The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 9, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

satvrda y nvK Cedarine is the stuff. tf F. D. Smith handles nothing but the best (Trade smithing: coal. If you want painting, papeiinc or calsoniining. rail up 'phone in Th'-y will io it promptly. Or. tf.-y:i!o'.r ,J! J(. , . . ., An Open Secret I Zoellner Bros. Co. rr.oMl,. ,.f In.-,.. . I. .1 : I Men's Boy's Outfitters The powr that wins abo inding ;u..l ii.. n-n.-:ni: f ce '' ;h,t . A I dale ' : I' 11 I.-. .'-Ii.-1 .,..o. : I-,.!,, ' j ' : : s win; cess Is'XxJ by a) tho.i;: We make the public inter t 1 own !wnys piviu o-i.- r'!'toiu-r- f ; b.- : X"tp ti.p fr,:i wing Ilarpalns for ih.s v. ;,1 le Coods worn b;. fl.e r ; Iir :.-. O.j 7 Main it t;.- 1;..: I Tin. ?RE DAILY M0NEER.T1ME8, ..I Ml 1 . ! i ; -. :::. : . ! '' ' ' ' ' ' ' '!' Suit .;,,, ..,,. M'! f 1:,,S of ail ages. ;ip. . in -'minor uorstptfc ! Co oil -a Mil K: 5o litvr Ir:.ii L;v i! . i ; 1 1 i I :ninit .v. 5c jut t :i hi; o,,I' 3'ani, v.ilin. . 10 and 12!c D-Month A- -, ,- We use pure fruit juices at our fountain.. Our soda cannot be beat. Try it. PALACE PHARMACY. ("all t l.oi:,. :.; for u.iiform. ! m-s-H"r-. r. I : i, 1 1 r s, r ;. .-. 1). ii j 100 pieces Hraink-liuro h cloth' Va-,h Surah. Lace Diinimt r-s, and Oranil it's, at 10c jn-r van!, value f,-,.n, I6 to 30c Vicunas, Nobby and New, Very Cooli bp-to da!e ieet hats 50c, at ACKExMANN'3 er '.ant ioc ! Prices Too. ' l . . -v-:i: (- in .'.ii,! 100 . u SIi.i i Wa'i-t-, ! 5 c i a , -i i . ,i ! in . 4 be Ha,.. I :. I': Ki.X . :J SitaieaSijnoteFiBeFeta 38(11) p.i: -v t '-! - f-.'MiJ j he Knox! The Stetson! Special Sale of Ladies and Childrens Underwear E And I he Ciordon! ..-a mi. i '. a. i ahv.r. .-; ' ! ;. a:'-houl.l r. a i.. Ah.-:. For !,. l.i--. ti.- .-...M w.,:!I. w.ather .:..,.! a .., argument for thai I ,,. i : " ;" H" U':ii,in fur 'ou'i,:' in -ei. a:,:,, ;.(J ,.,.,., y ;n on 1i;iK lub II,. til.- (ihiiim make it a specialty. r: M J IllTfflMEMrfl. Starvation never y.-t cured ilyi-j.ep- v.' i sta. l'ersons with indigestion are al I Zoellner Bros Co. 1 ii 1 ivnm ready haif starved. Thev plenty ot food. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests what you eat so that the bodv tl .liners, tan be nourished. It ia the only preparation known that will instantly relieve and completely pure all stom- F..M. Gaatz, D. D. S. Modern Den tietry of all kinds. Gas administered Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. Reports show that over fifteen hundred lives hav hosn co .. rranK l . Hanagan, the Elkhml acn u-ouDies. it Is certain to do you good. Kirk G. Phillips , ' Heywood Heywood Heywood June 16 June 16 June 16 Dr. Brochear wishes to state that Mrs. "N. I. Alford has purchased the -Miss Birdie Friedlander, sister ,,f Mrs. Adolph Fishel, accompanied by Miss Hazel Fishel. left for Toledo, Ohio, to remain until fail "(tor.- who had 1 Tjsitil, THEjCITY. Cedarine! tf Cedarine. What is it? Why it Is furniture polish, ton can get it at De Mouth's Ark. ANHAUSER-BUSCH. bT. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEEl BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. Dr. Seymour, the eye specialist, is At S o'clock this evening those in terested in fish will meet at the Olympic hall. Nice rooms with all modern conveniences suitable for roomers or housekeeping at No. 7 Fllmore t uei ior a oup.- ,,f weeks. Id the use of One Minute Cough Cure. umaha. act oiupani. -d l,y their? mom or tnese were cases of mmo croup. asthma VhAnnlnw a. W. D. Parker. Sr.. and wife, of Mad ison. Wisconsin, arrived In the city nftiii iu inuuuiacture and sell her son and granddaughter. Fraac (lra'e Halisey. After visit! Omaha a short tun,, thev will bronchitis and pneumonia. It earlv goods in this territory. All I.uii,. use prevents coimimminn vi.i. wl6hing a beautiful complexion will to their home in Muineannlii Phillips. do well to call upon her. H09". Main Francis Flanagan left with theil r t en . coming. to visit their .son, the mining man H- W. Ellington, of Crown Hill went to Hot Springs, where he will remain for a few weeks for his health. E. F. Irwin and family of Lead left for Aberdeen, where Mr. Irwin street (over Deetken's dnig Rtore ) will visit her grandparents al S v. l. Diwers nas not got anyone from anywhere to to his biovnia Cltv. WEATHER For SatnrHav nmi,.. Ladies bothered with suDerfluous street. Those interested in the protection of fish in the streams -ef the Black Hills are urged to attend themeeting at the Olympic club this evening. You never read of so many great cures elsewhere, as those effected by Hood's Sarsaparilla. did you? it is Americas Creates Medicine au ilpoKBesi.-i merit unknown to any other preparation. It la a being perfecUy able to do it himself,' hair, moles or warts, should try elec ana ne considers himself an expert THE MODERN BEAUT. trolysis. It never falls. Mrs. Melick "in attend the Masonic grand lodge. J- P. Wilson, the Lead attnmev ole thunder storms and cooler. Specifications are furnished for the guidance of those bidding to furnish the stone, and they must be followed strictly. Each stona must h r-ut wornman. sundries of everr HH orer Deetken'a drug store, treats all Thrives on good food and umh!i tion always on hand and at prices to ncn cases by the most approved meth d. Operation painless. plenty of exercise in the open W. suit. Give him a call, and h . was a passenger out on the Elkhorn for his former homo in Wisconsin' to attend the funeral of his father form glows withhea lih and her I vinced. There la no hoah D,. .m. wonderful iuvigorator Pick heahm-he is cured by Hood's Pills. 2jc. with Its beauty. If her system i wwwi. TTBTEY PIANO, both stylish ana W. L. Nell. D. D. 8., resident baa moved his office to Room 19, Mrs. H. P. Cheairs returns cleansing action of a laxative i X-'good to be had only at Hawley'i. syndicate block. uses the gentle and pl(asant Smiii! No. (39, by Bulleck UoteL to within 11-32 of an inch, and must be free from seams and flaws, as well as from impurities. Hon E". W. Martin left for Custer where he will conduct a case in circuit court for the First National Bank of Custer. From there he will go to Faulkton and Pierre on legal business and while east of the rivpr will made by the California Fig Srnffcl Unless food Is digested quickly it The Fountain City company gave a delightful dance in its pavilion in the First ward of Deadwood last night, which was more largely attended than any dance 1W ver St h B OFF nese - ia;.- In dealing with men remember that a a.i irom Kentucky and Tennessee where, she had been visiting for several months. H F. Fisher, of Omaha, general traveling freight agent for the Missouri Pacific, was in Deadwood between trains. spoonful of oil will go further than a gal It Is Delicious lon of vinegar." The same be said of r.. uj uw company for a long time children. There Is nothln to rood for The boat mocha and Java oney a ( yclone orchestra furnished the address the Lake Madison veterans- chldren as the old-fashioned castor oil. association at Dell Ranirta nH music, and dancing continued until near be found in tbe country is now McCook Countv Soldiera' rannlnn n. However, much they may abhor It. it is at the Standard Cash Grocer?, j - "umn. xn excellent supper was Bridgewater. their best medicine for disorder of the Deadwood and Sherman street! Fire started In the brusn mil iimher bowels. In the more severe oaees of diar on the east side of Dead wood gulch increased sales of this article makes such a delicious drinl i dence of Its superiority overall win zerment and irritate the stomach. After each meal take a teaspoonful f Kodol Dyspepsia Cure, It digests what you eat, and will allow you to eat all you need of what you like. It never fails to cure the worst cases f dyspepsia. It Is pleasant to take. JOrk O. Phillips. Subscribers to the Alba Heywood entertainment can secure reserved sata at Flshels Bazaar June 8. After which the general public can secure eats. Small In size aad great In results are DeWltt s Little Early Risers, the famous little pills that cleanse the Bver and bowels. They do not jrlpe. Kirk O. Phillips. Arrivals at the Bullock: l B Nelson. Chndron; J. R. nuchanan. f' H Helm B. White. B. A. Hutton. Omaha;' t. S. Congdon. Rapid City; D F Connor. Sturgia; J. J. Floyd, Sioux Falls-G- Goode, Chicago: J. H. Davis Texas; Mrs. E. G. Woolfolk. Wyoming; a. c. Larson and wife, W. E. Zollinger. B. F. Bettleheim, M. S. Margraves Alliance. last evening, below White Pn.-ka qh served at the Cottage boarding house. nay Lawrence, who was principal of the Keystone public schools for the paat two years, and H. H. Hodgson and Mar-rlc Howies, of Rapid City were In Dead-wood yesterday and the day before, visit-L. R. Berk Mr iv-m-,. , j ... rhoea aad drtentery, howerer. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy should be given after the oil operates and a quick cure Is sure to follow. For brands. The next bill of grocer about opposite the Elkhorn freight depot. Someone from the Second ward turned in the fire alarm and th h order, just add to that your or ale by Kirk 0. Phillips. a pound of mocha and Jan. partment came out, oniy to find that the Are was beyond Its jurisdiction. A new firm of painters and decorat tried, never forcofnn. tf STANDARD CASH GR J. Flanagan and wife, parents of Dr. Clark received a ors. The best painting and decorating terday for the eastern part of the state on his bycicJe, going across country by way of Pierre. Mr. Hodgson and Mr. Towies have been attending the school of Dr. Graham of Mitchell, president of company. 713 Main street. Dead wood "MUl university. reaueRtfn? hir tn 'Phone 49. Wth o preach the annual sermon at the an- mines at Rapid City, and and the latter was assistant instructor in mechanical proacning commencement. Tbe doc 2 r tea tl 'lition Th dolla 1900 VIM drawing. A large delegation of Black Hills mas vns win leave this evening for the pialg V offer. Masonic grand lodge which will be held tor would have enjoyed being among his old friends again, but prior engagements in the Hills will prevent him from accepting the invitation. 3. R. Bachanan. general passenger agent for the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad company, arrived in Deadwood yesterday from Omaha, and remained in rwi Leaiitifullf , rel!aW( at Aberdeen, this state, from the 12th to PERT The miis-l finished i Camera thelSth. Among those who have engaged ,; thisya- transportation are B. P. Iague, A. W. Coe. George V. Ay res and Mrs. K. G nd The Superiority of I'Cllllps, of Deadwood, Mrs. J. W. Gibbs U)NTjc Frt l, of Lead; R. K. Plnney of Keystone, and John Bell of Spearflsh; E. F. Irwin of Vive Lenses Wtarnt FH i Lead left for the gfand lodge last night. rt last night He is making one of his periodical tours of the Elkhorn company's Black Hills lines, and looking over the business prospects. Miss Florence Pierce returned yesterday from a year's study at the Baptist female seminary at Lexington, Missouri, where sb graduated from the business denartmpnt nH rv,o Lead Everywhere Besides the grand lodge A. F. & A. M lis r fr the annual meetings of the grand chapter or Royal Arch Masons, grand chapter Or Wegr fler of the Eastern Star, and the grand Ken rapid advances In literarv And mildlnal Boeri commaadery of Knights Templars will also be held during the week. '14 it studies. She Is more than pleased with the School and exnor-t. tn s YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS. in September to complete the course. Tomorrow is Child D. F. Connor of Sturris 5Le Bush-Gerts PIANOS Superior for.. . Tone, Touch Durability.... For Sale at in town. calendar of the M. E. church. The First M. E. church nf thla ! : :? DEADWOOD. S. D. Tim Coleman observe the dav. Thr nntii.,. - I I vru U13 ranch. Office Waite Blcck-Hcuis 10 to 12 aJmand l bapUsm will be administered to children and infants JmmH i . I r ' l V . . . v , ' A. Furois and wife of St, Onge were in the .city. George Hopkins returned from a surveying trip down the Burlington. E. W. Martin went to Custer, and Will gt from there tn tha . wuruing sermon, in the evening the children will render a program of song and recitation. All are invited. . ' I 1 m . 'A i I Glasses v Accpratcly iand Scicntlflcall; Fitted. PractkeHtoicIi 5 tDiseascsof "Eye - and for. Fishel's Bazaar, DO YOU 8M0KET Choicest Havana and domestic rL , -- (wwm iurt of the state. Miss Florence Pierre int, 1 1 8ra ... '. : - , 11V 683 Syndicate Block Xain St. uviu Lexington, Mo., where she has been attending college. Seiidanct 6$ CanUaxjlAl Are. r ' -.J PALACE PHARMACY. . ,v.

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