The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 16, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 16, 1900
Page 8
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f SATURDAY, JUNE ?HB DAILY PIONEER-TIMER, 1900. Try a "Two Orphan'' cigar. An Open Secret Ft. member De.Mouth's Ark ha-- .-at iblu-J customers.- Are you one'.' Siii' 1 ' Two Oi phan" ( ign Ik: .s-yiiii ir, tin- eye special' fi:i.:ii'r. f I ) l,.ic ii' hi :ig l tf-J- ', sll .'I flit "Ul. B!tcm r.i5 so-ne.hi'i.j to say j ri o ' s W"l i.Ttt.'est yoj. Zoellner Bros. Co. Men's I Boy's Outfitters )Tne power thut wins fibuumKnj,' m ss is r- ) by ::" t!io::-r : i- i oee Bioom noc aa II 647 Main St f .- . i y A'.l a.- V make the liable iriH:. t o i.r w:i .Mw;.ys giving our custom is ' -t Notp the .' Ilargnins f." this v.. a'.ie ;.'!- worn by th" -: D:' -:' 1 t" i: - :i aI.'i v. -1 vi !', ! ii'ir: --omii : !i i i.; to t ij. ir , -e, . . .,! Sat WIUi lh. . I'hopliate, , H'.i. t Deer. Claret I "u ii Ii. cold at : - lici.jus at dioiotkion o dkl'g s.' Ice i-icain made, from fresh, Blue Serge Suits, SingieBreasteii 12 to$l8 Double Breastefl Suils 113.50 to (20. 00 if I 50 pieve Irish Lawn ;ml Ilimnitv at rv i'i" yaril. value 10andl21C 100 i-iccc-s Brandchurh cloth Wash Surah, Lace Diminities, and Organdies, at 10c per yard, value from 15 to 30c 100 pieces Toil Du Xord per yard ............ 10c 100 New Shirt Waists, this season styles at 50c each, value 75C cream mot nnlki f i "in lb-lie F Cieanery, at 1 1 K K I KKN EST FY piano for my farnllv. 11-,cv H the only regular df alei - at No. 6119. by Bullock Hotel. Read Bloom's shoe talk. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, SI LOlTs. AND FABST MILWAL'KEiO BELK IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS OM.Y. HENCE CALL FOR IT. ICE CREAM every day, at PI K 1" -KEN'S drug store Hun t fail to try the "Two On cigar. W. I. Neil. D 1'. S.. resilient dt tlst. Ii. s moved his (.tti.e. to Room '' Synrikate block. In-, in..- har wishes to state ::,at Mrs. N. I. Aiford has pu i -chased in" A l.ig assortment of o! Cray Cheviots. Striped or !,..;,. a ,..;. ri(is ai.d Worsteiis, for those who don t like the "Blues." ..THIS BLESSED RAIN MAKES . ,i3ctitel6S ail Mias Ii ill n:aki- tlnm dcul'lv m. A lot of m(xl "M:u'k--" iir I'i'aiv t'i'.a w :oie Special Sale of Ladles and Childrens Underwear M.J.WERTHHEIMER&B1U ..At Prices to Suit Your Pocketbook.. ,je.H . . :!i iiia:'a. t'ir- ai.d sell h ' pood, ::. this twrritni-y. All I.. dies wishing a beautiful complexion will do v.el! to&.ill upon !!. 0'2 Mam tr.-t " i.T Iieetk-n's drug store i Starvation never yet cured dyspepsia. Persons with indigestion are already half starved. They need plenty of tood. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what yen eat so that the body can bo nourished. It is the only preparation known that will instantly relieve and completely cure all stomach troubles. It is certain to do you good. Kiik G. Phillips 1 lie Pioneer ZoeUner Bros Co. Lu4h:crs, A daughter was born last night to .MI'S. . K. M. e, !, frm; Springs, an.! wa.-. a.. n::ipanifj b; Men and colonel en her r t u; n. .bulge Jom'i!i : Muni' ict: from Stuigis ail'! I! j i i ('Hy. it YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. K. I!. Chapman went to Rapid City. .1 Stumer, of I'urtland. was in the city. .1. H. Hardin of Two Kit. left for Chicago. George .Jackson went to the Southern Hils. Banks Stewart returned from down he had been wU 'Cj.luiie' Dari SHOES, SHOES AT BLOOMS. The newest lasts and nobbiest shapes of standard makers only.. We guarantee every pair. Why? Because they are guaranteed to us by the most reliable and the best known manufacturers, as we buy form none others.. .The best made are not any too good for us, and we sell them 50c to $1.00 a pair cheaper than shoe stores are selling. The largest and best selected stock of shoes in the Hills.. .Come and see us. You will find this is not newspaper rot, but facts. (iranville (',. I : r : 1 1 -1 . left for Boys adelphia. to attend i:i. national publican convention ,,. iav South I til kola. Miss Utlliv lime "n! Miss K. THECITY. F. M. Gantz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. For Sale A new drop cabinet Singer sewing machine. Enquire at this office. Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives have been saved thru the use of One Minute. Cough Cure. Most of these were cases of grippe, croup, asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis and pneumonia. It early use prevents consumption. Kirk O. Phillips. C. L. Siewers has not got anyone from anywhere to do his bicycle work, being perfectly able to do It himself, and he considers himself an expert workman. Sundries of every description always on hand and at prices to suit. Give him a call, and be convinced. There is no bosh about this. the Burlington. i Harher. normal tw hen through the i-ity na ilmr Spearftsli to tlieir . .ii m horn. (.v.:.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.v.!. . . ... Mrs. Annie Ciiildy. wife of Herbert . . faddy, in the Kirs-t ward. Mother and daughter are doing well. A uasim's running gears are lodged under the Klk'ioin trestle at the confluence of Red and Deadwood creeks. They evidently came down during the time that the creeK was running high Thursday nitUit. hut it is not known how far they came. Mrs. iflaekstone of Colden (late, dropped her pocketbook in front of W. 10. Lowe' store yesterday afternoon, and was no aware of it until a stranger found it and began inquiry as to its ownersnip. He did not give his name and would not accept any reward lor returning the money. There will be a special business meeting of the Maptist Young Peoples' i'nion in the parlors of the Baptist church tonight at S o'clock sharp. All members of the union are invited to be present. Because of the pastors being pesent at the Epworth convention at Rapid City there will lie no preaching service at Terryville or Central on Sunady. .Inne 17. Mr. Henton will conduct both Sunday schools. (. C. nennK '!: i i-inn frfisM !' 4 I'lMle'l tO v ills Wife. for the Klklieie. wood. a ( oni'.'ni' ! had he n visiting ' forsevernl wrecks. ;t:v.s ;n Oml -tat'1 m Do you know that you can buy your clothing at a saving of one-third by getting It at lOWE'S? He buy in very large quantiles, direct from the factory; gete them far cheaper than tnose who buy In email dribs and YOU get the benefit. MEN'S SUITS 1 That are worth and tell elsewhere for from $12 to $20 are being sold at his place for from $4.25 Tu $12.00. . They embrace the beet workman-hip and the beet quality of goods... BOYS' SUITS That are worth from $3.00 TO $6.00, Are celling at from 75c TO $3.50. ..Together with Clothing, a full and complete stock of Gents' Furnishings re constantly carried by this mammoth concern.. . It pays to trade at "Cyclone" Davis the Texas orator went to Hill City. Col. A. S. Kellar, of Hot Springs was i Deadwood visitor. Robert .7. Herron returned to his home at Rapid City. Frank P. Williams who arrived in Deadwood yesterday, returned to Hill City. R. I?. Hughes, general manager for the Clopatra Mining company, went to Hill City. Ed. Hunt, of Redfcrn. passed through town en route to his home from the reunion at Sturgis. R. A. Haynes. traveling auditor for the Burlington, arrived in the city with the pay checks. Mrs. K. 0. Whit ford returned irom Pawnee City. Nebraska, where she had been visiting relatives. Sundar at B -auc?. !:nnry If fortune disregard thy claim Don't hang thy head in fear and shame But marry the girl you love best Rocky Mountain Tea will do the rest. Ask your druggist. We use pure fruit juices at our fountain.. Our soda cannot be beat. Try it. PALACE PHARMACY. The "Two Orphan" cigar Is a leader. Try one. Small In size and great in results are DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills that cleanse the liver and bowels. They do not gripe. Kirk G. Phillips. If you want a good cigar smoke the "two Orphan." "Thou changest not yet, I am always changing," said the substitute to Madison Medicine Co. 3.r.c. Asy your Kocky Mountain Teu. Made by the druggist. All wno suffer from pi will be that lmWitt's Witch .John Sel' , : 1 went to Hapi'l ' ' meet the oilier and they will all Springs. "linger is tl;e some people ' they Cet Ve;i ..- snparilla lol:. ntes a good a;e. power aip! in stronir. Si. k b.nie.' ' Pills. 2" Hood' ,'iile I! Not the best, but one of the best cigars is the "Two Orphan." Try one. Unless food Is digested quickly; it will ferment and Irritate the stomach. After each meal take a teaspoonful of Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It digests what you eat, and will allow you to eat all you need of what you like. It never fails to cure the worst cases of dyspepsia. It is pleasant to take. K4rk G. Phillips. ESTEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be haa only at Hawley'3. No. 639, by Bulleck Hotel. call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. v. ho!.- Tx3 WJK.l 1VUU Vive) Hazel Salve will give them Instant ' ""V i and permanent relief. It will mre Kicken liound Over. Peter Kicken. arretted for condiu t-a disorderly institution in the Keystone and W'entworth hotels, was given a preliminary hearing before .lus-tioe P. H. Early yesterday, and was placed under oonds for his ap pearance before the grand jury at its next session. The hearing took the greater part of the day yesterday. A large number of witnesses were examined on both sides. The state endeavored to show that Kicken had neen running a house of prostitution, and produced witnesses to establish that the two hotels had been the abode of questionable characters for some months. The defe nse on the other hand endeavored to prove that Kicken hart tried to prevent such characters securing lodgings with him to the best of his ability. States Attorney Hayes prosecuted the case, and Attorney Hale appeared for Kicken. Theimovt '..:;) if "r finish.-.! rt-liable Camera :i;lve3f The Superiority of ' , i ;'.'. ' .' !'.': eczema and all skin diseases. KirK G. Phillips. How is your kidneys. Drink Minne-kahta water. It dulls the scyth of Father Time, drives away wrinkles of approaching old age the elixir of life that puts hope In the human heart Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for "1 p Vive Lenses ' S Lead Everywhere ' Ice cream. Served every day. 675 i "The Plan of the Ages." The tenth lecture on "The Plan of the Ages" will be given in the Baptist church on Sunday night In this lecture Rev. Kirk will take up the I history of the children of Israel under Jo8hna, and will give a vivid descrip a tion of the capture of the city of Jeri ILe BushGerts PIANOS Sujxrior for... Tone, Touch Durability For Sale at Fishel's stain street. " Nice ice cream Is delicious, while strawberries, and cream always taste like more, providing they are nice. For the best you should remember the Olympic bakery, where they make It a specialty. tf Once smoked always smoked. What: the "Two Orphan" cigar. In dealing with men Tem ember that a spoonful of otl will gb farther than s gallon of vinegar.'' The seine be said of children. ' There is. nothing so good tor ehldren ss the old-fashioned castor olL However,' much they may ehhor It, it Is their test medicine for disorders of the bowels. In the more erere essee of diarrhoea and dysentery, howerer. Chamber Iain's CoUev Cholera and Diarrhoea Heme dy should ha given after the oil operates and a quick eore a nn to follow. For sal hy Kirk O. WuTllpn, 5 X WAliTER L. Vercoe, M. D. ": ' ' DEADWOOD, S. D. i Offlce Waitc Blcci-hcms 10 ? to 12 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.; m y ; . Oculist, an d Aurist .B. & M, Ry. , Glasses Accnratcly and . Scicntiflqlly Fitted. Practice Limited -V to Diseases of Eye and Ear. cho, the sin of Acban, the victory over the federated kings, the division of the promised land and etc. This lecture will be of special interest to those interested in this period of Jewish history. On Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the children's day exercises win be given in this church, and at 3 p. m, a memorial service will be held for the Modern Woodmen of America. A cordial invitation Is extended to all to attend all of these Wervices. Bazaar, eA a rm , m t n WaV 1 . C Setidene 63 Centsnnijj At. '

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