The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 13, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

SUNDAY, MAY 13, 1900. HE DAILY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD WOOD a D. Food Prepared Wltn "Calumet" l Fnm from Roctiell Salts, Alum, Lime and Amrr.onia. Calumet" is the Housewife's Fnend. . Louise Brehany Opera concert May 25th. . - ESTEY piano for my family. Haw-ley is the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. "DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the finest pills I ever used." D. J. Moore, Zoellner Bros. Co. THE JMTY. '' Lessons in embroidery acd fine needle work of all Kinds at Mrs. llooney's, 41 Lee street A complete line Is carried of lace materia a, cor tor pillows, embroidery silks, photo frames, etc. Millbrook, Ala. They quickly curt all I I Hvur oml tmwd troubles. Kirk G. Men's s Boy's Outfitters Keo vcur eye on Rocky Mountain Phillips. Tea, made by the Madison Medicine F. I). Smith bandies no'thing but th NGNCSOCOOD. Co. We ueer sleep. We are the or MADE BY I THE j TRUST. 647 Main St iginators, others come oftr. Ask your Druggist. Steaming and electric massage for a Dr. Seymour the eye specialist, is best grade smithing coal. Coffee, rolls, ice cream and strawberries and cream at the Olympic bakery, opposite the Burlington depot on Sherman street. "After suffering from piles for filteen years I was cured by using two boxes of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve." writes W. J. Baxter, North Brook. N. C It heals everything. Beware of counterfeits. Kirk G. Phillips. W. L. Neil, I). D. S., resident den wrinkled or sallow skin. Freckles and all blemishes removed and the skin made fresh and clean at Mrs. Melick's, over Deetken's drug store. "I had stomach trouble twenty years and gave up hope of being cured till I began to use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It has done me so much good I call it the savior of my life," writes W. R. Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. . It digests what you eat. Kirk G. Phillips. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIb, tist, has moved bis orace to Hoom i. Syndicate block. Pansy plants, petunias, feverfew and coming. Tents, wagon sheets and taipaulins, at I)e Mouth's Ark. y ICE CREAM every day at I KKT-KE.VS drug store. We still have some harness ieft. We want it to go. Our prices will do it. De Mouth's Ark. A new firm of painters and decorators. The best painting and decorating eonipany. 713 Main street, Deadwood, 'Phone 49. The only place in town to buy China silks, yard wide and best quality made, is at Mrs. Alford over Deetken's drug store. They are suitable for empire house gowns, shirt waists and underwear. ladks bothered with superfluous hair, n.oles or warts, (Should try elec AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. all other spring llants and potted plants; everything you want for your flower garden this year, at Mrs. Mather's, 418 Williams street HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gantx, D. D. S. Modern Den tistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosen thai Block. T"8TEY PIANO, both stylish and A 'good to be hao only at Hawley'3 No. 639, by Bullsck Hotel. Some Customers Come in at the Door trolysis. It never f;iils. Mrs. Melick over Deetken's drug store, treats ail "After suffering from severe over twelve years and using many Many come in over the telephone wire, not only for . the Turns on the light of reason; removes intellectual or moral cloudiness and black fapots from one's character. Thai's what Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Ask your Druggist Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes-Benger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. "He that seeks finds. ' lie that takes Hood's Sarsaparilla iinds in its use pure blood, good appetite, good digestion and perfect health. It cures( dyspepsia, scrofula and salt rheum, boils, pimples and all blood humors. The favorite cathartic is Hcod's remedies without pennant good I final such rases by the most approved method. Operation painless. ly took Kodol Dyspesia Cure. It did If j on want painting, papering or me so much Rood I recommend it to Celebrated $5.00 Knox Derby, but also for calsomining. call up 'phone 49. They everyone," writes J. E. Watkins, Clerk and Recorder. Chllicothe, Mo. It di our $3.50 Gordon Hats, everyone warranted will r!o it pruniptly. Dr. Seymour will lie here aUnit the for one years good war, gests what you eat. Kirk O. Phillips. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved his office and hereafter may be found L A Pills. 35c. There is a Japanese proverb, "To see Our $2.50 Hats are Like ihe.usual $3.50 and $4 Kind once is better than to hear a hundred times." To fully appreciate the truth of tbis axiom, try Chamberlain s Cougn Retnody when you have a cough or middle of June. Wati li this paper for exact date. What do you expect for your money? Call at De Mouth's Ark and find out. Flee into the desert of forgotten things, thou foul substitute. Thou hast become a blot upon the world's happiness. Genuine Rocky Mountain Tea, made by the Madison Medicine Co. Ask your Druggist. WILD Cherry Phosphate, Hires' Root Lteer. Claret Punch, cold and delicious AT DEETKEN'S DRUG STORE cold and see how quickly it will effect a cure. You are certain to be more than pleased with its efficacy. For If your tailor advises soft gray cheviot, fine striped or checked or worsteds, blue or blackserges, etc. They are all here, all sizes, all grades, and prices to suit Ready to wear, try 'em on, and see what is becoming. Judge of the fit and style. If you don't buy you are welcome. If you do, you have saved half your made-to-ordet money, with satisfaction guaranteed. sale by Kirk O. Phillips. Druggist. A saving reduction in Log Cabin maple at the parlors of the Gilmore louse, corner of City Creek and Williams street. NOT ALL from MISSOURI, but most people want to see a PROOF before their printing Is "run off," and that's what they get if ordered from the Pioneer-Holes Printery. J. Q. Hood, Justice of the Peace, Crosby, Miss., makes the following statement: "I can hereby certify that One Minute Cough Cure will do all that U claimed for it My wife could not' get her breath and the first dose of it relieved her. It has also benefited my , whole family." It acts immediately and cures coughs, colds, grippe, croup, bronchitis, asthma and all throat and lung troubles. Kirk O. Phillips. ' by .-up at Lbe standard iasn siore. s Sherman street. Quarts, 40c; half gallon. l ne rioneerx I Zoellner Bros Co. Clothiers, 75c; gallons, $1.40. Maple syrup is particularly healthy during the springtime, and is a mt agreeable article of diet, an well as an execellent medicine. If you want to buy a new buggy or "The Steinway" and other high grade pianos for sale. Mrs. John Cashner, Spearfish, S. I). Yes, be in line and get a SAPHO SAILOR. They are now the rage. The neatest street hat on tha market. Call and see them at Ackermann's. 2 If you are troubled with dandruff, falling hair or any scalp disease, consult Mrs. Melick, over Deetken s drug store. Twenty-live treatments and all an old one, call and see VERPLAS1 . We can, and will, make you No. 60, Sherman street prices on Baby Go Carts aid SAPPHO SAILORS are all the rage as they are very latest fad in street hats. The place to get them is at riages. De Mouth's Ark. Ice cream made from fresh, pure cream (not milk) from Belle Fourche Creamery, at DEETKEN'S. John W. I'ease took out a license yesterday to marry Hattle E. Dahl. both of Deadwood. Be on hand to witnes- the! morning exhibition of the i neat I dicate English-American Sliuui SPECIAL SALE . . . EM May 15. Gilman received word yester-the death of his sister, Mrs E. F, day of Charles Stuver, who has drive: William Ferguson, at Coffeeville. Kas livery wagon for Hattenbach Broti and he left in the afternoon for her the Deadwood grocers, for the year or two, will leave this weel Seattle, Washington, where he home to attend the funeral. The soda fountain that quenched the thirst of the multitude last summer at join a government geological sun ing party, bound for the Copper the Popular Wilcox Pharmacy, has, country in Alaska. He received ACKERMANN'S, the OLD RELIABLE. Harry Hiderman. one of the Burlington engineers, who has been living at Edgemont and running between that town and Deadwood. has moved his family to Kansas City, to remain, having severed his connection with the Burlington. Charles Black Horse, Walter Bull-man and William Neck, three Sioux Indians who were given sentences in the Lawrence county jail by the federal court for varions offenses, took the poor debtor's oath Friday after serving the necessary thirty days in the jail, and were released, leaving for the agency on Ihe evening train. A game of indoor base ball will be played at the Olympic gymnasium this week between the board of directors of the association and a picked nine from the club. The directors are all ball players this year, and they have tonic required for live dollars. Keep your eye opep. on Chase's weekly display ad and get your money's worth. . Special Sale day e.vry Saturday. The Great Syndicate English-American shows traveling on its own palace cars will exhibit at Deadwood. May 16. Be sure and bring the Children ot,see the grand street pageant. WANTED. Good Scandinavian girl for general housework. $25 per month. Mrs. Harris Franklin, No. 22 Van Buren street. See the Belt Painting and Decorating company's wall paper samples, 713 Main street, before you select your paper. Elkins, Leeman, Truesdell ft Co. Mrs. N. I. Alford has just returned from the east with a full line of the latest designs for sofa pillows, table transportation yesterday. His will be in charge of F. C. Scot For this Week Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits, Skirts and Jackets. who spent last summer in AlasU who submitted a report on the Nome district. Mr. Stuver was been started for the season and is now ready for its old friends. Delicious ice cream soda 'will be the specialty. T. H. Aldrcd, who was connected with one of the bars at the Great Northern hotel 1 nChicago at the timo it opened, and was also employed at Chapin & Gore's on Monroe street, at one time; arrived in Deadwood from Chicago yesterday and will go to work in the Derby saloon tonight on nigh', shift. g"oTernment geological survey number of years. His party will a topographical survey of the Cfl river region, and will also stud? geology to some extent. He will ceive $75 a month and expenses' out on the trip. covers and scarfs, Bulgarian linens and designs for bedsteads. Hemingway's 8 embroidery silks; no trouble to show goods. Call and Inspect our line. It is complete. Room 8, over Deetken's IVUU VlVfc been challenged for a game by some of the other members who imagine they can play some. The, date of the match has not yet been agreed upon. Rev Sanford will deliver a lecture before the club women, of Deadwood on "The Science of Color in Art, Dress and Home Decoration," Friday, - value $10 - value $15 drug store. 15 Suits at $5,25 15 Suits at $7.T0 FURNISHED rooms for rent, very reasonable at Mrs. Hungerford's, at The most beautifully finished and reliable i j end of South Williams street May 18th at 2:30 p. m., in the Olym Cameras sold th is veaf Zl It r NOTICE. Those having fences needing repairing, lots cleaned or monuments straightened tip will do pic parlors. Everyone interested in 10 SuUs at.:$8.50 ".rrae$15 to $25 The Superiority of the subject is cordially invited. Rev. Sanford comes to us from Chicago, well to see R. W. Lewis, superin Vive. Lenses tendent of St. Ambrose cemetery, so that the work may be done before and is the discoverer of certain new laws regarding color which have revolution! red that phase of art during the past ten years. The lector promises Decoration day. ' 6t Lead Everywhere. i to be highly entertaining and most in AUCTION! AUCTION! Mle Bush-Gerts 2b 'Black Brilliant at"' $1 50. value $2.50. .'... . ;V J . 20 Black' and Navy Cheviot Skirts at 2 76 value $5 00 ; ' " v- ';-?V. 'V- All wool .Covert Cloth jackets at $2.95, i ALL OF MY HOUSEHOLD GOODS. WHATEVER , IS v LEFT. WILL BE .SOLD AT AUCTION ON , WEDNES PIANOS teresting. "White Cow Boll and Brave, a couple of full blooded Sioux Indiana from Pins Ridge agency, were brought ap td Deadwood by Deputy United States Marshal John Belding, and were given a- hearing before Court Commissioner Coe yesterday, on the charge of (rand larceny In having stolen a steer be DAY AFTERNOON TO THE HIGH EST BIDDER FOB CASH. NOTHING RESERVED. ' AUCTION BEGINS AT valuo $5.00,- . Superior for.. v , . - rrr I '. '-isi, (.-;- l-W?? 1 r i It I Bazaar, j I? ' . T" . T . r....i one, iQucn CO "assorted; Jackets, value froxn$9.00 to ;15.00 atgreatiy reduced prces," '? , , M. J. WERTHHEIMER, 'J. V, ; , . J. ; ,H HARRISON St longing to another Indian,, The commissioner held them .to appear before Durability .... the next United States grand jury, and not being able to raise the necessary For Sals at hi i -! bond they vera sent to the Lawrence county Jail, to be cared "for nntU court convene. Charley IfarrivaL the In .jiDiffl&i; Smoke the Petit Bouquet ,. The Host frtffsnt for the Honey ' ; (INLY 5 CENTS CARWILR SOLE AGENT . Corner x"Le ju4 Shennaa 8U. . terpreter, from Pins Ridge, who was present at the hearing returned to the 663 iSyndlcaU Block Xain'SL agency last night- ;

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