The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 13, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1900
Page 8
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13. UE DAILY PIOXEEB-TUIES, Little Eifel a i lear Havana cigar iiimittmitMiiiwtiimrmiiHirrr ror it 'fni8. SPECIAL i Call telephone 7 for uniformed nits ? senger. Prompt service. D. D. T. O Jf The latest soda dunk i& GRAPE s, ALt...iijf a DtETKfcN a S ovUo Fou.itati). i; , '-'IV E HI NHKKD 'JONS OF : FR SALE :Y T11K TON ON!'.. .i i-:-K m; s. '.' FRfDAY. JCLY, Zoellner Bros, Co. Men's j Boy's Outfitters Shirt Waist Sale 3 647 MAIN STREET, DEADvVOOD. ....Negligee Shirts.... TO CLOSE 01 V 01 Extra Stock of this Season's v- cf :P - 1 Colored Shirt Waists., j l..i':i:-i'v ttnlk ; ill hill'K 'toll'-No, v 1 1. w-v - t i - t . M,i;o-rn ii . i !. pt.i.!.. : i . i i in i -i mii in , mi, a ; Mnl'K.S -Tri HAM .i ni HACOv Notlnri-: t.r.-r a- v. r ptoduced. ! We use pure fruit juices at our fountain.. Our soda cannot be be' Try it. PALACE PHARMACY. Ma;r lros-s;ng in all lt- bi am lies :. I M i ' y Mdic k . Room iiv , ' . f' k.-Il - ill llg still''. 1 I ' h' Lm button . iij plj uill i ;.i-iv.- t ii. j i- ill.' Saturday. (In- 1 4 1 r 1 Thi- pav i in will I'li'li Deadwood that tir::.-. kivi; n i ' n i 1 1 1 k 1 1 'l i ins ' F ice FOR SALE Hi Till: TON o. mtos. LADIES Insist iii ::,iv iiiu A:; MoT ICS ST l( H M .in. I MAC1 .' Ndth.nL' :i i -i" .i- ...i pi ...In. f.l. ' V. (.. ; M'l VV.H.I -alii, ' I ' i 1 1 i Hll.. . m: i; ; i ,i ii -: . r v, in (. . ,ii I Nn. I 7 . 1 I!a: I mi. U' : ' !. i, w 1 CD ti t Y ;' l'fy rli "" 8H j ? ni 0) : 1 WE IVILL OFFER FROM 1 ..TODAY ON ALL OUR.. 5 ' $1, $1 25 and $1.50 Shirt Waists for JQ j acd Cufts Attached and Detached, $2, and $2.50 Shirt Waists at Now $1.25 and $1.50 t.i -.11 .1: Collars , , .r .11:.: -J."1 Odds and Ends V i,-, 'Um i.'.-"! '-vv;;i -nak.- in straw and Caps at Greatly Reduced Prices. 1.40.. ..itr ;::i:-!n-t hara.'t'T , L.thiiiir vm inn::-1; a; t1- '.vh.-i ..n- t u-. j M. J. WERTHHBMER &Bro. IIHIIIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIMIiniMIIIIIHlllMlllllllllllllllllllMMIMIMIMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIMIMHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlE Zoellner Bros Co. THE CITY. Grape Ale is the best, be a glass, j At Deetken's Soda Fountain. . tf , How is your kidneys, kahta water. brink Minnc- Dr. Seymour, Eye Specialist, com- tug, July 16 to 20. FOTfV II A VII V.,.ih irllh un.l 1 good to ! had ouly it Hawley'a, No. S.'S, by IluLleck Hotel. Go to Vienna Bakery auu Cafe for Ice cream. Served every day. 0(a i Main street. tf Saturday. July 14th is tne date or , next special sales day See ad on page 4. at Chase s. For burns, injuries, (kiles, skin diseases, use De Wit's Witch Hazel Salvo It is the original. Counter fiets may be i offered. I'se only DeWit s Kirk rhilllpe. C. L, Siewcrs has nut got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do it himself, and- he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to siat. tilve him a call, and be convinced. There is no bosh about this. The law holds bot). maker and circulator of a counterfiet eiiualy guilty. The dealer who sella you a dangerous . conterfiet of DeWiU' Witch Hazel Salve risks your life to make a little lr ger profit. You can not trust htna OeWits' Is the only genuine and original Witch Hazel Salve, a well known cure for plies and sJl skin disease. See that your dealer gives you DeWit.s Salve. Kirk O. Phillips' European j ' j ! ! I i ! ' : 'neer L . M. Gantz. D S. .Modern D-tlstry of al, kinds. Gas rfdmmisterK Eighteen years of upei i-nc.. Root- thai Block. ANHAUSER-Bl'SCH. hi'. L0l A.ND PABST .V.ILWA! KF..; BEER 1; MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONIT HENCE CALL FOR IT. Homertake Hose. A 11 i ill poi tabt lie ei ; 11 s: -,i . ; , at S o'clock this . ,. pins AM n.c bers are urged in I p -. 'it R del' of the lor. I' F ' - ll.TL s. i-M! , Dr. SeyrrCcr Coming. In "ii del- in!. to . " !': S- niour. call at Ii : - ' hi!'. ; Ol I Tt ll. as l.e Iliav !! 1 r ' . '. longer, owing to - I -i-.n- Little Eiffel. A b ar I lavan.i r.t "ir Walter L. Vercoe H. 1. Deadwood. South Dakota. Office in the Waite Block. Oculist ami Ann-! 1J. M. Ry (ilasses Scit-ntitically Fitteu. Practice L.iniitc! i" live -V ur Res? 62 Centennial Ave. - N 1900 VIVES 5 The mn.t l. ,t.- tullv finished ad r.-lia Cameras sni -Iv-vear J The Supenont ol f Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. I ' y . . I H faun-US I.:' truubl'-s l'liillips H arpt i k.-i.-, ... , nd Kirk ' 1 - iM-tliM h. laa.l. ..Illl lla. .' I!. i.,.; ha : 11 - r . i - 1 lIH,L'ht u i . i k llnf': -Su it In I, Ol .t. i I .re ar Mr- I'iIi.i A i" in -1 tout;. Those af til. a . t ii i , ara. t. hfada. h ; . ,:.i i d n.-ti;iin. dcafn.'.-, . atrnih ' 1 tl:f nor and tlnoat. etc.. hoald x.nsittt P.'. M'. 1. Seymour at his p: 'v itr ir at tl.c H. i& M. depot July r;;ii ,,iui 17lh. For ni'iv purchase made m our sl()1 ' to the amount ol $1 or more Will KlVe absolutely free Olle hot tie Cedarine Furniture I'oli.-h. This only is done to iutroiii.e it. and is cood lor a short time. 1 )e .Mouths Ar. it sweet younK wuiows want to "ketch ' some sweet heart tn the sun- nv tanL-le of their golden cnrU thev'ri ,i-tter take Hockv Mountain Tea (Ireat medicine. ;:.",e. Ask your druggist. Street Commissioner Cnmshaw is ouf aft(,r ,)oll taxes, and h e projin-- to the are ollect from every male between ages of 1 and unless they invalids, llluffs don't iro with the commissioner. Those who are liable must either pay or work on tlje streets, and the amount. $1 .".0. is too small to warrant i:o:m; up acaint th" marshal!. For tip- I" tl' tit of those who HlilV i onte-niplate t;oiiig to Nome. W. T Robertson of the Hurlinnton tele graphed to Seattle yesterday to as- certain .. when the boats would be' leaving again. He received a dis- i patch in answer announcing that the Ohio. Roanoke Centennial and Garonne, all of them rirst class vesels. would sail about the l.'th. The Huelmer Settle company which appeared before the Dead wood thea- ' tre-goers last week, has consented to . play a return engagement for the benefit of the Deadwood Labor union. On this occasion they will have new-plays, all of which will be recognized as thoroly upt-odate. The executive committee appointed by the union consists of .Messrs. Marion Cammack, E. A. Breeding. R. L. Billings. E. O. Boak and A. L. Slieger which insures the success of the enterprise. LADIES Insist on having AR MOI'R'S STAR HAM and BACON. Nothing finer was evei produced. 6t Frank IVnneld. of Houston. Texas, is in Deadwood. visaing his uncle. R. H. Bowman. He has been attending Oberlin college, at Oberlin. Ohio, and.' intends to spend the summer here. He be nine acqainted with Charles and Miss Beryl Brelsford at Oberlin. j and thought he would find them in I ieadwood. but luearned upon arriving here that they are making their home at Hot Springs. William Selbie and wife, and two i sons, Willie and Charley, and Mrs. Burdette Moody, returned the middle of the week from Boyden's ranch on i ana creek, where they had been fishing since the Fourth of July. They camped out at Boyden's place, and took their meals at the latter"s houBe. The fishing was good all the time they were there., and, the trout wer. biting . particularly , satisfactory the last day or two: . ' $500 FOR $250 is The Greatest ...Bargain on THE MARKET. Brautiful Tune. Beautiful Finish Cirnu- in anil try it. A trial means ;i purchase. y 4 A ' . .: 'A Pi Bush-Gerts PIANOS in Superior for... Tone, Touch Durability .... for Sale hquaK any Piano Kvir Sold In This country Sso.oo Ifw I !'' " - w ' Ni e ice cream Is delicious, w hile strawberries and cream always taste like more, providing they are nice. For the beet you should remember the Olympic bakery, where they make It a specialty. tf .IT. WILL BE TO YOUR INTEREST TO hWatch fthis f Space TOMORROW Morning John Jennack. Hat a first-class outfit of teams sou carriages and la prepared to do all klnda of city work. Calling parties, funerals, etc., will receive prompt attention. Call Harrison telephone No. Corner Main and Gold Sts. Our Quiet Orderly, Place, V. '.' ' Steam Heat Bath Toilet hi 'Each Roosl 1 Rates $i Per Day 1 A I ki! ii In connection and furnish the choicest are of the to ring waiters a climax west may I ure,,, I not tin- season-. Nor the years that conie and go. Liti s an all round pleasure to me, Since taking Rocky Mountain Tea. A-k your drugis:. F1VI-; III NDKF.Il TONS OF ICE i FOR SA1.F MY THE TON o.N'l.Y. X !: K I.EK HK( IS U'h. n ou want, to go lo I'. ntral take Tuller -. back. Stand in front of No. i .', 1. 1 street. Fare L'jc. HAVE YOU A HEADACHE? Try our headache capsules. PALACE PHARMACY. W. L. Neil. D. D. S.. resident dentist, has moved his office to Room 19. Syndicate block. F. D. Smith bandies nothing but th best grde smithing coal. LADLES. insist on having; AR-MOl'RS STAR HAM and BACON, Nothing tine was i ht produced. t;t How is your stomach trouble?. Di ink Minnekahta water. ES-EY piano for my ramllv. Kaw-ley is the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. I'axton v: Gallagher i unipan j 's Little l-;ifel .".-cent cigar is one of the very best eer sold in the Hills. PILLOW SALE From June 18th. Mrs Mooney, 41 Lee sti , second floor, will give 25c discount on every $1.00 worth of stamped goods. Ty-rial embrodiery silks at 40c per dozen for two weeks. "Huger is the best Sauce." Tet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and sicK. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It creates a good appetite, gives digestive power and makes tre wholn body strong. ' Sick headache is cured by Hood's Pills. 2:,e. LADIES: Insist on having ' AR-MOFR'S STAR HAM and'BACON. Nothing finer was ever produced. St Mrs. W. W. Melick, the hair dresser, wishes to announce that she is again able to look after her patrons. Ion't forget her number. Room 8, over Deetken's drug store. tf Golden weddings ar taking place all over the country. The old couples evidently took Rocky Mountain Tea in tneir young days. 35c. Ask your druggist. It has been demonstrated by experience that consumption can be prevented by the early use of One Minute Cough Cure. This is the favorite remedy for coughs, colds, croup asthma, grippe, and all throat and lung trouble. Cures quickly, at Kirk G. Phillips. A gentleman recently cured of dys-pebsia gave the following appropriate rendering of Burns' famous blessing: "Some have meat and caon not eat. and enters have none that want it; but we have meat and we can eat, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be thanked" This preparation will digest what youesA, It instantly relieves and ra&caly cures IndigesUno and all stomach disorders Kirk O. Phillinj. Hotel.... CARft & BERRY Pr Sample Room is large, finely lighted ed, where a good stock of wines, liquors and cigais constantly carried in stock music choicest variety causes the air with good cheer attentive and courteous treatment causes that only few places in the boast of. Location In the Heart of the City. 1 Fishel's Bazaar, j Carr & Berry I ,JT'.e.83 SyadicataBlocltMaln St. -v.

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