The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on July 1, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 1, 1900
Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-TVies. u:.w. I.A'Iv IIII.LSl, MAV :n; riVK CENTS i NOR MENTION T h PRIDE. ",'ost Successful I!U!.. ' Ml . Ml-!.;, i.i' 'A ,1' s sOtt l;t .(,;, !:!! ii:'!i:n tn.m ,, i it was afiam -in mi cf Lean ; ! i -, hme nts. Es I Hearst Mercantile Co. 1 1 opi-nii.i; ii i,. w hm; ! ri'i'oniiii' as t in- imi 1st M I ,il tin 1 N M I this oin- , , m.i. M'l.i: .mi! richest .spot in ih,. (,,), lid ' ' ' i. .i.l. to an - w . . .i : , '' .lbs '..n ol iiitfhl ! 'b- : s... ,,ii..- i,.j ,,;,.. 1 ''I' lb':: p.. t it.- 1 1 ,i mine ,p.p ,n .u. .oav nas in-en i In . I 1111 lilt , !;; most pro- is .in undis- . In-r business i.rm and trin' tii :.: ;j t In- trials of )i tl) tile pres. niiiiinK thi' leail-t'ul ones, we ran itii' senior nicni- l city I. Mr. a' day lily If y. ask strict! iliiv iiillui'litial in II, is industr; ,. h;,.. lai'tp' business iiiI,i,..-i in l,,i;i,,n., anil Nebraska, In inter, sti , m th,. retail ini'ii ha u.lisnm ,,n, sto, k fat in ilitf business in those siates lint uul. leckinp tm a f... .1 'li.iliiisi.ii s Ml i f ' : About Ladies' Fine Footwear As the women do tie greater share of shoe unying it seems- old aid largely to her likes and s the need of the artistic the woman's wear, and it is bus are more eagerly sought and most sue tl-lliade rigai" l-'a f.! V .11 lU' lu . .. ) ,!..Linm. Af lav May 1 - k, Lead ,nf the nrm . -- t! LINES CARRIED. Dry Goods. Carpets and Draperies. . Millinery and Ladies Ready To Wear Goods. Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Trunks and Valices. Groceries, Hadrware and Mine and Mill Suplies. natural that progressive dealer should i whims. In no brain h ol tin- shoe business dm make itself felt more keenly than in here that shoe art predominates. Tan i for than ever this season Lture merchant.- ssor to C. If. .. firm IS Dai aim ami William ( ,i a l.-:i yestei . .'in Turin Italy Th. y w 1 1 visit Ha !,;c show at Talis and will if' " Hi' -1.1 I - . .l,,.i . , 1,, y , , , i j ;, eolllplel,. ,nd I b-calll I. ill- of Illo'lld-illU- 111. te-l ,i hil iiest SI le. Hons "i 'he i ity. Wall paper also umies m for .He- i, i in,. stioiiK spe. laities, and tin y are nine to supply all wants Inun tin- i heapesi to the nmli pined wall dei orations. Their sewing uiai bine department is just what tin- ladies would order Hi,. White Si-ihiil- machine this tirni beiiiK the ajti'iit for the White Si win Machine company and (I. N 1 10. k nas charge of tin.- d.- (tins. "' to his i 'muiieni ii'oni ouh Ljrs prior join U mi Itai tolcro and In ot In r all. be lias eboseii ..ea.l as bis home anil lias one of tin- nio.-t handsome resiliences in the i r . His conm-i-tion with the furniture I, isim ss ,,i llickinson May has but ureal prestige to thi' firm's sin cess, ami lo n,,. uusiness tail ainl an omnioilaiiiii: manner of Manager Cbarli s Dii kiuson one of the larnest ainl. iiiost sire, essful business eiiteiirises in the u.-st hns which '! n- i essuaieu on ac-),. He was a loyal ami ! ' :: n in tin- fall , -, 111- f 01 Fi "' les-e i Kigali- was in I., a. I yester j hie efforts were appr- iien ami u . , day I"! a short tlllle lie has Ills! l bV "If ClU.ens ""' been a,.i,!i. d nl his appointnn nt a- also very popular, as are i n ii in c ii ( a t ion of any descrip Fancy vestings and scroll dcssinnsa the extreme plain shoes free from twice wiin " ,.,-,.,.,iint: him. ami which .:ii , .iininost'il of hrnt'st feists si'"- - - ... , . trade li, lieint; bill I'l'lli lies ll el-be entire (Mack paitliH'lit and -uk a man ol bum experience nl ,,. sewing IlKlcllil.e ll.- be .an niw .nil the a.i ania'e of his years of - ie r 1 1 -n i i - They i an y a mo-t i 1 1 1 ( i . t Inn- nl jjy and Chiirlcs M. hickiiisoii, wno been built up. their conrined lo t bis city an area coverini; t Hills district Of the junior lie ml II. I lickiiisoii . i an be othold or in.' ij'iso,. ' ' I,- ur Iav is inn' "I tne oHi-uniers lot with the city -ii who cast in 'IT ol I 111 III III. ( '. stated that dur been most suc- L,hP Hills Hinl tins ,ful. ins bis residence in the city he has forged ahead at a rapid pace ami is today one of the reroinve.l leading :;is m 11 rami' u ii' ii'oni Montana, that state from In Montana ho was sutist.' .'. lui I nili d Siate- mail . I. i k Hem S hti.'io '- assay oil,, i am! 1.,".' is me. ,ti il in the mi nt cf Taust .- in w 'dock. Lead, am! to is pre pi.reu in lul all orders in his lin. if Krai.,. Lewis will soon st.ut the work moving hi- livery bain Ironi its pi .1:1 lin at ion a ud ere, t a bin k bill bin,, upon I In- site nl tin pr.--i nl hiiiblin. Dr. Idler ,,i i,- Monies bnub.-r ol Ml I I 1 1 1 1 1 I . Wile of the o-l, ll iliy si, .an is'in Lead ami will a--i-t Dr ( 'en . i in his pi a. t i. . during I In-suniiii. i Houses lx hi g li t and sold, money loaned giiniul insurance and notary pub lie. 'ii inr T. I'.'psin, f oi Mil 1. Cotton Louis in lMi'i t ion The pleasing and fa. mating ellects iu low shoes are eipiite be yond a pen picture. Thee lasts have a tendency to a little more full ncss at the toe and posses very graceful lines. They come nearer the anatomical 1 eiiuircmonts of the loot than for many seasons past, and it is to be hoped that it will be a long lingering style. Misses and Children's Shoes. The cMienic hard wear given shoes by httlcc foiks has been a t heme of much thought and .study on our part. We have striven to secure only the very lust ofmaterials ami turn has lieen given the lasts, that nature's work may not be interfered with in maturing the loot Style is always a prominent feature. Our lines of dress shoes are pariioulally strong in all the above points You are invited to visit the shoe department of IV store, lint re- mloved in a t-'io, r- . . . . i iped and enucrateil to tne mils, se- furniture pl.nn and il.-.-or.iti .1 iio.Imti. larpets liiHib-uiu. tloor mat tums. and in fa. t. every t him; that i an b. t'ound in a til st i las- up to dale fin Iittiire esta hlish nielli . and Thomas While see 1,1 II that It IS de ,. ,., ill first Idas.- i i no 1 1 1 urn w In-1 i i ,i diled Tins iu in make. pun - m tii - 1 1 1 in ii 1 1 1 1 . and i iiii-eijiieii: I - i cel . s I he a.'va mates nf I le I -t pri. e- and an- aide to meet a u ' a ml all i mi pet .1 ion Their la iTe .'-tab lishnn-nt i 1 1 pi i - :m; tin.-. p.i.n well lilb-d a lid their si in ,il'. Ihui - - a - al-o lill.-.l i-nabhim ih.-m i , i; tb. ll -In- k at all tune- a ,j,ri' oi inininn Kiounn in IPUSiness men ot t..e , ny. Me came to the Mack Hills in IV'7. ami with Mr. May pun hasp, I M, Kim, ., slin k of furniture, ood will, et, Prior in coming to the Hills be was , onm-ried with the boot and shoe business at Kansas City. Mo. but tindmn a more healthful climate in this section, he adwooa Hiihh known as placer .. ., , li... Tliiu It. iiim yo. - " "" ' orked for nearly two yenrs. when he lid out and moved to l.ead. establish-:( the grocery business which be cotnues to conduct, lie was a cum-iratively p'""' man upon arriving in If Hills. Hh has l Olldui led for t W I'll- j concluded to locate here, and he mid his family have now their permanent j home in this city He is the youngest of three brothers W. H Dickinson 4- Alain ws block, Lead. S. D. If ami Dr H In i II U ll i - k . 1 1 son brot hers Married. i-two vears the grocery liusiness in Tin- n t i-rta i ll iin nt given I'riilav . velliiiL at II II. Dii klllsoll's for tile lieiiet';! oi th,- sufferers in India was CVrABilSHED Mr. Ken 1 loin W III I l oin- III t ill' ud -in ba I in ers in OIllH'l tell W illi tllis lis city nniler whose name it is well 1011. and lias enjoyed the honor of ine elected as i oiiiicilnian several best undertake northwest 1876 I.a-i .in. united : mom at Ot I el V a i n . loi k U .1 in! h-- Jan.- ll,,. i 1 1 i. ... i. He -a. le-l Inn:, I ,,! ..,. I I.i ad I.i. I In lb 'I I - K i Wearne a. le-mhi i well a", lid. d and $.;s tak.-n HI b. t be colllti. -tti . .... Lose has si'iuriil pait of the if the uiiderlak-w as i onnei ted bps. He is recognized us one of hrni and has charui nd uiilishuitial wealthy and ruih-linir deiiaitnieni. Hi tor mam y ears w it h one ol t be largest Hoie i . . . 1 1 1 with Sam C.ilbert. the confectioner, on Main street. Lead, and will hae on sale the finest line of cut Howe"- suitable for any occasion, at spirited citizens we have. He is a avy mine owner and operator thrn-t the Hills ami has many me n in i employ, all of w hom speak in fa-rable terms of him and look npon I) as a friend and sympathizer w ith ' working classes. He has made era! sales of mining ground from irh he has received large sums of all times. ',-12-tf undertaking linns at Allegheny City. 1'a.. the city ol ,..s oirin. From there he went to Davenport. Iowa, and then moved to the Hills in IS!i.". In casting his lot witn.this lirm. and being an upto-date fuileral (lirector. he has succeeded in building up for the lirm a reputation and business that is sec MX Lead, So. DaK? Fred Hy rues of Lead is the ow ner of Id" It., a traveling stallion, and he will match him against any horse in the Dills between Rapid City and Sundance mr a trotting race. Alis. P. H. I'eterson and Charles Harcla.v returned home yesterday from SpiMifish. where thev were visiting the lainily of Dan Shea They report Mrs John Waters of Lead as being some improved. .1 I' Anderson and wife of iMniie a poll-, arrived in Lead, and may con elude to make this town their permanent home Mr. Anderson is a broth er of Mrs .1 C Keys of West 1ad. D; I'.aihu and family eypect to I ol the urni.m va- tp.- Ii.-I man ual Miss Kniina i'iiIIiii- nf (bilil.-ii U'-w.inl was bridesmaid. Ml. Wi-aine is a trusted employe of the Jloniestake and ha.- hei-n a n-i dent of I. cad for several years Ibis an industrious younn man w.m . n joys the i oiit'nb in e of a large i :r. b ot friends, ills bride is a very pb-a-ani youim lady to meet and highly spoken of by those mi I.e. id who have known her at her home m Kngland from w hich pla. .-he arrived in I i last Tuesday a, . onipaiiied L He mother of tin- gioom. The nianiaue ii-ieiiiony wa- a". ii! eil by a large gatherilig ol friends from Lead. Terry and Dead wood. An elegantly prepared supper was served and refreshments nf ,.y. .-y kind -...n-in abundance The presents to tie nwly married couple were many and some very handsome as wdl a- u-'!i:l ones were among the lot. The happy lo.iple will make i..n home in l.ead in a pleasant lottage recently pun based and furni-bed by the groom in Hiawatha park addition, while tlli'V Will be at llollle t ' I "' r 1 1'lld -The I'lllI I '-Tillies -Mends COIIt'iatll latioiis and w i-.h. - tin in a harp;. !u I'lle life At the Opera. 'I h. la-! ap. aiali. of tl..- Hueb-iicr Settle i oinpany in la ad was made at the opei a house last night m the comedy .irama entitled Contusion, or the Ha by and tie- Dug." The attend-aine was good. Tin- lompany has piavi d a wei-K s ciitiag. iie i.t in l.ead aud has tiv n general silcl.i' tmii They an- strong m most of th. u m.-ts and then liin- 'ot sii.-. :a It I" - ..- far Summer Specialties. Ladies Laundered Suits Skirts and Waits. We an- now making a spe. ial drive on our 50ct., 75ct., and $1.00 shirt waists. In our 50ct. line yuo will tind all the new pattern in I'cr. ales, light, me. Hum nnd dark shades, in stripes. . hecks and figures. SATURDAY, JUNE 30, And Until July 4th. We are going to have a grand cleanup of all Summer Goods, including all our Ladies Trimmed ana Bailor Hats. Our Entire line of Misses and Children's headwear. Everything in Shirt Waists Crash Skirts, and Din k Suits. All Organdy, Dimitys, Lawns, Crash Suitings, in fait all goods class ed as summer goods must be closed out. During the season now closing we have been able to offer you many rare bargains at our special sales, but none equaling what e are now putting before you either in variety of goods or values offered. For further particulars read bill the boy will leave at your door. tomorrow for Chii itgo They . gone three months whin they til rji to Lead and th" doctor up his practice again Dr Bailor ad a long stretch of work and that ho is entitled to a vacation I ea v ' will will tak. has ffels i all tho ie IH'Wfist u pointed Ib re you In our 75ct. line are better quality I'ercaW and I. awns latest patterns, full tucked fronts a ml mw l'i nn ll Lro ks. ( )ur $1. "it lino is our strongest seller. Here y ou u . designs and colors, tucked, cord.'. I and phateii In uhito voke or without vokf. and all wdli naw l'i i Alexander Irving and amnio r Mho k Mil's man are reported to ha. be.n unpolled while on their way to Cape Nome from eating canned .-.ilmon Irving was about ",u years of age and linr, allied A host of people WiDl relatives who recently went to Nome will anxiously await th. irur.. '' tl.. Otl ' r v i tiin -Tribune Where They Sell Cheap. No. 5 Main Street Lead 1 phase's will find values that cannot be dupliiati I In our novelty lines from $1.25lo $4.00 you will tind the Cream of the Seasons productions In l.aii- liimitv Chamlira. sw;.;, Madias and Silketts. Every one is the pel lection of quality ami t;- (lur line of Siiminer Skirts is iompb-te in .m-i detail Tln-y are extreme in ipiality, style and finish. Heavy Crasn. plain $1.25. Blue luck n mined with white $1.50. I';n stripe I'ercale. plain $1.50. Whit. Urn k plain m trimmd with lillie $1.35. Summer Wash Suits in going fast . Here are the prices thats moving them. Crash Suit trimmed w ith blue. Kton .bek.t, .-kirt with box pleated ba. k $3.50. Novelty striped Suiting, in combinations of blue, white and brown, rm k trimmed. Eton Jacket, box pleated Skirt. $3 5. Hrown Im-k trimmed with whit". Eton Jacket, box pleated skirt $4.50. ..I.I.V.. the iner.lge 11 II d ale h.ghlK Ire Making an Elegant Showing of the sons Newest and Smartest Effects in spoken of by the ntiis Thi go to Deadwood for a week's '-r.i:-.r-"i-nt this next week. o idies Parsols, Belts and Novelties For the Fourth. lusive Styles and IX-siyns that have been shown this season for the first time. Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. OSCAR SILVER Base Ball. Our l.ead ball enthusiasts w-iil not have the pleasure of 'iln''-kicp a game of ball today for the Maroons have gone down to Kort Me.ide to show thv soldier boys how the national game is played. We predict they will have no trouble in returning with the nonors of tne day. On tbe Fourth of July they will go down to Rapid City, where they will pull ofl a matched game w ith the club of that t;. . DR. E. S. BUCBEE Eye Speciasist. O- " :r. Bailor Block, LEAD. P. D. you will find in this department. A tine assortment of the new bows, imperials and four in-hands. at 25c. 'I he prettiest designs in stock ties, imperials, and toe new pulley ties. your choice for 50c. New and pretty designs in stock collars, witu or without ties. BELTS FOR THE FOURTH. . This season's line is prettier than 1 Special attention Given to Regrind-lng and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Addres F. UNDERWUOD. Englewood, S. D. I The, A Rare Bargain. The I'pstill Brothers, who own the Nugget restaurant on Mill -treet. are. doing an immense business -o much in fact, that they have worked until immediate rest must be had Nearly Hon meals are served . very day but the business must be disposed of without delay. This is a rare bargain for some on- desiring to go into h- res-tarant business m the be-' town in the State of South Dakota Kill particulars at th" rcs'auian! If ever and you will tind all the late. tylish novelties in the pulley, plain COBWEB theo. e. geskey Foreign Exchange.; BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans, RenU Collected and Ttaxe Paid. Iegal Writing Dona. Drafts Issued to all parts of thcworld. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. & Polnta. Steamship Tickets to anfl from all parts of th-j World. Cabin berths A80LS FOR THE FOURTH, Wy, fancy parasols, in both silk tin effects, plain or prettily and ruffled, an elegant as M to select from. Ff a big variety of plain silk 8l8. in all the new and pretti- thadeg. '"'"fine silk parasols in new and y designs, both plain and fancy Oed and ruffled, and in all es and colors. .rr dainty """'fled parasols, of China silk In the newest effects 1 Prettiest shades, colors and de- A splendid line. 'IWEAR FOR THE FOURTH. ' beautiful neckwear o fall de-om, Including novelties in wash new bows, new puffs, new as-e four-in-hands, new imperials. ncjr tronts, newest jabots, new Jjd liberty silk scarfs. in fact tti"S that is new and beautiful. buckle or dog i ollar styles in our Melt ; Always the Best department. A splendid line of plain bin kb belts, in the new assorted shad' s black, brown, patent leather. t. a large vaiiety of styles, y our choice for 25c An elegant assortment "t patterns and designs in the ii"W '!'- collar or pulley style. our i lion e for ..50c We have all the new nr..! most stylish shapes in white linen collars, at 124c each. 2 for 25c T.on A 'et V. ALTKR M K A Y . Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 0!V:, M.1 HI-K-k. Le;nl. S. I ANTHONY TRAUT PBACTICAL PLDMBER and Steam Itter LEAD, SO. DA IT rfserred. U. 8. Paasports secured. European Consular and Kotolal Documents. Leading 1 Resort 1 Reception Corr,ir,.t ee Apcc.nted. The exeiutive loIJltli.t'e. o: the Fourth of Julv eietu I'-tiou m last night appointed as tl.- following reception committee J. A. Berger. L. P. Jenkins. J. B. Daker, P. A. Gusburst. John A B!att. Gregory CrukKshank. Joe Seedall, W. F. McPheely. Frank Lewis. Joe Chami-son, S. R. Smith, W. R. Dickinson, J. V. Freeman. Ernest May, Thomas E. Harvey. T. D. Edwards, A. C Potter, J. B. Moore. J. A. Sptrgo. W. S. O'Brien and R. F. Tackabury. I No, 15 East Main Street i it East Main St Lead, - South Dakota Harrison Phone S7S. Black Hills Pnoo .'Ml r? " . - I. A. BERGER : LEAD S. D. LEAD. 1

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