The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 29, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 29, 1900
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. LLAl), S. I). ( ULACK IIII.LS), Tl'lCSDAY MOKNJNc;, MAY. 2't 'Mil. FIVE CENTS. ,' Blshsop Hare In Lead. point in -in I m ' im of tlif executive com- !.': v hi-!: !-. ut . of the per it chnst i tnircn Minna;. sVlVlct'.- tinancial point ami c, -neral civau .-iiu-iit of" tin . Inn i h Tin- l.ea. ilmrilrS i . connized a, tin- strongest ,111,1 i;,, copal i hm i Ii ! ijJi.s state The ..i,. lawlv attended, i tie ivnini! niny was tint of the ili' . , 1 1... ruinonncenieni mat ntl.cii i.iiil.l.n larj.-r than th- he Ki. . . ... , , cathedral mi : i ai!-. in Hs seat f ),,. i Di ( Htanc episcopal i . Hishop .. .. irm bur.h Hi in'- '' ,.,,,'; Hishop Mar- Id' la-t . v . 11 i i, ,,n ouM ""' ' ' ..., ' his ivturn trip to s x rail.-. II.. will lier of l'"'l'" .nVl.; i stop on the way at Yalci,,,,.. ,. ami also spend a couph 01,1,1 i..iiv...-...I hv Hishon ! '"aska mor. - i, ,ivn. "av "n '"" ' K'U' i escr at ion tl' US 1111. Ill - Mas over foremost, in i oniioi Mon with rhni i h matt. 'i s. Ni-xt Snn.lay he wilt deliver the it i ...... t . . . . .i i . . . ,I,,1V1 r.'il in that kind, gentle i ..... . : nu' iiui.-i ill'' .'.'IHU1 I ' I e 11 I - I i Jnmiellt manner cnai ann isuc ... Ud floqutm lnf, ,.asri ,,, A,. Saints . school at 'bt!P''a ' u Kail. K.., War.- .1,1 Lines Ladies' Ready-to-wear Department Carried . . ,, ... . Dry Goods, Wrappers, Tea Gowns, Dressing: Sacques, Street , Carpets and Draperies. Suits and Waists. i li:aa- una show in;; along with tun splendid lines of staple goods j Viiiinerv 2nd j - son." very t h,. i, c and desirable mnclties in hot weather goods. i Ladies Kc3dv 1 J "-. 'h.-- 1 uliip! is' ;i 11 1 J 1 it 1 MT of IU' ;,n.i ! m 1 1 : 1 1 tl 1 1 tir.-i1.11s II) silks I 10-wear Goods ,.,,,;,, ,,;i!:M,.s,t.. : 1 s now most complete and we are ilcs-tous to show you ' eOtWn, th:..imh l.eita. !., .s hnikeii W e sure in interest ou. ' 1 Furnishings, and Shoes s-- . . . Trunk, and Valises QUTi E5jsl876 1 man .' .,.., ., .,; Falls hy n.'t S'lmlay. where in the rhom ' , " m r! attention I forenoon h. Mil i less tlicradi, 'udience ii" " L,n,ii the discourse, and evryone. Lead's Sewer Question. . . The esiioii of a seu.-ia-.- sys-letn I'm Lead is worknm smoothly, and etiorts ai" I i-iim mad.-.Py an ex-.xuiiV" body to hae tin- propo-s.tion pii.-hcd to a completion h. for. snow llics next winter. Mayor Al.t has k:v. ii the question a L'reat ib-al ! of at r.-iitioii situ e taking his f ti. . and iroposi'.s to i-xert every power at his . conimand to have the system put in j II" has consulted bailing lawyers of , Headwood and has recened favorable ad; i. c on Hi.- subject. leading ' law tirm says thai the city has an- ' thority to put in a. scuera:;.- svstem ' ami by proeeeijing 'in ti prop, r '. manner lias the authority to issue bonds for the p irpos" raising funds to pay for the sani" ( Iwini; i to pr.'seiH complications, it is nes ' sary that st'p of the pro ecu j lll-'s to lie taK. II h tile , ,t , Ml t he ' on;-1 met ion of the sewer, "j.- s:-t,,'ii I and Hie issuance olih . bends : il.f be pi ope, HI OI lb'1' to s. ,-. . ., Il'i't.'. if Hie loud isMi". A ci. :i III i 1 tee i Olll p. I- I '. . . ' e;ii of the council will ; iii ij. d --e, look into the mailer ai ! i "'. I. miliary steps. In this instance the mayor has t he s n ppon oi a I i I a M'-c ers who appreciate t lie -;-, at i ,,; such a s. -t . in .- ho,. i.i s 1 1., pi oposi I ion SOOll 'A e 'Mali- w ., , and ating elass of the Sioux Kails llic.h school at III.- Kpisrol cathedral.. Henrietta, daimiit.-r of Mr. ami Mrs. say. felt as tho they j kt. venture hetrer hy the stir- J Lj been ma. I. Irnia All aint.- hings of the even- Ware, -r .-ehool tip lass for eon Ifter the si l ll'oli a t Lead To Celebrate. to the i ine . .mat ion was IIIM'll imu ...... ii llishop Hare insiiop iiaii- slat I m !:'-! slat I .11 fciemlHTshsip. i.m-i s . unlay inoiiiiiis Ktell these s. l v Ir. S also. Jlieeiass I'iolleer- I !!j.-s I .. a.; ! ; to relearal nn-.jjte.l of .Mrs Mary Harwood ' Hie Fourth ..: .I ir. i-.n suaiit to th.-,,ss Anna Pierre Miss iiella I'ien e. j , a lai.r Aot a iii.-.-.iim of . in- fcrof. Wiiuloll'li. -lolin How. and tlie!z,.ns. u , ,oii.ii-! at Hi.- .ity hall ,!lniiis y!iiu p.-opie- waiter .Saiind.i i: .'hr Mayor Al.t was ittniaii. C-Mivi.' ..plejjarth. ' Mar t.-I a- . a i ; :n i a a in! .la.!:'.' Wal.-li ,,,-ntr Fall. hi iuia Zurirh, I'.osco j a.s h-. i.-iinv oi t":,,. m -nn- Afi.-r Inriih and Mai Anna w ; ,-,,,,-nl, tali ;.in and . ..n as i,, his is a lai.' . -ii 111 Ilia t kin lass. t. a.l isa'dlitv "I 'le- , ity mvuit; a hen it is t lie a .mo onsideratioil j and ..-l. hial upon this da it ill it is th.- mi. in .'lass connrnieii was d id' d- to . .del. rate l.y a anaiii- this class iIiimii Rev. Wares ai- :n oic-e of Hi" t: miik. ntnient here, and iiiak-es a total of I 'ni.- ni,u.. v. a v-st.-d with .o.v.-: Iver tu Iiilliineu .oiiiiinieu in uiai :t,, ap".in; tie- ey utive roiiimMie.- jod. Hishoi Mare paid a hi'h land said omtnitt"-' to have powei to tmpliliH'iit Hum the pulpit to Hie appoint ail ,-n I. . -. uiini il t "es and uir lie work done hy the nuihl and es- rv ,,iM ,,r i,,. appropriate . ele- y of the la-ad . Imn li and also the I hra t ion i n honor . if t In- freedom of t h-uellent work a omplished hy Hi. c i ! n t r . .No further husiness. other loir. Never in the time past since j than informal discussion in reference if M r. bt is ,ae eessfiil ;i t!i" en.;.-: ta l.iim he will ia e a . . m pi i sin d a r.-ii d.-al for Hi. -oo, ..' th. . ... Memorial Day. . The line of inarch for ,-iih ,i ;ai j day and services will I. .as toilovis j l'rocessiou will start from Jenkins store and will mm.' up Main street I to Masonic cemetery, and lorni sipiare for short s.-i , s. hr.-ak , ;anks and decorate umes will i-lorm in front of .i.c.kiiis store. . cemetery, will form .-iuar for : (Irand Army ceremonies, i.reak ranks and (lei orate Hie graves, reform. I counter march down Mill street 'up Main street to jperahouse and I..- I dismissed. i Fist division. Major TyL- . om mantling. of un. .w:oti win p installing of this denomination Lead has such strides heen mad" the same length of time as has lo the occasion was transacted, and the meetl'in adourm'il to meet next Thursday evening at S o'clock, and in the meantime Mayor Ab is tg ap- Never Have We Been So Thoroughly Prepared for. leen in the past year, hoth from i NT Spring and Summer Sale Day For ? Saturday, June 2jj As at the present time. "Complete" is the word that dt'sinatis. niir assortment of Our offering for Saturday is one of partic ular interest, coming as it does at the beginning of the season for hot weather loimIs and includes our entire line of all the late novelties in Summer Wash Hen's Boa s and Children's Clothing". form in front of ,lc nkiiis store, lv of I', band on right oi tir.-t dii sion. ( ' ii i I Oiin Hank K of ' right resting on subordinate lodg.- K. of 1'. band; Christ. iplcr (..'olHnibo s)tiet. right resting on K. of I', lodge; mayo.-, city council, city oflicers on b-tt o! first tlivision. Second division Chief of fire department commanding. Right rest-resting on Mill street corner and Main, head ! by I nited Workmen hand; l'n tied Workmen bulge, right resting on band: Lead hire department, right resting on United Work Goods. Regular :n c. for12.c ' Kepnlar 1-Regular 20 c. Dimities for 2cj ll,,ui:ir 1,1 I linn' i. s for Jailioat for .lacnoat for 10c 7c 9c Regular 20 c. Organdies for 1? i Regular 12' - i CHILliKKN'S new Spring and Summer Suits, all the newest productions in Yestus, double and single breasted jacket suits, new weaves antl designs, $1.50, $2.1)0. $2. all. $.'!.aO and l'arly buyers this spring will reap the benefit of choicest selections and lowest prices. AlFN'S new Spring anil Summer Suits that are perfection in style and workmanship. Newest weaves and combinations of colors, $l.aO, $C.a. '..',',, $10 00. $12.0(1, $l.r, (Ki anil $L'(l.(i(l. I'.OVS' new Spring and summer suits, stylish and durable, selected with a view of pleasing the most economic buyers, $l.f.o, $2.(Ki, $2 .ad. ?3 and $.".. men lodge, tonsisting of Hiw Com pan. No. 1. Hose Company No Prices Saturday June 2, One Day Only, Where They.'jSell Cheap. f; Aierts and South Lead Ho" t otn pa ny . Clan Stuarts, right resting on l"tt of I lire department; Slavonian n ty. ! n. .lit resting on Clan smart.- j Thin! division. -Lieutenant Smith! . i i ; i i 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Woodman band, right resting on Mil! strt-.-i. torner of I'ine. ; Koa.'h Kill--,-.- ami otuerSpanisli Am.-r- j Ch ase s No. 5 Main 5: rctt Lead g OSCAR SILVER 'Black Hills Clothier Lead. S. D. Great Sale of bring Clothing;! S. R. SMITH theo. e. geskey Foreign Exchange. BROKER. Real Estate and Insurance Real Estate, Xllnrs, Insurance, Loans. The Purchase of a large line of Spring Suits left over from this sea- b'.kj.' . . . . .. i an oliint eel's. i :.' h: i -1 tn g on Wootlnian band: l-'irM Soath Hal-.o-fa and title i s id Kightu ai:ii . orps. light renting on Hough Itidirs. Crand Army, light resting on First South Mukota. carriages with Woman ! I iff corps, right res'mg on Hraild Army, ambulance are! litien- :n cairiages. s. 1'iinl )i 1 lil ! ti will form on Wall street, right resting on Main a ml w ill take tli.'i: pla. n.. I'hiid t'iision in rear oi' Woodman band as prot csiosns p:is.-. s . i ; Main stleet. , All t omiiKimlers of a company or tit iety will report to the officer commanding their respective division. It is earnestly requested that all companies or societies be in tneir posiitiou at 1 :oU p. m. i!y order of chief marshal. HKO WKLLS. And Aides I'atiiijuin ainl Cusi. k r-uusiues8 oi one of Chicago s foremost .Mtrs. enables n-t to oner you H owt bargains of the year. Now is the time to invest if you need iothingof any kind. Has Jiis-t received a car of the eelelnated Raeine Wagons, Carriages, Buggies, Etc : - Tie Hat ine work is too well know n for me to say anything about it. 1 am selling them on easy terms, and can furnish you with anything from a road cart to a FINE CARRIAGE. Renta Collected and Ttates Paid. en's Suits. Men's Pants i S. R. SMITH, Lead, S. D. ' and $10.00 P suits- $5.00, ?S. 0O and 7.00 pant: Married. Sunday afternoon at o'. lot k. A hille Mochon was married to Miss d.tMl and Cf Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all K. S. Points. Steamship Tickets to and from all parts of ths World. Cobin berths rfserved. U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notarial Documents. It East Main St. Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phone 273. Black Hills t'hoie 1012. ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLDMBBR and Stoair. citter LEAD. So. DAK Grand Benefit Ball To he (iiven by the C. G. & T. Hose Co. Of Central City. Tuesday, June 5. and $13.00 suits i 1 rit COBWEB I Always the Best LiV S4.IHI and $2.50 Delia Trudeau, at an' residence of the parents in Gayville by the Rev. Ci. G. Ware. Only the relatives and a few of the most intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. Immediately after the ceremony the newly wedded couple were driven to Headwood. where they took the afternoon Burlington for an eastern wedding trip. Mr. Mochon is a resident of Lead, being engaged In the jewelry manufacturing business in this city, t'pon their return they will resale in Lead. o MINOR MENTION. 3.50 pant lad saits r $10.00 3.( and $1.50 ?2.5(l pants At Miners Union Hall. Floo; Committee. J. Luty. N. Durham, I' Carroll, W. Green, J. Campbell. Reception Committee. V N'tti". P. Callauhan. Gus Oberg, T. Barry M-Berg. Executive Committeee. Dave Campbell. John Lntey, William Beaudery. Lead's I Leading Boiler anil EimEeiairion Special Attention Given to M. Boys suits worth ?4 Resort 2L$ T,00 and S4.50 fr ?2.5i. Mrs. Richard Harris was in Lead from Terry yesterdasy . Have you been in to It. Bugbee's optical parlors? A. B. Daggett, representing a St. Louis millinery firm, was doing business in Lead yesterday. , No, 15 East Main Street Regrinding and Setting Valves ALL. WORK GUARANTEED. Address F. UNDERWOOD. Lead. S. D. T4ckets $1.00. Supper at Mrs. J. J Lenk's. Visiting firemen invited to at-ten in uniforms. Emo'e orchestra will furnish music LEAD. LEAD. S. D J

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