The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 8, 1900 · Page 10
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 10

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1900
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

SUPPLEMENT TO The PioneerTimes, Deadwood, S. D. with Spain and the Philippines is t he occasional arrival of army transports at New York and San Fraiicisco with hundreds of the bodies of our soldiers the victims of the battles, the climates, the fevers and the. hardships of our semi-civilized colonies. Contemplate, if you can. the widespread grief incidental to these shiploads of sacrificed American manhood, foreverv body represents heart-crushed parents, wife, children, relatives, and a sweetheart. The :.. 000,000 paid for the chaotic Philippines is the smallest item of the fearful cost from the martyred Law- , ton down to the most obscure volunteer. Assuredly (ieneral Sherman was right, ' war is hell," not only for those who participate, but for the broken' hearts and homes throughout their country. WE ! r WW-WW ru YiMiir iriinii icrnr. MM 1 " . fii in a m. iiri Mill r im oii iiLL lli iLivj KUi yr " I LI. From People Prominent in Business. Read the 9 a. S'U wi rut. . A Marvelous Cure, 1 . What Dr, Seymour's Skill and a Girls Pa tience accomplished R.S Wt '.. f, ' 1.! 4 r4 Ti 'y f .'" ' - - .' places, prand in tin- extreme. It m at Acaj'it:;i that the volcano laleo is located. Ily day oni' sees large quantities of sulphur oiis smoke, and by night fin- and molten rock. At night the exhibition is-ivonderful, and directly Im-Iow lies the little seaport town A.slnp, unmindful of it tempestuou., comrade. Other volcanoes are encountered on the way up, but only Izaleo is active. 1'rob-ibly the finest scenery is to be seen in I lie State of Oaxaco. Mexico. From Auapulco to San Francisco is 1,300 miles, and is made in eight days. It i .only during the last three that we .lie reminded of winter, if California ever has any winter, the cold is not much, but the change is so great that I a day or so is necessary to get accus- I Coined to the transition. Ity that time J we are in 'Frisco. We are again among 1 our own land and people, within a few ! hours' ride of .sunshine and flowers in southern California. Arriving in San Francisco we find all changed, all is bustle and life, and that energy-so j lacking in our southern neighbors and ; so essential to success moral, mental ! or physical is again in evidence, and j never does America seem so superior i and supreme as after a sojourn in the j tropical zone. 1:he grim aftermat h of our late war j - i - , 7f to whom rr may oohcerh, Tha this v . mcwr. I nave Kjiow for th ftur w fly9 yeari t4 ' Bar in M, behalf that he u tn A.o.l ln M, ion, naaely Optldan and OaulUt. to ha dona cmai able worn for both Dy.elf and raally durlng thd tlM acquaintance with him anfl I have found Mt.vwk very xiu factory and can recommend Mm to aftrona ntein hii. ift. 'JT flpra- very tlly, A Lincoln Cirl whose Kycs Were Straightened by Dr. Seymour, and whose Beauty on that Account is Admired by Kvery body. Major R. S. Wilcox was crowned Kinp of the "Ak-Sar-Ucn" ,1,,,-i,,,, i. -A ley sirecent visit to Omaha, on the occasion of the l'eace lub , reSldent Mc most highly respected citizens. .'"bilec. and ,s one of Nebr txsnMiXje tibttite. HclIa Montam mm IP J. 4 2 Jy V PANAMAQlimpse of the Tropical Growth. istnnQBanBBHBinBBnBBiVBa Robt. It Smith, present governor of Montana. 1.1 'Git t rAr TrJTdL-n iWTTTTtfia I llWI I I I Bl SK S I -l" U ,f 8lHKU.nH M TrrtrrtUh, DepMtmtnL Compoaltloa ef Parla Of mm. BuVue 165, N. Y. Experiment Button: ia pure copper aceto-arsenlta (here are 1.87 pounds of arsenlous oz-jde for one pound of copper oxide. Now. this relation Is of value In showing whether Paris green contains more irsenlous oxide than It ought The hlef adulterant used in Paris green . a arsenlous oxide, commercially known as white arsenic. This Is used lecause it Is cheaper than Paris green tnd also because It can be safely added prlthout any danger of reducing the imount of arsenlous oxide. In fact, a rery poor quality of Paris green can e brought up to the legal requirements by addition of arsenlous oxide. However, arsenlous oxide cannot be idded to Paris green without Increasing the ratio of arsenlous oxide to copter oxide above 1.87. In 14 samples ixamlned, the ratio of arsenlous oxidjs copper oxide varies from 1.82 to 2.17 Uid averages 1.88. In sample No. 14, the arsenlous oxide exceeds 60 per cent ind the copper Is less than 28 per cent; lence, the .arsenlous oxida la present a amounts more than twice exceeding the copper oxide. In other words there .'. too much arsenlous oxide for the topper oxide present and the only poa- llble Inference la that white axeenic " kaa either been added purposely or la present aa the result of careleaaneaa la baaufacture. tee'W. z. Beynour, Oaha,irebr. Dear rooter: In relation to tho prof oaaionai writ you Hair done ror aoraoif and friends, in the fitting of glaases, Z wish to ear that I aa very tnuaa jrteapea with, the results youhaveohtalned And oan highly jfeommend you as a atllld Z truet yaw trip to fs&8 prove benefioial to Jrou and that the people of the South-mil apptreciate your vorlt 48 highly as. your own hone patients do. With Kindest regards and est wishes for a pleasant Yours sirtoereiy, Of, W. I. Seymour, Pear Doctor :- I an very much pleased with th glasees you have mede for me.xt as they are far more satisfactory than any I have ever used in 'M past.. I aa lsd to echo the sentiment of your toany patients in tnis elti as I have nerex heard. anything but the highest praise for your pro fesslonal eora. Acctpt tay best wishes for a pleasant and euccesifw trip through the South. Yours very respectfully. . President Rohrbough stands at the head of his profession, and is president of the.1 ,v- v nkjiui.xi wurgc ui v 'lllttlia. E. E. Bruce, head of the largest wholesale drug business in Omaha. tyt Stale Ismxxial UNCOCK, NEBftSKA. ifl4tMLyJ , U-4j .J tu-mfj Jl ftJL- War on 12th, 1803 Dr, W t, Seymour, 6aha,irbrtexa. jCmJl fAStrt t-CC A- Oar Dairy Intaroata. 1 H. C Adams, Dairy and Food Commissioner of Wisconsin, says: The v butter product of this country has an estimated annual value of 1300,000,000. ;. All of the silver and gold products ol I , the country for two years could b bought with the product of the chun ; for a alngle year. Not only that, bul X. the cow leaves behind her farina which j,, are richer la fertility, and farmers i" richer In the knowledge which the f : .cnysterles of her Ufe and product com-OpeL The dairy business of this coun- "try has renovated thousand of farms, and hundreds of thousand of farmer, ft has revolutionised the acricultare of my own state, as It has Iowa, and as II t will Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan, tt Is the enemy of farm mortgages, ''m the friend of the merchant, the maaa-factarer and men of all classes, except -j uose who Imitate the product, sad claim a Qod-glves, fight to copy the ? t form of that product and steal its color. ? ' Only the limitations of state and ted-sral constitutions should restrict the Uws that hamper the traffic la coua-iarfeit butur. . Xx Sirrw . . . Zn regard to your profeasional work in this city. hlch has proven of such superior character, I wish te thank you for the ffyors you have shown us and to say that we haye taken SyisiS1oVtS-CflaUf, "J? " !tS or your visits to this olty. we learn froa our readers that sndtnist that we shall see you here another year. Tours very sincere, , .B- N- M. Mann, pastor of the First Unitarian Cbufch, the wealthiest and mtlD Mr. J. C Seacrest, Manager Nebraska State JonrnaL vaaiaeaa. vuuiVU Va VUUaBesV.

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