The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on June 3, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1900
Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. 24th YEAH. l.LAl). I. i 1!LA( K HILLS ), Sl'NDAY YoR.XIXC,, jink. FIVE CENTS. cf the Wrong Doers. l , a . ; . MK-II t s in I h' ease ,!.:, i -. morning, in which Sons and Daughters cf llhnoii. f 'l .- . n;n a - b i '. v .. 1 .( a d S best ali'l line 1 p I I ,li , lr n ' i.l i.ens iie i -n l .,! ,,!, . t, (I taken in rested bring iiliuiii an urg.iin.i'i.m ,u the Ladies' Ready-to-wear Department Tr.e W'jy tie f..-n-10 tl.f ms a ..d. T!.- I' Krar.k f""' William Lines Carried ..el from Lead, is prov- I ,.l(.1; , .( f)M ,,,, , ,, matter to those involv- i uuuwh !ls s ,.,,u!t. . "h"'' "a""'-s a,v lllmoi,. II was ,-i.le,, in lie- near e'l- Will. am Harohn. ,,,.,.. , ,,.,,,, ,vl j( . , and Richard Tien- ,,,.,.,. js ,,,,.., , ,, , .,, 1: -.1 Will stealing ( op- 1 u,j, i, ,,,,,.,. . . . , "ne u He- wiM'-i .rove, ai- - . . , iii in- 1 1 H 1 1 : . t in ' e - ' .i i: lie. e .. -i :i . n and ' . - , ' : e-i ju e i : I ! . ' 1 1 down I" I !ii.i:i .-' I e. i .., ti,, I inn,,, i.oi. l -- M.i ti -Ii, i to II,.. , u hall 'I h" l.i ad ii,l. I,.,, a stan. laid arer ie at ! x : i 1. i tell, anion- it .-, in- t' i" -t:l,-j p' l and the . lull " . -In to i! ;,, -nod a ppi arain 1 1 K... I!..- i.ii.'oi no o; ti:- Ilia fell-mil; , hi ! m I . : . 1 1 w ,11 sunn . ,ei ed. will inn I,., in , . n,... t'u- 1 1,,,,.. I Ie- i . , i , , oininif.i e ;n lies all i i 1 1 1 ! a n- wn-t!ier ni. -iii',. rs of the . Iiiij or not to attend, and i:n .1 at the . ity hall Tie s, lay , v. mni; at s o'clock. Tin- parade ill In- in chaia.-.. of .1. , I k .in. I - -i. d ai-ian! s a - Ie may apjiom:. . To Meet In Colorado. 'lie. Tri la: ii" ii it In ri ' :nr the ' I'' 1 I'-'' A. Is- Mlllll;" I'' '' l .-I'll Hr ,,Iut- - 'hat are used in tile nulls ,-aiy. and an effort K,,l,. ,,, interest ' i I .,..1 e.ali,,., tin. s:,m,. I . ,. .... :I1 (lltcli:l- . " ""." "1'' enure iliai-K Mill-.-. lie idlisli- Wrappers, Tea Gowns, Dressing Sacqucs, Street Suits and Waists. , , irKi iih Si''-!!t. ' ennaKi'U in Jdeseitiii'i hand business in this city. estVriiay afternoon Slu-rifT I'lunkett arrested Se. Mi; anil took him to Deadwi"l. the warrant having been tiltion anil by law s usually adopted hy sin h orders will he s,.nl fur. and if thought applicable h. i, v i J 1 In used as a hasi.i to work on. There are large iiuinlier of native liorn "suckers" in this section and if handed together will present an imposing array. All an ni-ond "I I heir 1 ' ale now si,, w i ii i; a'ii ui g i 1 1 h i , some cry i hoi, c and desirabl e issued from a justice court mere, where he had his preliminary liear-; P- vai placed uiiiU'i' hoilds to -I'lell.ll.l lilies I'f staple oods o It I.-, in hot linii her tn aids, lei be. 1 1 1 1 1 ; 1 1 1 ,, -ic ns in - i I ks. o ,ii, ,1, -i , nis to -l,,m on :. w .11 !, ., The.-, COlllpI i-,e a II II in I,, -r of n , V, . "i ti n ii, - . blltlsles el, . Ie -I". K I- lion III, l-t I , un p !, I , ,i lid - ;. b. ; t he. un, . !,,,o II We a Ion iw tor ol I. fripp, W t.'l ' f. : I.,. await tnal. 1 he value or me coppei native stale and its glorioii- stolen was ahciui $' The boys iniaI,, tho a! pi. -, nt heal S.nilh Iml.o .l.-Pi'ly h.'c I"''-" offenders before ,ilUs .,,, ,. u U:;;,... U,.v ,,, ami an' an sample of what lioy.sjstin ,. ,,,, M , ,AI,,, llM will .-0111-- ' !" ""' ' allowed sl -r(,., i, I,, . ,,,, ,.,mii- or to ran t!,' .-If els ny day and n i u'ht . ' ; ,c ,j j ,,, s , ,,,,, ., ., ,( w), ,),.. ; t t't . i i i ; Li-ad l.a a !.. mure Ix.ys who are ..,,,,.,1 .., i , , , x ,, 1,,-ri,., P a M Met. he ..I'-. I'. le i i one. i i, 'i n i :,-d o, Mir i . ,.: 1 1, .ei'.Mi...: I ' lie 1 .i I i .Hi ' ui ,.: Mr I Dry Goods, Carpets and Draperies. Millinery and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Goods (Jothin, Furnishings, and Shoes Trunks and Valises Groceries, Hardware Mine and Mill Supplies lie- MM.lM.-ps Ol in. -e I I, ;,,,,,. I ;,., ,. . .;.. o He il'ilWlIll,' ,1s. 'I! to real- ,u not s Iii - in I i 1 1 1 1 iii' AMO'i FOR IT5 u ho Mi - - he- I polar 1 and Mi. ;ze wli.C - .lit- tor . allair ap It. .I.Hlle-MouP, .!!,, K. l"i-M(. done ami do not j --p,, ,. ;, , , 'l'l",y are, in have a .1., d Mr. II. ur Si :,-i blame as their , M. . t!:, Qualities 1878 Illit. I'1" n I Mi,- aar- n'-. '' rra a lead of t r, ma to rear : , ... - , . . d 1 1. em t ii i hum ii p i , , fli 111 !, ' tiiey; y'll assist in cut V w , any i . on Ii, ho a ' i kmI a t ' !,. . w, i o sent to the :'i...''..'.'ii - ,1!Vc pi' h- I t In Willie-. . t.iii'ii. and pi (dm Id', i Lead Will Be Thcie. Tliefe is hilt little die- . -V.-i;! i . .ollirilti.e of Ii." 1 tlio.-e in ununited i I. end l(, publican bib iikm I'ii.'.h . .a the case for .Mr I ewinni; and pei le. led plan- m ail' nu LTiaile L.n t line w .1 1: I v. a it I - a v . i fin,- ' :. .1 Hi has u0y yn.l'atii; with tic liL'. fur t is -' llCially conceded, the tneitlim of III.. I id u . io ,blii ,., Lead, So. OAHfeT i$rV ll. 1 111 that In' 1 hae known better., n.t liiesday x 1 1 1 1 1 - I h, l. .I'll t I' 111 (' or tl: 1 i- hardly anyiine uround j hand will lender an open nu- cuii-vrt I'f I' ! i-olli 'I In I', on, i r Ti in , -, , i ml s these pail.- but that Knew wliat these j on Main street troni , until s m lin ii plates lire used lor, and that young j and will then head the club as u hoys had no way of getting them un- man 1 1 - to the li.-adwood ('. tit in ! .e less they were stolen. It. is time! jiot in time to catch the s:J' train. that the petty thieving by boys in J whii h will he provided with extra cars this city is stopped and tlicru is no ; to carry the crowd. Fare for the better way than dealing with the par-j round trip will be 2 cents. A spe-ties encouraging iheni in their way- cial train will bring bai l; the club af- Never Have We Been So Thoroughly Prepared for. kard progress. i ter the meeting. The lieadwood club i ' ft; v. 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 : on - Hi a 1 1 v a n, Base Ball, Th : - a t't . t noon i !,. .d n ooie- a :;d tie' llold.n Star inn.- will in. -it on the dniinond at tlic l,t .cl ball grounds. The personnel of the , bib team lias not been announce,!, hut a strong line-up is promised Tin- Maroon i luh is eomposed of the following well known hall player- Striekler. .Murphy. Hrown. Thompson. Thoel, .Me.Maun. Iiav.nport, M . I hid.- and 1 1 n Horn n - o- MINOR MENTION. Spring and Summer Where They As at thi' present time. "Complete" U the word that designates tmr assortment d Chases' Sell Cheap.. Hen's Bo's and Children's Clothing. OUR SI'EiTAL SALES have bt'ionic so mil, h a feature and the i trmi. ly Ye-ii nla and today is .bur. up at the mills. j f you are looking for a good smoke jask for Chiunison s MONARCH - LOW PRICES on goods offered sc well known, we don't think ii neress; to quote prices. But assure you that the VALl'KS offered will equal any in the pa-t. strictly iinion-inude cigar. Fa toiy in j CIIILIiRlLN S new Spring and Summer Suits, all the newest productions m Vestus. doiihle and single liri'asted Jacket suits, new weaves and designs. $1.50, $.'.(Ml, $J.,r,(i, $:!..-,o and $.",. Karly buyers this spring will reap (he benefit of choicest selections and lowest prices. MKN'S new Spring and .summer .Suits that are perfection in style and workmanship. Newest weaves and combinations of colors, $1.50. $t''.-."i, JoTii, $10. W. $1.11(1, la. on and $jn.(u. HOYS' new Spring and summer suits, stylish and durable, selected with a view of pleasing the most economic buyers, $l,.r.O. $:' (Mi, $2 all, $11 and .i. Sales Day Saturday, June 9. May block, Lead. U I'eter Urakka and wife went down to Whitewood y. -tenla on a -. i-it of a few day s 1 )r. Hlai k, w ho ha- n on the sick roll for sevi nil day s. w as out vest, rday for tie- tjr-t time. 1 1 . Un-. has secured pint of the will rndude our entire line of whit' and colored table Linens, Towels and I Bed Spreads. it it -dug Mii'i'ii-,' lo tho-c n.e,ii:i any- OSCAR SILVER 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. PRICES FOR THIS DAY will be a ph thing in this line. stoie loom with Sam (lille it. the con-, feeiinne:-, on Main street. Lend, and V. 1 Ii have oil oli' the !in, st line of cut Where They Sell Cheap. Chase' No. 5 Main Street Lead ii.-ioti. at '.-12-tf 11:11 City ( lut-mle ;.. u po. and la- tplU.- . su nil times. Tie:., -mall po of Hill ' ; llei rv . tiieo. l geskey Foreign Exchange. The V 1 !b BROKER. COBWEB llomestake and ! i n--li!aiid , ill ploves ,1! " off f, 'I ! w eipy-null S . I ) W 111:: to .! l.i I ol ,'Ilt 1 y the u llel 1 ' I I ' 1 1 ' -' " i : "i n n 1 1,:: low n : i I ' ., -n n . I r 1 1 1 g up e -, . : t - ". 1 . i;..(iri.' x y.-.-y,. : ' M ' ll 'Ol; a ! t ', ! o ; It ; : ( i ad . t,, . : ...n T u, i , ,- -.,,-: I , . ' .' ' ' ' ".. -lie ' .::'! o, Great Sale o 'f i . ARAn i 1 K;il Estate, Miles. Insurance, Loans. 0T-Ut-IK ' Uetits Collected and Ttaxeg Laid. ' i I I.cgal Writing Don. . Drafts Issued to Spring Clothing! Always, the Best u all part? of the world. Hail road 'I i. kets to and I'rom till U. -3. Points. ! a- pit Ll . The Tin-chase of a large line of Spring ,-'u,'- 1, ;i o. r -. son's business of one of Chicago's foiemost Mirs. . nabl.-s tithe best harguins of the year. Now is the time to inwst i Clothing of any kind. . o-t. i ; u t; it, N'e'ea-ka Lead's i 1 1 ! Steamshin Tickets to and from ull . Cibb, w, ,. i... i , .,' ', I. . timg to look at'. I tie'l . 1. b. 'i .I'tecbm; Ii-- ,! I'i: , of thj World, (.'..bin tcrths Sp, u,!l s,,-nd le T .U'a';oti in Load d. Leading i ,Z rve T -i !r. S. I', I T'. S. e I'dlliM at t hat j.l.n -. : 1.1 1: ' Lo 13 the archito-i. This i,ui!diio.- , W I ,' . Olllpb teii . V the hi -t o til. ' p :'). and will he on.. (,' th. he : t . Houses bom- ht and sub, mutu v ral insu.anee and notary puh- Passrorts secured. European Men's Suits. Resort Men's Pants i V. .. r T. b ps. n. Room 1, Cottou in ,i, H:ll- !,. In- t ml: ..f t.a i lie. t,.. -'one Willi every Ilulil'II! .OI'.'Il No, 15 East Main Street Consular and NT, tnrial Documents. 11 East Main St. Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phone 27.1. Black Hills I'h.Tio 1012. T C A T S27 and S"r In Central For Twenty-two Years. & Ataln ws bhx k. Lead. S I. t.f The ,1 ;.-t in the roads in the surrounding (ountry is becoming very thick ami ins. ,oi.ntly driving has its draw'.;,, ks a- well a- its i.-as-ures. Eichtv tier ( cut of th- headafhe is $10.00 SS.Oo and fkfi S7.)0 tantpJ.UU suits ti ,; .'.wider, whr. has ZVZrJZRAsu Bknkmi Ball been with us for tl 2:' ii can make an; n. the line of jewelry. Strangers who To In.' (iivcil 1)V t lie caused from eye strain, and glasses properly fitted - ill make a iiermanent ANTHONY iRAUT PRACTICAL PLDMBBR and Steam fitter LEAD. SO. DAK $3.50 Would like anytning in ms nne woaiu .(0 and S5.O0 p.-int cure. Sen Dr. Bugboe and have your f18 and 7 I C do well to call on him titst before j I LlAf-n I f placing their order with any other, i Vt VI vU $13,00 U suit ;. & i Hos Of Central Citv W I jL Xi liUoV i. -'uns ol any and all fin ds com- j til. te! on short notice. tf $2.50 S4JHI and 3.?0 pant eyes examined free. tf Mrs. A. A. Stewart, two children and nurse, left yesterday for a visit at, Sheridan. They will be absent two or three months, during whbh time Alex, will kpp bachelor hall. AH members of the Lead Republican club, and all republicans, are requested to meet at the (ity hall J6and P5 StliE $10.00 : - , Tuesday, June 5. 1 h-re is a wave of prospe: :t.. in the. cor.try. and the people of N -.v York. At Miners Union Hall, ar- experiencing it. The wnire-ear-TiT. Floor Committee. J. Luty, N. Dur-as well as the capitalist, has; more j hara, F. Carroll, V. Green, J. Camp-n.eney- than he had a year a?o. More j bell. st. a. ty employment gives luof re-1 Rf-ception Committee. W. Nettle, turns both to capital ai d labor than 1 P. Callaghan, Gus Oberg, T. Barry, M. $1.50 53.00 and S2.5 pant Special attention Given to Regrind-ing and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWOOD. Englewood, S. D. Tuesday evenine. June :,th. to attend were formerly received. Ib r.. e thelilerg. I m and Boys suits worth S-W K. w- York family that only ate pi Executive Committeee Dave Camp to $ r.oo the ratification meeting at Dead-wood. WALTER McKAY, Pres. Mrs. Prlscilla Buneman mado com-pfkint in police court yesterday, charging A. J. Johson. one of Lead's fuel merchants, with calling her naughty bad names. Mr. Johnson's hearing will be had tomorrow after smts and S4.5 fr S2.5U. walter:mckay, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office May Block, Lead, S. D. bell. John Lutey, William Beaudery. Tickets $1.00. Supper at Mrs. J. J. Lenk's. Visiting firemen Invited to at-ten in uniforms. Emo's orchestra will furnish music tw ice a day In tho dark days of 1595 Is now able to have its pie three times day. and the pie bakers of the metropolis are overworked Hartford Times. 4BERGER, LEAD.S.D noon.

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