The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 31, 1900 · Page 15
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 15

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1900
Page 15
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4 The Lead 5I0NEERTlHE5. l.LI.VI). D. 'K HII.LS'i, T!!!'!'S!l. Y N ; N , MA Y. .1. 1" I-I. ii 1 1 Daily Lead. i YEAK." """"o' Day at I ,. .!, ua- ..!! .11! in l.i -a 1 " i.-r- II IM-nioi---' I';-. I! Lines Ut i: 'l -Os.. Mil- ,, . Ladies' Ready-to-wear Department ill''. IH'Oll UIl'l till' ; , t".iur:ns"''- ' 'iii wirn an !:. ii.' j, h(lI llaa-- :inu ti'iiin aniar: am iispy vi 1 'iiui'. later a'A.'... ami v. ailntani- wi ii ( 1 Mil 1 1' li"!M. l a t. I"M ..-ii Mil: in 111" da', u - as p. .i-aai Tin Hollo - i'.ell tl ;i a 111 he tUDH'il :t .1. In' asked In ,. ,n:i;, , as (m i- half a ; )lJV, s v,.,.,.,. ;U!, , ii.-isf..t of the I tllj S) m , 1 1 1 n r nrni n e .1 1 Street .Mav I,. 1 1. I1- I,"i 'to - IMIM'- 1, p. no to " - ' ; 1 in' li optT oi.s. i va nri' 1 1! tin' ui raMon, Li;o'ir. : 11. ;.. Is assa y n !., . 1 I'M it' i 111 tl.-- !.... "II.. 1I0 1 k Load, and la' 1 a!! ( into: s in I. : . 1 1 in Wrappers, la Gawns, Dressing Sacqucs, Suits and Waists. i,l,,.;'S ol tn.' .Spanish- 1 it wjM K(, ,i,,wn a Hi.- -i mo . 1! SOU .,.,, i ninnrinilS fit' tile cessful 1 )i'. oral ion day thai ha - oyer lii'i-n j t -. 1 i"l in t h" 1 :t but h in Hi- olnntwr nr.- "oa,i - ; r I'niform Katih rv ' "" " number " altendan. .-. tl..- l. -a-ani get:- and th.- ('. C. 1 ,11m m. v . 11; with 1 11 Us i.l a till si .id, i'ii.:;. lean al nis'i'. aii. ' am! not ai y iuu 1 if T. J pSi 11 . U')' no 1 , 1 ot toil Cristofo ( oluiiino, ,.ss ()f th,. ,av ami 1 h.- general plan T .Hose company of Central. Tin- or,,.,. of ,), ,a;, s p Uvor ami " was ;l i-'i-os in --ry . . 1 1 1 1 1 ! .- If a k. l.iail. S 1 1 the Ion- procession on ..lam llll's ,.f st,, 111 hot ',' ea i h ui:f il .I'-sisiis 'IcMU'lls t" Carried Dry Goods, larpe's and Draperies Millinery and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Goods Clothing-, Furnishings, and Shoes Trunks and Valises Groaries, th,- omI r piitili licit n.'i-.'io- j A Large Class. lrt-et iu lire. Th In if I. 1 it liinl rnar- a:.- I I". lll.i'Ml, I ,t Hi I'll' ' plan' - th,. .I'.v ami hn was assist, il ,M'V"1 1,1 ""' ""ini-intf; comnm-i al 0. w "' , . .. iii, ! ,.v -ii'.. ... n... I,,.. .., n 1.1 inn aaim-s 1 Hides A !'.,;: iiptm tin1 standa 1 1 was n. . r his- Inr Tic nflir.'i s of tli Spanish-Ainoi'i 1 c, ti... .a'tii .ts I'limni.'iml 1 oiiHili'Iiioim ait ".i'i is"s tak pla. o fca war. aim . 1: tin' r i:r onliTs taKtiiK pan. !.. 1 ( nu l a hull-, . iiina, Jim.. U ' M ! 1 . at tlm 'I'll.' i'.M.Iiiatinij 1 la ss is Hi" hl-t.irv ol tin- laail e0, , asm!! I 11" pi o .'.-sum nun - PctabJished l.r. I! lot v (' nn ! HOP IT . Main , " '" ' "' ami Haw 1876 l.Ol'l. ai 1 ' 1li Bit1'l pJb 81" i!i!:fnl ami ini-i.!.' (1. A 1; lim m's ha m I i att. tiila'ii'.' ;: !a:o music. I'wv.'i! an ah!. that '.it the ;is'..'t,llil;. All,'.' srai'i's was in ry was like a so la h wa re Hardware i I'hari". 1 .11 - -: Charles S, .-a i!.a:n ' lie!:. . ' m'l Iktilani;. m .' 1: h k. i:. u a ii- I-!-., Il.niiiah V Mara!" Cila,.- ( liarle , la - , . c la s a m I u ' 1 1 ,;.. Mai, olm Campl."! a ml will v i a 1 v., Mi a ;,!! .h ; ! 1 " ''hi ' 1 ,. '. ' ' Hi of t! : '11' OH kali. 1 ,a :i ti I ') ST) r. v :;; ,,;t;, t S.,.i U' i patri'.t.. ;,i'0 -s v.i.aoi! '.!: ti s. li.ri.";,! ! ; o, th. . iiirl th, . 1 am! :,!, n la" ' "k" fiOlVITS, Azai'i !!: Pn- 'On Mine and Mill i 'no U Supplies Lead, So. DaKT 1. ,1 rocossiiin wa- South propli.'-: tr.aihlc iri".'. an. in. iri ii' n 10 1 1 !1 th ,a,l , , ni. '. i lo w a;, uf 1 ho rail- 11 1 o' ! I. I. .1 lA.T. 1 d arouni tlm hill 111 tlm sonthw.-st v-1 tion of th" 'ity, inn' aeain the 1 a A.'R. i'ni!:i. t.-l vices similar ttiOSH j ii'i-forin. -i 1 at the Society oa ... . i ' 1 lo'l - ' ' a win o i"iiri:t!'i:i . 1 e nm : - 11 , t y ! in- '!a' 1 a k' a a p with aapn .pi 01 1 . of t In- .lay 1' ," si r.-t -. 'I v. 1' 'i ,"o;'l" tl'. i , I .'1 I'.'Ul." ,,n, th" ii a.-.- Bii'tery. Hen . too. the cemetery , 1! MINOR MENTION. Co v !th tin crow, 1 to Tumi haV" yolir ey" Ilti.'ll i air of (.-lasses. Wever Have We Been So Thoroughly Prepared for il hpcn liiaintiticil in many respects, d everything ilone in rospo. t to the tl ones inhahitini; this city of the a kihm! j ( toil of a ma - :i"ia ;v: ,t- i"Iiioie tf I as the ila.rm st a ,'- '! 'a 1 w as 110 1 lor.e loinini; to th' cPv aii'l 110 oao jro- ; illL; away .I'l'li.'," Walsh aoiil.ln! Spring and Summer .vi'ii fnrnisii a police eoait item, ami 1 r '.' 'r.owowj.! I ' 11, illcs ll.'ltil' close, HO (!! V ,s , j i in K t here to hi ( hurt aii'l ',11 fact 11 w a.- a ri 'ii. ra I hoocac 1 1 1 : y to a . , ' pot'ter. . Sale Day For "L'oinjik'tt " ;- the '.ir assi ifttiti": t nl .s at tlio present tunc, wi in! that ilcsto-nati -s A Question of the Census Hen's Bo s and Children's Clothing. Saturday, June 2 The ohj. an- of thro sis for tin Is i i In- feih-ral killlls 'I'll ft. I'll. s apportionment of ' ! 1 s ' I a !; i ntativ . in tin- Inw.-r a nise i ..' con- Wf i Kress; to iisi'inrn tic taowrn ot uie Our offering fur Saturday is one of parli. ular inter. -st, coiniipr as it does at the hetcinnins of the season for hot weather .roods and includes our entire line of all the late novelties in Summer Wash Ci 11 1.1 U ION'S new Sring and Sumim r Suits, all the new est product inns in Vestus, double and single breasted jacket suits, new weaves and designs, $1.:',0, JU.OO. $.' .Mi. $:: and $.,. I.'arly buyers this spiing will reap the beni'tit of choicest selections and lowest prices. MK S new Spring ami Hummer Salts that are pirfectoin m styl"' and w orh ma nsh i p. Newest wiaV'K and . otiihinations of colors, $ -1 M) J'.T.'i, $10.00, $12.0(1, $l.-,.0() and $L'il nil. HOYS' now Spring and summer suits, stylish and durable, selected with a view of pleasing the most economic buyers', $1.".0, $L' 00, JL' .'II, J," and I n i t .al States i'i nan, hers, w ea.t h ami inii'ist i . ami 'j r. .-':,..:' si i, ia I iit'iaii, . a I ,i.:a .. a 1 . a - . tt: a which '! t ; oaia' tu.v. th of ; ! illation ami aealth Tia lit'st is a 1 Goods. :Rppilar 20 c. Kmh.Jacnoat. for 12 ',c Kopilar 1.". . DiaiiMes for Qc Regular HO r. Dimities for 2 ' rji Heulai' in c .lacnoal for yc Regular 20 c. Organdies for 1? i r Ke.L-iila r 1 1 - .laciioat for qc Black Hills Clothier' ' constitutional t Mty. th- secut,.: a j oi fa ' t am i : in : h : ri! a stm;;. of calls.'.' I . I'roiia I !; i , ' - aa.-1 : ':. ,;':' i"ii - a I (Mine t. '! '...ia the taiwtl.'i of j oa .- , j latum a that el ma : i iaa" In .ir. '-- , 1 1 L'.at in .'. n.a! r. a ! c m, 1 u i"ii - Me law I .'.pores ai'.H.; . a I: '":oim a (ate- J 111. -lit W lO ' II" !' he "!' - tie O "Oil'!''. CAR SILVER ; pices Saturday June 2, One Day Only, Lead. S. D. Where They, S I Clienp. Ch ase s iiiarri, .1 . w im.w, n or d: oi - , if to a I. ir.a: i a: s t!'e man iaae j has I,.; ,..! . i! .. riiilii' r haw many I No. 5 JW tin Sir;' tt Lead $ ;4 In!.!.-, ii . o" I. i - h ' d . am! Ii ih mini)' oi tin . In!.!; .-Ii are ,. ,im I 'i oi!i ; aa .. . in tl,. (j.i. .a a.ns it ,s po-.-ilde to d in, no the tarth COBWEB Great Sale o ! rate, tl'.e pr.a ahio : ma "ill;;.', th" i proportion i uini. :i uini children to itho whole population, the iioratiou land t rait on iiie ai o," iiiarniini' So I far, as ilm power ami Importance of Illations am dciondent upon tim size I of the poalation. to that extent is jtlio aei'tirate determination of these i questions a matter of public necessi gi-.-at.--' in the block of western states w. -1 of the Mississippi. In Nevada "v- p'-r cent of tlm male . t ween .... and ii 1 have i. , r he a niarried Idaho coming n. :.i, with 1 ;ier cent, Montana next with 1".' .". p.-r cent. etc. Tiat marriage is still u e-em,n"n' ly the sp!a re of women seems to be m-dicateiliiy the fact, that more women marry than men, and they marry at earlier ages. Thus, only 31 per cent of fern. th-s 1a years of age and over are unmarried, while among males of the same ages the proportion falls to one in two hundred. These were the proportions in 1890. Whether these conditions have changed since then is a question that can only he answered by the census of 1900. pprmg Clothing;! 4 If: f v f i ; M 1 u 4 i Always the Best Tht Purchase of a large line of. Spring Suits left over from this business of one of Chicago's foremost Mfrs. enables us to offer you beet bargains of the year. Now is the time to invest if von neeil lotbingof any kind. Lead's Leading1 : THEO. C. GESKEY I Foreign Exchange. BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mlnrs, Insurance, Loans, Rents Collected and Ttaes "Mid. Iegal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. S. Points. Steamship Tickets to anil from all parts of tin World. Cabin tcrtha reserved. U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notarial Documcnta 11 East Main St. Lead, South Dakota. Harrison Phone 273. Black HilU ''hoae 1042. ANTHONY fRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Sti'am citter LEAD. SO. DAK ty. in the 1'nitcd States the'.", would seem to he little danger of a decline in the population. Hut even when we are sure that the poulation is growing, it is still necessary to know- en's Suits. Resort Men's Pants WifT 1 Cheap Trips to the East In Jul. No, 15 East Main Street LEAD. and how it is growing. Tlie millions of India are increasing, but it is by a process of many birtns anil many deaths. In good years millions are born; in times of famine, millions die, the population increasing because a few more are born than die. It is growth, but savage growth. There is a more excellent kind of progress, that resulting from the combination of a moderate birth rate and a small $10.00 SS.OO and ir A A ?7.00 pantsO.UUi f suits Grand Benefit Ball Special rates will be in effect in June for the national republican convention at Philadelphia; in Jul for National M-diial assoiatioi meeting at Atlantic City; National Euucational associ itton meeting at Charleston. S. C; National Dental association meeting at Old Point Comfort, and for Elks' reunion at Atlantic City. Persons interested in special fares authorized for these events may ascertain particulars by communicating with 11. R. Dering, A. O. P. Agt., IMS south Clark street, Chicago. ?d.00 and $3.50 pants and To be ( liven by the C. G. & T, Hose Co. Of Central Citv, $13.00 death rate. The marital statistics collected by the census are in many respects very interesting. Thus, the extent and suits 4. IM) and I power of the anti-marital forces can s$2.50 be estimated the proportion of people Her 3Efl EFgineEepalrme i S3. 50 pant between 55 and 64 years of age who Tuesday. June 5. At Miners Union Hall. Floor Committee. J." Luty, N. Durham, F. Carroll, W. Green, J. Camp- and $10.00 Th.3 People s Favorite. The Nickel Plate railroad again of Nits S3. 00 and Special attention Given to Regrind-ing and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWOOD. ' have never been married. Census statistics show that the proportion of "unmarried females between these ages is the greatest in the east, in North Carolina, Rhode Island setts, for instance, while the propor $1.50 S2.50 pants fers its patrons improved tram sr- .bell. Ml and Boys suits worth S4j vice by inaugurating, on May t'.th. a daily se'rvire of 27 hours between Chicago an 1 New York. Unexcelled dining car service, at popular prices. All trains 'cave from Van Huron street passenger, on the Elevated Iaop. City Ticket Offices, 11 Adams street, $ r.oo tion is smallest in the west. South Dakota. Utah and Oklahoma bringing up In the rear in the order named. Men. on the eontrary. are far more likely to remain single in the west than in the east. The proportion of unmarried men between 55 and 64 suits Reception Committee. W. Nettle. P. Callaghan, CI us Oberg, T, Barry, M. Berg. Executive Committeee. Dave Campbell. John Ltttey, William Beaudery. Tickets $1.00. Supper at Mrs. J. J. Lenk's. Visiting firemen invited to at-ten in uniforms. Emo's orchestra will furnish music. and S4.50 for S2.50. Englewood, S. D WALTER McKAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office May Block, Lead. S. D. V and Auditorium Annex, Telephone kBERGER. Is lowest in the southern sattes ,e. g. LEAD, S. D Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia, and t Central 2057 and Harrison 208. r

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