The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 27, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

5THE DAILY PIOSEER-TIMES, imiiiMiiMiiitiiiiiiiiiifrrimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiB See Bloom's shoe ad. 'fry a "Two Orphan'' cigar, f-" D. Smith h. ridies no.'.tiag but it best grade smituing coal. ! An Open Secret . Bloom has something to say accf snots tnat will interest you. ZOELLNER BtfOS. Co. I Men's I Boy's Outfitters .1 sat V.'! i.l i I . y Hi ..t i i ';...-; i . . i in inus AT I'KKTK DRl 647 Main St The power that wins abounding and .'nc;easdnt; success for this ,u.-i- ness Is underatood by ail thong al p epic We make the public interest o ur own Always giving our customers the b'.st end if every bargain. Note the following bargains for this week. All are new and fashionable Gcods worn by the best Dres- rs. th- Tw. Oi jih.ui " Reports show that ov r :' n hiiiidr.-d Kvi-i bavo been t-a.-fcc :i th.; im. or' One .M;nute Cough '.:.-. Mot of tl.e.-e were eases p:. roup, asthma, whooping o. ;th. Drone hl'.is and pneumonia. It ea.-iy use prevents cons.utr.ptios. Kir.. (J Phillips. Ice cream made from fresh, ; i:v Men's and Boy's Summer Serges. All Wool, Fast Colors. The Following Special for this Wo' cream mot milk) from Belle Fo ::.i.e Creamery, at DKKTKFN - EsTEY piano for my family. Haw-Ijy is the only regular dealer f t 100 eW 'iml ll,)"t"t'ate 'rt a'ts- value ; Serjje suits rov mure popular everv war. No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. Read Bloom's shoe talk. ANHAfSEH-BUSCH, ST. 1.01 Is KSD PABST MILWAUKEE BELU IS Ntw and up-to-date Shirt Waist, the d1 fA 3UU best material to he found, value 1 tn$2atP-" MADE OF" MALT AND HOPS C.Ni.r HENCE CALL FOR IT. ! If! ? y.. J Zoelhur's Clothing are uji-to-date, made by : I nifn Labor, trimmed and tailored in fir-t-clasN ': manner, guaranteed pure dye, fast dim's, strongly sewed, well put together by best men ! tailors, properly shaped and lined with " i Scr;c or Italian !inir.r. : ICE CREAM evety day at D: KEN'S drug store 2 Tak. 11 this month keeps you w.-i! ail The fine-t assortment of White Shirt "Waists at from SI and upward, the best assortment in the land, and at popular prices e i Ro. I. v Mountain Tea. made by the Mi lisnti Medicine Co. ?,',. A-k your druggist. . 1. N'il. D. D. S., resident tist. has n.uved his office to Hoc!; '5. sj ndi. ate block. 1 '.- ji' on i-h to ie a June An inspection will Convince you of what I we say. I Zocllner's Prices Do the Talking. " 1 and 'oni;'oi table N.-pligee Shirts and Underwear. Straw ,,t Y pt.t Sott Hats, Coif Caps and not b ast our Nerk Wear for Sumn..-r '. , " ' ' : I'l'ii-ir.c .'.avoir.' :n Iri:p'iiais U,r Men and Women at "0 cf.r- vi'h lips, laughing eyes, a lowly ornpl. xion, take Rocky Mountain T a thi month. :i.".c. Ask vour dniivt. I he Pionur f Zoe liner Bros Go. l VV JA. Ul S1lllllMlllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllMllllllllllllllllllUIIIIUIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIirtilillHIIIIIIl SHOES, SHOES AT BLOOMS. The newest lasts and nobbiest shapes of standard makers only.. We guarantee every pair. Why? Because they are guaranteed to us by the most reliable and the best known manufacturers, as we buy form none others.. .The best made are not any too good for us, and we sell them 50c to $1.00 a pair cheaper than shoe stores are 4.. WW.: n: ( 6.000 years have we waited for the greatest blessing ever offered. It I uouoies your joys and halves your Carpets, Curtains, Dr. Seymour. Eye Specialist, com sorrows, mat s what Rocky Mountain Tea does. 33c. Ask your ing. July 1 1 to I'd. teiy. and his hearing was romaJ Monday, but v.,s .t.ntisiud -utiid terilay. when was f.ivmd ot-the grand jurv. Dr. Seymour, eye specialist, in his private car at H. fc M. depot. July ii to 20. A. O. .Meredith, traveling advertising agent for the Briggs Meredith company, has been in the city for several nays and left for Sturgis Monday The largest and best selected stock of shoes in the Hills. ..Come and see us. You will find this is not newspaper rot, but facts. Wall Paper h. Blockbeiger arrived yesterday form Kansas City and will go on th.? road out of Dead-wood tor the Cudahy Packing rumpany. He will relieve a. I.. Krharcl. who will take territory for his company in Wyoming. There will be no choir rehearsal at THE MODERN' BEAVTT. i,.?.rvr.?.,.v.!.??..'.r. l,. siewers has not got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do it himself, and he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to suit. Give him a call, and be convinced. There is no bosh about this. Thrives on good food ard sulsHim J plenty of (jerrife in '.he open air. I night. Mrs. ('. H will . Nice ice cream Is delicious, while strawberries and cream always taste like. more, providing they are nice form glows withfcea l:h and her face gki with Its beauty, ir her system nets! cleansing action of a laxative rmrfj.l uses the gentle nr. J SyrcpetRi For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery, where: they .ot the best, but one of the best St. John's church this week. WANTED. Competent girl for general housework at Mrs. J. Zoellner s, I 'J Van Huren St. Charles Rickle and Herbert Kaulke went to Sturgis Monday night and will remain until after the Olvninie 1 .1 1 1 1 , 1 1 i.i hi Aladdin. Wyoming, today to join her husband, who has been engaged with .1. N. Goruni for th.' past few weeks at his trade as carpenter. Mr. Ceils is an old resident of the Hills and now expec ts to make his future home in this city. The executive committee of th. make it a specialty. tf cigars is the "Two Orphan." Trv one made ty the Cal'forcla HcfrnjpCa Our old stock that -we advertised out some days ago has been replaced with a brand new stock, which we 86k you to examine, and should you Bee anything that strikes your fancy, It will be sold you at exactly 50 per cent off for the next three days. Never before has our stock of Carpets, Curtains, and Wall Paper, been more complete than it is right now, ince just receiving our new invoice. How is your stomach troubles Unless food is digested nnirbiv it win ierment and Irritate the stomach For Olympic Field Day. After each meal tak o Drink Minnekahta water. Onee smoked always smoked. What the "Two Orphan" cipar. We have jiM re-iei-. d ,1 of fj picnic on field day. From Sturgis they will then go to Rapid City, where . ... J'UVJll . LI J of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat, and will allow von tn gant neckwear. Imperials. Bow; tl Woodmen's Punic association met in Deadwood Monday and decided not to they will remain until after th.. Ties. Hatbands ar.ri ( 'aps in i-bdci Painters and paper hangers wanted Fourth of July, cel.rbrating Independ eat all you need of what vou like adopted by the . hh It never fails to cure the worst raw ence day with the Rapid City people. All m. nib. i s and invito! pi'sui or dyspepsia. It is pleasant to take. A telegram from Havana. Cuba. fr-irk U. Phillips. savs that Mi s ;, lm- i--,i,11,,n.u- ,.-1,,. supposed t their . ol.irs. CbI in and w w i! chow vo'i the coeds a has the smallno w .rm -, The "Two Orphan'' cigar is a leader. at onee. Apply to H. I.. Sanderson No. o") Sherman street. 1't There will be a meeting of the ( hoir of St. Ambrose church at the parsonage, on Wednesday evening at 8 p. 111. All who wi?h to become members are kindly requested to be present. Don't forget that $7.,0 atlas which noici a woodmen s picnic in the Black Hills this year, owing to the inability to secure a sufficient reduction in railroad transportation rates. Those present at the meeting were Nathan Poole. Paul Pinsonault and Dr. R. Heald of Lead: Harry Deleray. S. Jacobs, and John Carr. of Dead wood, and F. B. McMahon of Rapid Citv. BLOW he had not as y.-t been informed of Try one. Our Millinery. A visit to our Millinery department the death of h.-r husband EBTEY PIANO, both stylish and cood tn hn han nnlv r t Ha t.i,.' The ladies of the Deadwood iongre-:itional church served supper in the Just Received which we respectfully Invite you to may be obtained absolutely free bv parlors of the church last night, and .1" n. w , cinl. 'nation patterns 3 trading at the following firms: I. H. wore well patronized. They gave a the !,it--t .v-;cn !n good supper, serving bread, meat potatoes, salads, coffee, c aek anil i, u Chase. Hattenbaeh Hros., Zoeckler Bros.. Zoellner Bros.. Zipp Shoe Co.. Wilson Kenny & Co.. Kirk G. Phillips. No. 639, by Bulleck Hotel. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt serviee. D. D. T. Co. Starvation never yet cured dyspep-Bla. Persons with indigestion are already half starved. They need plenty of food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what yeu eat so that the body Wall Paper ream. Supper began at ". o'clock anil Sam SVhwarzwald. G. M.. Butler. Fish- continued until 7. make, will convince you that our tock in this line is complete beyond a doubt, and an inquiry as to our prices will convince you that they are at least 50 per cent kelow those offered by our competitors. Remember, money saved is money earned. C. B. Werland of Whitewood. was given a hearing before Justice Nat'nan Colman Saturday on the charge oi assault with a deadly weapon upon Joseph Thiebault. Ho was placed under $300 bonds, which he furnished, for his5 appearance before the next grand jury. Thiebauo. was immediately arrested on the charge of adul- Pric .- r.ii. 'era .V 'A K v. W. S. RothermH. the min el's Bazaar and A. M. Smith. These checks may be combined from the ing wizard, is in -issouri. confined to pe'r roll. ;.r MAX FISHEL'S stores named above and must be his w.. injuries recently received can be nourished. It is the only nret- called for on date of purchase. Next to Zipp (.... Co. -tor'. aratlon known that will Instantly re in a runaway. As soon as he is able to be out he expects to return to the Dr. Brochear wishes ro state that lieve and completely cure all stom Mrs. N. I. Alford has purchased the Black Hills. He has been in British ach troubles. It is certain to do you right to manufacture and sell her good. Kirk O. Pnillips Columbia the past few months, ex amining mining properties. f' V V V V'.T A V V VA x1 If you want a good cigar smoke the goods in this territory. All ladies wishing a beautiful complexion will The county treasurer yesterday re "two Orphan." 1900 VIVES ceived )5.J'.3 from Meade county, back do well to call upon her. 659Vi Main All who suffer from pi will be street (over Deetken's drug store.) THE CITY. f F. M. GaaU, D. D. S. Modern Den glad to learn that DeWitt's Witch interest on the old five per cent bond coupons. This pays the interest on the couponsfrom May 1. 1895 to May PILLOW SALE Prom June 18th. Hazel Salve wilt give them instant Mrs Mooney, 41 Lee street, second and permanent relief. It will cure The n:.-t iHTiutifuilr finiht.! ftr..l reliable ditry of all kinds. Gas administered. 1st D-97. The treasurer has been tak floor, will give 25c discount on every eczema and all skin diseases. Kirk 1 11.00 worth of stamped, aoods. Tv ing in a large amount of personal taxes I ; : i'V'-' Eighteen years of experience. Rosen thai Block. rial embrodiery silks at 40c per dozen recently, in response to statements Q. Phillips. How is your kidneys. Drink MInne kahta water. Camera--ui this vear J The Superiority ol 1 for two weeks. that were sent out. Don't fail to try the "Two Orphan" corn to Mr. and .Mrs. Hallock, on Rev. C. E. Giddings. pastor of the a 1 1 'Ji IT T - . r u dear. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for Charles street . a girl. Trinity Methodist church of Dead- Vive LCDtf wood., who has a bond and lease on a ice cream. Served every day. 6 Main street First papers were issued yesterday A good Idea put into execution, the Ark ad In another column explains large tract of mining property near to August Wanniopa. a Finlander and Lead Everywhere what we mean. Something new, see the Ark ad in to Robert Johns, an Englishman. M. J. Place of the Derby is the own Crown Hill, is in New York, endeavoring to enlist capita). Mr. Giddings is a. nephew of Bishop Newman, of the Methodist church, and he is expected to have no trouble in getting all the r . 7 this issue. "Huger is the best Sauce.'' Yet some people are never hungry, and they get weak and sicK. Hood's Sar-saparilla helps such people. It cre er of the piano that formerly belonged to Mrs. S. B. Sham. No. 114 takine it BLe Bush-Gerts PIANOS George Mercer owner of a chemical assistance he may need to carry out his plans ates a good appetite, gives dieestive plant, and also extensivelv interested Miss Emma Robinson of Aladdin power and makes the whole bodv in rael estate in Omaha, accompanied by Charles J. Bolton, a lawver visited Wyoming. passed thru Deadwood strong. Monday on her way to her home in Sick headache is cured fcv Hood s Deadwood the fore part of the week. I Superior for... Pills. 25c. leaving for Hot Springs Monday even Iowa for a vacation. Miss Robinson is manager of the Black Hills Coal company and of the Wyomine & Mis ing. Ws use ours fruit iuicea at our Tone, Touch Walter ,L Vcrcoc M. D. fountain.. Our soda cannot be beat The funeral of Mrs. J. Harry Crowd souri River railroad company that is. Try it PALACE PHARMACY. er. iormerjy misb Berdie rwhin she has charge of Mr. Nix's offlc -f Durability. held at Gordon, Nebraska yesterday DeMouth's Ark has a change of ad In this Issue, look it up it sets forth a Mr. Crowder received word of her i 5 For Sale and as he is away much of the time she is virtually tne manager, for she attends to all the business, issues or-nd performs all the duties of the manager. She is highly commended for the capacity she has exhibited, and it is stated that no ; " - Deadwood, South Dakota. Office in the Waite Block. OculhtaudAuristB, &"M. Ry Glasses Scientifically Fitted. Practice" Limited to Eye & Ear Res 62 Centennial Ave, '-' death and reached Gordon in time to atted the last rites. Mrs Crowder was staying with Mr. Crowder 's mother at the time of her death. Mr. Crowder new Idea. Read and prolt thereby. Small in size and great in results art DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the famous Jittle pills that cleanse the liTer and bowels. They do not I Fishel's Bazaar, was found in Montana and riven the Block Main St I 663 Syndic 663 Syndicate pipe. Kirk G." Phillips. . one could perform the work she does with greater ability. aad tidings.

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