The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 3, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1900
Page 7
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The Lead Daily PiONEERTiriEs. i.i:ai, s. i. i i'.lack iiii.l DAY MOK'MNC, ,'li.Y i cad p.ity i L n u vii it BORROW AT oral ion., wii ,, , .,, ens a nil I hi' ;iUki! ..main will i: i ni a n M iii . v r and tin r- j.rrfs Point to a Large At i pp. a im :i i . I Hi' tlimc , i a -rent l..v at that 1 J - i un in 1 1 1 . . Na ;.! i,.. d t. -ai y iiT f 1m- lf t;i i j u ill l. appreciate.!, ami thai i-, will he litiiimly vninm ample m atiliK apa. it. S. at-pall autism of tin- j will he .1 ii almu tin- Mde.Milk lU'M" 03 ul Hearst Mercantile Co. N"-. 1"" :.' 11" N Mi',: St. LINES CARRIED. Dry GccU-. Carpets and Draperies... M.i'mery and Ladies Reaay-To-Wear Goods. Ciothing, Furnishings and Shoes Trunks and Valices. Groceries. Hadrware and Mine and Mill Supbes. il' pal 1 li,. ,1 l.Zht !. -'. n.luni i . i - About Ladies' Fine Footwear women do the share of shoe it seems onlv I In .ii iiih'iiii' 1 1 1 (u , i in' nat w f A tni'i ii a us alii-il Americans alike - I'll 1 11! .-.,1 I., a-' . Mi ni I 1 1 : 1 1 . 1 1 . i ; :,,:ii.iii ,r) inn.'! ! i Hi,' nat'i tight t . -1 1 1 1 u l( C IlL :bt i.-Ming mi 1 ,n I -an ivjll tip ii' itidn nlual parts to Itic ami ' 1 -1 ' l at ion ' 1"' l ua I iinion ; bnin. men llnats ami As lla greater inlying , - v .-hi heretofore ever held w lil In- Tli'' population of mil will enroll , these pa 1 ;' ft. " -'-'l' '1 'i." ' - ,11 I li Craml Marshal 1 1. .,i-an n.a tl"d city 1011n.ll; -peaki-ls ali'l zeiis 111 , -arriag. Ail , om ma in i committee to Mi. i. at ii. i! progressive dealer should cater largely to her likes inn u li : ms. In no biaii.h ot the shoe business does the need of the artistic make itself felt muie keenly than in the woman's wear, and it is here that shoe art predominates. Tan colors are more eagerly sought lor than . v r this season. I make tlif li "l';lt 'J siK'tiilies- a day .11' An Artist c Display. l:-plm wiinli.W ..; i e-l.lllllslilln lll !, ,1. -, . v 'I 111' 111 II HI lis i, -1 1, d ibihiy and aiii-l-- i., pi. i i would I..- .In :i. air r "b nl t in. ago Tin !,,,. (, ' ot a gaiil.-n The portal " in I'm ingly ai rang. . ; I , great reJ - ul "Ms ss " 111 in se SUSprll'le'l "" ""I KIIIKS or tile i ,,ii,.:,' ii.. of companies and soia-iies w, leport to tiiand Mai-hal Commander, u is . a 1 1 . - - t I ed that all be In lim p;i,,,,i a. m. I 'roi ession will im 1 . 1 w . 1 the lull li nu'lli of the -tre. t and i!,. Ktand .-lands and the partially linisb ed Imildiiius that will be arraiiU' d with soatinir accommodations will af ford plenty of places and room where one may si land rest. There will be plenty ot accommodation in the way nf meals, the several restaurants anil hotels having made preparations for largo crowds, and ilie ladies of tin-various churches will sine meals at designated places, and visitors will have no peed ,, in. jug inconvenienced from l his source. The tin-works display in the evening .vill In- grand and well worth a iit to the city to see. Lead has always sent a large representation to all the Hills kiwiis upon like occasions, and now that they are to assume tin- role of host ior hostess, according to your liking I and will equal any like ceh ln at ion that has taken pla. e in these pans, it i- tin- mi written courtesy ,,f tin- siirni'indiny count ty to belli in the succ.-. that in Honiesiah' - in. i il th. is i : Ii..-. la lo. ings and scroll dessigiisare also very popular, as are plain shoes free from ornamentation of any descrip a'Oiiml'l ni ne sioppcu as miicii Kan. v vis the (treiiii tion d of i:i d the I o , i p. I -- issihle ami tin- employes or the i i.jle idnits will I"' f;ivei the op St reel to i II t el s. 1 t 1 ill 1 ' 1 . 1 1 : 1 Mint II 1 OI ks (i. .i.ln - I 1. . 1 '.l,'.i d'tumiy "f Jliectinn together on Ihls n ii 1 - i 'bat tla '.ji the greatest of American holi ai'S- -and joill ill tin- Kl'aild festivities. XlitMiiiiiniil ! ' S have labored indns-..iousv to tin' ' ml that the larne -jmln-r nf viitois that is epecte to The . b-asing and l.u mat i ng effeits in low shoes ai V' eipiite be 1 1 1 1 a I" n pntuiv. TI lasts have a tendency to a little more fullness at the to.- and posses very graceful lines. They ( oine nearer the anatomical requirements of tlie foot than for many seasutis pad. ii tul it is in he hoped that it w ill be a long lingering st v le. J Misses and Children's Shoes. all. in 1 1 Wl'. , ! Il.l ' ,. Ill 111 .11 inarch east on .Main i n ' in i . ... st rcet , south on Hlrei 1 in -: i . street . east to .Mill st !'.-. I ,, 1 1 ;,, Main, west on .Main to o;,. . ., : . , : . and disband. List of Sports. 1 p. 111. ( 'l Hit est III .-I ,!.. .;, I,.- company. If-"i. I p. in. 1 ml ai d d.isl: : i .- r J I " ! i: y. j .T ;D If I II UI'.MI "I" ".l.l"ll 111.11 I lave mo 1 'on' unions ronmi oi picas re There will he annisement for ev- lias been a lieiiie haul Wear given shoes by littb-e I'm' Th lie II. Died. : i . i in n ,ry likiim and the day will simply be ,, w..,, s ,,, ,.,,. L,.. n.,v , ," ipr.i it mudi thought and study on our part. p ilizzy wini i. i ne ci.iihi paracie , ,,(, , ,, j , j . . ; , , T I ;akes plai in the torcnoori and will I Line of March. M at ' dit. I made up of isitiiiK and local com We have striven to sei ure only the very best ofmatei lals and lion lias been K'ivcii the lasts, that nature's work may not be inter Ni d with in matin ing t he foot. Style is always a prominent feature. (im lines of dress shoes are pari ictilarly strong iu all the above points. Yon are invited to visit the shoe department of d l.i'lln -II W.I !,;!,-l.,n ad d Sin Was I , . , i 1 I ... I -, Old I- i. 11 1 1 1 . i U i 1 1 I u 1 1 1 1 Hi" lb i :. i l.i I In ,li e. ,l7, ' n i. " .!.! .,:m panies, sailors, citizens, bodies of ;(,rs.nieii and the inerchaiits Hunts i i;i form an in' rest ing part of the j In I In- afternoon the r;. es In - b.-'l ma I i ill u a s in ,1 f. w luiur; I " Sin- wa- b, Lnd othei- olympian sports will take I place. Tin- liiemeii have the opera I .a ' , d I In Ill IS In Sin i . d I. :o and dan. ing w ill coniinue thru ic afternoon . r i I v. ning. and all is-ILg firemen m uniform will hno UerCa pin lion n! !, i i.'. ,i a .1. W. .Si-, oi I 1 m... I:, dialed lo , bla-k.l ale 1876 1 Qualities First Illusion .Marshal I laud Morgan, commanding. Head of prni.ssiiui will form on Mill street between Main and Line streets. Mniinteil I'nln . K. of I', band. I'liiforin Hank K. of I' of Deadwood. Central and Lead, right resting on corner of Mill and Main. Christopher Columbo so. ietv. rinbt rest ing on i niliiriu Hank K oi 1' : Clan Stewart, light resting on I'hri-to ph'-r Columbo. sH.ivuninii society, jicjht resting on Clan Stewart; A. ). I'. . right resting on Slavonian so ciety; mounted Koigh .... is ami Spanish. Second Iiivision. "William T. Con nell. commanding. Modern Woodman hand, form on 1'ine street, miner Mill'; Redmen and M. W. of A . imi f privilege nf arieniling and no barges tn thi-ni u ill be made. Then here are tin- bowery pailions wliere nrMM IWri"" i MMMpiiniiiriiiiiwiniiiiiiiBii iiibmbbmMii h h i mm , pH$- 3 i ' iam ing ill laild full sway, the nier ed In Hot S g. He I few months ami She lea ves to im ,,. i n sides her husband, oin-cor. and one daughter Thornton, both of la ad 2 p 111 l'"a t 1 1 1 -1 1 I a I' . ,li W eight III. $."1. '1 p. 111.-- I reused pig. tile pg :! p. in. Slow bike rai . I :ln p. 111 I ion key i ai -. if',. :; l.'i p. in. lb ). s' 1 11. 1 y 1 ! i a- un .. ' y ,-ai s I p. 111. Wle eliiaiTow : .e e, I I .". i 111 I -t In at . hi ii a lid bull dr 1 in 1 up si 1 1-1 t .urn .aid- i.ii to all. I p. Ill Sill k 1 ace, If.'i. " I.", p m . Tug 01 war. on ti in u 1 ' tai ins. $."..i. .'. p. i.i S . oud In at huh and hub. i; I.", p. in. Si i ond heat, tug of war. Tlie prize for the best appi aring Moat will be awarded during the procession. All entries off sport- and events should be in the bands ot tin amusement committee not later than 1 -mi, .1 uly it b. Committee Badges. The different . oinmitt. . s ot tin i i 1 1 ill . if -I uly i'b brut ion ai'- requested to call and : t their badges at the ( ioldi'ii - i lu ii 1 ' i 1 1 1 1 1 s i a i ly toinoiiow iiKirning. yp-roiirnl. the ring games, the li V I s. M I "I. li Tin- I in. nil throwing of the rubber balls at The Bigger babies, the chance to hit the Digger's head with eggs as he peeps! im the sheet all will be there and services will be held Thm noon tit 2 o'clock from i ( lunch. .1. I, Man oux ha III irllgelllellts. ll.ipti I : a ' i' "' you i an take your choice. SATURDAY, JUNE 30, A Rare Bargain. The I'pstill brothers, who own ! Nugget restaurant on Mill sin 1 1 ai-doing an immense busine.--. -o ma, h in fat. that they have worked until immediate, rest must be had. Nearly id ii i meals are served every day. hit the business must be disposed of vv:t limit delay. This is a rare bargain for some one desiring to go into the i. s tarant business in the best town iu the State of South Dakota. Full particulars at the restaurant. if And Until July 4th. We are going to have a grand cleanup of all Summer Goods, including all our Ladies Trimmer ana Bailor Hata. Our 'ftn- 1 tire line of Misses and Children's headwear. Everything in Shirt Waists Crash Skirts, and Din k Suits. All Organdy, Dimitys, Lawns, Crash Suitings, in fact all goods class- MINOR MENTION. 5 ed as summer goods must be closed out. j During the season now closing we have been able to offer you 1 many rare bargains at our special sales, but none equaling what we are now putting before you either in variety of goods or values offered. Maroons Victorious. The la.ul ball team returned home Sunday night with the .-olois n! victory, h m inn defeated the Fort Meade nine by a score of II to 7. It .is a good game and one of the be-t that lias been played tins -.ii-.m i'.ir the first six innings the .-old;, r bos del not sin, ii. d in gi 1 1 ,n- a i m and the Mai nous were shut out ."!" U.e 'il'st live inning's. This evening Maiiag' i (',!-: k mil the team will b-ave on th" Klbliorn for Rapid City when t h y toi.test for tin- SI "." ptirst i ize and $.".i s. . ond pllZe. (II eOUI'se lli.V 111" after tlie tiist prize. The Curt Mead., '.am will also be there and play in tie tiaiina liii-nt . Mrs. Hugh Mcliermott left !a-t evening for Chicago on an extended visit with her sister, .Mrs. Ford. .1. P. Wilson returned home yester-!,i v He left. Lead about one month ago to attend the funeral nf bis father id his obi old home in Wisconsin.. He made a visit while away with friends and relatives in valines parts o Wis- nllsil) (Con'iniii On Secocd I'age.) Summer Specialties. Ladies Laundered Suits, Skirts and Waits. We are now a special drive on our 50c t., 75ct., and $1.00 shirt waists. In our 50ct. Im.- yuo will lind all the new patterns in 1'enales. light, medium arid d; rk shades, in stripes, checks and figures. In our 75ct. Inn- are better- quality Pennies and Lawns, in all the latest patterns, full linked fronts and new French I . ks. ( nir $1 t"i line is our strongest seller. Here you ' ' 'h" newest designs and colors, tucked, corded and ph at'-u ;. h pointed white yoke or without yoke, and all with naw Fn-. Here you will find values that i annot be duplicated In our novelty lines from $1.25tn $4.00 vmi will Him n-ani of the Seasons productions in l.avvns. liinnlv. Cliaiuliia w ss. Madras and Silkotts. Kvery one is the pert'", tion of quality nn. ' -. (lur line of Summer Skirts is complete in ev l y detail. They are extreme in quality, style and linisli. Heavy t'rasn, plain $1.25. Illne Inn k tiimmetr with white $ T.50. Pin stripe Percale, plain $1.50. White lin k plain or trimmed with bine $1.35. Summer Wash Suits aie going fa t. Ib ie aic tlniin-s thats mov-inK them. Crash Suit trimmed with blue. Eton .la.k. t. .shut wnb box pleated bac k $3.50. Novelty striped Suiting, in combinations of blue, white and brown, Duck trimmed, Eton Jacket, box ideated Skirt. $3.. 5. Brown Duck trimmed with white. Kton Jacket, box pbated skirt $4.50. For further particulars readbill the hoy will leave at your door. Ch j Where They Sell Cheap. aSC S No 5 Man 5treet Lead 8 mm Ministers Meet. The .Ministerial .nam i.a- : sinned meetings after a sasp. t.-aiii oi two months. Yesteiday aid i noon the ministers met m Lead and t tans-acted the regular business .n,. discussed matters pel ' j tin- up- e Are Maki ng an Elegant Showing of the 5a!0n't Newest and Smartest Effects in i ladies Parsols, Belts and Novelties lifling of mankind. '1 he in.-iiib.-i ship of the organization is lompos'.; of o For the Fourth. 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. ministers of all denominations, and thejr object is a lOllcelted move ,n the teachings ot tlie gospel and the , loser relations between man and the i h'in h. OSCAR SILVER Exclusive Stvles :in1 Drsions that have leen shown tlits season for the first time. DR. E. S. BUCBEE 'ARASOLS FOR THE FOURTH. 'iBty. fanCV narasnlc in l.nth uilL tttin pfTprta nlain r..- nrtjttilv Eve Specialist. Office In Bailor Block, LEAD, P. V. Making Repairs. The cyanide mill at Central City, owned by the Dakota Mining A: Milling company, was shut down ,.ist Saturday for repairs. Th- plant has been in steady operation for several months, and it was n.-iessaiy to have a house (bailing, a.- :t wer.. It is expected that ev.-iv thing w:,l be in readiness to start up aga.r; t,y n-xt Thursday morning. i?el and ruffled, an elegant as-ont to select fromi or a big varietv of Dlam silk ""ols. in all the new and pretti Boiler anfl En eino BBpairise Special attention Given to Reerlnd-icg and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWOOD. Englewood, S. D. 1 I The -or fine silk nni ;n r,. -nri i designs, both plain and fancy "med and ruffled, and in all Udeii or, a , COBWEB you will find in this department. A fine assortment of the new bows, imperials and four-in hands, at 25c. I he prettiest designs in stock ties, imperials, and tne new "pulley ties, your choice for 50c. New and pretty designs in stock collars, witii or without ties. BELTS FOR THE FOURTH. This season's line is prettier than ever and you will find all the late. stylish novelties in the pulley, plain buckle or dog collar styles in our Ui It department. A splendid line of plain bii' Kb' belts, in th- new assorted shades, black, brown, patent leather, etc. a large vat b'ty of styles, your choice for 25c An .decant assortment of patterns and ib sisns in the new doe collar or pulley style, your chob e for ..50c We have all the new and most stylish shapes in white linen collars, at 2'2c each. 2 for r 25c theo. e. geskey Foreign exchange, BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans. Rents Collected and Ttaies Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued ta all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and Frorfl U O. S. Points. Steamship Tickets to Bfif from all parts of th World. Cabin Dertha I . daintv r,,ffl mrxmc nf Marned. ( In last Saturday ' v' :1 place the marriage of ' to Mrs 1'. c N' ! -' 'i low Ci-litrai i !. .i. onlv a fi vv it.t :i ,.' : . - : took I lodfrey .. of 1 . .on- BAR China silk in the newest effei ts "Prettiest shades, colors and de-N' A 8P'endid line. N,.WEAR foR the FOURTH. bea,,t,'fi , ,,i .... WALTER McKAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance ; Always the Best j lcJms, including novelties in wash ry Hew bows, new putts, new as- "".Htfmr.inV.. :,. OiVuv Mav Bl.xk, Lead. S. I) ttney tronts. npweot tnhnts new . Lead's ti I'.tiiig ;-..,i i - The p..i:, :p.:l- i ' "n- tract have b. .-t, : - :!.- ': dll.' and Central t i : .a s. and are well known at..'. i,gl..'y e-te-nied residents, who en.-oy -he friendship of all who know rh.rr- They wall make their home in a pi-a-aH oHaee at Gayville. liberty silk scarfs. in fact that is new and beautiful. $ Leading r- to I ?! Resort reserved. ' U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notorial Document 11 East Main St Lead, - South Dakota Harrison Pncna 271. Black Hflls Pnooa .'042- ANTHONY TRAUT PBACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD. Su. DAfT No, 15 East Main Street J. A. BERGER, LEADS. D. 1 LEAD. Lead's Census Taken. Madison Ballantyce and George Beers, the Lad census enumerators.

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