The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 20, 1900 · Page 3
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 3

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1900
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 19 1900.- I nillllllllllllltiliiiiiHtHMIIIIHIIMIIIHIMMIIHIIIMIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIUIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIMMIIIMIIIIIIi: Min -ne kah ta water for the .stomach Try it. WSVSXSOOfSXXt 5.WAV4V.V.V.V. . SPECIAL Little Eifel a dear Havana cigar Zoellner Bros. Co. Men's I Boy's Outfitters for 5 I i iits. j ' Tl-e latest soda dnrk Is GRAPE ' S ALE. Try a y 5 Soda Fountain. DEETKEN'S i tf ! Shirt Waist Sale TO CLOSF: OUR 617 MAIN srXEHT, DEADWOOIJ. ....Negligee Shirts.. Extra Stock of this Season's s 4. D 1 sts.. i ..uuorea m SHE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, I . - . - ' - . - s in wa H rn r- 0 c r V WI: vMJ L liFHiR MOM $, $i 25 anJ .SI -SO SiiiM for l!.!!"S a1 $2, and $2.50 Shirt Waists at UiH Aiuciied and Detached Now $1.25 :?nd $ in ..'.. .ips ;! ('rc.;';'- l;-'jj'.:-;. ..!!' ; if s TA f. a Xtfj 1 j in..: Zoelliier liros i c. II 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 r f 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ) 1 1 1 1 : ! 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 : 1 1 - i i ' 1 ; ; : ; r 1 1 ' 11 , r : ' ; 1 f ; ; ; 1 1 1 ! ! : ( t ; : : . i i ; : h f . ; ; i ; , , , i THE CITY. I i.i.:. Nice h " Ivan, ! . Strnwhei 1 I.-; and ;.!': 1 lik iiiw. pi .n ; I !i For tin) hi" ! i m Iim tho OI.Miipir !.;ik-r niaki. it n v i 1 1 1 . '!" I G- .(. ; t:ic I) i ' i.ri: IS .'JO I mD. 1 1 At DtU I 'I i I., ."i .. -i, Coffee Talk.. $ ! ix I (h.r Mil. n l ': I v t. n li.-!. ;i in i. i.iiii r..ii...i v ; I i 1 1 hi. i ri'ii in Main Mr.'' ! .r Hi ' In ami rsi;;. in ;-fi. a.n i i , i r .vi.'.'a ,i ki:,; r.i;i;u 1 .. A I (M ' MAi.i A.N I I 1 h 1 1 ' i i i,. , u:.nvi; Lai. i. ion i i'. I'riiik M, k.ii.l l at. This Brand I 'MI x sol - i ri ' '. 'n i w ifi-'s niiuji h. . in . l i. t.oiit in sail mi...- : i.t hitrnuMiinu.- i , .1 1 1 . luisbfiinl It ! " ,i i i - 1' hap' y Because p. ,.,!. r s" ''V piano fur my 'atJllI I I li 0 1 1 M 1 1 ' SS freshing. and gives sweet restful, v I ' j' . i . ,. , . M : " , i ; -i v :"ldie- . in, ,,t s... . I I' I V I ' r I- v is Lie,' mily ri dea No. bv I'.ullk Intel. THi: SI.NIJKK is do'iig; b'iM. i i nt ii j 1 1 1 1 I i i ti national in I'lilliuleliihia, delegates at At I fn- r i nil III lull and i.-iiiu.- leealdv surprised abh tile old stan.l, .i.'.tJ Main stie.-t, o;po sile Max 1'islnl's. Oil. needles aim at It in tho hi st i.ii I delicious rotTce fi r (glials any 5o rotff' on tin1 !i'ark"t. Just try uorili pound. I H.irper I:; Im'j i . isi,i lu . , . ! : 1 1. ' I I li ii 1 1 . I Ipi'. in. I Ii iw. I . ! I i h. , ' am! ii li am - Sul.l h ( '.. , r ,V I i l , 1 . ail'Anu I . I i For burns, injuries, piles, skin diseases, use I)e Wit's Witch Hazel S alv ' It is the original. Counter fiets may e offered. Vse only DeWit's Kirk (.. Phillips. Mrs. V. ". Meliek. the h. ,r die.,s-er, wishes to annuuni i- that si e is aain able to look after her patrons. Don't forget her number, Kooni S, over Deetken's drug store. tf The law holds hot'1 ma:"r and circulator :jf a eounterfiet vi ily guilty. The dealer who sells you a dangerous conterfiet of De Wits' Witch Hazel Salve rlsus your life to make a little lr ger profit. You can not trust him MeWits' Is the only genuine and original Witch Hazel Salve, a well known ! cure for plies and nil skin diseases See that your dealer gives you DeWit.s Salve. Kirk G. Phillips' les. ' ' s Hie K N. ht an GOLDBERG. to tiini a Hiirliiuton Kuute lan m every seat. This lut of thounhfuiue.-s on tin-pari o! a western railioad. a thousand miles distant from the laker T'ity, was widely . 111 in 1 1 1 f -. I upon by tho a 1 1 i n le u s papers. " r eery purehase made in (nils' to the .amount of ? 1 nr mure we will give absolutely fn-e one bottle or I'edanne Furniture Polish. This is done to intrrline it. and is only good lor a short tine. Ie-Mouth's A, ' I lb b.., tl.Mli f , ,,!, ,11. l s;iv.- l:i iy If v on l.i a li "I ;.;' -l.'e ..Oil I). -. 1 1 , , . ,,. . j, , "'" W. h.-ar inilhiii j Pl .'li-e. ;,s Ihev ,, ., -o llllleb rnmfurl. Then. j i,,..,. , t "i' ir make up to tain ribbon and poison h,. n Th.-y nr. made in ... . . stock sizes, and are. U, .., absolutely faultless. 50 PER CENT OFF '" our iinlliu, i v fl (ll,, the , hi iiiis to the be. st. f,,,. the n, t lu day Co,,,, see lis before yim;. LOWE, A tachni, nts for all kinds of tnai I i Paxtmi A; Callagln r eoinp : Little Dilel .".-cent cigar is on,. , : very I.eM . i io,.: i;: the Hill - i ; LAlili:S: Insi.-t on bawi ! MOT It'S STAR HAM and Not hi ug liner was ever p i !. W. Winn is a in en.-, . in and for the my of Dean ! being; his number. He is pie accommodate persons goin part of the city, and do it in class shape. He has good hacks Walter L. Vercoc M. D. Deadwood. South Dii-oli Office in the TVnite i .) -i-. (Kiilit and Am i ! : K' lapses, Sv-i-nt ili, a' lV;t, t ici- Limi ti-il i.i i ; . , i ; Res. 62 A. John Jennack. The well known nackinan lias routed an office next to Sprinkle's barber hop, on Lee street, where he will be pleased to have you ia.l when in need of a rig calling parties, funerals, ete., will receive prompt ami courteous attention. Office 'phone i.o. SS Harrison. Residence 'phone No. 83 Harrison. lirst and J earns, and his old friends are invited Wink ,,n the be, n lesllllleil. of inas(ini wil and then Whiti Klkliii: n awaii !,.. and the ii'assive pil I scion he complete, I wood's a uiY waters Corner Main and Gold Sts. N N V N. V V X.-N. .V v. .-v VV to remember his number"!;. " A gentleman recently cured of dys-pebsia gavo the following approprb e rendering of Burns' f mious blessiiu : "Some have meat and onon not eat, a . id ohters have none that want it; but we have meat and we can eat, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be thanked" This pr p-aration will digest what you eat. It instantly relieves and radicaly cures indigestino and all stomach disorders. Kirk G. Phillips. 1900 VIVES European Hotel.,.. I may roar and rage as the like, but the property of the company will 1... j safe from any injury whiih they may endeavor to inflict. j It has been demonstrate d by exper-i ience that consumption can 1 e prevent- ed by the early use of One Minute i Cough Cure. Thig Is the favorite retn-j edy for coughs, colds, croup asthma, grippe, and all throat and lung trouble, j Cures quickly, at Kirk G. Phillips, j Superfluous hair, warts and moles Permanently removed by ele. trolosis. Work guaranteed. Kim n fo. j.i Rates $i Per Day CARR & BERRY Pr The most lica ii : finished and r ' Cameras sold t h - ' The Superiority o' A Little Eiffel. A (dear Havana cigar for S cents. They Are Delicious. Our Sample Room ? Vive Lenses 7 Lead F.verywher,-. There is nothing qilte so delicious as a nice, fried spring chicken, and there is no place where you can buy .so reasonable as at the Standard Cash Grocery, corner of Deadwood and Sherman stieets. in connection Is large, finely lighted and furnished, where a good stock of Quiet Orderly massage makes the skin firn and removes wrinkles. Stillman's Freckle cream will remove all free! I -s, tan and spots from the skin. S Id only by Mrs. Alford and Meliek, over Deetken's drug store. The popular "Northwestern Line." P. K. M V. R. R.. will seli tickets July ;;, ! and 24th. to Colorado Springs. Denver and Pueblo, at one I Pi Bush-Gerts the choicest wines, liquors and clgais are constantly carried In stock music of he choicest variety causes the air to ring with good cheer attentive Proposals for Heating Plant. Proposals in writing for the instal B-- -mqr Yy Place. waiters and courteous treatment Causes a climax that only few places in the PIANOS Superior for... weft may boast of. lation of a hot water heating plant In the first National Bank building be received by the undersigned until 4 p. m. Saturday, July 21. 1900. flight Is reserved to reject any or all bids. j fare plus 12 for the round trip. Call at Elkhorn paenger station for all j particulars, regprding limit-, time ( cards, etc. I Rev. Dolliver a f.,,.,- iv...! , in A Tone, Touch V '; Durability .... Sfor Sale Location In the Heart of the City. Steam Heat Bath and Toilet In Each Room. f ...... i 'a, ii ()(! pastor and a brother of Congressman Ddlliver, will soon make a tour of the Hills and will give a lecture in Dead-wood. Aug. 9. on the subject. "How Our Government Is Housed and Works." Rev. DolllTer Is a fine speaker and should command a Consumers of Water Are requested not to sprinkle la or allow the water to run all nigat. on account of low water In White-wood. Violations of this will c&use the shutting off of the entire house. P. BLACKBURN, Snpt. City Water Works. Carr& Berry. Fishel's Bazaar, k 663 Syndicate Bloc Main St. 1 4 si -

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