The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 30, 1900 · Page 9
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 9

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1900
Page 9
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. yi-:ak. AD. I). IS.'-ACK HILLS), FIVE CENTSf The C'c-o-s Fojrth. ;,:,. I . 1. iH.illMll ! ' I--" . M ev. ...:! 1 ' I !' ' ;-; at wmk in "'" 1 " H , nnmotis nf tie- ! 1 '" K 1,1 I Hi wll-iu, . . ,,. I . . . ..,!' -. -v. - ' :,,:a ..Iii'' '' f"1' ,!,!' .uDe UP"11 in .. i., iinr. ! : . i hi ;i n ela horn I ... i j 1 1 i I n appor- than was ever ,,. , ; I r- i 1 1 1 S . TiH' 1 es I- f ill., rii y will also 1)" About Ladies' Fine Footwear Hearst Mercantile Co. A"-, i"" ! 1 I'1 N M;;i Si. LINES CARRIED. Dry Gcods. Carpets and Draperies... Millinery and Ladies Readv-To-vear Goods. Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes Trunks and Valices. Groceries, Hadrware and Mine and Mill Supbes. .ill ! w . will put on all i, . asuui ami the day mnls will be !! ated Iii Lets of Satisfaction. ! ' ' ' 1 'la a: I. I noon a ' la ru,. ' 1"H a- .him, I. , i,, ,he alley in .,raiwl'''" Biiii.l i i. n ufin.r u ,i-r . ,hp cornet ' " " " ' ' " '" 1 ' 'a K saloon. I , iv I wo As the women do lie greater share of shoe inlying il seems on'v ' IJose has se n 1 e. a . ; sto.e in witli Sam Cilheit. t fe. ten,, r, on Main street. l. a tl.. , till.. I I.aiaral that pioc 1 . .-si , baler -laudd later largely to her likes ana I' famlo.. Ink corner. Com- Lioner Su-wart is at work luillinK howerv dan. im; pavilion on the cor-' . w)le'r.- th.- -'Id St. Llmo hot.d. kjchwas burned in th.' bis fire, and l.k th- tireni. u s dance in th.- Min- will ha-.e on sale the tin.-st line of ut flow. -s suitable for any occasion, at all times. j-12-tf 1 - H C. i:ans and li- Stoats of U' 1 I ai e , u j,,y inj. isU U j(! their "!"' 1 ' a v ho aril ved ! nun In i home e-. 1.1, ... Funeral ot Isaac Cund. '' '"' " oi I, i ' m, u .,H,r place e-te,,n alleino.iii Ti- r, 1 ".ei lam ai lie ,, .,, 'leiraville and aluio-l 1 i,t,i,. v j J I UK" paid then last sad rc-pei ts'm th,. decea.-.-il. who had 1 i v . -. I anion- t.,u for the past eighteen i ars. 1'ioui tin-residence a Ioiik processnui ul fiieii,s in carriaues followed the n inain- to l-ad. At the lu ail of .iaii, -t re, -t a lai'Ke hody of the A (I. I W ,i4,. under whose aaspico i,,. fim, ;ls held. Diet the pllleesslon and eMiltell the leniains to -is I ihuu hall. where the funeral senium w.i.. oh served K,. Kiehard- n tiie M.ih odi.-t hur. h at T.-rrav ille. w as the official inn clergyman and Ills remarks OVer the ,le(easc, Were s 111 pal he! ii and con-olint; The hall was , oudeil with troin Tel rav ill,- and I.e.,, I and with the niemliers of the Miners' Union, thi- A u I . V and llmiie KOIUIII loile- of Will. 1 1 de, ease, ;J an honoralde n . n 1 1 . r Inr- i iLi. nt was made in t he Soul h I .ead i . in- t ! v and S. U. Sinilh had charge of a i tan-e ... n' s hall m the afternoon and eiUlll-l. al! III., 111. d , itiz,.l Were -"I'lii; a ! : f I i . - 1 1 r ,v ha niineri n z ' " 11 oth. r in th. latest approved fashion. A nut; was formed and the spe, tatlll's Wee much interested Uhell ' '" 'he Lead pui.i e tolee made his appeaian. . and there was a s, ramble. ne ot the scrappers made a foot race for the offi, , r but he lost and was placed under ai iv-i The ot ln r j.rin- ipal u, ,t ;i u -I V 1:i , n. f , ()U ( p, , j1( a- afterwaids tound and 1 1 1 y will h,t. the plea-lll'e of piittin- on Hie lilll-hllli; tO ,, !,. - lielole js 0ir I'ldLe Wal-h and pay lor their fun. ers' Union tne dun' i' loviiiK portion of evening .1 u .. . li.-i i till. The in 01.1:011 Thursilay evenint. She .k. crowd 111 exp' . Is lo islt here for ..,.. .(irani 1111 a, ' h I'ho huband- Wting ami -Acitiim ln til", nl-wiir. foot I' II I'ope inamu'er of the W, ,fc hose ni-". will amuse those juni,in- ' ' i; sporti' r d.'Sir. - lei 11 I of ti, . al 1 ha.b ,,n was i a I.e. I v . sl. i da . ha i nu lak. n a flu. Kiand paiad Tiromises a ., 1 ,011 II" . .1 Ille I,,, I' ' ' ' 1 'nil e and w a - 1 1 , i 1 . 1 1 1 , , 1 v, 1 1 1, w lunis. In no branch of the shoe business docs tne need of the artistic make itself felt more keenly than m the woman's wear, and it is here that shoe art predominates. Tan colors are more eagerly sought for t ban ever this season. Fain y vest lugs and si roll dessigiisare also very popular, as are the extreme plain shoes free from oi namontatioii of any dest rip tarn The dea.-;im and l;n mating effcits in low shoes are eiiiite be vend a pen picture. Thee lasts have a tendency to a little more full ii. ss at the toe and posses very graceful lines. They come nearer the anatomical requirements of the foot than for many seasons pa -t and it is to he hoped that it will he a long lingei nig style. Misses and Children's Shoes. Tin- xtreme hard wear ghen shoes by littlee folks has been a 'home of much thought ami study on our 'part. We have striven to sc lire only the very best ofniatcrials and lion lias I i -ii given the lasts, ilia! nature's work may not be inter-I. led with in maturing the foot. Style is always a prominent feature. our lines of dress shoes are particularly strung in all the above points. Vou are invited to visit the shtnv department of "Sapho" at the Opera House, l b'- in n, h la Ik. d of Sa pho . lie 11. i v . u ' min i s , it lln.s, ( ,ijii p., m ,, I ,.a orders and fire companies repre-.enljn2lh.. Iimm and sniroiindinf; cit-The met'1 I. ants will lie elalioiiite-iv ropresc iite.l m vaiious and original navs. ;,eail want- lief unests upon this It Ik' ()p, J ., 1,,, t. p. ' li aUdleli, i of ,1 e .il.;, .'.as iii , i I n.r. .n uniforms w ho are nm toinu I in pal ado on I be K t h of .1 u , Willi I . 1 1 - id' a e leave T I ) t ' 1 1 1 Willi I lie --, , I . I , i I it I '1. kill-on s di in; - tin, T, . j I. .Ir I'oi email . , ftr to have a .. a-am lime aim tier ,'tiztDs will d ll.'- riKh thins; in this Airection. 'i'tns i- the only city in the HJIf to celebrate this year and there n!l iiniHiiiht.-dlv he a lal'Ke leire.sell-;a;:on from T 1 j .-in i oundint; i ountrv. ,, 1 p:.'l tie i.o.od-l.i-t 1 1 1 u I . t I a ad .- ihna , i ; 1 1 in !o . :: j, lie I Its ,e ; .. , . The ,!.,V v.. I i 1 1 I II . id , ; , I ' !'!'! Is H. .I, I. "I ll I h i.!!-li-,v. , "a ! - i a- . , ii I " ! form a in i , all v..,- . ; . I The ,,.!-i a-l and li. 1. M: could ha i , . , . 1 1 pal l w a - ',:,!..! - P lu ' I . 'I . Ii ii e i pin I : a li, a I iat n m of Th. was mil,,, a I no i hi n i; i:-.. ;n the whole "ii 1 1 un ary. ::d admirable. - i pp: i r., . v II" - a IllOII IlllsilleSS , 0 d Hi t. ,,- j .M 1 Si moils , -,., 1 ,n di,. win ,,. I do d today I low .m i T. i , in die , iS Ilwl tO ,e all.lWed III L'O di V ,l .1.,, k (!iay w ill reopen his former ? ,d ana v. 1 1 1 I ui tush the be v .races 1 1 I he : I" "ill fui n i h the I !iir-t . A Private Picnic. A wry ph-a-aiit private i -1 1 i - was held at Hi nder pari; Thursday al'ter- ,l i.e. l I 1 W I." i-i. i. in. i li First Timbers Raised. The tir-t I : m !i r- for :he n-'-v ' .. i,;." 'lanl f'l II: Hoin. .-I al 1 pany uei'e taise.l -terdav a'ld the lla llefol e I ill the a II II. to Ille 11,,! II I uildinv I' "ill b a'.' ' ille' ' I l.OWeVI-r. hefol tin ;,. i ri I , I I. Ul fill the main building iii 1 enpl. I, .1 A lar.'ie for. e of n i ' i or i mil; ii.iv and nieht -hit',' :'l;.e n; and till'.l ' I1"' ,, lll-llle Of the IllS'l t,e;e ,'l I ill will . , -ipli, e i o'tsidei ; 1 1 1 till He lore tile r;i rpetelS 'II till' t'l' li' work I '. 1 1 1 " hen t li to indal 'on i -,.,,i,ii,I, I,, "all, I read . :.i' I lUl'i' l I h" M i - da - Mai Mil .and three , lain di, ai i m . . 1 Th in sday after a two i-il a I old home in Corn-l amia ml TheC w ei e nn om I by Miss 1 .a in a Andrews, who here direct from the old lountiy in a i i led ill a I. w ,l,ii - In ,i Lead 1 jwMJALITIEb IJIHI1J (in1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 - ' . . ihr the hostess. Hasket lunettes iw spread beneath the -hade trees, iawins at the a ilion and a jolly social time on ilpied the hours. The jarty was ni ;i up of the following-Mesdames J V tlibb-. I! K. Sinne. V H. niii"-. (' K Dickinson, L. A. Ml r r..,. a lhn Riilnrlinintc A Pare E a r cj a i n . The 1 p. p, ,!,,, . ,A ,. , 1 1 1, . ( on to ! biiildini; will o up raoilly 'M iy tiling is wotknm sincdhU aim a lai.'e i l ew of i ai l" titers In 'i. n ,il win k ior monlhs in framin ; ihe linibeis t ir tl structure. Thev liiiw been usin the lliphland mill yar i ain! as fast as t be I i in I lei's Were co'. pa '. I I V y are piled away and th"i will be no delay- N'iiu. 1 r. -la;.,-a::t t ,-, , , doin an : 11 1 1; , i. . i- u -- -o riu, li ill fa. I , that t hi V ll.i e m ,rke, until immediate lest 1 1 1 1 1 -? he had Nearly lain 111, ills are e! . ,i cM-ry day. but the llll-iness mU-l be di-pie. .! of without ib lav. Tins is a rare bargain fulsome one desirmt: to Bu iuio Hie res tarant business in tin- best town iy the State of Sinilh Dakota. f ill par ticulai s at t lie 1 eslaui all! I f H. P. I.orey and (Iranilma Dickinson. Mr. J. S. .Jinlil. lather of Dr. .ludd of Lead, who is lu re on a visit, was the ihapprone of the crowd. Of course, the hubbies o ft ho ladies mentioned tere all there and Dr. .ludd of Cliica Hills Lead, So. Da SATURDAY, JUNE 30, youiiL' man Mrs. Mailin was in London and other cities and reports a line I inie. i 'Mo Hiiindt has an upturn on In nun act. of land in norlhein Cuba which will i ost him $."iiin an acre cash, and all, : I he Mi st ear he can c lear $L'iiii pel acre from fruits of all kinds. The land borders on the bay at Nouvitas. whore foreign ships make a constant market. Otto lias more than he feels like handling and woult. like a partner tu take an interest in the hind. I K. . v 1 1 i n son . better known as JinlL'e Allinson. who was out on a months' tour thru Wyoming with a ohal company of burnt cork artists, npoits a royal time. He returned home this week and says they more than paid expenses by showing in WMuning tow ns The judge has a scar (iv. i bis eye widen was received by a man throwing a half dollar at him wh' ii he was on the stage We siig go-tod it might .ave been an over rip.- handful of eggs, but the judge in-dirnantly repudiates the insinuation Poorman Planing Mill. The new planing mill of the l-'i-h A; Hunter lumber company at tie- head of I'oorman uub h is fa-t inai inj completion. Th. buiblini: I. a- been en-, losed and wink upon the ma, hinery w ithin is inner, -slim as rapidly as eireum.-tatii es w,ll admit. Part of the ma, I i ',a- .1. :.! and is pi act i cally .in posit. on and within another month the mill should i unninii if And Until July 4th. if We are going to have a grand c leanup of all Summer floods, f including all our Ladies Trimmed ana Bailor Hats. Our n- something unfor-. n do. - nia luippeii MINOR MENTION lolill Walts, ), I W id e;. e the lil st of next week for Pan- III I,, absent tlre line of Misses and Children's headwear. Everything in Shirt Waists Trash Skirts, and liin k Suits. All Organdy, Dimitys, Lawns, Crash Suitings, in fait all noods classed as summer goods must he (dosed out. During the season now closing we have been able to offer you many rare bargains at our special sales, but none equaling what we are now putting before yon either in variety, of goods or values offered. dm ini; the summer -p. , iaP nu tiui; of the Kathbon Si-leis is i ailed tor this ev. uint; at s o i lock Ibis ss of importance v. if If you are looking for a good smoke Summer Specialties. Ladies Laundered Suits, Skirts and Waits. We are now making a special drive on our 50ct., 75ct., ami $1.00 shirt waists. In our 50ct. line yuo will find all the new patterns in Percales, light, medium and dark shades, in stripes, checks and figures. In our 75ct. line are better quality Percales and Lawns, in all the latest patterns, full tucked fronts and new Krencb bacs. Our $1 HO line is our strongest seller. Here you v !" ft ,, . newest designs and colors, tucked, corded and pleated f: h pointed white yoke or without yoke, and all with naw I'n , ' Here you will find values that cannot be duplicated. In our novelty lines from $1.25to $4.00 you i... . u.e Cicani of the Seasons productions In Lawns. Dimity, ('haiiibnr. S . ss, Madras and Silkelts. Kvery one is the perfection of quality aae : tvle. Our line of Summer Skirts is complete in every detail. They are extreme in quality, style and finish. Heavy Crasa, plain $1.25. Hlue Duck trimmed with white $1.50. Fin stripe Percale, plain $1.50. While Din k, plain or trimmed with luue $1.35. Summer Wash Suits are going f ast. Here are the prices thats moving them. . Crash Suit trimmed with blue, Eton Jac ket, .skirt with box pleated hack $3.50. Novelty striped Suiting, in com hinations of blue, w hite and brown, Din k trimmed, Kton Jacket, box pleated Skirt. $3.5. Prown Duck trimmed with white, Kton Jacket, box pleated skirt $4.50. For further particulars read bill the In leave at your door. SPECIAL HOT SPRINGS EXCURSION. Via Burlington Route. $.'. CO for the round trip. Tickets are on sale next Monday and Tuesday, June 4th an 1 Eth, good to return on or before June 9tfi, account of annual convention R. Y. P. U. society. The 2:30 p. m. train Is tbe one to take, as you arrive at Hot Springs before dark. ask for Chan.isoii s MONARCH strictlv union-made cigar. Fa toiyin , Where They Sell Cheap. May block, Lead. U (). I'. I'rva e of Deadwood was escort No. 5 Main Street Lead 2 I T3 B C3 C3 Unparalled Cthing Values FTOm now until July 4th we will offer unusual inducements for buyers pTWtour Clothina Denartment. o 9 I Our Clothing enjoys the highest reputation for excellence and relia i5 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. OSCAR SILVER ty-there Is none .etter made exquisite style, faultless fit and nitr-tailor effect characterize every garment. Nt these pricer: DR, E. S. BUCBEE Eve Spfxiasist. IW'l all-vnnl fo r. .. ittuvj can ere Suits, light colors. Offire in Bailor Block, LEAD. S. I) wlly worth $10.00 for $7.50 ing a party of ea-t. rn tapiiali-ts thru the sights of Lead yesterday CPorgo Codfr. y and family have moved from S limy side addition to a residence neai- ti.'- liinh si hool biiildini:. Mrs. Amanda KimiMer and four i hildren h it on ti,- Fort Piene yesterday for Wilk. -ban- . Pa on a short visit with relativ -. Henry S. hn.fz'-'s assay o;'e i and la-boratoiy is ioeatol :u the b. -imeut of Faust's nw block. Iai. ato! he is prepared to fill all orders in his line. tT Special meetinc of South Lead Hose Company at p. m duly Mrd A full attendance is ree.tiested. H A. Kan, Secertary. Rev. C. H. Poland, pastor of the Presbyterian thunh will preach an Independent'' day sermon Sunday evening. All invited. D. Hueler of this tity handled the keys at the western I nion office in Lead yesterday durine th absence of Fred Symington. The Lead Maroons are goings to Fort Meade Sunday to play the soldiers and will neap, with the Rapid boys on the Fourth of July. Quite a number of the juveniles of the t ity attended the opening of the dancing school at So. e ty hall yesterday afternoon i'vl'mf. Rn he-en. Alfred Fill ion ' al. t-a'.-f-l red lot 4 bio. k V in Hia v.-hr, ; at I " John o Loary th; u the : Th.-o. Ceskey for a o:i-m. lat.o;, il.'.'.i. Houses btugM and - aid. icor.y loaned, general ins-irar,. -ant! r.otaij public. Victor T. Jttit'n. Room 1, Cottou 4 Andrews block., S. D. tf This evening Presiding Elder Clough will preach and hold the Fourth quarterly conference for the Lead eMth-odist church, and is very anious that every member be present, as there are mtaters of great importance to come before the meeting He will preach also I Black Clay Worsted MfftiflEipuBtjairiu Special attention Given to Reminding and settiDg Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWUOD. Englewood, S. D. in good weight, well The, well lined. 4 i ""n for $10.00 i assimere, me- fects, a very handsome garment, for $12.00 The most complete line of Blue Serge Suits in the city. A very fine Serge Suit, in roun'o or square cut, absolutely fast color and exceptionally well made for $13.50 Men's Rlue Serge Suits, good weight, coats square cut. double breasted and silk-faced a splendid value, for $15.00 Men s Fancy Worsted Suits in dark co'or.. and handsome broken p'ainds. well made and well' tailored throughout. well worth $20.00 for $16.50 weight, finely Ullor- " lined with satin uout, a $15.00 tor $10.00 "j Cassimere Suits, round WALTER McKAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Offi.v M:iv 151. K.k, Load. S. I) r squrre cut, new theo. e. geskey Foreign Exchange.; BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans. Rents Collected and Ttaxea Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all C. S. Points. Steamship Tickets to gs9 from all parts of tha World. Cabin berths reserved. U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notorial Documents. 11 East Main St ' Lead, - South Dakota Harrison Phons S71. ' , Black Hint Phoos J041. y " . - , COBWEB Always the Best Lead's I Leading" Resort Jlrt ' hoth "sat nd - . ' Fancy Worsted Suits or bhKuMo J A. BERGER, ANTHONY fRAUT PBACTIDAL PLUMBER and Steam Fitter LEAD, So. DAK No, 15 East Main Street LEADS. D.

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