The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on August 2, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

r THE DAILY PIONEKK-TIMES, DEADWOOD S. D. . THURSDAY. AUGUST 2 r, 3WHIHIIVIVllllUMMHIIHMIIIMItllllU ..esleyan Quartet August 15th and 17th. SS0BI4&JL E s Min ne kah ta water for the stomach Try it. A. I). Ti.-hnor of Welcome : ill tll' i it v Wyo The Hardest To-Get-To Jaistom, rs j itst Sale Go to Vienna Bakery ami Cafe for ,l,e cream. Served every day. ;?:, Main street. tt One half ..IT ,, all our ..I,.,,,, .lm, I'" i pattern.-:. I.-adwood Tailors ..7 Ma n r ( I-. - -t ', Willi -mr ( liini;- lor .Mm l!ns, just the aitieles that vmi wain U1 KY UlUlt i. ill is a prestige "t Hill' l)Usin,'v II- , V e :1 THEY ARE BEST YOU CAN BUY 00 . i ; -i in ti W. .la. .... w U'e of W I-' M ; ilantjlit. r k it. .v t 1h- an- ami mi i!o not. i. vu have bought nmic .. them :. .; only linhicenreMt we ran otlVr u. is an inspection ..I our lm. In Neckwear, GIoves,Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Underwear, Shirts, anJ Hoiserv hi I' Stm-K' la I''c as ever. Popular in price and more attractive LiSfilorddSl CD- m - r W. L. Neil. D. D. S.. resident tie., i tl3t, has moved bis office to Hooru i:. 5 Syndicate block. ; Hair dressing in all its branches at Mrs U'- W. Meli. kV. R,,;n '. over Dee: '.en's drug store. ,f I' .-.' A. must )th. is the date t Mhe next special sale day at Chases. i Sl e ad. on pa iro 4. ; 1,ivk hiwdrkd tons of icf Hi KOU SAI.IO HV TUH T). O.VLv' ZOFJCKLKU DUOS. ., ' j Paxton & Gallagher company's 1 Little Eifel 5-cent cigar is one of the ' ; best ever sold ,n the Hills j Why get a hand-me-down, when you tailor-made just as cheap. Dead wood Tailors. Main street. V! -7 5 0 TDGaAYcWlLL OUR. o 0 2" i 2 c I .- n , - - t -J l ,t - o (7) ? l$l$$i$lg5iflni8S8ffiMrTOisls for Jgg $$2aflH($$26asfiJrirWaists at , Kivi-; ii! mki.;i Tons OF ('K ! F' K KALh HV THK TON ONI.V. ! zoi-:cki.i;h mhos. '. A. Sprinkle, who has hi , 11 visit- f 'OLI Ih'Santl VV'AW,! TTAC 1 1 hV n iul 7A"; ,'; Shirts that Sold at $2 and $2.50. now $1.25 and Si. 50 Odds and Ends in Straws and Caps at Greatly Reduced Prices "iiiK with friends and rei.-unes , .i. Ml I) i'i ken Mo-Will niak. "I our hio'lie-t v liar.i. te vlothinor unci furn ' v.. ii the rice when von .'miif to sec u. , ' astern part ot the stat.- f,- t,e past ! Mi'. nth. returned home ,,, tll,. .;lk ! '" r" 'stcrd iv reporting a v.-rv Z j pl. a sant M.joai n ' ''''I'f'e.f. Welliailllood depends . perf.-.-t health. Nature s rarest tlf E ' ' I''', -i. al l.eaiity com.-, to all who use Km kv Mountain I'.-a x,, , ill uui.-t Zoellner Bros Co. Tin- illtlllllllllllllllllllllllltWUMlllMIIIIMilUtatSIW IHHHNllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 15 Tlll'; tlXf.KH is do,ns busiess at 647 MAIN STREET, DEADWOOD. in-' old stand, 'jet; Main street, oppose Max Fishers. Oil. needles and at- ' t.'i. hments for all kinds of machines. .' TTHE CITY. u -.lit to io ' 'ential I Harper W'h.s j ""-",al infection. appendicitis I . ':l " a'''' ki'lney troa j l and all affections of ... .'" 1 '''" 1 1 y " I tak- Tull. ni.l.-U. in- . Little Eifel. i l : 1 1 i. te. I ew . i.-,. in 1-1 i. 1 in front of i t ie.l p.,et , , j and d -1. e. fcimiJiiKlUUQ-ilUlfr. U HaHvina cigar for 5 cents. I hlWoed and kidneys prevented by taking genuine Uockv Mountain .-a, made by Madis.ui Me,i, j,,,. r ,sk vour ilrui,'- UUD tl. (..... t .... 1,- M,yWrfc,t)"Iie !'7 for unlrortued inea- I Manager S. h. i . i .ii t h,. ( ili.-rainnier-ran comiiany. has . ontra t. .1 with eleven different cities in the lj.s I' '' "He and two nitrht performance.. 4eer?claliynipt service. D. D. T. Co. X Li kku Ulll. UB u... . ... . 1 . ,. .If.. hro4'(Winvi4t'iever find any other cills 600 Sale to Comrtience With Opening of Store 'I've u. ;.. . ' lolllll..; I :. . r.-putat : on I e . . i ptlfpese. . '.. u it. :, n i .- I I,,. ,,n; , ;.!.sh piano for my ranillT. Haw- ki4inil so pleasant as DeWitrs e. .... ,. ,., m":i:l"- !n e;: ' I v i- V.'." .: !.- the rev,, ei- ,(...,..- litWrrHise,,.. KirkG. !,,.,. , ; uJ Z Zu-t'Z No. i",:;9, by Mullock Hotel. 4 1 j;h& gufiKi-tavhflro.Kow- KV, , ('UNO, both stylish ami " " " l.-.o:,,.,:. 'I I ,,, '''' nil"'; i"'l w-ifiim nieinhei s are tHHi P ke had only -it Hawley'j, SHIRT WAISTS 5,Wniyn' i , ut !.:..-,. they put li.ein j. like lieW'itt'., !., Take only 1 icW'jt. It cllles piles 4',,,tJf Itf IluIUck Hotel. roi,es,,.d ,,, -,, ,,.,! in. l-'hua n St;.:1 .nil si , ,., . .... F. D. Str.ith hen, Res iioth.i but th b.'8t K.ade smiiioiin ". al. Something unusual. ..A clear H,ivp na c.gsr for 5 ce nts. Paxton AGall.v gher & Co.'s Little Eifel. Kviifr' 1A)4tKHti 1 mil me-down, wheavoii ' s I n n e- ' ' '" I'iotu Maiiufa' tiller: samfooa. IB ciLttet&1mli'Vii" -nadi just as cheap. made ! V tile 1. -st f n 'nr I,v I l,":,-!- . IO :ll... ritlWWIttff TkJ ailyrs, t.l .Main str. et. """ on. ias the i-limiill LttHiiBEE-BUSCii. sr. louis in' 'ZT',y,".k I'" .":,"",v. ,'"'M i'iT-; : 1 1 ' I IR I ; I ) TONS ,.- I, , skill.-,! men t.iilois J i John Jc I 'The w 11 1-;m w he V e ,, ,t-0, - . ..l ... AittWgftJMSX MILWAUKEE BEER IS 1 ros is mal in , - i i' SAI.i; II V THE TON" ONLY SShVWW AJALT AND HOI'S ONLY, o, .' ! " Md-ndnl job ZOECKLEK HKOS. ' ' " 1 11 I 1 am is f,.,t T,MyGHAoulAJA at fioni , ...uflUHM.tha nivuuiat r a . i ii etNliiSALU FOR IT. chani, s i . llilIs am, "ZX the best evidence tl,at he understands k2' $1.50 to $2.f5 (in- corner . I'il'--t. ml--, n a lluit; J I .' . I tie Residence 'phu Whi-n you want out tn.nk m..ved or any transfer work, call No. I7 , JT.9 Harrison for W. A. or C. L. Sny-' dor. tf" I his trad. I im Mima- mi ( r io h hilltldHPfchtf'riBlnany.thiM- diseases, in- mmm nttoitWmUsm and that tired H'it to keep up our reputation UteniBadlaiL blood is made cood fo;- of tfi-ah.llto.lTL.li1 Ife. TlbisBRrattd 'utfiUWbr.twn JBtJrfu-.o, th.i9IHltfe' t oftt t.pailnMMipuaihttiu. iu De Wit's Little L.,ily Risers a -,. I WpWTl iHoitPod's Sarsapnrilla. The teleriani Iron-. Ohma that .Ls displayed in the wii. low of the pjo ncrTimes yesterday afternoon, at-,:a'' inu.h attention, and altho thei. veie many who really had a famous little pills for liv.-r and I o w-f 1 j SLAUGHTER SALES troubles. Never grippe. Kirk :. i Ha ammrtpi-to of all kinds, swlt.lies. rhillips.' I jnsfldpyvers and puffs made to They all ?o at the uniform prh of '"'WUWu'ora ror sale and ha1!- i K""' "' 'liat the message I en ant. only Hill Chadwick could Kive it- true interpretation, and he was n,OreJrdei3 at Ladies' Hazaat hafPf y ifriJiJilKk-rnisitoiif,-. 75cts BBomiise I - r" ' lf to his mativ MiU4U"t;vill 1). spent in politics this -nds. J)rVIWjfcfCrv,t kefp the campaign go- taLintifcoiney any mo:e than we' . ."1,,,a: St''" a,e ,o,.i;.lly F.' M. Gantz, D i). S. Modern Heu- ' tlstry of al, kinds. d;us administered. I Eighteen years of expei i-mv. Uosen- i 'hal lllack. j Motliers endorse it, .hildivn i,;, itj old lolkes use it We refer to On.. Mill-I "'" '' " 1' l'u.". It vili qni.-kly cure1 all throat and hint; (roubles. K,fk (). 1 ; Walter L. ckk, .HJ. x 14,'),? tf-TMttftbody vigorous without ' , V" :,t "f Mls- Udhrirtuu.u.lP. , ' "'"'l'"""!'. I'.. Nn tl, Williams There are some dandies. Come early and get your rhoir?. A great line of summer a: !i ; ...ds hen . losed out at our place v,. Deadwood. 5oi.'" J i equ"J vBT. t:foJTp'-. ot tvn es..tbi(ark'.t. , tiiJust:-v ttm 30c esjribne.'nei Phillips. Office in tlie VV . . B ok. Dculi-' , i,l An: .. ::, a M. Ktves nso Kodol Dyspepsia Cr' tln "), n- u"U" ' Zimm.yon eat and allows you . I : H torl.tBool food you want. It TI:,.M, , ,,nt w ..,s y " ( nWMUVltoW! stomach frubles. Kirk ,,. imrmw f a;. Mrs. W. W. Meiiek, the hair dress- i I i At ('ST have more room LOWE, ( i I.'Ism s : n ii : : 1 ".sues io announce that sh; is .--..;... i ' a !..r . " 1,1 uiiieis everv . (wo weeks for the henelit f ,.. I, j . a" !' P-trons. T . .1 .... : , 1 i H.I li i III ' Res. 62 Cn . ' ..I f. r i """'i i siausnter Sales. I ! " ' ' f::nd and so. iabilitv for?,,t h"r number, Room S. over Deetken's drug store. tf The Salvation army w ill on Fiidav 1 The .Misses Mitchell i m I";"' :0,,1, Wi'h ! '-ad City two days eaeh we tk Th v ;,,a,nn,ent at their hal, on Main;. II. be fOIlnd at the poular s, id7o o .. ,-.fl ers and sold.ers from H. R. I.o. ke & Co.. on Main street Lead and SturRis will also he present . v k. r 7Sr 1 villi vivcj 1900 BSuropean ,5 The nmst Hiotel. ;:nd an old-lime open air meeting be- I ivlce Ice cream Is delicious, whllp $6iPRerDBajfl i Chi : A , , II mm ' finished ;on . Cameras o1 I tore the inner services. Everviodv D"dwuernes and cream always taste om... ' ''ke more. providing they are nlee o Fr best yu ould remember tAgjRI iCUSRY Pr The Superior iS ot Nursing Mothers. 1 ,.PIC batery' where i lJmm -Vive Lenses , m$$m0t Room ,, . . , , . n u specialty. tr feeble children, the aged and infirm, and all who suffer from debility, ex-'Ihe Philippine natives run petl mell Laustion and wasting diseases, find I At th'' sound of our Yankee yell .(ALT NTTRINE invaluable. The Eut. oh- what a eait thvn 7 OdJelct OiQcrtflyj: f : Lead Everywhere. . . . maybe. WlltMIl IB ill 1 finelv leouuei or tne Anheuser-Bush Brew ing Ass'n. For sale by all druggists Alter taking Rorky Mountain Tea Ask your druggist. ; uHtriUUeieie.a good Block of and clgai8i faifllUlUirtWi?d In stock-music df ftMMtoifertety causes the air ' ILe BushGerts TO CHICAGO. One Fare for the Round Trip via the Burlington Route. The Burlington has offered one fare for the round trip ($31.55) from Dead- I This is just the time to buv vour Hummer suit, and there is not the loast use in the world to get a hand-n.e-down when you can get tailor-nifcde at one-half the res-nlnr f r"'Wit'"ifodl'oe.cner attentive I PIANOS ruimwmNWKPlU treatment causes PlBttcc I j ! 4 cHj&wqbAPftfciynteew places In the wood to Chicago, August 23. 24, 25, stock. Come anH u prices. e are making room for , 5? Superior for.. t. on account) of the annual encamp-ment of the Grand Army of the Deadwcod Tailors. 671 Main ct. A ' i 1 i 4 ! Tone, Touch In India. thA tn.i The return limit on these tickets is September 1, subject to extension to September 30. no i i I . Location . t .amine, tnous-ands die because they cannot obtain food. In America, the land of plenty many suffer and die becaimo fW 'ty Durability,.. & For sale M u U UtfHtart of the City. The neare3t agent of th R..riinr IS I I not digest the food they eat Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digsU what you eat. It Koute will be pleased to give you additional information about rates, dates, taggage and Utda service, with 1U up-to-date wide TesUbnla er. n. i'n I Jishel's Baza a (j4T v ' jlt ir r v lUBxanuy reieares and radically cures all stomach trouble. Trirv n m. only Una glvlnt this service. k 663 Syndic atA n i nnV Ufa n flf Kpfc ;

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