The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 26, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1900
Page 8
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THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1900. HE DAILY 1'IONEEIl-TIWES, DEAD WOOD 8. D "Calumet" Does Not Belong- to Baking Powder Trust, but Consumers are Rapidly Learning to Place Their Trust In 'Calumet." CALUMETS House repairing neatly done. Wall paper cleaning a specialty. W. J. Mc-Intyre. Harrison phone No. 40. Special line of brushes, paints, and enamels, at ! Mouth's Ark. ESTEY piano for my family. Haw-ley is the only regular dealer at No. 639. by Bullock Hotel. Fourteen baby carriages for sale cheap for cash. De Mouth's Alk. Coffee, rolls, ice cream and strawberries and cream at the Olympic- bakery, opposite the Burlington depot on Sherman street. : family can afford to be without One Special low cash prices at De Mouth's Ark. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. Ij. T. Co. A saving leduction in Ig Cabin maple syrup at the Standard Cash Store. 4 Sherman street. Quarts. 4iv; half gallon. :.',: gallons, $14". Maple syrup is particularly heahby during the springtime, and ,s a most agre-able article of lrl. a a I'll as an cxecellciit medicine. Y.aUes women fjraceful and willowy. Keeps one Horn bet online heavy and clumsy. That's what Rocky Moulitaiu Tea does. Ask your druggist. (lo to Aekcrmann's for the latc.-t in millinery. Ladies Trimmed Hats, (ieniiine Ma Kinavr, regular price $2.50 will be NONESOCOOD. moderate IN j V PRICE J ZOELLNER BROS. CO. Men's and Boy's Outfitters. THE CITY. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. See the Ark's ad. and profit by It. No. 70 Sherman street, Deadwood. F. D. Smith handle nothing but the beet grade smithing coal. We belp you lo economize. Ie Mouth -Ark. Pansy plants, petunias, feverfew and all other spring plants and potted plants; everything you want for your flower garden this year, at Mrs. Mather's, 418 Williams street. Talk of the Town Stories and incidents of life-saving by taking Rot ky Mountain Tea, made by Madison Medicine Co. Ask your Druggist. W. L. Neil, D. D. S., resident dentist, has moved his office to Room 19. Syndicate block. Lessons in embroidery and ' fine needle work of all Kinds at Mrs. Mobney's, 41 Lee Btreet. A complete Use is carried of lace materials, cor 647 MIN STREF1 rough other Minute Cough Cure. It will slop a and cure a cold quicker than any medicine." writes C. W. Williams ling Run. I'a. It curcB croup. When thf new Burlington time card goes into effect next Sunday, two extra trains will be put on the D. C. on Sundays. The 3:15 and 7 p. m. trains which have heretofore been daily except Sunday, will run daily. The new time card changes the arrival of offered for sale on Saturday next at Jjl . . r The above were consigned to lis by ihe Black Hills Distributii g Agents for the World Renowned manufacturer and will be sold repard (ins and all throat and lung irour.jps iiu prevents consumption. I'leafant and harm-It s. Kirk G. Phillips. We are closing out our line of harness, tic Mouth s Ark. Try Goldberg's Java and Mocha thirty- p. n KNOX HATS cent coffee. Nothing better in neauwoou. A full line of go-earls just received and for sale at popular prices at De Mouth's Ark. "The Stelnway" and Knabe pianos for sale by Mrs. John Caitiner. Spear-i:sh, solt agent in the Black Hills. Come and buy cl IIcLt iW icJi has ttikcTt (J of the 7 tig iest evwewds ctt t7te C7iicago Woilds Fair'. Spring Styles Are Now Here For Sale at Zoellner Bros. Co, J. I. Carson, Prothonotary, Washington, I'a., says: "I have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in case of stomach trouble, and have derived great benefit from its use." It digests what you eat and cannot fail to cure. Kirk G. Phillips. FREE: We are giving tichly decorated English porcelain dinner sets away. For every 50c cash purchase you will receive one premium coupon ticket. For a few of these tickets yon are entitled to any dish you wain in a very short time you can secure a complete set of dishes which will cost yon nothing. Come and see them. CHASE'S, where they stll CHEAP. "Opportunity is the cream of time." Now is you opportunity to taKe Hood's Sarsaparilla and derive the most benefit from it. The blood is now loaded with dangerous impurities which this for pillows, embroidery silks, photo frames, etc. H. Clark, Chauncey, Ga.. says De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cured hhn of piles that bad afflicted him for twenty years. It ia Blao a speedy for skia diseases. Beware of dangerous counterfeit. K. O. Phillips. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUIS AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER IS MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. HENCE CALL FOR IT. F. M. Gautz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Oas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosenthal Block. E8TEY PIANO, both stylish and good to be had only at Hawley'3. No. 39, by Bullock Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved bis office and hereafter may be found At the parlors of the Gilmore house, comer of City Creek and Williams street. W. W. Mayhew, Merton, Wis., Bays: "1 consider One Minute Cough Cure a moat wonderful medicine, quick and safe." It is the only harmless remedy that give immediate results. It cures cougtis, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whooping cough, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases. Its early use prevents consumption. Children always like it and mothers endorse it. Kirk G. Phillips. WALL PAPKH. latest sbad-s and e'e-slgns at Sanderson's, No. 35 Sherman Street, e carries the largest stock in the city. less of cost. BLOOM'S. The Fountain City club wnl give a dancing party Tuesday evening, May 1st. I'rof. Coffee's orchestra will fur-nisn the music and all that have been attending the former club dances are cordially invited. Marriage licenses were issued yesterday to W. L. Hopkins and Mabel Wy-man, both of Deadwood, and to JTe Itabcock of Deadwood. and Jane Marshall of Lead. George YV. McC.o!.' yesterday filed the will of Annie Elizabeth McGoff in county court, and was appointed x-ecuti IX of the estate. Deputy 1'. S. Marshal Helding was in Lead '-esti'iclay subpoenaing wjtnes-ses in the case of (iilchrist et al. against the Home-stake Mining com-pany. Depositions of these witnesses will t- taken b-ie today. The case will come on for trial at the May term of I nited States (ourt in Sioux Falls. The Deadwood Woman's dub will give an open program. Saturday. April 2Sth, at 2:3u p. in., in the High school building. The general public is cor-diallv invited- to attend and will ! heartily welcome by the members nt the ( lull. The program will be of general interest, besides showing some of the work done by the club durum tin-past year. Hare is making an effort to raise !f 1 .",1 ii i in Sioux Falls to 1"' applied on the $l".otm required tor an addition to All Saints' school. Fight thousand live hundred dollars has already beell pledged ill tile eaM , if SloUX Falls- will raise $!.'ihu. It iias been ic-Kssaiy during the past y-ar to turn away applicants for admission to the school on account of a lack of room. The Salvation army held simvi:iI meetings last night on tic- strut and in their hall under lliigadier loft, the (liief divisional oilicer of Iowa an i N"-I-ias-ka. who arrived in tin city yes terday morning, irrigadier Toft is The (Picr.cer C the incoming train from 12:3u to ti:lf. One of the pupils of the indiau school is being boarded by the city n: .the expectation that he will tell wh-Vf he procured some tire wnM a l"v nights ago. So far he has pot been siilhi i r.tly communicative to disturb the culprit's peart ot niir.ii. Rapid ,'ournal. Thomas Howard, advance agent for the Syndicate cirrus, arrived in the city yesterday, nineteen days ahead of his show, which will appear here May lath. Small Ixiys might as well begin at once to be good as they are "jes fore Christmas.'' and people with no children of their own had better begin making the acquaintance of those in the neighborhood. Owing to tile soft condition of the roadbed and one or two small landslides which were the result of the heavy rains, the trains on the Keystone branch of the Burlington vci unable to make theur runs this we U on Monday and Wednesd iy. All damages have been repaired and the regular trait, will he run tomoriow. Funeral services of the late Daniel Cook ilunton will be held this afternoon at 1 '' at the Methodist church in Terry and the body will be sent tonight lo Kaunas City for irtennent. Mrs. Ilunton and her two children will ,ii i on.peiiy the body tu Kansas I'm)'. and will re main lier. Tin- di cease I was a member in good standing of the I. . (). F. lodce of T i ty. I he Terr ak Miners' I nioil an ! 'lie Clai: 'f.i-arts at Lead. James Cusick. mine inspector returned yesterday from Keystone where he went to investigate the anses ol the death ot Barney F.ngle. who was killed Monday in the Holy T-rror mine. The fuels in the cane. as. shown by the investigation of the coroner's jury which held an inquest Tuesday night, are as follows: "That Harney Fugle iiiiii" to his death by falling timn a cage in the Holy Terror mine on the night of April -. in " commotion probably caused by the striking of .. . : .1... V..,t,,l ,,f sty ni ! medicine will promptly expel. Sick headache is cured by figs Hood's A A.A.AA A. A. A. A. A. A A AAAAA A A A A dTW AAA Pills. Now is the time to save money on ihe ivers &. Pond and Kranich and Bach Pianoa. Special discount until Wall Pail address Wall Paper ! j . . . -. May 1st. For Information Speailisli MRS. JOHN CASHNEH S. D. The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Mills IVERTHHEIMER & BRO. Are Everlastingly Giving the Most for the Money Our aim is to gfive our customers reliable and de-sireable merchandise. making his regular tup a little ea. Her than usual on at count of the fir" at Lead, which destroyed the army quarters. He will go to Lead today and I Guarantee Chicago Prices. Stock all fresh and eif tu w Dcsions fur l'Kltl. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. You need it t have tf wait to send east for sample ln"k, and run risk of not getting what you order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show yods whether you luy or not, Rememder our store is Headquarters fur Paints, Oils and Mindow (tlass. a box ot powuei in ene 11,111. io Majala. agamsithx- w all plates of the shaft. Signed: Charles L. i'axon, Fied I). Whitney. Henry C. Loomls, .Jurors.'' Kngle fell from the 4oo to in- the 700-foot level and was Killed stantly. YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS .1. C. Spence r left for Custer. Col. V M. I'ratt of Piedmont was i'ii lemain until Monday, and will lie in Deadwood Tuesday. It is the intention to build a large hall at Lead. Annie Wood appeared before .ludge Early, charged with being drunk ami oisorderly. Being a woman, she had not the temptations and excitement of politics to plead as, an excuse, so she paid her 15 and casta in .cold., hard cash without a murmur. J. M. shiner of the Sturgis saddlery, has just completed a model of a new cartridge belt which was designed by Dr. Gibson, of Fort Meade. The belt carries 160 rounds of Krag-Jorgensen KIRK G. PHILLIPS J WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST 4 Corner Alain and Lee Street, Deadwood, S D. the city. Mrs. Isaacson of Terraville left for Hancock, Michigan. Sheridan McBratney of Galena was in the city. Mrs. F. M. Calloway of Terraville was in the city on business. Paul Ogden of Minneapolis passed thru the city on his way to Spearfish. C. G. Tanner, formerly of Lead, was GEOUC.E M. oL'TI.EK, cartridges arranged so that cartridges can be inserted In the magazine of the has the most coniphte line of in the Ulack Hills and his Anna Thompson to Ievis Thompson, one-fourth interest in ihe Claymore lodes N'os. 1. 2. 3, and 4. in the Carbonate Mining district; $1. Thirty-five location certificates. rifie at once, instead of loading singly Y-icrlif r"oJl nn.l Cl',. Ill Ml. I ' " i 1 Jl street, Deadwood. . Green Cut Bone. When Fed Your Putiltry, WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bent or business Your Easter Dress Your EasteF Waist Your Easter Coat Your Easter Skirt Your Easter Gloves Your Easter Tie. take on every trip a bottle of Syrup c' Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and Will double the number of esgs. Will stop egg eating, Will stop feather picking. Will nrevent roup. as at present. The mechanism of the invention is thoroly complete and the doctor will visit Washington shortly to lay it before the war department for adoption. There is hardly a question but what the improvement will be eagerly accepted, as. the advantages over the old method of loading the magazine are too great to be overlooked. The model made in the Sturgis saddlery has been warmly spoken of by Dr. Gibson. Black Hills Press. All day yesterday the rain fell. Some times it fell very fast and the grass jumped up and the leaves rushed effectually on the kidneys, liver anu bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, in the city from his ranch below iPed-mont. J. D. Hardin left for Chicago lo be absent two or three weeks on mining business. Miss Nellie Moody of Sturgis spent hte day in the city with her grandmother, Mrs. Porter Warner. H. R. Bartlett, president of the Titanic Mining company, and W. S. Elder went to Hot Springs on business. Judge Levi McGee of Rapid passed thru the city on his way to Mystic to look after bis mining Interests there. Will make the eggs more feftilij and other forms of sickness. . For sale Will mal-o pggs hatch V16 In 50 cent bottles by all leading druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. chicks. Will Invieorate the whole flock. W 111 tuaiwo imio " ' Will make HtUe chicks grow fa Will mature broilers earlier. Will reduce the grain hill one-na cbei WALL PAPER. The best and largest stock ' of wall paper to be found In the Hills :s on sale at Sanderson's on Sherman street Latest . shades and latest designs ic what it is made up of. " out. The street cleaners turned a Dig tiing 8 1 ream of muddy water on the city macadam. The small boy splashed into alley puddles In his shiny new It is better than medicine than rrain. Only two cents and a half a poufl rubber boots and was happy. the Manufactured and for sale oy Z0ECKLER B ICE! ICE! ICE! 8u er girl looked at her sweet new hat in her brand new hat box, and sighed, while her practical mamma From pure spring water deilverej Filed For Record. W. H. Doolittle to the Howard Gold and Silver Mining company, all his interest in the Key West lode, in Grizzly gulch, and in the Appeal lode oh the divide between Strawberry and Two Bit gulches; $1. W. F. Taylor et al. to the Howard Gold and Silver Mining company, all bis Interest In the froward fraction, Henry fraction, HenryV Pelican, and Sae lodes, on the dlvid between Two Bit and Strawberry gulches; L . "William Smart et aL to Howard Gold and Silver Mining company, the Spring lode,-In Grlrijy gulch; SI. made over the sleeves of her last summer's plaid gingham shirt waists. The ranchers out In the valley smiled gleefully and the miners looked pleasant any part of the city in any ramllv trade a specialty. . . . DISSOLUTION NOTICE. The partnership heretofoit existing under the name, Ann and styl rt Feenberg and Company is this daz dissolved by mutual consent L. Feen berg will hereafter conduct the business under the name of L. Feenberb', and assume the liabilities of the lat firm. .',..'. . . Deadwood; April 15; 1900.- : -. v: - ' L. FEENBERG.-.' ; L. WINEBFRO. and even the prospectors who had to JOB LAP-SNSO- In order to be the correct Style ' should be bought at II. J. Wcrthheimer & Bro. suspend work for a few days dldn t . - XI A TTt.TKCS, grumble. And every body enjoyed it so much that the weather man has PHT8ICTAN. 8UBGKOX-AND OTAsv' kindlv nromlsed to prolong the sprink Or Lowe's notin BtOT. Ul ling today. I ys-jru'r''

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