The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 6, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

HE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, rniDAY, JULY 6. 1900 ' ' f f i lltffllfllllllllflla4tlfjtllIIIIMlllljfllllflllllflllI(MIJlllJIllfllfltllflirillllflflllllllllliriJlllllllliflfffllllf M,!,.,;, 1 'A, ks c h ap at De ''V.v,.,.. I An Open Secret Haip.-, V.'io. i.-, liquid l.i-i.-ie, bot- E i; i ; !:!. i - i . iiifllovv, refn iih 5 and I' ;o-.s. Soli! I.j rurr lV i I I ' . I .id .-. -.... .-. i). E s .: v..,: .. .,! ,,! ;v:i,., ,wjt, h--.-. . . I, - .Old I- , M - JilU'lv ' I Zoellner Bros. Co. lien's Boy's Outfitters I. . J ill The power that wins a bo : u i i :. s' .u;d iu- nt-ss is understood by ail t i.s:'-il : : U'e make the public inter, st i .r own Always giving our iiitotiicis t he ! -ht lid i.f 67 Main it I .'! 'fain. ..!:. i '."Hi T. m. 1 1 1 1 o u i Note the following Bar'aiiis for '.in k. All ait ci mjj f.i.-hiin- 5 able Goods worn by U. Lest Dp, in. .. Men's and Boy's Summer Serges. All Wool, F?st Colors. . - . - : .;., .,, i . ..i,,;, .... .;...,if-K. !!: Hi".'- ; In ini:i T- .,. ' S. n u "a. an. : ;, if"!' .icifti.-f , Id" a!..! !.. allh. Ii . t ,.,..( ,,, ! ""!'. lak- l!".., s S .1 -ai ilia. It : .Hates ; u. m;,.. jmllOS- rn.n am! d. -pepsin, overcomes v-i v- j (ui.-m .-..s an 1 gives sw. .-t restful, re- fieshinc sleep. I Thf favorite cathartic is Hood's' The Following Special for this Week. rills l. . S "row more popular every year erLfe sUi 1100 Ph.. W (' T I- ...ill .;,i, m..,. I Sew and uji-t' i-dnti." Shirt a:st, vain CA" 75 cents, at JvV EJMaM.s i.n Sherman str.(. Friday af- ternoo. .Inly nth. at L iai. All mern- 1 Inn's nr.. requested to !. present. Hy I AA am' lll,"t--(l;iU' liii't Vai-.t, thf ::;,$i.oo i 5 JlU order of the secretary. This i v.-niim is the monthlv i 1 c s t material to he found, value Si to 2; Zoillner's Clothino- are up-to-date, made by rnirm Lalmr. trimmed and tailored in iirst-class manner, guaranteed pure dye, fast colors, strongly sewed, well put together by best men tailors, properly shaped and lined with oid Serre or Italian lining. The fintat assortment of White Sliirt Waist at fmm SI and upward, the best' assortment in the land, and at popular prices rm--t in n of M'oyli' Cost. C. A. J.. at! r ! its room in the city hull. All im m-i : li'-i s ai- nm. cl to he prcs.-nt ami visit ' Ej conn -;ni - ao- in itcl. ' S: I." K ri.oicii. j ! ! 'o.-t 'imiiiiaiidci'. j ' ' M t u;. : :..o;i tli" -..., MI , i(k- ' T.v sale . y S,itur.,i ,it lli- ; Month's , ; ;. ; Horse (i, S Sa"i. ..iilmiil " 1 An inspection will Convince you of what I ai s o. v.. : i, cheap Ku- j Zocllner's Prices Do the Talking. Cii,, iiinl Ciinifoitahle Negligee Shirts and Underwear, Straw W. itil.t Soft Hats, (Jolf Caps and not least our Neck Wear for Summer y. , ;:: i f pleasini: depaiturt in Imj.erials for Men ami Woiiimi at j'J Cents. I'liio at ' - . ;i. ... i I we say. .Mil ni. ii I l.iMin I!. She; '.. .; n ,. A i. t S pill e i on San.! ' their t . i : t he Kunrt h. an. I put in ' ii i im 1 1 ( in i . IJJEBTMIER&l TIk-i e i i... ,, in,., i,iU ,,i tin- E tt'lllll.-li - l .l.'. iLll Mm.-ion SocietV (if E Kapt ist ( lino h !(.ila. in the i h,n i h 1 parlors. All tl,.. s of the church Zoellner Bros Co. The Pioneer Clvth Eiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiufiiiiiiiiiii 'f)ii)ii)iiiiiiiiiijiiittriiiiiiiiMiiiiiMjifiiiiiiiiMj,,n,,lllllirMffJfJE and ( onmcatiori are n, lk-( to attend. ;. W. Ahliott of Sioux Falls, and , ICE CREAM every day at DEKT- ; "r ' ;"" u" KEN'S drug store. . ar'' in the A. I'ettimew of Flandreai I Hlack Hills on a husitiess 1 YESTERDAYS PERSONALS. Thev hav rooms ! Tonight -Confusion, or the Pug and '' am' f'"''' ""' at tho Carr & Herrv block, hut an .i. i Hjrner retn:ne(i from Rapid Corner Main and Gold Sts. out at Sand creek fishing at present. City. Miss Rose Iiower returned fr pi 1 p THECITY. Dr. Seymour, Eye Specialist, com-iDg, July 16 to 20. ESTEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only at Hawley'3, No. by Bullack Hotel. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. See Chase's display ad on page four Williams arrived from Hill me uaby. WILD Cherry Phosphate, Hires' Root Beer, Claret Punch, cold and delicious AT DEETKEN S DRUG STORE FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY ZOECKLKil BROS. Dr. Seym r has no advance agent City. W. ville. H. Ihsn. y of Terry went to Kush- Rates $i Per Day Keystone yesterday, whtie she had Icen to enjoy the Fourth of .1 ,.'y. Keystone, she says. ohs rved the day in a whole-souled way. The wea her j van pleasant, and a grand i debration 1 European Hotel.... CARR & BERRY Props. Attorn of Hill Citv. rhe city. Miss Rose Iiower returned from special sale for Saturday. How Is your kidneys. Drink Minne kabta water. 1 was held. .Matt it- Williams and Stella West. two colored Willi, n. wer-' before Jus- tice Early yesterday, charged with j disorderly conduct. Th latter was1 was fined $.", and costs, anu the former j was dismissed. Go to Vienna Bakery anti Cafe for Col. W. It. Steel, turned froni H-i; authorized to sell glasses. Beware of any person making such representation See, young maiden, that thou takest j the genuine Rocky .Mountain Tea. made by the Madison Medicine com- i pany, if t!:on liUest thy fair face.35e. ' Ask your druggist. ' I Our Sample Room Ice cream. Served every day. ti"5 Main strefet. tf Springs. A. C. McCrcady. of Coi, siu-m Dr. Seymour, eye specialist, in bis private car at B. & M. depot, July 16 I Ed. .M anion, formerly loiernan ; t I to 20. vv. L. Nell, D. D. S.. esiaent den- me wasp .no. -j., out now superinten ! A Quiet Orderly Place. tin U ... De Wit e Little tarty Klsers are noi, una muvea nis omce to Room 19 ent at the Lena mine, near Hill City, spent the Fourth of .lulv in Lead. ;e Syndicate block. In connection is large, tin. , i.hv.i and furnished, where a good .- I: uf the choicest wines, liquors and . .c,i are constantly carried in stock musk of the choicest variety causes the air to ring with good cheer att r.tive waiters and courteous treatment auses a climax that only few plies ,n tin-west may boast of. F. D. Smith handler nothing but the i turning to Hill City yesterday after best grade smithing coal. was in Deadwood. R. M. Malone-. and John Hainan went to the southern Hills. C. R. Corrick, manager of Cudahy .; Deadwood hnmch. went to Omaha. Henry Schnitzel, the I-ad assayer. returned from Missouri and Illinois points. i Mrs. n.irgolt of Lead wai in the city ;. csterday. the n.-st of Mrs. George Clark. V. I). Mortolel returned.- from Stur- noon, accompanied by his wife. T;: Lena is working steadily, and is mak- FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICF FOR SALE BY THE TON ONLY i inK a Iavola,Jle showing. ZOECKLER BROS. i IVtr Donovan, an attendant at the How is your stomach troubles. I staU" hosPUal ,or insane at Yank- i famous little pills for liver and bowel troubles. Never grippe. Kirk G. Phillips. Cures dizzy spells, tired feeling, stomach, kidney, and liver troubes. Keeps you well all the year. Rocky Mountain Tea taken this month. 3oc. Ask your druggist. C. L, Siewers ha9 not got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do it himself, and he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to uit Give him a call, and be con A Drink Minnekahta water. 1 ,on- writes to his brother. Henry, of For burns. ininriP niw obi., a... 1 ,h'' Dead wood police for. e. that there I eases, use De Wit's Witch Hazel Salv?. It is the original. Counter fiets may be Location In the Heart of the City. offered. Use only DeWit s Kirk : Steam Heat Bath and Toilet in Each Room. ' w here he spent the Fourth j among friends. ' Banks Stewart and wife came home from Sylvan lake, where thy had'ljpen to spend the Fourth. Mrs. J. T. Craig, wife of the manag",'1 Phillips. Nice ice cream Is deilclous, while Carr & Herrv. strawberries and cream always aste vinced. There is no bosh about this. The law holds both maker and cir culator of a counterflet equaly guilty is small pox at Yankton, and as a result the insane hospital is under quar-antint no one being allowed to visit the hospital from town, or go from the hospital to town and return, in order to prevent the disease from getting a foothold among the patients in the institution. A man who had come down from Lead and was about to depart on the Burlington yesterday, .as ac oste 1 !) the sheriff at the depot and :-h..wu :, search warrant, authorizing tbat of-eial to go thru his baggage in se-nh of certain articles that be n missed at the place where the n..,n hi.d been staying in Lead. The man tcld the sheriff to go ahead, and his The dealer who sells you a dangerous conterfiet of DeWits' Witch Hazel Salve risks your life to make a little M(.-m Den-a-iniiuistered. Rosea- ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS F. M. Gantz. D. P. S AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS ' tistry of ah kinds. Ga, MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. Eighteen years of expe: HENCE CALL FOR IT. j thai Block. larger profit. You can not trust him of the VYV cattle outfit, came up from Belle Fourche and left for Denver for a visit. ( The Olympic will give a neglige party in the club rooms this evening, and t is expected that there will be a big attendance. Mrs. Charles Healy went to Rush-ville. Nebraska, last night, accompanying her mother, Mrs. Jessel, who had been visiting her. ' DeWita" is the only genuine and origin al Witch Hazel Salve, a well known cure for piles and all skin diseases Be that your dealer gives you DeWit.s Salve. Kirk O. Phillips' Miss Glaze Strong and Miss Julia line more, providing they are nice. For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery, where they make it a specialty. tf It has been demonstrated by experience that consumption can be prevented by the early use of One Minute Cough Cure. This is the favorite remedy for coughs, colds, croup asthma, grippe, and all throat and lung trouble. Cures quickly, at Kirk G. Phillips. FIVE HUNDRED TONS OF ICE FOR SALE BJf THE TON ONLY. ZOECKLER BROS. ES-KY piano for my family. Haw-ley Is the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Brochear wishes to state that Mrs. N. I. Alford has purchased the right to manufacture and sell her goods in this territory. All ladies wishing a beautiful complexion will do well to call upon her. 659 Main street (over Deetken's drug store.) PILLOW 8ALE From June 18th. Mrs Mooney, 41 Lee sti ', second Phillips of the Gafesburg Kindergart 1900VIVES j The most 1km i:: ' J'ully finished an! rdiabli' thi-vtar t The Superiority of ji en. arrived in Deadwood. and will open trunk was opened, but the articles alleged to have been stolen were not found. Sol Star left last night for Atlantic City. New Jersey, to attend the Supreme iodge of Elks. He went as the representative of Deadwood lodge. The supreme body will meet Julv 10. a kindergarten here next week. C. S. Barrett, of Cleveland, Ohio who has been looking after his coal in terests on Hay Creek, and had spent several days in Deadwood left for the an 1 wil! , ontinue in session for three f- .v ''V Vive Lenses t Lead Everywhere. ; days. The basis of representation is one delegate for every fifty mem- hers, and a cording to this Deadwood is entitled to two delegates, but Mr. Star is the only member qualified, as east. C. S. Hayes, wife, son and daughter, of Norfolk. Nebraska, who have been visiting at th home of Mr.and Mrs. C. S. Borgelt of Lead, arrived" in the Walter L VcrcocM. D. Deadwood, South Dakota, Office in the Waite Block. Oculist and Aurist B, & M. Ry Gsses Scientifically Fitted. Practice Limited to Eye & Ear floor, will give 25c discount on every city yesterday and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Clark. $1.00 worth of stamped goods. Ty- iiiiiipi rial embrodiery silks at 40c per dozen the constitution of the order requires that only past exalted rulers can be members of the supreme lodge. Housewives in general will do well to read Mr. Lowe's advertisement in this issue. His new fall stock is arriving daily and inasmuch as he has Harry Hagerman. Louis Kleeb. John Trtiax. Jr.. Phil Goehring. George C. Cassler. William Clifford. for two weeks. A gentleman recently cured of dys- Res. 62 Centennial Ave. ILe Bush-Gerts PIANOS Superior for... Tone, Touch Durability .... and Ed. Manion and wife, of Hill Cij-. ordered an enormous stock .for .earn who had spent the Fourth in theJ Just Received. to their pebsia gava the following appropriate rendering of Burns' famous blessing: "Some have meat and caon not eat, and ohtcrs have none that want it; but we have meat and we can eat, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure be thanked" This prep northern Hills, returned homes in the afternoon. 35 new combination patterns of uoniurui ui ins enterprising e s-tablishment, he is compelled for want of room to dispose of a part of it at once, hence for 30 days he will offer at different times goods from different aration will digest what you eat It MASSAGE BATHS. Mme. Smith, steam, vapor and alcohol baths. No. 8 Pine street, second floor. instantly relieves and radicaly cures departments at a sacrifice. Today AOR Sale- I t? 5 f. 14 TOT T 1 T J r tke latest designs in WaU Paper . Prices' fanglng froai 5c (to SOo y roll, at,- . . - MAX FICHELIG Next to Zipp 6no Co. stor. lndiststino and all stomach disorders. Kirk O. Phillips. Bazaar, commences the sacrifice sale in his carpet and curtain department Money saved is money earned, and you generally earn money by trading with Lowe. Ws u pur fruit Julcss at our DO YOU SMOKET Choicest Havana and domestic PALACE PHARMACY. fountain.. - Our soda cannot bo tost. 663 Syndicate Block Main St. i Try It - PALACE PHARMACY.

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