The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 22, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

I ' "RE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, Friday. h :z 1900. An Open. Secret See Bloom's shoe ad. Try a "Two Orphan ' cigar. Smoke tli" "Two Oiphan" cir..: t-. D. Smith h. mdles nothing it th best grade smithing coal. Bloom has something to sa , scout shoes that will interest you. Have I not bidden v.- be'- "' Zoellner Bros. Cx. as ! he Men's Boy's Outfitters The power that wins abounding ami inc reasing su t.- for this business is understood by all thorn; Ltful people 647 Main St something said to be the sa Kocky Mountain' Tea, made Madison Medicine Co.'.' If ye ly wis", heed this warnim: your driurcist i ii'Moutti .- i. has decided .1 ,-pccial i a-ti sab' every S' Sec their ail for this week. WILD Cherry I'hosphate, Hoot Ileer, Claret I'unch, cold licious AT DEETKE.V3 DKUC We tiiake the public interest o nr own Always giving our customers the be.t end of every bargain. Note the following Bargains for this week. Ail are new and fashion able Goods worn by the best Dressers. i ! ; r i'S : . 1 OKE Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives have been saved thru the use of One Minute Cough Cure. Special Sale on Silk Waists. 25 assorted waists at $1.50 value from 5 to $(. .uusi vl mese were cases or erippe, -i croup, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and pneumonia. It early 4 use prevents consumption. Kirk G Phillips. Men's and Boy's I Summer Serges. I All Wool, Ffst Colors. Seroe suits ,tow more popular every year. Zoellner's Clothing are up-to-date, made hv Fnien Lahor, trimmed and tailored in first-class I manner, o-uaranteed pure dve, fast colors, strongly sewed, well put together hy hest men j One dozen plain and Fancy Silk Waists, including Ice cream made from freah pure cream (not milk) from Deile t ;nche evening shades at $o.5D each. Value from $( to $') each. Creamery, at DEETKKN S. SEY piano for my famllv Haw ii One dozen Silk Taffeta Silk Waists, newest styles at ESEY ly la the only regular dealer at $4.50, value from ?7 to $S.5l No. 39, hv Bullock Hotel. Read Bloom's shoe talk. ANHAl'SEH-BL'SCH, bT. LOUIS Twenty-live of the newest styles of silk. Colors AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. good black to all the kodino- shodes, at $5.60. tailors, properly shaped and lined with Serov or Italian lining-. HENCE CALL FOR IT. ICE CREAM every day at I'EKT- KEN'S drug store W. L. Neil. D. D. S., resident den This is the Greatest Bargain of the Season. An inspection will Convince you of whal Zocllner's Prices Do the Talking. tist, has moved his. office to Room 19, Syndicate block. Seek not to steal the other fellow's light, J Cool and Comfortable Nfgligee Shirts and I'nderwear, Straw Hat.- Liht we- say. Rather nut on steam and make vour own, Do whatever you do with all your Weight Soft Hats-, Golf Caps and not least our Neck Wear for Summer v i ar-f ot pleasing departure in Imperials for Men and Women at 5u Vnr. might. By taking Rocky Mountain Tea at night. M. J. WERTHHElMER&Bro. Th . n- Asy your druggist. j nc nonm Zoellner Bros Co. Please remember, we have Mr. Cluthien, Richardson, a resident tuner in our city, who is thoroiy reliable. A the wise .s sufficient. A word to the wise is sufficient. Leave orders at Fisbel'8 Bazaar. Dress Goods Once smoked always smoked. What: his general i oinlu, t and .-ompiic ing him for the progress he in, the "Two Orphan" cigar. THECITY. F. M. Oaati, D, D. S. Modern Dentistry of ah kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. The "Two Orphan" cigar is a leader. Try one. Pon t fail to try the "Two Orphan" cigar. DeMouth's Ark has a change of ad in this issue, look it up it sets forth a in his studies during the past lers One of Ed. ll.mzrhka's men cas The remains of Miss Anna Dare, whose death occurred in Deadwood during the month of May. 1898, were exhumed at Mount Moriah cemetery the fore part of this week hy R. W. Lewis, and were shipped to Chicago for reinterment, in charge of the mother, wbo has been making her home at new idea. Read and profit thereby. PATTERN LENGTHS. The finest thing of its kind to be put upon the market this season Is the new style dress goods in pattern lengths. to Deadwood yesterday from If you want a good dinner come to river i;o miles northwest of Im'i SHOES, SHOES AT BLOOMS. The newest lasts and nobbiest shapes of standard makers only,. We guarantee every pair. Why? Because they are guaranteed to us by the most reliable and the best known manufacturers, as we buy form none others.. The best made are not any too good for us, and we sell them 50c to $1.00 a pair cheaper than shoe stores are sell rie says there has been plenty off on the other side of Moreati. w Central City for the past two years. country is in excellent condition. They Are Dandies, Maud Is 5 and 30 too old to hope cattle are in a rood condilM ror improvement? I should say not. the Congregational church Tuesday evening June 26. PILLOW SALE From June 18th. Mrs Mooney, 41 Lee street, second floor, will give 25c discount on every $1.00 worth of stamped goods. Ty-rial embrodiery silks at 40c per dozen for two weeks. We use pure fruit Juices at our the marki t from the Morean wav the co'intry is dry. and is in al of rain. On Cr.ind river rain W1M And even tho you do not want to buy a dress just now you cannot afford to miss seeing them, so call and look v;uc jubi uegins to live. Take Rocky Mountain Tea. You'll be blooming fair at 60. Ask your druggist... C. L. Slewers has not got anyone the 35th to the ImIi. almost rratiji Four Belgian hares were received In Deadwood yesterday at the American express office, from Denver, for a gentleman of this city. The Belgian hare craze has hit almost every other section of the country, and it has finally spread to the Black Hills. Press dispatches indicate the people of Minnesota are memorializing the govern them over. Bring your pocketbook fountain.. Our soda cannot be beat. from anywhere to do his bicycle work, I.v. and the ground was given soakinir. Mr H. : n. h ka is s him out ataiti with mnvers ar.'i Try it. PALACE PHARMACY. for if you see them you will buy one right on the spot at the bargains we being perfectly able to do it himself How- is your stomach troubles. and he considers himself an expert prepared to put up hay for his arJ ing. The largest and best selected stock of shoes in the Hills.. .Come and see us. You will find this is not newspaper rot, but facts. Nice ice cream is delicious, while strawberries and cream always taste like more, providing they are nice. For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery,, whera they make it a specialty. tf workman. Sundries of every descrip Drink Minnekahta water. The Spearflsh train was off the are selling them at. WE ALSO HAVE tion always on hand and at prices to ment to restrict the introduction of1 Belgium hares into that state and to J take steps to sunnress their nr,,.no I THC MOI'LT.X BEAl'TT. Thrives on fx-! r-v.(! ar.! s;:as;:: suit. Give him a call, and be con track somewhere Englewood and Spearflsh last rright. and did nc vinced. There is no bosh about this. Not the best, but one of the best each Spearflsh '.mill sever,!' hours -, -t,, 0ppn air. M. a:A her (at late Patterns for Tailor-Made Suits and street dresses which are meeting with treat favor among the ladies. Ask !,' - v-'f-s need! The Ladies Aid Society of th tion. claiming that thev are a menace I plen,y pf ""'r to the .Tops of the commonwealth ! f K,c,ws " i: I With Its Ilea;.-; Earnest Lawson. a little Deadwood ' cleansing ao-r. hoy who has been attending the sisters' uei the rm'! sc hool at Sturgis. writes a very interest ! made !y :!-., ing letter home, telling or bis pronto-,' C011-their iii:-. h gi'cgational church will give regular monthly dinner at the i : ,rr ?mj af A good idea put into execution, the Ark ad in another column explains what we mean.- cigars is the "Two Orphan." Try one. Unless food Is digested quickly it will ferment and irritate the stomach. After each meal take a teaspoonful of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat. and will allow you to to see them, also, when you call. MILLINERY and DRESSMAKING. tion and the good times he has been J o ' -i jenn3Ci. Our millinery and dressmaking de eat all you need of what you like. enjoying while at School. With several of the other children he will go to Has a c.irri.itr It never falls to cure the worst cases pallors. Tuesday lune ti. . liiarriane license was issued by tin' clerk of the courts yesterday to Eric Anderson Eh a Wooi'-y if T( !T . v Cood evening! Where are you going. 0er to the Congregational eh iii Ii to get niysupper. When? June 20. of dyspepsia. It is pleasant to take. partments are very busy with our efficient force. We can easily take care of more business. When in the store take a walk thru these Kirk G. Phillips. nor springs in a few ,.,yK. where he; kinds of will remain during the hot summer j funerals, months. Ai ( ompatiing his letter was t ei;t :o:i . one from the mother superior, praising! S.1. Starvation never yet cured dyspepsia. Persons with indigestion are already half starved. They need plenty of food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat so that the body-can be nourished. It is the only preparation known that will instantly relieve and completely cure all stomach troubles. It is certain to do you good. Kiik G. Phillips If you wrnt a good ciar smok- the "two Orphan." ESTEY . PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only it Hawley'3. So. 639, by Bulleck Hotel. Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes An xtia amount of soliciting ha: been done for the dinner Tuesday even ing and no one need go away hungry. senger, prompt service. D. D. T. Co. Head wood saloon keepers as well as All wno sntter from pi will be glad to learn that De Witt's Witch those who issue license should look u ine kiw relating to publishing "notice i of application for liquor liccense Hazel Salve will give them instant and permanent relief. It will cure eczema and all skin diseases. Kirk G. Phillips. Lead saloon keepers publish notice of application for licenses. 1900 VI VB The m. - ... n:i& Carrier;: ' I th-vrar The S 'li'orityol Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. extensive preparations are being made by the ladies of the Congregation al church for the dinner which is to 9 ;,n riei-vr- Tcsay evening, June 26 A ci;ff'i;; ton with a aiamond setting was recently lost near the Deadwood How is your kidneys. Drink Minnekahta water. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for ice cream. Served every day. H75 Main street. tf Something new, see the Ark ad in this issue. Your best friend can give you no better advice than this: "For impure blood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, weak nerves, tired feeling, rheumatism, malaria, catarrh, take Hood's Sarsaparilla and be cured." Constipation is cured by Hood's Pills. 25 cents. postofflce, and the owner, one of bead-wood's best young ladies, would teel exceedingly grateful for tls return to this office. Charley Zoellner returned to Dead-wood yesterday after a year af Northwestern Military Academy, at High-laud Park, a suburb of Chicago. He I ILe Bush-Gerts 4. PIANOS 3 says David Baker is not coming home at present, but has gone with his mother to Danville, 111., for a visit. ? Walter L. Vercoe, M. D, " - DEADWOOD, S. D. --i . . .. " . Office Waite Blcck-Hours 10 to 12 a.m, and I to 4 p. m Superior for.. Tone, John Harvey arrived n Deadwood Touch Small in size and great in results are DoWitt'f Little Early Risers, the famous little pills that cleanse the liver and bowels. They do not last night suffering from a, stroke of I paralysis, being on his way to his home grip. Klrtt O. Phillips. Dr. Brochesr wishes to state that Durability.,... For Sale at Fishel's in Sturgis, in charge of his brother W. J. Harvey. He had been shearing sheep at Gillette, Wyoming, and was in poor health prior to the stroke of par-alysls. He Is almost absolutely helpless, and It is necessary to carry him on a stretcher. He is a young man ,yet Bazaar, ; , v ' Oculist and Aurist Bi & M, Ry, Glasses fA'ceurat Fitted, practice - LlmUcd v to Diseases of Eyc' and Ear. - 'lUtldenceCS 0nttnaiAlATt. . Mrs. N. I. Alford has purchased the right to manufacture and . sell her xooda in this territory. All ladies wishing a beautiful complexion -will do veil to can upon her. 659H Main street (orer Deetken's drat;' store.) .... 663 Syndicate) Block Main St la his twenties. . 1

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