The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 7, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY MT.v fJllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliillliilllllli i Harper N hinkey js liquid music, bot tied poetry, ripe, mello low, k trt-hin- v.v;vnvJ.v.v.iv;v.vv.vvv. v '.irr Dei . ,,,Vi3 SPECIAL Shirt Waist Sale and ill li-ious. Sold b E ry. I a.hvood. s. I E iiiiii work n all kinds, swithe- ((kiiij - Hfiw in.. I i n fl mud,. t I ""!' i'. S , ) - !.,r s,. ),.,. l"HL-t ( r.!. i - at I .ad:..,-! I!., .;,,, Sj Ml .I'i!'.. A I II, it.,!!-. lien's I Boy's Outfitters 'I I llllli II . .1.(1, II. i -land :t ny liuu.-r. Tomorrow n,i i.i i-.y .Mi A.-K I S , THE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, 7&00 647 Main St CLOSE OUR J'i'i g. . I . Si! 1.. Extra Stock of this Season 's 1 ..Colored Shirt Waists.. I Men's and Boy's j Summer Serges. ! All Wool, Fsst Colors. Seryv suits orow more popular every Year. Zoellner's Clothing are up-to-date, made by Union Labor, trimmed and tailored in first-class : manner, guaranteed pure dve, fast colors, strono-lv sewed, well put together by best men j tailors, properly shaped and lined with yo, j I WE WILL OFFER FROM ' ' '' I'i '' .'11 in-t .j'ui s"iv"' U "' I !""! Mil- i -: :"" I" 1 ' ' i.ii.iim 1 1.,. all : ! 1 urn. , u, . i.him,,,, ' nr. d t'.-.-ling a:.- 1. -j,.,,. 'I'll" li"n--i!TH,,tlhi.' . ,ith ,m,- Id m', I'll!-. 1 The latest soda dr.nk is GRAPE ALE. Try a glass, at DEETKEN'S Soda Fountain. tf Tin's evening is t hi.- regular monthly meeting of Keoyh i'o.xt. (J. A. K., at its room in the city hall. All mem bcrs are urged to be present and visit comrades are invited. K. E. CUM'CH, I'ost Commander. Don't mi'ilimk the special crock ety sale ewr Saturday at I), Mouth's Ark. Grape Ale is the best. 5c a dlass. At Deetken's Soda Fountain. . . tf .(1ST. Hill" ;m, ,,., ,.Maimd pin with initials. M. a' l'.m, Kinde. please le;: at this ,,n;, . and p ceive liberal rewind. WANTED V,.n and ujte without children '.. uii.'k on a ranch. In 'inire at IV. . Tim.-s ,,r write J Shoud , St i. , His. s. 1 1. 'I'm-u -i,,. U.n.iness nf the hoard n! education th, summer kinil.t-nrt,,, Serye or Italian lining. f ..TODAY ON ALL OUR.. $1, $1 25 and $1.50 Shirt Waists for 7jP $2, and $2.50 Shirt Waists af ..S1.40.. I Zocllner's Prices Do the Talking. t'ool and Comfortable Negligee Shirts and Underwear, Straw Hats. I.icht - Weight Soft Hats, Coif Caps and not least our Neck Wear for Summer W- v, are of pleasing departure in Imperials for Men and Women at "0 Outs. will open Monday morning, July lull in the new Idh school building. Norn. an 'I. Mason and wife and H B. Shepherd K,,t 1()II. y,.st,.nay from j Sand iin-i, where they spent the! rourth of July. 'I hey were at the i Blake liinrh and spent sewral day-. M. J. WERTHHEIMER&Bro 'I he Pioneer I Zoellner Bros Co. Clothiers, fllItl'IIJIIIMtlllllllllll (illllllll(lli)H1MUIIIIIII(lllllltllltIIMIIirMIIIIIf lltllllllllllllltlMlllllllllllf 11 hshiiiK. W. L. Faust has a very prettv at I tra.tion in the front window of his counter at De See the bargain Mouth's Atk. pharmacy in the form of a vouriK Whitcta.. fawn, perhaps two months old. It was capture,, .jy Walter Gro-shons of Galena. Corner Main and Gold Sts. Big Basement Bargains THECITY. Dr. Seymour, Eye Specialist, Ins, July 16 to 20. EBTEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only at Hawley'3, No. , by BuUtck Hotel. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. See Chase's display ad on page four special sale for Saturday. S. C. Polley and wife. W. B. Dwin nell and Miss Bertha Zoeckler made a nttle fishing party yesterday, leaving for Frank W. a very s place on Sand creek in the afternoon. They expect to be gone until Tuesday. ICE CREAM every day at DEKT-KEN'S drug store. WILD Cherry Fhosphate, Hires' Root Beer, Claret Punch, cold and delicious AT DEETKEN'3 DRUG STORE FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY ZOECKLER- BROS. Dr. Seym has no advance agent authorized t- sell glasses. Beware nf Rates $i Per Day European Hotel.... CARR & BERRY Props. Never before In the history of this mammoth establishment has there been such a sale as is going to Miss Ada Turner arrived yesterday from Casper. Wyoming and will re be the one we are at present putting How is your kidneys. Drink Minne-kahta water. any person making such representation See, young maiden, that thou takest main in Deadwood -i poruon of the summer visiting ner brother. E. R. Turner, and faifiily. on Denver avenue. Miss Turner was in Deadwood in the summer of DdcS, and spent a month or two here. Our Sample Room on. Our new fa.i stock in CARPETS . . AND Curtains Have arrived, and we are going to place them on sale at a great reduction in price from that which they will he sold for this fall, for just THIRTY DAYS, During which time you ran get that new carpet or those new curtains for the genuine Rocky Mountain Tea, made by the Madison Medicine company, if thou iikest thy fair face.35c. Ask your druggist. W. L. Neil, D. D. S.. resident dentist, has moved his office to Room ia In connection is large. iii.. iif.hte,! and furnished, where a gi.o.l stud: of Go to Vienna Bakery anci Cafe for Ice cream. Served every day. 675 Main street. tf Dr. beymour, eye specialist, in his private car at B. & M. depot, July 16 to 26. De Wit's Little Early Risers are famous little pills for liver and bowel ' troubles. Never grippe. Kirk G. Phillips. Cures dizzy spells, tired feeling, stomach, kidney, and liver troubes. A Quiet Orderly Place. the choicest wines, liquors and cigais Syndicate block. are constantly carried in stock musi Lakota Trib No. 1. Redmen. raised the following chiefs at. the council fire last night: J. B. Lerch, sachem; W. A. Hutchinson. Sen. Sag.: William Fiixel. Junior Sag.: Hugh Dayton, prophet: J. E. Haker. chief of rec of the choicest variety (,iii-..s the air I tar less money than you had anv F. D. Smith handles nothing but th best grsde smithing coal. FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. to ring with good cheer attentive waiters and courteous treatment causes a climax that only few ph, . s in the west may boast of. idea It would cost you. DON'T OVERLOOK THIS. Then, too, perhaps your walls need ords; Sol Star, keeper of wampum; The usaui dog feast followed the cere ZOECKLER BROS. How is your stomach troubles. Drink Mlnnekahta water. For burns, injuries, piles, skin dis monies. Erskine Mi Pherson left last night for Chicago where he will put in the summer taking a course preparatory to entering Ann Arbor this fall. He I a new coat of paper. If they do, J come right down and see us about it. I If we can't save you 33 per cent on every dollar, then go and get the other fellow, if we can, then let us sell you the paper and paper your walls. Yours, for low prices for thirty davs. eases, use De Wit's Witch Hazel Salve Steam Heat Keepa you well all the year. Rocky Mountain Tea taken this month. 35c. Ask your druggist. C. L. Siewers has not got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do it himself, and he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to suit Give him a call, and be convinced. There Is no bosh about this. The law holds both maker and cir It is the original. Counter flets may be Location In the Heart of the City. is going to take up mec hanical and offered. Use only DeWit's Kirk G Phillips. in Each Room, g CaVV & BcHJ. LOWE, Nice ice cream Is delicious, while strawberries and cream always taste like more, providing thev are nip. For the best you should remomhor culator of a counterflet equal y guilty. the Olympic bakery, where they The dealer who sells you a dangerous make it a specialty. tf conterflet of DeWlts' Witch Hazel It has been demonstrated by exper ANHAUSER-BUSCH. T. LOUIS I F. M. Gantz. D U S. Modern Den-AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS 1 tistry of al, kinds, administered. Miss Crowd and Mr. Flickinger of this city were viewing the sights of the City of Mills. When you want to go to Central take Teller's hack. Stand in front of No. 1 1 Lee street. Frank Merry is expected to return home from Hot Springs, about the Salve risks your life to make a little ience that consumption can be prevent Koeen- Eighteen years of (xperience. larger profit. You can not trust him. MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY HENCE CALL FOR IT. thai Block. electrical engineering. He will join James Russell. SOn of M. R. Russ:ell in Chicago, an they will probably spend the summer together. Mr. Russell is going to enf-r Ann Arbor also, and will take civil and mining engineering. The ladies who have charge of the clothing for the famine sufferejs of India, expect to make a shipment before a week. New cheese cloth, unbleached muslin, dress lining, calico, sheeting, canton flannel anything cotton of any weight or color, will be acceptable. Money is also solicited and sent to India to purchase clothing there. Fifty cents will buy sufficient goods for one kind of native dress. Will you not help make our shipment a joy to us. who send, as well as a blessing to those who receive win JeWIt8' Is the only genuine and origin ed by the early use of One Minute Cough Cure. This is the favorite remedy for coughs, colds, croup asthma. al Witch Hazel Salve, a well known cure for piles and all skin diseases middle of the month. s4HS5 ' See that your dealer gives you DeWit.s The county commissioners checked Salve. Kirk O. Phillips' 1900 VIVES up and settled with the treasurer and auditor yesterday, and will meet as a board of equaliztion today. grippe, and all throat and lung trouble. Cures quickly, at Kirk G. Phillips. FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLER BROS. ESRY piano for my family. Haw-ley la the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Brochear wishes to state that Mrs. N. I. AlfsBd has purchased the light to manufacture and sell her goods in this territory. All ladies When you want your trunk moved or any transfer work, call No. 174 or 159 Harrison for W. A. or C. L. Sny der. lf those interested send their rnntrfhn. tions to one of the following ladies: The moM !i,aiit!fullv finished ami reliable ( Cameras s . hi this year The Superiority o! j Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. J H. H. Dibble of Mystic has joined the Black Hills Copper company of -urs. t. L. Kiik, one door bevonrt Ran. list church: Mrs. F. D. Smith Mystic. Mr. Dibble is a good man anywhere in a mine or mill. wishing a beautiful complexion will ond floor, over postofflce. Smith block: Mrs. W. W. Tbrrenre Vn us do well to call upon her. 659 Main William C. Hicks and Miss Myrtle Charles street. street (over Deetken's drug store.) Phillips of Deadwood were married Thursday evening at their future resi All trains on the Nickel PIfltp marl PILLOW SALE From June 18th. 2 dence by Justice P. H. Early. The Mra Mooney, 41 Lee ati . second Walter L Vcrcoc M. D. ' - Deadwood, South Dakota. ; -- Office in ifialrYaite Block. .' Oculist and AuristB, & M. Ry Glasses Scientifically Fitted. Practice limited to Eye & Ear V- Res. 62 Centennial Ave, 3? Bush-Gerts ceremony took place about 6 o'clock floor, will give 25c discount on every nave connections at Buffalo with all eastern lines running trains from that point: also at Brocton, for Chautauqua Lake points on trains No. 4 and in the evening. ii.og worth or atamDed aoodt. Tv- it flpj riat embrodiery ailks at 40c per dozen Judge Bennett's favorite dog. Hob- s PIANOS son, fell in an old well under, the Op era nouse sometime during the day ror -two weeka. A gentleman recently cured of dys-pebsia gave he following appropriate rendering of Burns famous lessifigr Thursday, where he remained a cap fa. reaching Chautauqua Lake the fol-evening. These are advantages which especially tourists which should be greatly -appreciated by all, and especially tourists destined to eastern points. Up-tO-date drawine rnnm V Superior for... tive until rescued by some boys yes Just Received. terday afternoon. Our readers will by scanning these Tone, Touch Durability .... sleeping cars on all trains. Individ columns find the ads of some of our "Some have meat and caon not eat, and phtcra have none that want it; but we have meat and we can eat, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be thanked" This preparation -will digest what you eat It Instantly relieves and radicaly cures I ual club jneala ranelne in nrW fr 35 cents to one dollar on all din in For Sale '-, ' ' . 35 new conibtnation patterns of th latest designs In ; " t Wall Paper Prlcea ranging from So to SOo per roll. at. . - a v rinnri in hack and expressmen who," for the benefit of the public, have advertised their telephone numbers that you may know how to call them without hav cara of the Nickel Plate road. No Fishel's Bazaar, ing to go in search of them on the! tndigestlno and all stomach disorders. Kirk O. Phillips. i Wa uh purs fruit Juices at our fountain.. Our sola cannot bo baat excess fare Is charged on any of our trains. Write, wire, 'phone, or call on nearest agent or, Mr. J. T. Cala-ha, General Afent 111 Adams treet, Chicago, DL streeL This will be a great conven-lennce to the public in general, and 663 Syndicate Block Main St. IText to Zlpp Sho Co. tore. ' x Try It. PALACE PHARMACY. ' we hope It may be appreciated.

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