The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 10, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1900
Page 7
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t The Lead Daily PiONEER-TiriEs. ,24th YEAR. Li:Al. S. I). (BLACK II ILLS ), THURSDAY MORNING, MAY, H, ltoo. FIVE CENTS. t route as outlined by the ommnVcr-r Piest among them. and nuw Was lying j so cold in death. The flora loffeiines The Republican Club, The I., m1 R.-puhlicanduu will meet . '. , f.ituilq H95t delates. ...... .uuin, ii-tiMiiif. ami tne u would carefully lie consi1er d. The Millinery Department of the National secertary stated that it conform, their own pl;,ns H() nearlv that IIIC ' C llln ,n the stal I'll' change world be of but little inconven lerwe. The beautiful stationery of the takes !!; i-'rd. Tti'' (publican clubs, wimb . :,t Sioux Falls nn May ,l, is entitled to four ielp-. expected that Hon. R VV. ! address the . club on that that a neat musical pro-, , arrit'd out. The date of ' club and the apt quotations from Pies idem McKinley 's Pittsburg speech con gates, ii 1 Martin will iaim-u, uihu came in for favorable generally were elegant, and -those by li r schoolmates were as line as could be secured. Kev. E. Clark of Uaadwood. a friend of many years, of the family, delivered a very able i:nd touching sermon, and there were few dry eyes among the large audience when be had finished. Rev. Ware delivered a few most loving and eloquent remarks on the part of the members of the graduating (lass and they were most comforting and at the same lime expressive of the deep love for her. The remains were laid at rest in South Lead cemetery. occasion- ." gram will 1 will appear iu uue umc in a flourishing condition, the meeting Tk (IlllJ 1 comment, with the assurance that tne president had also been pleased to note the evidence of patriotic republicanism as slfown in the letter from the far west. In conversation with some of the Lines Carried Dry Goods, Carpets and Draperies Millinery and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Goods Clothing, Furnishings, and Shoes having a ii:embersuip or neariy i.mi is now tin- centre of tb- store attraction. At no time in its history have stc-, k-i beti'ii more iridl and coinpieic After all its the- business done, by which pepulaiity can he guaged. ;md this strengthens, us in tic belief that our 'hiods and Prices are right, for hats of "HRICK" design and trimming are being worn this spring than er before known. Ladies Ready-to-wear Department Is growing to be one c f the st rong departmr nts of the store and this Season's Sales so far are extremely large. There is a substantial growth iner years gone by, in the number of c nstoniers who evidence by their purchases and la vorable comments a 'cognition of the merits ot our goods. There are higher priced fcoocis offered in this country than you will find here; our aim it to see that there are no better. You will tind the fashionable 'hlngs here as soon as they are u'lt. hu t we do not charge you lor the style. You g-t alue for every dollar you spend in this department. CalT on us when you want anything m Ladies' Ov erwearables ready made. hundred. Muc-n lli,B urru au,"i"'u H in the securing ui Jirarumc dlSinuu... committee are taking a lively inter-.t in the work. President McKay and club .members it was suggested that the committee on platform should get together before the next meeting of the club and arrive at some conclusion as to what would be for the best interests of the party In the state and nation, to have elgrafted on the res Two Years of Record. The Trib- nc v ry appropriately onm"?nts upon n - administration of bower have watched matters P. A GlISllU St IS m Vr.r nf thi-i -ir. closely and the club is In fine condl-tiod to enter the coming campaign, and will be heard from. The executive end it is worit.y or renrodncf inn Hut committee, ot wnicn ncm, " hairman. bas beenin correspondence olutions to be passed at the next state convention, and express their views to the club. The committee consists of YV. E. Smead, T. I). Edwards, L. P. Jenkins, R. H. Driscoll and P. A. (Inshurst. had the Tiihune put f rth more energy ii. he lping to b-ing before i?s readers the fact. piiji to the election it would have been more to its credit and might have been of some benefit to the party which it pretends to represent. PcrABLlSHED eW with numerous repuuuu .l national fame, and is assured from a number that they will come to Lead - r. rl foil I? ia 7 VI Trunks and Valises I Qualities 1876 r s during tne suiiimei ui quite certain that Senator Wolcott will Pile Tticle continues. be here, rmiong otners. Groceries, At Rest. Yesterday afternoon occurred the funeral of Sadie Julia Hoppin. I he A bold bid has been made to induce Hi Hardware The two y:us which closed with the rrtirer.'ent of P. A. (iusimrst as n.nyoi yesterday will stand out prominently in the history of Lead, aid as stated by the retiring mir.or n his President McKinley to come 10 me Black Hills on the return from :is nroDOSed western trip this summer and ck n i the committee has been answered by 1 Mine and Mill Supplies lid the presichnt's private secretary. J. . . . i t -. ,1 'aggros Addison Porter, tnat me pian am. Lead, So. 'DAif bcrvices were held from the Methu-.rst church in Lead, of which deceased svaa a member. Long before the body of the fair young lady was brought to the church that edifice was filled with citizens, friends and acquaintances of her who was to appear in life no more among them. The high school lasses, of which deceased bad been a member, met at the school building and attended the services in a body. COVENTRY, QR. Specialist speech lest night, the work vill o-w in apprec -ml ion -is the je.irs g.i by. The permanent improvemenis umde. the property, that wan purchased for the city, ard the general progress made toward raising Lead to the dignity of a c ty will grow w'th e.o h year. ".Another fact which w(;,nds out above any of the past administrations, and can iiaidly be expected to occur often, is the general satisfaction of the public with the appointees of the retiring mayor. No complaint of favoritism has come to our notice and no charge 's made that the laws have not been '. It out equally to all. "This, in a town like ours, containing- so many different nationalities and so many classes i.f people, i--, in itself worth of mention. The suc It was especially affecting to sec- t.he young folks as they viewed the remains of her whom a few short weeks ;igo was one of the healthiest and hap- Specials... Office, Bailor Block, Lead. S. D. 1 In Our VWViViV.V. Sales Day Extraordinary Ladies Ready Made Apparel Department cess or mailing our ponce court a source of revenue instead of an expense to the city, and many other ac hievements might be mentioned to the credit of Mr. Cushurst's ndminis-tra'ion. that will lie appreciated in later years '' Only the b.'ilarkv of this month to secure manufacturers prices on everything in the 1 ine f Ladies Tailor Made Suits in Chi-viots, Venetians, Homespun, Coverts, Series, Camel Hair, etc., all in the latest styles at manufacturers prices. Prices For One Day Only & SATURDAY, MAY 12. Grand Clean-up of Underwear and Men's Work Shirts, to make g room for immense stock of sum mer goods now arriving, we are go- St lng to make a price so much less than the cost of the goods, you ! cannot fail to see the advantage of laying in a supply now for fu- j2 ture iise. , Lot No. 1 Men's Shirts and Drawers, regular 50c and Goc goods, for 35c. i Lot No. 2. Men's Shirts and Drawers, regular 73c and $I.0u goods, for 50c. rf Lot No. 3. The cream of the stock, but broken sizes, regular u Caught by Caving Grotinl Yesterday morning aliout it oclock. the ten-foot bank of the excavation in the cellar of the new Faust building caved and caught two of the men who were loading a wagon. Ed Burns and Ladies Jickels, Capes. Skirts, Waists. The latest in s'.yles, colors, fabrics, form the spring and auminer, now at manufacturer's prices. . We guarantee the fit and finish of evey garment in this department. A SPECIAL Ol'l'OHTL'NITY is n;,w offeied to secure a new Suit, Jacket. Waist, or Skirt for Easter at a saving of one-half on the regular price. Dan Gleason by name. Iioth of the prices $1.50 and $2.00, for $1.00. Lot No, 4. Men's Working Shirts, full line of sizes, 50c and 75c goods, for 35c. men had a narrow escape, they being completely buried under the heavy earth from the shoulders down. They were soon freed from their perilous condition and Mr. Gleason was able to Ch Where They Sell Cheap. No. 5 Main Street Lead ase's 'Black Hills Clothier' Lead. S. D. OSCAR SILVER walk and not much injured. Mr Iiurns was taken to the hospital where he received attention, and was iater taken home. It is uncertain whether he has sustained internal injuries or not. but he is considerably bruised. A third man. who was working with them, had just gone for a drink of wa ter. and he escaped more severe in theo. e geskey Foreign Exchange. BROKER. J. A. BERGER lead. s. D. i Complete Line of Silk, Wool and Cotton Dress Fabrics juries than his partners sustained, for he was working where the greatest amount of ea'th caved. Retrospective. Mrs. Fat Hayes of Lead and Mis. ShuiMiier ul St'irgis. who underwent;iticn-- M the Lead hospital yesterday, are reported as doing iiic-ly, v.ith prcisii. c ts of a speedy iceoven. .John Neary of the Ilrick Stoic, received a telegram from his father yesterday, who is in Chicago, saying that Tommy had been operated iiKin and p.-issed thru the ordeal splendidly .mil was thougTit to be pant the clanger fMiint. Tom has twen suffering fiom appendicitis for some time arid went to Chicago, as did his father also, for the purpose of having the operation performed. (Continued on 1'age C.) ; Real Estate and Insurance "Missouri" Green was in a mood to Houses bought and sold, money loan ed. gene ral insurance and notary public. Victor T. Jpsen, Room 1, Cotton & Andrews block, Lead. S. U. if Anthony Traut carried off the contract for the plumbing of the Fawcett. Fink. Smead, Scott and Miiler build-ings. Tuesday evening, the 2!uh of ihis month is the date set for the ent-r-tainnielit and dance to be gieu by the Germania club. Henry assay oiEce and laboratory is located in the basement of Faust's new jlock. Lead, and he is prepared to fill all orders in his line, fl George Beers commenced yesterday to take the census of the school children of the city. This will req'iire talk and unburdened himself thusly to the reporter: "Say, young fellow, in my days, or rather days gone by. . .. FOR SPRING .. Our Dress Goods section, the largest and best in the Pdack Hills, abound rtti new goods of every description. Remember that our lowest prices are on ail. and th hotter tho crrmris the more we can save you. policemen used to go by the name, of O'Rafferty, O'Hoolihan. Casey, Burke, O'Malley, McCafferty and the like. Now, in this town you hear of Da&a-pras. Alledalo, Stufft and a Slavonian 'ASH SILK aGem,!,,,, Japanese silks full cosluraes and skirts, special price per yard 85c BEST APRON GINGHAM in 3tple whose name I name I don't know, but patterns, best printed calicoes in new The Real Estate, Mines, Insurance, Loans. Rents Collected and Ttaxes Paid. Legal Writing Done. Drafts Issued to all parts of the world. Railroad Tickets to and From all U. 8. Points. Steamship Tickets to and from all parts of tho World. Cabin berths reserved. U. S. Passports secured. European Consular and Notarial Documents. It East Main St. Lead, - South Dakota. Harrison Phone 273. Black Hills Pboae 1042. three or four weeks' work. navy blues, black, grays and turkey reds, per yard 5c CORDED DIMITY", Lawns in newest pptterns, shirting, percales, full wirtth in medium and dark styles. it is something like Liver. Jim Green, of course, will pass as he is, but the rest don't sound right, altho it may be all right for all I know." And the old man passed on to work. MINOR MENTION: ' Austin McDonald returned from a visit of a month in Nebraska. Mrs. Frank Walsh of Custer is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Henry Mon-heim of Lead If you are looking for a good smoke General Manager Holdreelge of the B. cSL- M.. accompanied by his wife and her sister. Miss Kimball, were looking over the sights in Lead yesterday. Alexander Rose, the florist, is prepared to furnish trees that are guaranteed to grow. Thousands of pot plants, pansies, verbenas, etc. D'op a note, or call at his place, vacant lot. near Episcopal church, Lead. 4-20-tf The wife ad baby boy of Rev. Wilson corded effects and stripes, in Btwt patterns, and d.isirable colors, values 30c VKNIIG BROC A DES A large varie-f tesigns light bluea, pinks, laven-torn, nile greens, yellow. aJsochange-W effects special values pr. yd. .75c CK SILKS Such la Peau-de-soie, Bttsgrains, taffeta and new fancy ". Pecial. values ....... .. 85c CK COLORED DRESS GOODS --1l Gcerman Henriettas, silk fin- French serges, coverts, chevi- and many other Weaves. special -....................,.....6 30BTED LOT OF FINH DRESS .TTErkMi. pliia and. fancy including a number of black on pattern of each style for wui; T T JUAJ Always the Best Lead's I Leading " Resort ask for Chamison's MONARCH left over the Burlington for her old strictly union-made cigar. Factory in per yard 8c FINE DRESS GIXGHAMS in corded and plain, printed dimities, the most favorite wasj? fabric ever manufactured, also French organdies, ' per . yard 10c COTTON CREPONS, in evening shades solid color, imported organdies, Dresden and floral patterns, fine and sheer printed batiste in stripes and figures, tinted and white grounds, per yard '15c, home in Illinois, where she will visit the larger portion of the summer. May block. Lead. tf Mrs. P."W. Taylor has gone to join her husband at Granger, Idaho, where he is now located. -Two of them have been arrested TThe PoDular restaurant extends a ANTHONY TRAUT PRACTICAL PLUMBER and Steam Rtter LEAD. SO. XAE No, 15 East Main Street i general invitation to all to dine at that place. They have the best of everything and wish th public to receive h LEAD. and returned to the fort and officers are on the track of the other. the benefit

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