The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 28, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1900
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

-RE DAILY l'I0NEEIt-TIME8, DEAD WOOD, 8. D, SATURDAY. APRIL 28." 19M. "Calumet makes the lightest, sweetest and most wholesome bread and pastry. Huse repairing neatly done. Wall paper cleaning a specialty. W. J. Mc-Intyre, Harrison phone No. 40. Special line' of brushes, paints, and enamels, at De Mouth's Ark. ESTEY piano for my family. Haw-ley is the only regular dealer at No. 639, by Bullock Hotel. THECITY. For elegant slippers go to Zipp'a. See the Ark's ad. and profit by It No. 70 Sherman street, Deadwood. F. D. Smith handles nothing but the best grade smithing coal. We help you to economize. De Mixitti -i Special low cash prices at De Mouth's Ark. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. A saving reduction in Log Cabin maple syrup at the Standard Cash Store, 48 Shermau street. Quarts, 40c; half gallon, 70c; gallons, $1 ..40. Maple syrup is particularly htallhy during the springtime, and is a mot agreeable article of diet, as well as an execellent medicine. AAIIIl1EaB&klrK! Powder Ark. , " Fourteen baby carriages for sale cheap for cash. De Mouth's Ark. Pansy plants, petunias, feverfew and NONE SO COOD. NOT MADE BY I THE V TRUST. Coffee, rolls, ice cream and straw ber ries and cream at the Olympic bakery all other spring ilants and potted plants; everything you want for your ZOELLNER BROS. CO. Men's and Boy's Outfitters. i.nnoKitft the Burlington depot on Cower garden this year, at Mrs. Math Sherman street. Special meeting if the Deadwood fite "No family can afford to be without One Makes women graceful and willowy. Keeps one from becoming heavy and clumsy. That's what Rocky Mountaia Tea does. Ask your druggist. Go to Ackerniaun's for the latest in millinery. The Fountain City club will give a dancing party Tuesday evening, May 1st. Prof. Coffee's orchestra will fur-ninn tho music, and all that, havn lwn I 647 MAIN STREET department Monday evening at the lire Minute Cough Cure. It will stop a cough and cure a oold quicker than any other parlors, at 8 o'clock sharp All firemen are requested to be present. Frank Kellar, Acting Chief. er's, 418 Williams street. Talk of the Town Stories and incidents of life-saving by taking llocky Mountain Tea, made by Madison Medicine Co. Ask your Druggist. W. L. Neil, D. D. S., resident dentist, has moved his office to Room 19, Syndicate block. Lessons in embroidery aod fine needle work of all Kinds at Mrs. Mooney's, 41 Lee street A complete line Is carried of lace materials, cor j AT ACKERMANN'S, THEY HAVE medicine,'" writes C. W. Williams, Sterling Run. Pa. It cures croup, bronchitis and all throat and lung troubles and prevents consumption. Pleasant and harmless. Kirk G. Phillips. We are closing out our line of harness. attending the former club dances are I JUST RECEIVED A NEW LINE OF Black Hills Distributing Agents for the World Renowned VERY NOBBY STREET HATS. WHEN DOWN TOWN TODAY JUST Da Mouth's Ark. CALL IN AND SEE THEM. Try Goldberg's Java and Mocha thirty- There was Issued from the office of cordially invited. WANTED A girl to do housework. Call at Mrs. George S. Jackson's, 53 Lincoln avenue. The Elkhorn has its ground on up-pper Sherman street now pretty well cleared of buildings and the contractor, W. M. Boyce, will soon have the work for pillows, embroidery silks, photo the clerk of the courts yesterday a li n frames, etc. cense to wed, the happy couple being KNOX HATS Richard G. T. Harris and Miss Janie H. Clark, Chauncey. Oa., says De Witt's Coplin, both of Lead. L Witoh Hazel Salve cured htm of piles that had afflicted him for twenty years. It la completed. August reterson, or Kik (jreek, one Sid Windship, the Elkhorn passen of the prosperous landholders of that ger brakeman, who runs Into this city, section, departed for his home yester is taking a few days vacation and dur day, after purchasing a large supply ot ing his absence his place is being taken goods. A NEW CONSIGNMENT OF VERY by Harry Hooker. Several of the boys of Troop A, Third .NOBBY STREET HATS HAS JUST L S. V. C, were made happy yester cent coffee. Nothing better in Deadwood. A full line of go-carts Just received and for sale at popular prices at De Mouth's Ark. "The Steinway" and Knabe pianos for sale by Mrs. John Casbner, Spear-lish, solt agent in the Black Hills. J. I. Carson, Prothonotary, Washington, Pa., says: "1 have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in case of stomach trouble, and have derived great benefit from Its use." It digests what you eat and cannot fail to cure. Kirk G. Phillips. FREE! We are giving lichly decorated English porcelain dinner sets away. For every 50c cash purchase you will receive one premium coupon ticket. For a few of these tickets yon are entitled to any dish you want in a very short time you can secure a complete set of dishes which will cost you nothing. Come and see them. CHASE'S, where they sell CHEAP. "Fortune favors the brave." It is also favorable to those who purify day by receiving notice from the auditor of the war department at Washington, that their claim had been allowed, and that checks for the amount would be forwarded immediately. Comeand buy a Hat ttKWl lias taken 6 of tlieKigl testae aids at t7ie Clxicago "Worlds Sair. Spring Styles Are Now Here For Sale at Zoellner Bros. Co, The (Picr.eer Clothiers. ARRIVED AT ACKERMAN'S. DON'T FAIL TO CALL AND SEE THEM. Keogh Woman's Relief corps will give a box social at the residence ot Mrs. Freeman Knowles, Tuesday evening. May 1st, at 8 p. m. All members of the corps and all ladies, young and otherwise, interested, are invited to come and bring a lunch box for two gentlemen are invited to vote for and buy the boxes and so secure a pleasant partner for supper. A program, musical and literary, will be provided for the entertainment of the guests. Come and meet with us and enjoy a merry May day. By order of the president. Dr. Flora H. Stanford, Secretary. also a speedy for skin diseases. Beware of dangerous counterfeits. K. G. Phillips. ANHAUSER-BUSCH. ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gastz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. ESTEY PIANO, bot.h stylish and good to be had only at Hawley'3, No. 639, by Bulleck Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved his office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Gllmore house, corner of City Creek and Williams street W. W. Uayhew, Merton, Wis., says: "I consider One Minute Cough" Cure a most wonderful medicine, quick and safe." It is the only harmless remedy that gives Immediate results. It cures coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whooping cough, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases. Its early use prevents consumption. Children always like it and mothers endorse It. Kirk O. Phillips. WALL PAPKtt. latest shades and resigns at Sanderson's, No. 35 Sherman street, e carries the largest stock in the city. their blood In the spring by taking America's Greatest Spring Medicine, Such an extra l.irge shipment of express came In yesterday that the Elkhorn line found it necessary to put on an extra express car, hence the regular 11 o'clock train pulled into our metropolis hauling a mail and express car, and one express car loaded with all kinds of goods for our citizens. In county court yesterday Judge Washabaugh issued letters of admin-tration to Lottie Richardson in the estate of Arthur L. Richardson, deceased, her husband. Mr. Richardson, who lived in Whitewood, it will be remembered, was killed, a short time ago, in the railroad yards at Sioux City, by falling from the top of a box car and striking on his head on a rail. John Doe again got himself into trouble Thursday night ai.d was summoned before Judge Early yesterday Hood's Sarsaparilla. A clear head and Thru an inadvertency the ball and a neaitn Doay are given oy its use. supper given by the members of the Constipation is cured by Hood's Rebekah lodge failed to receive men Pills. 25c. tion in these columns yesterday morn ing. As is always the case, the ladies were charming hostesses -and- did any 4 TTF-11 r Now la the time to save money on the Ivers & Pond and Kranich and Bach Pianos. Special discount until Mar 1st. For Information address of their gentlemen friends fail of hav J 111 P! II Pajsi ing a good time it was the men's own fault. The music was delightful, and those who indulged in the pleasures ot MRS. JOHN CASHNER. Spearflsh, S. D. the dance were more than gratified. morning. John imagined that his legs were hollow and that his feet were sponges, so that booze by the bucket bupper was served by tne ladies, ana their guests sat down to one ot the daintiest ever laid before a hungry, happy crowd of pleasure seekers. The The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills ful would have to be poured into him to satiate his thirst. This was not the case, however, for John's imagining dance was merely for social recreation, and that it was a silbcess well just box was out of gear, and a cruel-heart ask any one who had the good fortune ed policeman took him In and he paid to be in attendance. IVERTHHEIMER & BRO, Arc Everlastingly Giving the Most for the Money Our aim is to give our customers reliable and de-sireable merchandise. a fine yesterday of $5 and trimmings for being drunk and disorderly. Because of the near approach of- the YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS Miss Stella Graves returned from General Conference of the M. E. chucrh I Guarantee Chicago Prices. Stock all fresh and of new Designs for 1000. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. You need not have to wait to send east for sample hooks, and run risk of not getting what you order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show goods whether you buy or not, Rememder our store is Headquarters for Paints, Oils and Window Glass. which constitutes today the largest ec-cleslastcal legislative body in the Rapid. Milt Conners took the evening train for Fort Worth, Texas. Judge Moore returned from holding a session of circuit court at Belle Foutche. KIRK G. PHILLIPS Mr. Matthews of the Sunset Mining world, and which holds Its quadrennial session at Chicago next month, Dr. Clark will preach on Sabbath morning next upon "Methodism, Its Doctrine and lolity." This sermon will be specially Instructive to those who have recently united with the church. A general invitation is extended. L. W. Stilwell, whose office is on Lincoln avenue, received recently a cablegram from Heidelbnrg, Germany, ; company departed on the evening train for Milwaukee. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIS C, Bailey of Merritt Is -n the city 1 Corner Main and Lee Street, Deadwood, S. D He will attend the republican county convention today. miss Maggie Owens and Miss Vn instructing him aa follows: "Retain 1-2-3-4," which meant, "I have ordered Lanauette of Lead, are the guests of GEORGE M. BUTLER, Miss Effie Clemens of this city. has the most complete line of by letter fossila numbered as iilove In H. H. Armstead, general manger of In the Black Hills and his pri your catalog." Thla order is valuer ones he had been using were too old for the genial Judge. Charley Marsh and bis bride, formerly Miss Edith Van Kuran of Lincoln, Neb., came in on the Burlington, and are guests at the Bullock. Charley the Union Hill Mining company came right CaU and see him. 001 1 at $295 in cash, according to, prices quoted in catalog. The order Includes street, Deadwood. o Green Cut Bone. the fossil heads of rare mammals in on the Burlington and left immedl ately for Galena. , Robert C. Hayes, states' attorney, re- has many friends in Deadwood who found in the Bad Lands. The average Your Easter Dress Your Easter Waist Your Easter Coat . .", " " " Your Easter Skirt Your Easter1 Gloves Your Easter Tie. When Fed Your Poultry, will be pleased to extend to himself size of this mammal is that of a large elephant By his Industry and exten turned from Belle Fourche, where he had been in attendance upon court for and his charming bride a hearty wel come. sive advertising Mr. Stilwell Is build several days past. Will double the number of e Will stop egg eating, Will stop feather picking. Will prevent roup. Will make the eggs more ft ing up a large trade not only in this WHEN TRAVELING country but abroad. Mr. Dave Vance, formerly with the Bodega, will leave this evening for Guernsey, Wyo., where he will engage Whether on pleasure bent or business Will mak pees hatch v take on every trip a bottle of Syrup c Amateur photographers there are in plenty around Deadwood who can take almost anything from a stone fence to in business for himself. Chicks. rigs, as It acts most pleasantly and Will Invigorate the whole floe effectually on the kidneys, liver anu J. B. Owens, general claim agent for the Elkhorn line, arrived over that an idiotic scorcher on a bicycle, a locomotive on the run or 0119 of our bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, Will make little chicks grow Will make little chicks grow Will mature broilers earlier. road yesterday morning front Omaha. ana otner forms of sickness. For sale Mr. Owens is out in these parts on his swift moving messenger boys on an errand, but none of them have yet in 60 cent bottles by all leading drug Will reduce the grain bill neH regular trip of inspection. gists. Manufactured by the California It la hoffar than niedkine, C Fig Syrup Co. only. Tom Hereley is in receipt of a letter than grain. o ' Only two cents and a half a pq from his brother R, B. Hereley, of Chicago, who informs him that Barney is succeeded in catching a flash of lightning as It hurtles in vivid' streaks of fire thru tho circumambient atiie-phere. Several young experts, among them Eniil Willoth and Jimmy Russell, will endeavor to do so on the rext TO HAVE AN EYE AND EAR SPECIAL 1 Manufactured and for sale by the father of the biggest, prettiest and ZOECKLER IST. We are pleased to inform our reader healthiest blue-eyed baby ever born in Chicago. - It is a glrL that Dr. Walter L. Vercoe. a Chicago ear ICE! ICE! ICE: stormy night and have every assurance of success. Miss Laura Tremble, the talented .From pure spring water tff iin any part of the city in any qj and eye spscialtlst, 1 going tc open an office la Deadwood. about Kay 1. The doctor bear the endorsement of Dr. 5. X Denny, chief sargeoa C. B. Q. system. T'amll trails a srwlaltr. otH manager of the Whitewood PlaJndealer, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Vaughn, were in the city. They departed for home on the evening train. phone 191. In. order to bo tho correct Stylo ohould bo bouerht at II I Werthheimer & Bro. JOB LA WEE Judge Daniel McLaughlin was dowd Smoke ihz Petit Bouquet " The 3Iot fragant for the Money ONLY 5 CENTS CARWILE SOLE AGENT Corner Lee and Sherman Sta. . DR. A- F. NACLTEUS. I ha been aa assistant to the foremost oc-euUst In Chicago, Dr. J. Elliott Colours; Is professor of opthalmogy, Collect of Medlclaa and Curgsry. Chicago; Instructor In ophthalmology, Chicago Policlinic and 8urgery C. M. St. P. railway. , FHTSICIAN, StHtOEON AND OTi town shaking hands with his many friends, and. incidentally, having his eyes fitted to a pair pf glasses. The Over Lows' CTotlwt Store. HUn rv rnh.'. ra1hratd TTUT 91-

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