office in the Wa.te Block. Millions will be spent in politics this ,.-dinclv hot and that j Mothers endorse it. children hke it. year. We can't keep the campaign go- narvstPd this ; oM .olke8 UM1 it. We refer to One Min There are some dandies. Come early and get your choice. A great line of summer wash goods ing without miney any more u,u soant im)epd is ben closed out at our place. We ). M. v ;i;iv Kitted- MUST have more room. Oculist .ir.d Ai': Glasses Svicn' nte CoiKh Cure. It will quickly cure all throat and lung trouble. Kirk G. Phillips. Mrs. W. W. Melick, the hair dresser, wishes to announce that she is can keep the body vigorous without food. Dyspepsics used to starve themselves . Now Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat and allows you to eat all the good food you want. It radically cures stomach trebles. Kirk G. Phillip. LOWE, Leader in Slaughter Sales. Harper Whiskey is liquM music, bottled poetry". ripe mello-v, refreshing and delcious. Sold by Carr & Berry, Deadwood. S D. Judge Plowman came up from his ranch on Polo creek yesterday, and I I lill A.i..- Res. 62 Centennial Ave J. GOLDBERG. S will visit with friends and talk poll- a tics for the next few days. The 1900 VIVES judnre is not very enthusiastic over Corner Main and Gold Sts the agricultural outlook in his section The mo-t- ! finished ;n' ii'. ..UllV -.-.liaWt-' n- year this year, but says that some of Uie farmers will be able to make part of a crop. Stock, he says is looking well and did not neem to suffer much from again able to look after her patrons. Don't forget her number, Room 8, over Deetken s drug store. tf The Misses Mitchell and McCoy, the d nnatologists, have arranged to be in Icad City two days each week. They will be found at the poular studio of H. R. Locke & Co , on Main street. Nice ice cream is delicious, while strawberries and cream always taste like more, providing they are nice. For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery, where they makfc it a specialty. tf The Philippine natives run pell mell, At the sound of our Yankee yell, But, oh, what a gait they'll have, maybe, European Hotel.... CARR & BERRY Pr Rates $i Per Day the heat which has oppressed human- The Supeno-'tv ot Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. it in thi a part of the country for the past week or so. Perfect womanhood depends on perfect health. Nature's rarest gift cf physical beauty comes to all who use Rooky Mountain Tea 35c. Ask your druggist ' Our Sample Room After taking Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist . Y Quiet i i Orderly Place i ' la oonMcUon U larse, finely lighted and famished, wher a good stock of th. cholosst wines, liquors and cigar arc constantly carried in stock music 5eBushGerts PIANOS This is just the time to buy your summer suit, and there is not the of ta choicest Tartety causes tas air to Hbk with rood cheer attentive Forest Rogers hitched up his fathe-re's horse early yesterday morning with the intention of taking a little ride. The horse waited for Forrest to get into the buggy, but Forrest kept it waitng so long that the horse concluded to take a little trip of its own, and did not care for the assistance of a driver. The buggy to which the horse was attached had many narrow escapes from cxliding with teams, and other obstructions in the street, but arrived with part of its running rear in a sadly demoral waiter! and courteous treatment causes a climax that only few places la the Superior for.. west mar boast of. Tone, Touch least use in tbe world to get a hand-me-down when you can get tailor-made at one-half the regular cost stock. Come and get our prices. We are making room for our fall Deadwcod Tailors, 671 Main street In India, the land of famine, thousands die because they cannot obtain food. In America, the land of plenty, many suffer and die because they not digest the food, they est v - Dyspepsia Cure digsts what y --'. instantly releases and indict. t aU stomach trouble. Kirk a .Tiil- i Durability.. i Lecabon In ttve Heart of the City. I FoR sale Fishel's Bazaa SteamHeat . Balh mi Toilet la Eacn Rooa. ised eondtion. its contents spilled oier the ground, and looking rery much like a wreck ta the alley back of Russell ft Hlgble'a. No one was injured la the mad stampede that the horse had take oa. J Carr& Berry J. . . 663 Syndicate Bloc Main St.

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