The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 10, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1900
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

The Lead Daily Pioneer-TIiIes . I. i 111. ACK F.S 1, S! ' X ! 1 A V Mi ;!;. ; i ; five Rttjii.n J". -II :, ,1 i ton'.- , : 1 in h- la n lor i .,ih. :, n :ti,i'i.- inn ' ' !i- p1; :!:. i. ty '-1 I" 1 I'.'' '1 I 1 . 1 ! : I , . ::.! im No ill I is viol Mini I, -t-i -i-Miii"-! 1 i mid;.; ii.t n,. ! !!.(! in a bn ildiliu j t h;:l in .-; u .1 I v. us ;!;. led to j I lial i had n moj n ' . I to 111- II.- is lli.-l.-!. Hearst Mercantile Co. N.i- : 1! X M i" LINtS CAFUIELD. D , Goods, c i .-pets ami Dr.i-f . Milliiu-ry mil Ladies Head. To t-jr Goods. Clothing. Farn i h i nys a-:d Sh ).', Trunks and V jlices. Groceries. Hadrw.irc and Mine and M.ll Sunln-s. Hot Weather Eatables. ft a rt thai, -r ' " iv basins in- jntly iv.- '! affairs mt a priv;:.- tig w"" ' ; to al'i'l"-' " I i'l H. V I'- II I I'l 'I It I t ilk "II I llll nl ': H 1 11 I ;,;.,! (,,),. , , i ,, . ' ,., , ; , , t:-" ' ' ' 1 ' ' i.' .ii- ' I . in '!. Dm U.iu.I. Hull will ,,;it;, ,,..,. i ; : , , j, :, , . , J -,.,11 , ,,;.v A ti.. :.;,,,,.' s ' " .1 . in '1 K'sli'in. in- sc. mi. I. iiimI :i i)...v ,,,,,, i. j,,,,, . ui! 1 " , ,v ,,,.,,, .. , i,.,. Hail": , ,(: in mclilliii with hold down thai In, .Hi,,, r ,(. ., , ,A ., ,,;.( ., ,M, ' limiltii .. ' i '( she was con- diamond. iHh.iil Mi M , ; !i i hi W)Jj pi,,-, ; . . - ,. , x , , t . -. 1 n.itt "inf '" i mil 1 1 1 i Hi; ho. i si- I'm- i itt short and Win! 'o id ' ' , , i ,1; . , . . i ,, , . j , . ,t , ,, , , , , , . u l!l ' ' M , , i.sim.Ht-.- tiiisl-liill in all ii r. tiler formidable moju i: .. ;,i ,.. .,,,! i(jJ,,: return - '. ,1 nl w uli'liiiw. May- I Klaimi which on-lit to yi,. :, U1 a -. I . . ! ,. t m, , in ,,-,,,,.,,. f ' i.tnr ninnion that Hi.- cdti n I nl' il --. ii . I "a l 'a i II in," i:, ,, '.n.a, -, i' - I,, ,. , . . v , i ' on 1 1 hi' 1 . , , i of a w.-ll mail- j foil. i u - - 1 1 ,i 1 1 1 im ii , .;:,"'.'."'"'', ,,, ,,it, .. . :. r ynaiii; wolli.-li, , llimwi i. 'I'lini:.; :, - . i , . '.",, ( , I thin-; ;ml tin- 1 'I ImiU- ::t-. l'i, . . ):i ii ,i icr1 Av , y 4 ,. N i t mi -!i ii on.- ; In, ii, '.! . 1 1'.-!.- ., i,. ( 1 : 1 1 n : i . , ' ' ' . . ...' .,, , , ,, .:. ! Mm , h. u I, I I..- a In',: h I....I, n " i V '..;.'-:,.' . ., , ,,,,, . , '," ::i-:,. L.I". I Iha! I. t-i I : , ,i . ; '!'., . . : N ." , !.-! 1 1 1 II t I I- I" 'i.'Uli' I i . i . -' , . , , i : . ; " ' ' ' " ' ' 'I i .,1. . , ' ', !!.: a mall t ti-i ,n , . ' 1 , .., . , , ; . .. , i:, -, Our Thoughts For Your Needs Grocery Department Main FUior and Uascment Ion;; ' ,: 1 cui. ! n.. :jM ;t w.. - -s.ntTi':i i-oran!- :i ' ' j,,.-,,,..,- . .. ::i it.- - a In- Lev -I.- I. :"!! i- , -1 d lh it i. ... . M- liia :-.i 1 l.o I ll III. i-II! in .ll" , ,, ., .no 1 i o " 1 : . ! : 1 . I I Lll, I, !.!r-' nl : i.n in ii' !n i '! !" t.M. n.ii-i . i. -I and iv d. : : nl-- r iIk-ii' ! r: 1 lo I- 1 1 1 1 1 1 , I Ll In: .to .!.. -i" I Si. IV'iV I In. . I 1 d Ivi .! an, '. ui i . 1 1. v! .vi.ia . u i '! !n '. vl . !,..v,. ! i I'o- n Todav's Game. . l,.i. '. i . I . :i ! mil s i a nta " , i nd '.v. i " . . i v rlv hwliiy at t i i o-1 . 1 . 1 1 1 I p-, 1 1, with inaM. t whs I ;i in t'o r ii eh I,, in. I! it;.- mm inn I a ins. i lo" . a I .- ' i o a -. hi. I v n I la a . : .1: f A I I, .- . . ' a ,, 1 1 I . ar.'l LL. i. I'.v. hid. Mii'-li work h a-. . ninpa n to ... pl.-a and ;. 1 1 . r a dini" nn III-- L-rniii .Is ilin mi: thi loir; . cii-..i i al an.! .-. ..i t in nl ' 'o I I ,.! I lb i ,ir. i . - I .-i. eind l'k nil'! i.'i il iinpiiiv. liH-nt is ians Mi.-!.. a;ip. ai.-d lo !., ol:. . . a . , i . n no- ii; .al nil i id.-.-' 'I'Ik- (I in tn on. I i .hiiiu-.' , ih - - ii . d in tin- :no I a , oi aid v rv. FOK ITS jV,- Omai ITIFS a OUttifld ai" ali.nit a-, p. i f. -i t a., 1 . nnsi. I on.- . oons tltiy th".- - ' . i nnn-n,. 1876 n- .-1" l in 11. ha man n-Hi" final .and I..- boh! .M.utiix z is was mi hni.-e inadi al tin- r.s . -I i n ! -":V ' 1 ' "! Mi v i:r.; .1 I i i... y o, I ; :. ' i -1 inn k nl, ii' .- pa. .- thi .an .-v. i- I..- iiiiin. ' I I .!-. i, in Li in I ; l a ,i will n .'.-. linn al "i .1 1 in ha I oi b ..; n it'll , ' 1 1 1 "i I a I a 1 ' I y that . a n 'n it W II if pllt til tilled ll-.e. dcii to pit. h r.n l. .adwo.i.l hut i ,-itnl tin y inl lonrn.-.l to 111. .1 ai-ain to (.-. S, -.. ha- ham ch nr.- that hi-furt- tin- mini. tiioi'.'ow iiiuhl, win -ii t Im ( onsi. I. -ration 'tuih-' punli. in hi- cry old that ftrarul old niiiu, C)l. Th. of tin- plans will he ountinu.-il. 'IcfTftifirs &i iv.'i'k "ion will tint I." wa-tin t ? .v Klaiioini.' on this Book's ad of .1 A H. r. r. I r . Clark reports the arrival of ii hiihy liny at tfm home of J Ni. ini yesterday. Tin ( leinianiii . lull is expeetniK In hold a pi. nic at Homier';: park a w.- k frnm today. J7 tilLLS. T rry Iv oid Some time diiriim Sunday Mrs. Thomas N llairis was sudden!', struck down by an apopletio tit an.! i eniained in an un oiis. ious state iin'il in the aiteinooii, when she was discovered by a neighbor's ilnld. who ran home and told his intohor that Mrs. Harris was lyiiiK with her face on the tloor uml wouldn t speak to him. She was Chases' Where They g Seil Cheap.. Lead,So.DaK.. John Cormiff ,lr. expects to leave for i faUnd by the neighbors in tin- condi OUR SP1DCIAL SAIIS kare beixnnc bo miioh u feature and the extremely itS ii trip of ;i month to various parts of LOW PRICES on goods offered bo well known, wo don't think It norowary to (note prices. Bui aware jn that tb VALUES offra-ed will equal any in the tion mentioned, who found that li'-r shoulder had been dislocated and she had suffered several sever.", .-ontu-tusions about the face and limbs from the fall incident to her sudden seizure. Tin- doctor bad hard work In bringing her to a conscious state, when the dislocation was reduced and the unfortunate woman made as comfortable as possible. She has since had several recurrences of the attack, but is now reported to be do ing nicely. Her welfare ih heinK Sales Day Saturday, June 9. I the company Tho one only irrepressible Bob Henry was doinK business with our merchants for (rordon. FVrtruuou & Co. of Ht Paul. Hotisea IxMiRht and sold, money loau-ed general ins-iranee and notary public. Victor T. Jppseu. Room 1, Cotlou & Andrews block. S. D. tf The Hearst Mercantih" compiiuy today interests I'toneer-Times rt-aders w ith a talk on nro cry u.-ods for it ill toelode oar estire line of white and colon! table Ijn.Mis. Tow.-U and Bed Spread. it PRICB8 FOR THIS DAY will bo a pleatting surprise to thai.' needing any- looked after by Hlat. hfotd Forum. 11 tkls( la tkia line. 8 F. IJ. (i. as her husband is absent In Idaho, her son in Montana and '.he has Iiit. lv be.-n livine :ilotn I h ' Where They Sell Cheap. - vnase s No 5 Main Street Lead j this season of the year. William Landers, an employe of the Homestake. has taken a lay-off and will visit at nis old home near Sioux Falls for a few weeks. Henry SJjn.t.els assay office and laboratory is' d in the basement of Faust's n. w block. I.e id. and he is pre Summer Specialties. Ladies Laundered Suits, Skirts and Waists. We are now making a special drive on our 50ct., 75ct., and $1.00 shirt waists. In our 50ct. line yuo will find all the new patterns in Percales, light, medium and dark shades, in strl pes. checks and tigures. In our 75ct. line are better quality Percales and Lawns, in all the latest patterns, full tucked fronts and new French hacks. Our 1.00 line is our strongest seller. Here you will lind the newest designs and colors, tucked, corded and pb-ate.1 fronts, with pointed white yoke or without yoke, and all with iiaw French hack. Here you will find values that cannot be duplicated In our novelty lines from $1.25o $4.00 you w ill lind the 'renin of tho Seasons productions in Lawns, Dimity. Chambray . Swiss Madias and Silketts Kvery one is the perfection of ipiaiity and style. Our lln.-of Summer Skirts is complete in eoiy detail They are ex treme in quality, style and finish. Heavy Cras.i, plain $1.25. HI ti Dink tinu 1 with white $1.50. Pin stripe Percale plain $1.50 While Inn k. plain or liniimed with lime $1.35. Summer Wash Suits are going fa-i Here are tin- pines thats moving them Crash Suit trimmed w it h blue Ktoii la. k.-t .skin with U pleated back $3.50. Novelty striped Suiting, in combinations of blue, whit.- and brown, Duck trimmed, Kton Jacket, box pleated Skirl $3. 5. Urowii Duck trimmed with white Kton .la. k.-t, box pleated k!rt Imported Wash Goods. EARE PRUDENT BUYERS but reckless sellers. This will part pared to fill all orders m Ins line, if Mrs. Cavana, nee Mns Kate Fulb-r, is in Lead from her homo at Iowa Falls. Iowa She will visit for some tinu- -with tier aunt, Mrs Fuller iij this city . John Hlew'ott will leave today for Aberdeen to be present at the meeting of the Masonic grand lodge He will then go to Philadelphia for a short visit Tho Carr & Uerry resort is nightly crowded to th edoors with a delifht- MHint for tbe extraordinary value we are offering in Wash finnHs. in Miest and handsomest styles in the most charming w eaves and color $4.50. ed audience, intent on seeing ad DR. E. S. BUCBEE ' Evk Spi:ci asis i . F Quality Cordette Lawn in preety Pretty striped Lace Lawns, diirk blm 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. OSCAR SILVER organdies in new patterns. Dimities, m 4j2c Offloe ia Ilajkir Block. I,EA1 Mulls in small figures, Crash Suit ing in broken checks, great assort imported Batiste Irish French Lawn, double fold ment while they last, per yd. 122c 1 Percal Jee, 12c qualities. New Fancy Crash Suitings, Scotch ; 1 per 8c 1 .. Special attention Given to Kegrind-Ing and setting Valves. Can go to hearing the Illustrated songs. It is a new thing in Lead, Hiawatha park property Is on tbe boom, more sales being reported from that pretty residence section than from any portion of tho city. It is enjoying many substantial improvements. W. S. Harding, representing the Springfield Fire & Marine Insurance company, with headquarters at Nebraska City, Neb., was in Lead yesterday with the local agent, Theo. Geskey. Mrs. J. W. Freeman and Mrs. J. W. Gibbs left yesterday for Aberdeen, where they go as delegates to the grand lodge of the Kastern Star. They will visit for a few days with friends at Omaha. ,e.. Rose bits secured patt of the I COBWEB Ginghams, fine imported Dimities, fine Swiss Mull in polka dot patterns. Pelisse Wash Crepons, Galatea Cloth in the new blue, red, etc per yd 15c any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWOOD. Englewood, S. D. BAR 1(4 SePbn Ginghams hi pretty Btripee, Oxford SuiUng, lawns, im pretty floral ica' f"cy printed Madras cloths, lit800d iB l. stripe and cross-'"Peryd 10c British Welts. beautiful Striped Pliaues. Muthouse Organdies. Silk theo. e. geskey Foreign Exchange. BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loang. Rents Collected and Ttates Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the -world. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. 8. Points. Steamship TickeU to and from all parts of th3 World. Cabin berths reserved. V. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notarial Documents. 11 East Main St Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phon 273. Black Hills Phoaa 1042. Always the Best t a WALTKR McKA Y, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Ginghams, colors will boil. Dotted stoie room with Sam (lipj- rt. the con- ( p Linen Lawns, per yd 25c Load's I fectioner, on Main street. Lead, and 1 L. I Office Mav .'.lock.' Lend. S. I ' will have on sale the fin. .-t line of cut Leading Resort ANTHONY fRAUT 'A. BERGER. LEAD, S. D. flowers suitable for any occasion, at all times. S-12-tf William Ilryanf. who has been working for the Homestake. has resigned and will leave for England where he will visit for a while with his family, now residing in Cornwall, J A 1 t- U ft f . No, 15 East Main Street PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter T ClT LEAD, So. DAF &X1U LXicu u uu VJ duuiu a.ii.k. i 1 '

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