The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 30, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1900
Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. 24th YEAR. l-l'Al). S. 1). ( BLACK HILLS i, WKDNKSDAY MORXINC. MAY. FIVE CENTS. J 46- Miss Knobby Successful. Sight I'-' r. (diiini!" a' ii ' I" k , th' piano Kivi-n I y ,Mt was raising funds ill., monument to the H. Ulat k Hills in our I Morton. I. fad. '.C4. '1 h n- u.-i. a :".v 'scattering, ri : ;i k i ntr a total of 1 " I voI"-m ast and lii-miim a . ons; t-:.i linn of $.'.S'...7 .. Mrs. .1. T. M l'n:ia of the committee, w as pre.,ont and receipted for the money mid Miss i May Knobby was awarded the prize l and lb"' honor of lieing the most pop Ladies' Ready-to-wear Department tor ,,i pa. ,,,.1'S oi Th. contest rK"nt ,, ,,. ,,;,st two w'oinl I 'i. ' r Hi- ht , state.. 1!.' is a good organizer an1! being a gr at 'A orb.r . ;.. !- . .!'-bod;. . oi. i..-. t. d ii I. I ii.- s. Iiool To work. He i tlioio. and I tlnak an bon.i jiii.i rnns.-n nr iicis man. The work el the Hartington s. bonis was awarded second honors in the Trans-Mississippi imposition for all work exhibited there from . b:...-i.a Ibis a good t.-a- her. a man of good personal address and about fort;, years old In truth. I'iiikerton. I do not know of any really weak pon.ts in l'rof. (.niblis. 1 attended th.- North Nebraska teachers' meeting this siring and there heard and observed (inilibs' work and professional stand ' u, an., th-r- I'.'v.' been but four OTtks a .,.., n...l Ki th.. ular oung lady in the Hill-. rr;:;: , ...... ' , ' ,',, in th.- final only Lead. Married. Wrappers, Tea Gowns, Dressing Sacques, Street , Suits and Waistsi fc'.'rrv and Si-nrf-h were represent- ! Yesterday J'hillips wa.- afternoon Miss Minnie married to .'ils Carbon. , The piano was .... c n Smith at one-half the K a:.- now showing along wit li splendid lin.-s of staple goods price. In- donating tne other fowanl the monument. The Loftbe conn-si was for the several ies who w.T" aspirants to sc ing. I know ,he is regarded a a i strong and able man by the teacher.- i of this part of the state.'' sum. very i hoicc and desirable novelties in hot weather gixids are the great--i "'"' ' ' Lin the piano Th(;re was (.n.-nieraiin- '''' Lines Carried Dry Goods, Carpets and Draperies Millinery and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Goods Clothing, Furnishings, and Shoes Trunks and Valises Groceries, Hardware Mine and Mill Supplies 'I i.ev, , iiii.pi is,, a number of in v.- and bi-ai.tiftil designs in silks, law as. o gaudies, batistes etc. '' I. :' !'"' most ciimpbi.' and we an- desi : o-is .i show vou ttllellLb ll.-loli il pei -null's blllk. 11. We ale s li"' til interest VOU. n the different places for an hour ue-LP the time of . losing. The report - - o - - G. A. R. and W. R. C. The memorial services which w. i.-hem iast .-sun. lay evening at M,.. Fnt liaptist linr.ii oi l.ead pro-nounceii l,y all ,uo-.e pi. s.-nt to be the best that bad b.-.n held tor ears in this 1 1 The . hurch . as crowd -om one pla ouki uo ...... ontestanls in th- I''"d. and in tew in l.ead. Mr. Carbon was m t lie employ of the Horn. 'stake and nas been a resident of Lead for a year or such a matter and is an industrious young man. The bride is a sister of George Phillips of Lean, vv no has been one of the HoniestaKe foundry tone for years, and is a highly esteemed young lady who has made many friends during li.-r residence in Lead, which has been about a year Last evening a number of the friends of the contracting parties enjoyed a few hours pleasant visit at the home of Mr. C.eorge Phillips in Washington addition. The newly man led couple will reside in Lead for a time, when they will move to Nebraska, and locate upon a farm of the gloom's An Advanced Educator. Prof. I-;. C. (Ir.ibbs. whom the Lead board of education have s'-li - I.- i I i; Loments another '"B .... nnt wr III III.' lean, aim u "II pretty close, when front with a big FsTABii-SHED Uil the time ;i Evrry came to I1 ami pa'- 1 ,v a total o; IUALITIE5 1876 .,.1 mm n; i"i I iiv.-r Th- .a '-. n iill a. H'- in their representa-votes. This was balance, and it was i.ii.'s of Terry had int. -rest in the of that place I. iv and veiling of ice . ream and sup-cds from this source .ill of Mi Nl ltj ;:ii liurinc ' ! PsmmM v v..,- iL,iii i mj , . i Llonday, sereil ed and man;, w i . . . i r . . j i 1 1 -1 1 to leave owing to ni.-.if'i. le'it M-aMiu . apa -ity. Til. liraii'i Army of Mi.- !. pt,,l,i and Woman's K 1 1 ! I'oi p, a'l' nd d ,n a bd'l. The (ipeiiin:: -1 ; : '. i - - w e I . ill . oiu and ill lie -in:: 1 114 ' ... ! 'e , un a.egnt on ii: : :i. - !.:':! II o: the K' I' . ' . " ti i - , . .. ie ai d i i i 1 1 1 n ' ! ,,:.. i ., ' e -. ' i t li.- man", -i d mi Ci 1 . a ! :i 1 ll"Ii sli...' '-'I IUi, Mo II I.e.,' t. ,. nol nl 1 1 1 : l Tin -. . ia .1. '.'.a d. '. l ed l. M i -. Ida 1 S Worn. -blort -pa.-ha- of I !i. l..-a I .(;.!. !i iclI ..!,. oi th"- ;,o.-l liinllalll m.-mo :al .-el limns ; lliai I! - b.-. n 1 1,.- o: i ,,in- of Lead ' elll.i-IIS III ll -lei, In ;.,d tile l,lL:h . prai.-.e id I -, i un .-a b 1 1,.- . i ; i l; i .-gallon is an atte-t i tin- a ppi , ia ' ion i in Wlli'll ll W;l., e, l M liy Iho-e! present. The exei , ise- . o . -.I b t In; ; singing of "Ann-lira. r. am. the !' nt for tiie s to th" redit of It proved to be a vmm.n lady Knobby had r,..n sui . ess and M i Lead, So. DaKj lenty of votes to spare. j Till' rell'esetltal IV es of the It'Spe. - I it- camli.lates nu t at l.ead yesterday I '-.moon and ..united the votes. principal oi tne puunc sunoois as ine successor of Prof I'mkerlon. resigned, comes from I lartingtoii: Nebraska. In speaking of him in a let t.T troni Attorney L. L Mover to Prof. Pinl.erion. the following speaks for itself: I want to say that 1 regard Prof. ' ; rn I t is; as a Mi st . la:.s school man in every particular. Me has had barge of the schools at 1 1 art ington. Neb., for three years. He is a linely educated man. and a great worker, lie is undoubtedly the best educated man in the .ouiitry or in this part of the here was ('. I!. s.. Maail and Dave arse n! Tern. .A. .viciMiowv. ail. J. T. MrConauKhy of Spearfish. ftpr the canvass of the vote, it was bund that Miss Knobby of Terry had bd'ii Miss (lilisim. of Spearfish. 410; Never Have We Been So Thoroughly Prepared for ss OConnell. bead. L'nti.i, and Miss Spring and Summer Sale Day For As at the- present time. "Complete" i the word that desiirrate. mir assortment t Saturday, June 2 i it Hen's Boj's and Children's Clothing1. Our offering for Saturday is one of particular interest, coming as it does at the beginning of the season for hot weather goods and in- S eludes our entire line of all th - late novelties in Summer Wash . Goods. i Memorial Day. The line of march for Memorial day and services will b eas follows: Procession will start from Jenkins store and wall move up Main street to Masonic cemetery, and loi in sipiaie for short services, break ranks ami decorate graves, wiil reform in front of Jenkins store, cemetery, will form square for (irand Army i ereinonies. break ranks and decorate the graves, reform, counter man h down Miil street ap Main st re i ( to i pi .,nd be dismissed. Kist division. Major T b-i . om-manding. Kirbt o! process. on will form in front of J.- nkius stole. K . of 1'. band on ::"ht el first d:i sion; rniform Rank K. ot I', right resting on subordinate lodge K. oi I' band; Christopher ('.dumbo society, right resting on K. oi i'. lodge, niafoi. city council, i ity oiib - ; s on .-u o: first division. Second division Chief of lire department commanding. Right rest-resting on .Mill streut corner and Main, headed by I niie.i Workmen band; l'n:t.-.! Workmen lodge, right resting on In"'. I. l.ead 1-iie department, right r. 'sung on Cnited Workmen lodge, loiisi. tmg of llo.-e Company No. 1. hose Company No. 2, Alerts and South Lead I lose i onipany , Clan Stuarts, right n-sting on left of Regular '20 c. Emb. Jacnoat for 12.', C Regular 20 c. Dimities for 12' Regular 20 c. Organdies for 2 1 C Regular 15 c. Dimities for JOC Regular 10 c Jacnoat for 7g i Regular 12'-. c Jacnoat for gg CHll.DKKN'S new Spring and Suninier Suits, all the newest iiroductioiiB In Vestus, double and single breasted jacket suits, new weaves and de- signs, $1.50, $2.00, $L'..iO, $.:..,0 and $.",. i;arly buyers this sjuiiig will reap the benefit of choicest selections and lowest prices. MK.VS new Spring and Suiiime" Suits that are perfection in style and workmanship. Newest weaves and combinations of colors, $4..r,0, $ti.Ja, $10.(1(1, $11'. (id, $1"..(0 ami $20.ot. HOYS' new Siuing and summer suits, stylish and durable, selected with a view of pleasing the most economic buyers. $l..r,0. $- 00. .f.O. $.'! and $.'.. Prices Saturday June 2, One Day Only, j: Where Thev' Sell Chean. 2 Ch ase s OSCAR SILVER 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. fufrrdiii Great Sale o lire department; SLnouiaii so ie'y. right resting on Clan Stuarts. Third division Lieutenant Smith i omnianding. Woo Imaii band, right resting on Mill street, coiner of Pine; Rough Riders and ot.ierSpanish American volunteers. right resting on Woodman band. Kirs; South Dakota and others of Kighth army corps, right resting on Rough Riders; (Irand ppring Clothing! I 1 f i WALT ICR Mi KAY, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Oftke Ma Block, Lead, S. I). Army, right resting on First South COBWEB The Purchase of a large line of Spring Suits left over from this season's business of one of Chicago's foremost Mfrs. enables us to offer you the best bargains of the year. Now is the time to invest if you need Clothing of any kind. Dakota; carriages with Woman's Relief corps, right resting on (Irand BARl Army; ambulance and citizens in carriages; school children will form on Wall street, right resting on Main and will take their places in fen's Suits. Men's Pauts Always the Best Grand Benefit Ball To be (liven by the s theo. l geskey Foreign Exchange. BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans, Rents Collected and Ttates Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. a Points. Steamship Tickets to and from all parts of the World. Cabin berth served. U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notarial Documents. It East Main St. Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phcne 273. Black Hills PliO'io 1042. ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD. Su. DAK Hand Third division in rear of Woodman band as procesiosns passes up Main 6treet. All commanders of a company or society will report to the officer commanding their respective division. It is earnestly requested that all companies or societies be in tneir posiitiiSn at 1:30 p. m. By order of c hief marshal. GEO. WKLLis, And Aides Patriquin and Cusick. Lead's Leading- Resort $10.00 S8.00 and AfW S7.00 pantsP-J.vl P suits C. G. & T, Hose Co. Of Central City, Tuesday, June 5. At Miners Union Hall. No, 15 East Mam Street Sb.OOand dl Cf S5.00 pantsPJ J" LEAD. Nana J $13.00 suits S4.(M)and CO ki! MINOR MENTION. ?3.50 pants' I Sewer Progress. Mayor Abt and five of the members of the city council of Iead went down to Deadwood yesterday and met with G. C. Moody in consultation regarding the advisability and proceedings necessary in securing to Lead the projected sewer system. As a result of the conference we are authorized to state that all details appear to be working nicely and the authorities will push the preliminary matters as rapidly as possible, and if no unforeseen interruption occurs Lead wil have a sewer system at no distant Mrs. Richard Harris was in Lead from T"rry yesterdasy . There will be a musical given in the reading room of the Hearst Free Floor Committee. J. Luty, N". Durham, F. Carroll, W. Green, J. Campbell. Reception Committee. W. Nettle, P. Callaghan. Gus Oberg, T. Barry, M. 3. $10.00 S3.00 and library Friday evening, June 8, 1900. ; 52.50 pants Have you been in to Dr. Bugbee's optical parlors? A. Ii Daggett, representing a it. 2 and i Boys suits worth S4 Louis millinery firm, was doing business in Lead yesterday. date. Of course it must be remem-ed that a great amount of work will $ r,oo suits Berg, Executive Committeee. Dave Campbell, John Lutey, William Beaudery. . s Tickets $1.00. Supper at Mrs. X J. Lenk's. Visiting firemen Invited to at-ten in uniforms. Emo'i orchestra will furnish music. Boiler aid Milling Special attention Given to Regrlnd-ing and setting Valves. Can go to any part of the country to do work Address F. UNDERWOOD. Englewcod, S. D. X land S4.50 for S:.5. There are prospects of a bil.iard be necessary before the city will be ready to commence active work . on the sewer, but a few months will probably find the city equipped with tournament between the champions of the Golden Star club and the Olympic club. Preliminary arrangements are being made. I LEAD. S. D Merger, a good sewer system.

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