The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on May 6, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 1900
Page 8
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SUNDAY, MAY 6, 1900. -tSE DA1LV PlONEEU-TJJJEfeT, DEAD WOOD 8. D STEY piano for my family. Haw- E ley Is the only regular ceaiw No. 639, by Bullock Hotel fealunwt" Doa Not Balona? to king Powder Truat, but Con-turner ar Rapidly Learning to Plaoa Their Truat in "Calumet." Zoellner Bros. Co. THECITY. A NICE LOi; OF FRENCH PATTERNS AND LATEST NOVELTIES JUST RECEIVED AT ACKER-MANN'S. Lessons in embroidery and fine needle work of all Kinds at Mrs. Mooney e, 41 Lee street A complete Hoe la carried of lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery Bilks, photo CALUMETS 'Opportunity Is the cream of time." Now is you opportunity to take Hood's Sarsaparilla and derive the most benefit from it. The blood is now loaded with dangerous impurities which this medicine will promptly expel. Sick headache is cured by Hood's Pills. Men's s Boy's Outfitters NONE SO COOD. ioderate I IN V PRICE 8 647 Main St. Unniinca'a Vfl PTT1 broidery silks; no hit, tn lihnw eroods. Call and in frames, etc. If ia complete. Room "After suffering from piles for fifteen years I was cured by using two boxes 8, over Deetken's drug more. Coffee, rolls, ice cream and straw ber of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve," writes ries and cream at the Olympic banery, opposite the Burlington depot Sherman street. . f. D. Smith bandies nothing but tb best grade smithing coal. The only place in town to buy China silks, yard wide and best quality made, is at Mrs. Alford's over Deetken's drug store. They are suitable for empire house gowns, shirt waists and un An old English book says it took li years tu make a ncted beauty. Slow ,,ui,oUj in this country we make 'em W. J. Baxter, North Brook, N. C It heals everything. Beware of counterfeits. Kirk G. Phillips. Steaming and electric massage for a wrinkled or sallow skin. Freckles and all blemishes removed and the skin made fresh and clean at Mrs. Melick's, ever Deetken's drug store. "ANHAUSER-BUSCH, SI LOUIS derwear. in 30 (lays with Rocky Mountain Tea "I had stomach troubla twenty years Ask your Druggist. W. L. Neil, D. D. S., resident den and gave up hope of being cured til I began to use Kodol Dyspepsia Cure AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS tlst, has moved his offlce to Koom i. It has done me so much good I call MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY Syndicate block. the savior of my life," writes V. R. HENCE CALL FOR IT. Wilkinson, Albany, Tenn. . It digests It tarns on the current of life, hope and ambition. The chief nourisher in lifes ereat straggle. That's what Gives women that womanly beauty, refined into its fullest splendor that what you eat. Kirk G. Phillips. If you are troubled with dandruff dazzles mankind. That's what Rocky Rocky Mountain Tea is. Ask Druggist falling hair or any scalp disease, con Mountain Tea does. Ask your Druggist suit Mrs. Melick, over Deetken's drug "DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the F. M. Gaatz. D. D. S. Modern Den store. Twenty-five treatments ar.d all dstry of all kinds. Gas administered. 9 j finest pills I ever used." D. J. Moore, Millbrook. Ala. They quickly cure all tonic i (-quired for five dollars. Eighteen years of experience. Rosen Mrs. N. I. Alford has Just returned Sunday May 6. thal Block. from the east with a full line of the I7BTEY PIANO, both stylish and latest designs for sofa pillows, table liver and bowel troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. Pansy plants, petunias, feverfew and all other spring ilants and potted plants; everything you want for your X-fgood to be had only -t Hawley's 8 covers and scarfs, Bulgarian linens and iesterday we had a good clothes procession men and boys marching No. 3, by Bullack Hotel. designs for bedspreads out with new spring suits and spring overcoats. . NOT ALL from MISSOl'RI, but most J. Q. Hood, Justice of the Peace, flower garden this year, at Mrs. Math uook ai tnem in tne street, in tne church, in all public places, and whenever you see a well dressed man or boy ten to one he wears clothes people want to see a PROOF before Crosby, Miss., makes the following er s, 418 Williams Btreet from ZOELLNER BROTHERS' COMPANY. their printing is "run off," and that's statement: "I can hereby certify that Try Goldberg's Java and Mocha thirty- fc.very day adds weight to your winter suit. It is about time you got in what they get if ordered from the Pio One Minute Cough Cure will do all that ceut coffee. JWLhlng better in Deadwood. neer-Times Printery. la claimed for It My wife could not get her breath and the first dose of it Call telephone 97 for uniformed mes line. Fit, service, satisfaction guaranteed are on our banners. Money back If you want, is our ambulance corps. Cfur Spring Knox Derby Hats have taken the best dressed men by storm. Ladles bothered with superfluous senger. Prompt service, u. u. I. vo. relieved her. It has also benefited my After suffering from severe dyspep whole family." It acts immediately Honda), May 7. sia over twelve years and using many and cures coughs, colds, grippe, croup, bronchitis, asthma and all throat and hair, moles or warts, should try electrolysis. It never fails. Mrs. Melick over Deetken's drug store, treats all such cases by the most approved method. Operation painless. PROMPT DELIVERY. That's what the merchant, the lawyer and the banker wants when he orders printing remedies without per man t good I finally took Kodol Dyspesia Cure. It did me so much good I recommend it to lung troubles. Kirk G. Phillips. Our Spring Shirt crop is in full bloom. You may walk in and pick your choice of several leading varieties, from 7o to $l.(i(). f!.",0 and up to $3.00. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved his office and hereafter may be found everyone, writes J. is. watKins, ciem and Recorder, Chilicothe, Mo. It di Men with heads for our hats and bodies for our shi i td, usually have at the parlors of the Gllmore house, corner of City Creek and Williams gests what you eat. Kirk G. Phillips. heads and bodies for our good clothes. Spring Overcoats and Suits made to order qualities, ready to wear and street A saving reduction in Log Cabin maple easy to pay for, at YOURS. ANXIOI'S TO PLEASE. and that's what he gets when he orders it from the Pioneer-Times printery. They don't have to borrow the stock or send to Omaha for it. There is a Japanese proverb, "To see y.-up at tne standard lasn More, 48 Sherman street. Quarts, 40c; half gallon. 1 tie rioneer once is better than to hear a hundred time." To fully appreciate the truth 75c; gallons. 11.40. Maple Byrup is par Zoellner Bros Co. ticularly healtfcy during the springtime, Clothiers, and is a most agreeable article of diet, an of to Is axiom, try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy when you have a cough or cold and see how quickly it will effect J well as an execellent medicine. If you want to buy a new buggy or a cure.. You are certain to be more Louise Brehany Opera concert May 25th. Friday night there arrived to brighten the home of Mr.and Mrs. Jonathan E. Evans 44 Burnham Ave. a big baby girl. Mother and baby doing nicely. Mr J. V. Calwell, representative of Armour and Co.. leaves for Omaha today to accept' "a very lucrative position in the main offices there. than pleased with Us efficacy. For an old one, call and see VERPLAST. No. 60, Sherman street. aale by Kirk G. Phillips, Druggist. FOR SALE CHEP. since leaving nere ne nas become a The members of the band are requested to meet at the Deadwood house this afternoon at 3 o'cUck My nt No. 14 Ha::i physician and surgeon and has been practicing his profession in California, strtet; also furniture, carpets ami tains. M. J. WERTiniLllKri . GEORGE M. BUTLER, EXTM SPECIAL SALE has the most complete lino of je-l where he has enjoyed the distinction of being a professor in the University at San Francisco. His medical career while in the west has been as eminently successful as his late father's in this city, who was well known to all. We trust the doctor is here to remain and extend him every good wish in his newly chosen field. in the Blac k Hills and ni.s prices I right. Call and see him. '2 J!f street, Deadwood. DR. irLORA ti. STANFORD. for practice. fc C. E. Winslow, one of the best watch repairers in the Hills, will be open for business Monday in the building formerly occupied by G. M. Butler, on Main street. H. G. Hamaker will return to Dead-wood today and will establish his office here as supervisor of the Black Hills forest reserve. His family will remain at Custer for the present, and within a short time will leave for Mr. Hamaker's old home, in Indiana, to spend the summer. G. F. Gorum, a brother of John Go-rum, i Gorum & Kaufman, left yesterday afternoon for Friend. Nebraska to visit his parents. After 'spending a few days at Friend he will leave for Seattle, and will go from there to Homeopathic physician. Office residence, 374 Williams street. Morphine, liauor and tnuacco m treated. The Spearflsh Creamery Co. desires to rent or lease the factory and skim milk station for one year or more on easy terms. John Bieslin, Secretary, St. Onge, S. D. Be sure to bring the child! en to see the trained ponies and the horses which will be seen with The Great Syndicate English-American Shows on May 15. The eastern press is unaminous in their praise of The Great Syndicate rTnglisb-Anieriean Shows which will be at Deadwood May 15. The cream of acrobatic and gymnastic artists from all parts of the globe, and a monster menagerie of wild animals. The ladies of the Conggregational Church will serve a ten cent tea, Tuesday afternoon May 8th., from three to five, in the parlors of the church. Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Koenegsberger and Mrs. Gillett will be hostess. Every one is cordially invited to come and spend a pleasant afternoon. For this Week Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits Skirts and Jackets. NOTICE TO TEACHLHS. A letter received by P. J. Miuiter, as-sayer in charge of the U. 6. assay office yefterday, informs him that Merrill A. Martin, who was his assistant in this oflice and recently transferred to the United tSates mint at San Francisco, has -beei,! promoted to the important position of second assistant assayer in that institution. Mr. Martin's abilities in his profession were especially recog All applications for positions Deadwood schools for the ensuing.1 should be in the hands of the secre'l by May 8th, 1900. O. X. MATSONI Dawson City. Mr. Gorum was in the! DR. A. F. N A ULTEl'S. PHYSICIAN. SUROEUN ANU liYAEJI nized very shortly after his arrival at the mint. He is known as one of the most proficient and expert assayers in the United States service. Hills in the early days, and has been in Montana for the past eighteen years. Zoellner Bros., the clothiers and fur LOU I ST. Over Ijwe's ClothDK Store Mai Dr. Gluth' Olebrat) Truces on bW The advance sale of nearly two hun - V. V ored tickets for the Louise Brehany Opera company insures Deadwood people the best entertainment ever 1900 VIVES nishers, have an attractive ad. in this issue, but it is impossible to make it as attractive as their men and boys' clothing and furnishings, or as attractive as the prices. The Zoellner Bros, are good advertisers that is they write good advertisements and more than make good what they advertise to do. brought to the city. At the Opera 15 Suits at $5,25 is suits itrm 10 Suits house on May 25th. This unusual musical entertainment is under the same They have no time to complain of dull management as was Remenyi, here in value $15 $15 to $25 :'--:g times or poor business. Value fronr J 896 and is a far better entertainment than RemenyL Any who have been overlooked' in the canvass may leave !rs. A. G. Smith came up yesterday The most beautifully finished and rcli;ilk Cameras sold this year The Superiority of Vive Lenses Lead Everywhere. from Hot Springs, where she has been 1 I ,7; ': )j their names at Ftshel'a Bazaar within the next two or three day and on visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Evans, and is making: arrangements Monday, the 14th, those who have ai to leave next Friday for Nicaragua, ready engaged ticket may select their where her husband Is in charge of a teats, aa the general aale of seats will begin on the T6th. Reserved seats, $1, large mining company. Mrs. Smith will go from here to New Orleans, and will sail across from there, to to the ' fj ? Bush-Gcrts it la expected that every seat in the Opera houBe will be taken long before the nlghi of the entertainment. 25 Black Brilliantine Skirts at $1 60. value $2.60. ! 1 , 1 20 Black and Navy Cheviot Skirts at 2 75 value $5 00. ; tcrvV;v: : : 4 ; All wool Covert Cloth Jackets at $2.95 value $").C0; v. : V 50 assorted Jackets, value from $9.00 to $15.00 at great "y reduced pieces. PIANOS Central American coast She will then take a small steamer up the coast to the mouth of the Banyan river, and will go by canoe from there a distance of 160 miles, to where her husband is situated. Before starting; for the SALESMAN wanted to carry out line of Blankets and Dry Goods Special Superior for... south Mrs. Smith will attend the grand ties direct from the looms. To sell the country and cross road trade. Address ENNALAL t CO., Manufacturers. 213 Ionic St, Philadelphia, ..Pa.,, . ' . ' $ Tone, Touch Durability ..... lodge of the Daughters of Rebekah,- at Mitchell, this Stat. The many friends of Dr. George S. von Wedelsiiedt will hardly recognise For 3ale at him from the cut which we publish to 9 day, but nevertheless it is none other than the same Individual who was I ? Fishel's Bazaar, fJ.J.WTHlHll Smoke the Petit Bouquet - The Moot fragant for the Honey ONLY 5 CENTS CARWILE SOLE AGENT Corner Lee and "Sherman St with ns seven years ago. At that time he was studying medicine with his 163 SjndicaU Blot; Main St. father, the late Dr. von Wedelataedt, and working for Dr. Stein, as chemist j v'

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