The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 7, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1900
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. ..4th YEAH. I-KAl), I'. 1 IW.ACK IIII.LS THl'KSDAY : h'ixr,, .11x1;, "1 11 1 FIVE CENTS 1 1 ID 1"' Illiillf I !! 1 : i - T , , , j 1 , , ll ; k Coming No K liool llhl.l tly proper : llcioli end li-h!.-r t! 1. 1 1 ;. .1 . . n h- thinks ' mi; In shoiii -r ih. s,1In,. .111. 1 a's,, his i a Ireo ; Im ni-h :i . oinpain t.. ,,,... , ,i( ks seem to ; hooks and til ! 1 ! . -i u.Cs -irand-d .11 H.q - ,'' . ' ti; in- ::i "'it ":' Ladies' Ready-to-wear Department u hich the (iu 1 1 il adjoin 11, , and nut 01 !' -,s of thf of our : ,Ujt Morula- ' allowing i""- Lrl fixinK "I' , , :! rely uncalled , . S'ii il VWTC tin- ., ,-. Iiy two of ..;!.. ii at th' meet-ul.'. lion it camt! ,, repairs anl , : ii,. driveways in ::.!,!. The work ,:;;.( 11011 of Mayor . i.i Ki hi 111 1 hat ho i iiy s public ;. 11 11 in a respect- -' (.- which it has . ji i-. The drives Returned From Cuba. Otto Hrandt oil.- of I ., ,,d s h. .1 v v property owner- 1. mined u,,- tust oi the we.-k from ( 'ul.ii wh.-re h'- has lieen investing 111 real .-state with a view of raising fruit on an cvtensive scale. He is very enthusiastic over the climate, richness of soil and promising outlook and so forth. From what lie saw and heard, he is t-.-rf :i in that all. (Mid Ani.-ri.iins will invest in Cuba tluriiiK the present year. lie Wrappers. Tea Gowns, Dressing Sacqucs, Street , Suits and Waists. South Lea.. ' yen dune i'1 and it is ; prlje emititi. m? fround t" condition- .1 been in '"' ' , j,, au alum-anj rarruf J Ulelit . f 1-es. I "' S.ih.i'.mi A ; my U u w . 1 . '-! I ' "'k da v by the a: rn id " ' !i'" ' ,.: laisun Ii. n.ard 01 1 illlloi- a!: ! ( '..p1.1T ;n !.- nold- (.! St II! 1;;- '"'.e:;- i : v. nmle; ! im w . au-e-tlic il.-la .a 1. hiiilihug hy tie- down town In -.- . iHiip. ones It 1- nmle! j stood No ! V. Ill MIOIl l.ein e ; t . 1 1 1 1 1 i- in. ., in, .-story hrnk. 'i.o!-. yjnnis. who ua, up ' 1 '"'', upon 1 tew days ago at the 1 ""-1' is pelting along inc.-i I and h. r . . .milt 1011 w ai ran! - t In- - I II- -he Uill he :h lei OM l.-, i ,il -l-.e t.ile lias ui.-d pan ,,f ... I stl 11 .- I ( 1 1 i 1 1 V, li II S , HI I ; 1 1 he! I . t la- n ill - ! lei turner ,.n M i.n .-t ; .it . ' am! ! " I I - .-I! - -!.- Ii .- - 111 .- . I , -U ' : - n'.t' ' .' v .. - .,-,..!. a! j ail times. ;,-!J-tf j V- s i: l iai, - - :iai,i-:- a ! j Itoni h- r pai. al-. Mr. and Mr-. Jo-j - : 'ii 1 'I. ii- of li,:,,n. N".-!i!-!-,ki. ;i -; ' i 1 1 ' 1 1 . I. OX , It ,. - staple liber goods goods. Silks. lines I'l h..t xx, M .1 ,;es:e '.-Mulls I , impassable condi- thinks the opportunities to make .,1 the time of """"" thci-i- iMtlmut mr i-iii,i uny (.-.r of up''ttin i " li'i'- else. Mr Hiamlt has traveled , ;,a is made have j a K"'' at ileal and is a ( lose ol,-er.-i - splendid shape j s ,h;it kU-'' 11,1 s i- d-srnini; of :. .1 the general ! iti'H'li cr-'d. n. e. ' shew lug almi- II h ( -v . hoi. c and desirald Hip: I-. ,, Inlll.'... r lit li . v . Il.ll Isles ,. I, . IH'W Hl"-t i '( ' ! 1 1 j 1 I ' 1 i all, II" "li" - ! o i. , Lrals vt-rL- m Inytimc Th-ftd the lri v - Lines Carried Dry Goods, turrets and Draperies. Millinery and Goods Uothing, Furnishings, and Shoes Trunks and Valises Gnvcries, Hardware Mine and Mill Supplies 1 -ii :,d ground. I wondi'rf'i';.'' ' araoiv is a piii-i:' we mi-' ami it i- ' IK 01 ni'",g HED ' FOR T5 ami a place mi. r or later .:.!- thiiur to 1 pulilic ofii- is I i nil, a few I fund of the ' . 1 1 i i-wiiv.-! - a , f y !i- ii- i.. not . hy pu I'll. t-t the np-II:.- citizens ,hn!ii! ..!.: ' ' ;-S (Hit df ! !' - rcasiir;-' in ' ',E'. ia : ' 1876 i BBSS 1 1 - i - It! Ill bl of ntti" t -1 -1 an- i iliill'l! t! X J "iv I The Musical. j At: mi nation , i.-nd.-d to all k . at'eiid tie- .,1 at tin- ,...:m i lilirary Ioiikhiow i- .-m im. 1- '',---1 arty has 1,-il.oi'e.l in pres. nl a um, , I rour.-'in and it i i,ce, ,,, . ;l) ; that he ha - '1 !. ,. Son .- of t h - ; he-I n. .-.I t i: . r. i f ,.. , nli-.-II'- -. , 1 end. -r pa 1 1 and 1 :i . n i. i a '-!- . . . a 1 - : ', 1 ' -1 - w )n . 1 v 1. 1 p. . -M MINOR MENTION. W'an'ed i-'iil '.! ii.-n.-r,! work. Impiire at u .".nj Main sii.-. i. I.ead. The Cold-'ii Star cluh uives it next dancing party Friday i veniim. M. ('. Campliell. win, is just (inn eriiis; from an attack of the f:rip. went down to Hot Springs for a week's sojourn. If you arc looking for a Rood smoke ask for Chamison's MONARCH strictly union-made cigar. Fa-tory in May block, Lead. tf rr: ' Council Meeting. if ,, v icii!!- .! ii.i-t Mi ad ;oui in d lion TucMiav - nii-iii- Lead, So. DaKC beine present kc most of tic- i i. inim w as m vi-n to t l)f llisclK-UUI of llle seWer lion, a -ma j 111 f ot tin- council I'- ' ' a 1 i 1. 1 1 a I : , .: . , - i n , , a- 1 1 -I .i I.:....! ..: ;i . v. r..i, o;. . . i la ! -eiid for a tcv da ' .- ! i I ,lo , i -I MM' lilt I I this -e -1 lull I 1 1 i I ' I -A ell! one yeais ;il;h and this tin- tir.-l ' 'in;, -in, , i h.ii I !,at !e- Im- i -1 1 1 1 . Ilel e He . ic. t, to I . 111. mi alio!!' I In- IlilN fur ahout two ,i,-- The South I.ead Hose company held ' ii meeting, Tuesday night ami amended j their const it m ion ami hy laws, so that , their icgalar meeting night will he I Wednesday night hen-after. The j company has ordered new suits which : king to In' 111 tavor ot calling a al election to vote new bonds than In m-ni-.uil uitti til.. .u;(ir ' rding to the Kosi-wnter specifi- mrns. .No detinue action was Never Have We Been So Thoroughly Prepared for. in. le petition of Hose Company No. Spring and Summer hases' As. at tho present time. "Limtk'tt." i-s the word that designates our assortment ot Where They Sell Cheap.. flen's Bo's and Children's Clothing-. iX OUR SPECIAL SALES have become .so much a feature and the extremely g LOW PRICES on goods offered so well known, we don't think it nec essary g to Quote prices. 5t CHII.DKK.VS new Spring and Summer Suits, all the newest productions in Vestiis, double and single breasted jacket suits, new weaves and designs, $1.50 $2.00, $2.'.o, $.'i..i0 and $.",. Karly buyers this spring will reap the benefit of choicest selections and lowest prices. MEN'S new tipriUK and Summer Suits t hut are perfection, in style rind vvorkmanahip. Newest weaves and combinations of colors, $4. CO. $ti l!a. r.7.r., $10.00, $12 00, $15.00 and $20.00. HOYS' new Spring and "summer suits, stylish and durable, selected with ;t view of pleasing the most economic buyers, $1.50, $2.00, JlaO, $3 and $5. But assure you that the VALVES offered will equal any in the pait. Sales Day Saturday, June 9. it expects to have Iiy July 4th. so as join the parade. Houses bought and sold, money loaned, general ins'irance and notary public. Victor T. J"pscn. K'lom 1, Cotton & Andrews block, I.ead. S. D. tf It is rumored that the council intends to cut down the night police force to one man Business men think that there might better be only man on duty during the day and two at night. There is a general opinion tho that there is no economy in running the fore with three men. It is understood that Judge Willis (.'. Mower is now permanently located at Sioux Kalis and is soliciting memberships for an investment company of Lincoln. Nebraska. He is said to be doing well, having sung his way into the hearts of the Sioux, who swear by him and his melody. Lead isf to he favored with a tirst class kindergarti n school lor little tots. The Woman's cluh has secured one of the In st teachers in the west in the person of Miss I in-gory of Lincoln. She will have two capable assistant-. Si hool will open at !i o i lo. I. Miimlav inoi nini; in the ha-e tin il' of the Ki'isi opal chun h Tl , oir in i : "ip. int d by Max ..r hi !.. eal! i: hi m i be I ais i m ss 1 1 1 1 ii ami im. i.- (! I .. ad for tho i;t pose kill Include our entire line of white and colored table Linens, Towels and J Bed Spreads. I PRICES FOR THIS PAY will be a plcasdng surprise to tho;.' needing any ! OSCAR SILVER 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. thing In this line. base's Where They Sell Cheap. v. No. 5 Main Street Lead g T3 ! tiieo. l geskey ! Foreign Exchange. ! EJDrti rrs Great Sale of I of ( c i ;: ai; t'i a i. x i .-Lia i diua t ! l-'i in i t h n .1 -i I x i.-i ; a ' i"ii i: tii's 'J! ( I 31 f g i s Real Estate and Insurance I .' rJ t nal Ks-late, Mini Insurance. I.n.tns. I l. 'III Tii ! I xx ished to i onvex to In : a i.ead seems to know anv- . "I liillK the youn .' w oi-iir: ; .ai't ful jf si,. . v-i :i in- 1 lie,.'. ', .x. T. Ho . , . . .- at l " ! ' I i i i ' i ' i I i i the Mi!-:': 1 i .cvd xxa ;! - .- ' ' .'lid i ' 1 1 ' x n " ;'. '''!' . i e A - ; ' i -!" ' ' ' i i ill' III 'el: t .1' I.i .id :'!' .i.i and 'ie , '! :'-' I II I X ell , 1, ' :,; ' il 11''. the mi; ;c il 'el i 'l oj ' protnpt intr An elegant -erved at la nk s aIi ! a'l I b.- sumnied as a tlioio'y : '.. in from ex - i x po.:.- -.! . barge o one thing ci and it ; here or The ( a !.. no!.- I re ' A lane ,l!,!(,!lg : i ainlin 'd Qu II. en Wl -i very !; stra Ry;in d supper in .11 it success' pring Clothing! tii 1 1 1 i 1 1 ' i x, t to ., it. 1! i- Mr. and Mi- i;. i: Tr. . The Purchase f a large line of S.-ring Suits left ov.-r from this s I'eiits Coilei'ti i.i and 'i'ta-xis l iid. I.i ral V.'titing Done. l'i:,f's I . . i . 1 to all parts of the world. Kaili-oiid Tickets to and From all U. S. I'oints. Steamship Ticket to and fr,,m all tlNtllimui nf mi,, m.i . -. . ! ' mi jbu j ioreiiios .iirs. enarir's us to odor mm iins of the year - N ow is the time to invest if you nc,-d ptWngof any kind. j part of th; World. Cbin t rtild DR. E. S. BUGBEE; - i j V. S. PaasporU secured. Kuropean I" " F Sl'IX I SIS I ' Cons,,,ar and Ntarttii Uocumrnts. afs Suits. 1 L- 'J' Men's Pants and 1 .el . - le. da . an -i l: ! :!.: ! I ',. ;. W ill S" ll'l til'- -,, !1. el '.i I . ililii .'3l .- 1 I'.- .x ee'n nax , i : i , i . ! . inai'.x t'i i.nd , , 1 : 1 1 -iim their stay h, i a! , , w ,,,m w , be 'lail to Ur.ou that tiny ai.- inni-i ii back in the fall. Mrs. Treweek has loiind Rapid City a very, pleasant place in which to live, and sne says sue looks lorward with pleasure to their return. Rapid Journal. Strickler, the ball player, has played ball too long before the public to take offense at any guying he may receive from the crowds at the games or the newspapers. He rather enjoyed the squib concerning him contained in a lead paper Monday and is willing to buy the writer the cigars. At least no friends of his need worry about his state of mind over the joke. George Hrettell, who comes to Iead every day or two. says that his sawmill on the Speartish is all in good running order. He counts on smts' S8.0O and S7.00 pants $5.00 Office Hi Bujlor Bleck. LK!. ! b nri J view. Mill s'-.-.-t is not to have a monopoly of th- new buildings noxx in coins, of const r n t ion, as Rleeker with the aid of l ine is already ahead. The new bu .Viiigs on liloeker consist of August i.nndberg's store, Frederick-son's two. story brick building. Abe .Viva's 1 x a i rooms at corner of Meeker and 1'ine. I.. F. Jenkins. K. Faust and two others, which w ill begin soon. The Fit.nisli Temperance society on I'ine street, the .spargo building, which has oti'-, room fronting on Meeker: also Hose Company No. 1 on th" latter stn - ' lit i 11 East Main St Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phone 27.1. Black Hills "ho ie 1012. ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam citter LEAD. So. DAK Boiler sad Engine Rejairins SC).(K) and $3.50 aod $5.00 pants $13.00 COBWEB suits i vv S4.00 and $2.50 an; ladies of Lead are hav S3. 50 pants The ITT BARj ' Alwavc iho Roct J a nice business and will doubtless j jng mori lh.,n their share of trouble make a nice piece of money out of the j ,ne paf:I -,.w ,)ays or since the I'nited enterprise as soon as he overcomes I s;fates , ,.nsus takers, Ceorge Beers iad $10.00 aits S3.00 and $1.50 some preliminary difficulties, that al- an(j Ma'ii-on Valentine hav been at f ways have to be met and em outered wor)l Tii- x- are perfectly w illing to I p in every enterprise. George is a stay- j wn, ,r-. ,.y were born all about . , er and will win out sooner or later. . their mp-nts and relatives, but when r S 2 .5' pants Lead's . M. T.Oftrl'wO i An eastern attorney was yesterday i it comes to their ages, that is a d.f ft 1 makifig inquiries regarding the where- ferent qu. -tion. Of course they would ' Special attention Given to Reminding and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address- F. UNDERWOOD. Englewood, S. D. WALTER-McKAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office May Block, Lead, S. D and $ too JW4 Bojs suits worth 54 and S4.50for S2.50. f jttesorx I No, 15 East Main Street kV TCAh auouts or a .Miss van -anui. wno, not tell an unuinii, uui m u-ir when last heard from had started for a lot of thm that make mistakes in the Black riills about four years ago the year they were born. Uncle Sam and it was thought had located In should have had more consideration Lead. It seems a relative recently for his fair daughters, and appointed died and willed heir considerable middle-aged married, men for enumer- property which the attorney bad in ators. LEAD.S. P. B. 2s JS. . -2 - - fJ

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