The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 19, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1900
Page 8
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TUESDAY, ji-xe 1500. See Bloom's shoe ad. Try a "Two Orphan'' cigar. Remember DeMouth's Ark has satisfied customers. Are you oil' the Two Oiphan'' ru r It. Si-yi:,i ur, the eye t-jn.-ci-: '. is v.v.!.va.;.i..J....v ?;v.wiv.v.w Zoellner Bros. Co. Men's s Boy's Outfitters An Open Secret I f. I'. S.M'h h: 11 i. r M,;lili)g The power that wins abounding a:d in. u-:t.-in ... !r tin ness is unclt i joiI by all thong1 !:'; ; (;: We make the public interest o ur own J B!c?"i Ins to sa . c."i.t' si s 1 ml w 1 . i 1 r ! . t. ; e b L you. 647 Main St Always giviiiej nr f ';stoui. rs V..v h- -t . tid of .Vote the follow.: rar0'u:ns for thi v.-.:; All able O'jO'.'s worn by the h-st D: -- r.s. !! .) 14 1 . : ; . '.V .11) tiE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, i ! ' j.' I i . i ; ). ;.. t; ir.l-m.-ii wh- i I.I like to iai, '' :;t tilo'" ' ' -t 'Villi. .11:1 ll' .-.CJIetiiiiic (0 t!. vz h.Te tid;iv. .-ry i ,!ni.,iiat.'. I'i,:e ii, i old If. 1 1 lb lb-' I!. ( : la ! 's AT irrKKN .S VHVC, .- . b'' i : 1 a ai Hi a- from f rc-1 : ,; ( r -.-. 1:1 t milk ' B-dle 1 .. :. Creamery, at IT.CTK',:' Special Sale on Silk Waists. 25 assorted S'll; waists at $1.50 value from ir'5 t. ! Blue Serge Suits, SingJeBreastefl $12 to$ie S'KY piano for my famllr Haw he only regular dfui y 18 .1..,..., ,.!.; -,.l 1.''., e:n. n- . .... ne u'o.c u j'l.i.n .inn 1 v aiM-. :nclUil!I1r No. hv Bullock Hotel. I Doie Breasted Suits $13.50 to $201 evening shaikh at jta.t') each. Value fmrn v, 't ...ah. ' . I. .. l"m. 'rv .r . --,, . Read Bloom's shoe talk. ANHALSL'U-BLSCH. & 1 !. il.- AND PABST MILWAUKEE B K ; 1 i !.-MADE OF MALT AND HOPS - M.Y HENCE CALL FOR IT. ICE CREAM every ,:ay at ! i7iic .-uk iaiiei.1 r:ik Ua:sts, newest stvles at iii.-.i. KEN'ri drug store W. 1. Neil. D. I). S. resilient f'.t A bit; a.-.-ortmnt of etxil Cray Cheviots, Stripe,! or , !., , (liei-s at.d Worsted, for those who .Ion t like the '-lil ies. ' ..THIS BLESSED RAIN MAKES . list, h; s moved his uli'n e to R j' iii "j Syntlii ar block. I 't .! ; 11 i !;!"'!' , w ha v. M i H! ' 'Hi 1 r-lilT.r -tuner .:t our $4.60, value from $7 to $S.5i Twenty-live of the newest styles of silk. Colors black to all the leodiny shodes, at $5.50. This is the Greatest Bargain of the Season. An inspection will Convince you of whal we. say. eir. 1- ihorolv n-liab' 1: ' -nr ti' b ut. a !! to t:: . -! 1 :, .::. !.. i . ti -r- . t Fi-li.-l'-i l:a::; M itliS IMS ll'pti ullii) S':Ma.on iii'vr y-t cured -!; sla. ons with ;:niigosiion a!- in rt ail;. ha.f .-tai ve.l. They 10 .-d pleh' of looii. Ko'lol I)yspep.-:a f'lt" .e toil.'iv will n-.ake tin in ! u I 1 y o. A int !' ood .Mack-.'" '.- ii dige-t-i '.vhat ; 0:1 eat .-o that tie' im.iy can I. ' iiiHii i hi il. 1: is the onlv 1 i- -1 - ..At Prices to Suit Your Pocketbook.. arailon l.nowii that will instai.t!;' re- li'-v..' aii'l i oinpieti'ly curt? all .-'o::!-a- h tro'ibb";. It i.; (rtam to io y.ei IJJERTHB&B11 oo,l. K11 !; 11. I'ii:!livs j n: iionun i Zoellner Bros Co. :ers, THECITY. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of ali kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen .years of experience. Rosenthal Block. .k What: fine" siuol;e,l always SHOES, SHOES AT BLOOMS. The newest lasts and nobbiest shapes of standard makers only,. We guarantee every pair. Why? Because they are guaranteed to us by the most reliable and the best known manufacturers, as we buy form none others.. .The best made are not any too good for us, and we sell them 50c to $1.00 a pair cheaper than shoe stores are selling. The largest and best selected stock of shoes in the Hilis.. .Come and see us. You will find this is not newspaper rot, but facts. Dressmaking W. E. Lowe has secured the services of Miss Louise Russell lately of Chicago, and New York City, who is an experienced dressmaker of great" re-nown, to take charge of his dressmaking parlors recently opened in an annex to his famous millinery I We Want the Public to Kno the "i'w o Orphan'' cigar. A K""d i'lea put into o. . u' ion . the Aik ad m .unit her oltii:n explains what we na-an. 1 hat we have finished improvenu n! -i n4' ot our bath parlors, and are now ped to serve them with baths of all ki Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives have been saved thru the use of One Minute Cough Cure. Don't fail to try the "Two Orphan" cigar. Most of these were cases of grippe, iV l'!iU kcv. i ;. S. ( '.- eiiy.. , bo,. , haplain "f the Thud I'nited States Volunteers, is in iHadwood on nis way to Alaska, where he mil s to do some missionary work. DeMouth's Ark has a change of ad Turkish, Plain and Steam MedieateJ ' I Tar. Sulphcr and Menthal i I ttsuima, wnooping cough bronchitis and pneumonia. It earlv A Specialty Nice ice cream is delicious, while Will b emade of ladies tailor made olli.Ulk'e The medicated steam baths are finest in the world for catarrh and 'made suits and wedding gowns, while t!i cure diseases. in tins issue, iook it up it sets forth a new idea. Read and profit thereby. Maud Is ." and 30 too old to hope for improvement '.' I should say not. One just betins to ilve. Take Rocky .Mountain Tea. You'll be blooming fair at ''In. Ask your druggist. Dr. ('. It. Clark left on the Klkhom all other work will receive the prompt est and most careful attention. Three Days ubo yi events consumption. Kirk G Phillips. C. L. Siewers has not got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do It himself' and he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to suit. Give him a call, and be convinced. There is no bosh about this. r Something: Entirely New for this Section, strawberries and cream always taste like more, providing they are nice. For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery, where they make it a specialty. tf If you want a good cigar smoke the "two Orphan." All who suffer from pi will be glad to learn that DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve will give them instant Pure Artesian Water Used in All Casa last evening for Mitchell, where he at Attentive Waiters and SkiiKd ". la all the time asked by Miss Russell r.cii. l Barber Shop in Connection. J c. tends the annual session of the department encampment of the (J. A. It. The Dr. will be absent from the city next and permanent relief. It will cure eczema and all skin diseases. Kirk Basement Carr iV Berrv I inr uesi, Dut one of the best cigars is the "Two Orphan." Try one. Unless food is digested nufr-kiv it Sunday. Rev. Wright of Snearfish will will ferment and Irritate the stomach. After each meal take a teasnonnfni pr. ;o h in his pulpit. DeMouth's Ark advertisement in this issue is what you are looking for. Don't stop until you find it for it will pay you to read it. I t4 of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It dleests In which to complete your order. Call at the expiration of that time and you can depend that your work will be ready for you. Highly Recommended Miss Russell comes highly recommended to us from the eastern metropolis and the ladies of Deadwood may rest assured of getting the very latest styles and the best workmanship by placing their orders with her. what you eat. and will allow von tn G. Phillips. How is your kidneys. Drink Minne-kahta water. Lad blood is .1 iiaa tiling. It is responsible for ticrorula. salt rh-uni. humors and manv other diseases, including rheumatism and that tired feeling. Had blood is made good blood by Hood's Sarsaparilln. Sick headaches is enrol by Hood's Pills. r.c. eat all you need of what you like. It never fails to cure the worst: m ,,' of dyspepsia. It is pleasant to tfl'.- Mow ; Dnnl; Mi Dr. Di... Mrs. X. I liubt M : goods in wNlmm a do Well to street fov. : Small in size and great in results are DeWitt's Little Early Risers, tiie famous little pills that cleanse the liver and bowels. They do not gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. We use pure fruit juices at our fountain.. Our soda cannot be beat. Try it. PALACE PHARMACY. The "Two Orphan" cigar is a leader. Try one. Seek not to Steal the other fellow's light. Rather put on sti i.n and make your own. Do whafev.-r you do -with all your niicht. Kirk G. Phillips. ESTEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only -.t Hawley s. No. 39, by DulUck Hotel. ?:or. ily takint; Ro(ky Mountain Tea at Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for j Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes night. i', . v i rnni. ot-i mi eei,v tia.y. Main street. senger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co V V - x4 Asy your druruist. A. Billenger of Omaha, general man tf ad in - -- Something new, sop the Ark ager of the Tontine eompany. of which 1900 V1VES J. W. Early is district manager for this N:-x-vacr5?r55r.vtV''V''!v"'-N X I , - r: -'Ti ' ' section left yesterday for Billings, and from there will go to the coast in the MiVlUi.l' The mo interest of his company. this issue. Wanted-A man ami wife without children. Enquire at 67 Stewart street. Marriage licenses were issued yesterday to Ueoige Cowin and Bessie Mav-Perry of Deadwood. and to Daniel Gorum and Bridget McDonald of Lead. The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist church will reliablf rel finished :i"o Ray Walker's merry-go- round left yyesterday for Lead. The Deadwood city council charged Mr. Walker ten dollars a day for every day he ran the Camt-rasM,;.! thi-vear The Siippnonty of Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. concern in this city, and he concluded meet at the home of Mrs. J. Lawrenson that he could not make it. on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30. Circuit court convened at Sturgis yesterday for Lad. The Deadwood Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Early, Cbaa. Witzel and Miss Leah Pease went out to the Toomy ranch on Spearflsh creek Sunday to catch a few fish, but before accomplishing their purpose I If Bush-Gerts Kate Halbert, court stenographer, went down on the early freight yesterday morning. This is the regular term for Meade county. Thomas E. Harvey went down in the erening. to try some cases. The jury will report in court tomorrow. they were themselves caught in a good old fashioned hail storm which was PIANOS not so pleasant as might be anticipated. Lost--A pocke$ dictorary, Webster's, black cover, on Sherman street. Leave at this office. Walter. L. .Y'ercoe, M. D, . ' 1 DEADWOOD, S. D. ' In dealiaf with men remember that a poooful of of will go further than a gal lon of vinegar." Th aama be said of children. Thar la nothlnr ao good for The Northwestern Yeast Company or Fon Du Lac, Wis., and Calcagp, 111., Office Waltc' Blcckrticiiis-10. lo 12 a.m. and l lo 4 p.;m Superior for... Tone, Touch Durability .... chldrea as the oid-faahloned castor oil. However, much they mar abhor it. It is are out again this year distributing free samples of their now famous yeast foam. There is hardly a man woman or child in the United States their beat medicine for disorders of the j For Sale; at bowels. In the more sever eaaea of dUr-r hoe and dysentery, however. Chamber. , , Oculist and Aurist. B. & M. Ry. Glasses Accurately and v Scientifically Httfd Practice- Umlled; to Diseases of ic and Ear. lala'a Oolle, Cholera and DUrrhoe Bam. Fishel's Bazaar, woo is not laminar with the good qualities of this favorite bread raiser. Toa make no mistake when you buy 47 should U glTHt aft th oO operates aa nlck ear Is aw to foOow; For Yeast Foam at 6 cents a package and rcfoM to take laUtaUona. I 663 Syndicat Block Main St. ate hr Kirk O. Ptmte '. v Xlesidence 63 Centennial Art. " -

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