The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 12, 1900 · Page 2
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 2

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1900
Page 2
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THE DAILY PIOXEEk-tlilES, DEAD WOOD, 8. D. 1901. "Example is Better Than Precept REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. The republicans of South Dakota, in state convention assembled, reaffirm ami lenew our allegiance to the republican party and in principles, ami particularly exprsed in the party platform of tin party adopti il in lvni, every l ledge '. lii. h has been fulfilled. We endoise the administration of I're.-t- Geo. V. Ayrcs & Co. tan party is hot the direct cause of prosperity and plenty in Kansas is too 'lull and too blind i ;i time ii. Democrats Are Hedging. ' It is ;t notalil' t'a' t " remarks the A ! 1 1 ; 1 1 Journal, 'flint. already tin1 Hiinnit'- in vv p;( ii is li.r.c iliopp.'d THE DEADWOOD PIONEER ESTABLISHED JUNE 8. 1874. THE BLACK HILLS TIMES ESTABLISHED APRIL 7, 1877. CONSOLIDATED MAY 13. 1897. PIONEERTIMES PUBLISHING CO. 1 .1' Si A-cesnrs to ,1 , n t Mi Kinky and the republican pan and i niit;rauila'i' the icninlry on the revi val ii industrial, arn ultural ami coinim ;':ii-peri'v, (.r'Miiht ai.out as :i din i. -.ill; i.' the h ! 1 1 .i t n m of rcputilii an pr i ipleH ,iiil pulii;--s uf KoMiaiiiint ilnrii Ayres & Wardman Hardware Company. in I ' le ;. ". i :' mukill a l.i i f'1-.v I 'I' ; few w.-.hs I .i ! !i. : ,i I ii will In- I - ;i ,ttlliaMll issll.- Is I ii r 1 1 i' i a i .-i.iit iiiim- ti f t OIlspl' illllS j ao. Tlial no i nailc to list- it j plain." If tin- i drop issues It is not what ive say, but what Hood's Sarsaparilla docs, that tells the story. Thousands of testimonials are examples of what Hoojd's has done for others, and what it ivill do for you. Dyspepsia " cA coniciUalion cf troubles, dyspepsia, chronic catarrh dr.J infUmmition of the stomach, rheumaiisr-i. etc., made me miserable. Had no appetite tntJ I took Hood's Sarsaparilla which cured me." N. B. Seeley, 1S74 W. 14th Ave., Denver, Colorado. A'. B. Be sure to get Hood's because ;: - .chiii a . -t r.i t 1 1 hi . , com tin ml 'h . i al aul df-tiiiKUish- Ii; v . i ti tin h mil 1 1 'prc-. iitauv.'i 'i --s ti,i v i 1 'he -l .tt and liatic i ! '.i Hon. J.uiii W. Kyi ., ti .,1 S'a'c- si s itnr. mil uti-lui!c! prai II.- al ill: I l! 1 inlic -nppiil t of l' i,l-ia! I'll 4.f IT- -i 'i i,i M. Kinl.v i llllliniUIIIIMIIIIlii,!,,,!,,!,,,, Mil SI USCltll'I KIN. TKRMS OF lie '. st.ilel h Aniiii-aii war and h-ti-litii N'i t In i n ' M II tliilll ll.-l'SS tH t III III -non In u it l init ;i plank to Oiii 1 1 1 1 1 i s 1 1 i s nil- i Ii hi proti i t ion. I 'i uspi-1 it v is I . v 1 on rent dollars. Kxpan fact and tin' American Clan r our now possesions. Hy I f; III; H public, HI Ilie.lslll . S i i ,1111111 lid the pas-cii'c of the fr- DAILY l-v ty ''''it.ii.t;. L.v ' !' M-n- day, .!.. .ar 5"'"" Biz Months 500 One Month 100 WEEKLY--ishiied Euiy Ihuisday: One Year 2-00 Blx Months 100 .Ii-' Ullip r promoted .-ion is a t ioa t - o el a n ta rmi i in hone-s t ill a- a simple at t uf justice lo tl. i settled of the northwest, thus redeeming the pledge uf tin- republican platform i.f th. se tilings tin- I i m - Hardware and Mining Supplies.. o. i:n v will invite and n-o iv a i rnsli-nm d'-li at, Till- full truth lias not dauiii d upon it yet. hut il .si cut s dan it, and will soon he n(.ale to realize that the lorto Kuan tariff law on which it has taken the wiouk and un popular side. iiinMis r Tiffin Catered as iv-conil-Cliibs Matter at the Dead wood I'ostoflk e. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President WILLIAM Mi KI.N'i.L i". For Vice President THEODOKE KOA-EVELT. lV'i, i.-liine tu tins measure, anu we no'' wi'h wide the fact that the passage this a t was largely due to the untiring efforts of the republican congressmen froc. South .Messrs. Gamble and Burke Thr republican party recognizes that 1, gitlniaie business, fairly capitalized art hoii'-tly managed, has built up our Indu-tries at home, given the largest employment lo labor at the highest wages, and enabl d us successfully to compete with foreign countries In the markets of tb'-wcirbl. Corrt.inaiions of capital, having n-their object or effect the control of the pr' -ductim of i nm modi tieo. or the markets thereof, are hurtful and injurious to the best interests of the people. This evil Hood's eiili cure Hvrlll; lh nun IrrUmlug pd wilj rllirtlctulMewith HwJ'i Srprlll. pilllllllllllllllllllHllllillllltlliiHliiiil .E"f TEP OF ACCEPTANCE. 4.M3.UK V.ML'.Tib 1 .)".'.". 3K s: :(.:;:! i.t.iht.or. i:...".t4 no :.::i..v, Inie from National Hanks mot lti -el e A gent s I Hue from Stale Hanks ami Hankers IMie from approved reserve ageiils Iiiiernal Hi-venue stamps i lucks and oilier cash items.. Noises of other National Hanks Ki act ioi al paper currency, nickels and .-i-nts haw ful money reserve Id Bank, iz specie ';i;."j.iju Main St. Deadwood, S. D. should be overthrown without injury to honest trade. We therefore, favor such additional legis lation. Uth statj and national, as shall estat hsh complete legal control over ail Now that the national conventions j have been held and the tickets nominated, interest centers on President ! McKinley's letter accepting tin- notni j nation No one expects anything , in w or original from Bryan, hut Mr. j McKinley's letter will hold untold in-! Mucnce on the campaign. The way to J victor) for the republican party lies i so plainly in view that the managers 1 of the campaign will not miss it if they rightly understand the nature of the transaction in which flic Aineri trusts and iiioiioikWics, with full power n dissolve the sum", and mete proper punishment to all who thus seek to deMroy honest competition and prevent the wbi- -t cossible i niid'iv ment of labor, and we I T .0011 (III with I S. cut ot ciivu- n fund per l.i'Kli I - lewlw Kedi IMpI lull Trea.-ur. r I.ii i . , 1 1 1 . Total . favor such jon. ndinent ti: the constitution of the I'ri'cd States us will give lo con The !t bipini nt of the state and its re ml FEED AND SALE STAB f.IADIUTIKS. Good Saddle and D'lviLg Horse Furnished. Heavy Hon! am reams toougni ana sola, contracts taken U do heavy (Mm .,. i. .vu j j . ,. i-m lu luci o uuukuuiu guoun a ij u lunmure. Dry wood for tale m delivered. Member of Congress KBEN W. MARTIN, of Lawrence. CHAHLES H. BL'KKE, of Hughes Governor C. N. HEHIUED, of Mcl'herson. Lieutenant Governor GEO. W. SNOW, of Bon Homme, tecrelary of Stale O. C. BERG, of Spink. Treasurer JOHN SCHAMBEK, of HutcbinsoD. Auditor J. D. REEVES, of Brown. Attorney Genet al JOHN L. PYLE. of Uead.'c. Sunt, of Public Iastruction E. L COLLINS, of Clay. Com. of School and Public I-mds- IiAVlL) EASTMAN, of Roberts. Railroad Commissioner FRANK LECOCti. of Pouglas. COUNTY AND LEGISLATIVE. The present county officials have ftlven general satisfaction, so far as the Pioneer-'1 imes has been informed In fact there never has been less complaint made of county officials since the organization of the county, nearly twenty four years nno. I'nder an unwritten law the repuhlicans who are serving their first term should lie renominated and as no opposition has developeu, they undoubtedly will he. As to the legislative ticket, we had an unusually strong one. with one or two possible exceptions. In the upper house Messrs Cooper and O'Hrien wielded an influence that did much in i an people are about to engage. I ruth and safety must lie opposed to error ami danger. Appealed lo with absolute candor and straightforward truth telling on In-half of President Mr Kinlev. the people will respond with a great majority vote of confidence. Let the Bryan party have a monopoly of the humbug and docc,.. ,.ie little tricks and trite hypocrisies of cam sources has i.e.n largely nrougnt a Done I v the survive rs cf the war of the rebellion. , who wer anions its earliest and most a -tive settlers The republican party now. as aluays appieehites the fait that, thev redeemed ami -.iwd ihe union in its hocr of peril, atid lha! lo them is due all honcr from a fn-i and grateful people. We j.'int in -he part taken by our own Pouih I'akoia -nliliirs in the war wph Spain and the insurrection in the Philij -pine island- .iiiil the honor and credit they reflect i n , isr fair stale. They proved thems'lve- brave. loyal and patriotic Their gloricus deeds upon the fieid have triw n I he m a name among tbi brave sons of America, of wlioh their .-'ate and ii people are justly proud. We enhesitatingly imlor-e end approve GEORGE BENNER. 509 Main S fapital stock paid In $100,000.00 Surplus fund ... "' I'ndlvided profits, less expenses and lar- paid ''!. -CJ 1J National Hank notes ouisi.iu.i- jiiir .iilin.O" I Hie to oi her National Hanks.. 1 .'..n'.iT.'.'T line to State Hanks and I nk i s :.;'. Individual deposits subject to check -i;'' :t:i-'.os lioniaiiil ceil i tic .in of deposit.. n:t Tune certificates of deposit ... L''T.Ts To Cashier's checks outstanding o 7.I.7.- I nit, si Slates di pn-iis mi.:.i7.7:! 1 1. posits of 1'. S di-liiir-iiig nf- lu ers s .-.j Total $'.'1111,.".' -I !:! paign tactics. A perfectly hank exposition of the aims of the part) at the polii v and course of the adinioistratloi and the. legislation by congress in respei The Ladies Bazaar g S Silk WaiStS for this week at a l.arvrain. jE New Dress Patterns for sprino- r(lWns. to our new ly acquir d possessions and express our full con fidenee in the wisdom, integri'v and ability of the administration, support -il by a republican longress. m deal wisely and jtMly with the (ingestions concerning the same, an the)' may arise. We favor the extension of the powers of State cif South Dakota, County of Lawrence, ss. I, It. A. McTherson. Tashler of the above-named hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. D. A. McPHERSON, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this Uth dav erf July. I'.iuu. JOHN K. JONES, .Nolaray Public, home and abioad. if those aims are just and the purposes safe, will win the confidence and votes of the electorate. The people will not condemn the administration for promising to do its duty in the Philippines in Cuba, or at Washington. An honest avowal of principle and inention will make the .iiAinley and Roosevelt ticket invincible. William McKinley has the opportunity to write a letter of acceptance that will paralyze the Bryan t- Summer GOOdS in I'ercaks, Mercerized (iimr- 2 - hams, and all fashionable fabrics fur summer z ' dresses and shirt waists. fc: Tailor SuitS for everyone, Come and s?e. Alte Correct : P v ;rsiu:KST. J C.KIKK I lirectors g Mrs. Nett, - - Main St. Deadwood the railroad commission so as to include the supervision of express, telephone and telegraph companies doing business within this state. We favor the extension, in our state, of the system of rural free delivery of mail, whrre practicable, as rapidly as may be done. We declare ourselves in favor of the enactment of a staiute, with proper penalties, providing for the purchsse within the state of all printing, blank books and stationery for public use. gress full power to enact such legislation. We congratulate the people of the country on the enactment Into law of the currency bill, which provides the gold ;fand-ard as the monetary unit of value. Financial discus0ons no longer disturb the business conditions of our people. The republican arty stands for money laws that shaping the legislation. I hey are strong as vote getters and strong in the legislature. In the lower house there were no more influential or hard working members than John N. Hawgood and John Peterson. Messrs. Cooper and Peterson will accept a re-nomination if tendered them by the convention, and we believe that Messrs. O'Brien ami Hawgood ran also be induced to make the campaign again. We are authorized hy Mr. Peterson to say that he will be a can Bryan, Towne and the Sioux Kails poulists are me only persons who will feel or express any emotions over the nomination of Adlai Stevenson for vice president on the Bryany ticket. If anyuu.,y in the convention thought that the name o. oievenson would i .NOTICH OK ANNUAL MKETI N(l The annual meciing of the stockholders of the (loloden Reward Consolidated (iold Mining and Milling Company for the pur-jxise of electing a board of directors for the ensuing year, ami the transaction of such other business as may come before said meeting, will lie held at the office of the company in the Citv of I lead wood. Iaw -rence county. South Dakota, on Tuesday. August Tin, limn, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. K H II ARR1MA.N. Pres. W'M I.KTSO.N. Asst. Sec y We've Get It! Yon want It oeoeiii an i ne people anse, tne borrower i wen ii me leuuer; laws mat tena to reduce and equalize interest rates in all parts of the country-., for the benefit of our Producers the farmer, the laborer, the manufacturer and the merchant. Let's make a deal. Our tainesi transactions are strictly couifiei- tial. We've got the money, too want the money, so come and m us. We have on hand a large stock didate before the convention, and as he is on his ranch over in the lower end of the county, "away from the buisy haunts of men." and politicians It la not out of place for a non-partisan party paper to place his name before the republican voters. Mr. Peterson was in his seat at every roll call and at every session and exerted an influence that went a long way in securing legislation needed on his side of the river. So much by way of suggestion only. Df unredeemed pledge a' Prlcel fc belQK tlielr cost of manuiacturt be attractive to democrats who voted for him t have since drawn the line at Bryan, they were mistaken. Mr. Stevenson is too respectable for the company he will keep for the next four monins. but he is scarcely what the experts call a "vote getter." It seems to us that the democrats of the south and west ought to have been vice president on the Bryan ticket, stand Bryan. After the lti to 1 platform was adopted Towne was the proper and logical candidate. The Sioux Falls men take no interest in Stevenson. They would have set up more and louder howls for the ticket if their man had been accepted at Kansas City. ADDITIONAL LEGAL NOTICES. (Charter No. 2391.) Report of the Condition of the First National Bank OF DEADWOOD. - At Deadwood, In the State of SoutB Dakota, at the close of business. June It, pmo: No. 21 Lee St. The Deadwood Loan Office, Proposals Wanted. Sealed bids for papering the First Methodist Episcopal church of Dead-wood will be received by Mrs. E. W. Martin up to and including July 14th, 1900. Contractors to furnish all material. Enclose samples with bids. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Deadwood, July 3, 1900. MRS. H. A. GILES. Sec. TRY ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE. A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. Vour feet swollen, nervous and hot, and get tirKl easily. If you have smarting feet or tight shoes, try Allen'a Foot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walking easy. Curea swollen, sweating feet. Ingrowing nails, blisters and callous spots. Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and gives rest and comfort. Try it today. Sold by all druggists and shoe stores for 25 centre Trial package FREE. Address Allen S Olmsted, Le Roy, N. T. RESOURCES. If not worthy of consideration, reject It. In common with other republicans who have no selfish motives in being republicans, our desire is to have a strong ticket nominated, so that tue victory will be FIRST NATIONAL BAIIK Loans and discounts J.hiT.Itiii.O". Overdrafts, secured and unsecured lli.Stili.T'.i V. S. Bonds to Becure circulation Ill II I .uo L'. S. Bonds to secure V. S. Deposits 100.000.00 DEADWOOD, SOUTH DAKOTA. Premiums on I'. S. Bonds 3,750.00 Stocks .securities. ee li)S.l."!t.2 Banking house, furniture, and fixtures -United States Depository Other real estate owned 46.354.61 Gl" Unnecessary Loss of Time. Mr. W. S. Wheelon, cashier of the First National Bank of Winterset. Ia., in a recent letter gives some experience with a carpenter in his employ, that will be of value to other mechanics. He says: "I had a carpenter working for me who was obliged to stop work for several days on account of being troubled with diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that I been similarly troubled, and that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy had cured me. JT bought a bottle of it from the druggist here and Informed me that "ne dose cured him, and he is again at his work." For sale by Kirk G. DIRECTORS: T. J. ORIER. P. t SPARKS P D. A. McPHERSON. o. j. Salisbury. -a OFFICERS: Uern j President O.J. SALISBURY I Cashier v DEN'MAN l Vlos-PresWeat T. J. ORIER i A8fuf"- " ' A Vlos-I CLOSING OUT SALE OF , lyJ BONDER TWINE f REPULICANS CLAIM THE CREDIT. The democratic papers are sarcastically remarking that the republicans of Kansas will claim credit for the big crops In the state this year. Certainly they will; why not? When calamity was supreme, men polished dry goods boxes with the seats of their trousers, practiced target hooting at flies with tobacco juice, and built mighty financial systems that were calculated to save the world and render it unnecesary for them to labor. Fields were unplow-ed, while the owners with their families drove miles to listen to the magic voice of Mrs. Lease and learn wisdom from her lips in reference to the cultivation of the crop she said should take the place of corn in Kan- . aas. They watched with savage joy the growth of the weed crop, and compared it with the swift increase la the site of the octopus. They glnr.ud 'ltd viorlea . Hie miiifor-tunes of the world, aud brought sorrow on their own heal by nursing ' and giving aid and comfort to imaginary evils, but after they flv Of the croaking of the foul bird of calamity, went home and went to workY And they did more; they went to voting the republican ticket again. There arc two things that fill a man's soul with hope and joy and contentment One is wotk, and the other is voting she republican ticket. The people of Kansas . made up their minds to do both, and at once became happy, prosperous and contented. ..The man who says ot thinks that the repuhll- g J. L. MARCOUX'S We quote as follows, on board can at CHICAGO or MINNEAPOLIS, in go-pound bales only: Manila Twine, per pound, I I cts. On board cars at Omaha, cent per pound higher. Our Manila Twine runs from 585 to 615 feet to the pound, is fresh from the mill, having been made since June 1st, 1900, and we are sure that it will please users. This twine is our well known Blue Label Brand and is guaranteed, as it always has been, to give satisfaction to the user or purchase price and freight will be refunded. Can you get as strong a guaranty as this anywhere else? New Undertaking Parlors! 0 Spend 8unday at Hot Springs. Costs too much? Not at all. Every Sunday thruot the year you can buy a round trip ticket to Hot Springs at the one way route 15.20 from Dead-wood. TicKets are good to return until the following Tuesday. You've been to Hot Springs of course don't need any Information about It. But if you do, call at the Burlington ticket office. The ticket agent will take pleasure In telling you about the mamoth plunge bath, the golf links, the luxuriant hotels, and the other attractive features of Hot Springs. Good idea to organize a party of congenial spirits and. mn over to Hbt No. 20 Lee Street. Are the Neateet and most complete n Order at once, as our supply will not last long. All Embalming done by an ex t. Only Funeral Car in the Black Hill Montgomery Ward & Co., $ ORIGINATORS OF THE MAIL ORDER BUS1NSBS CHICAGO Sunday. Train Spring for next leaves 2:30 p. m. i Hif'0 o Telephones ( jio. Calls answered promptly Day or Night. cathartic is Hood's The faTorlte PUls 25c, ... -i' ' V -v v -t- t ' . ....

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