The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 20, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1900
Page 8
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?R1C HAILT PlOKEEMlSiEfi, -DEADWOOD 8. D KR1DAY. AWllia, we. See the Sappho turbans at Seebick s. 0 The Only High Oracle Baking Powder Offered at a Mod erate Prloe. Coffee and rolls, oysters any style, at the Olympic bakery, opposite the Burlington depot, on Sherman street. ESTEY piano for my family. Haw-ley iB the only regular dealer at No. 639. by Bullock Hotel. Nlly If a 11 follow the dire tion faithfully. 1 II waer my sweetest smile you 11 t'aiu 1', jouikN iy lakimr of Itin-ky Mountain Tea A.-k youi THECITY. For elegant slippers go to Zipp's. See the Ark's ail. and profit by it. No. 70 Sherman street, Deadwood. V. D. Smith bandies nothing but the best grade smithing coal. Call telephone 97 for uniformed messenger. Prompt service. D. D. T. Co. H. Clark. Chauritfy. (la , tayb In V.'.tt 3 Go to Ackermann s for the latest in millinery I have not traced, nor inn I trace a vestige of similarity ,n :he substitute. Genuine Rm ky -Mountatin Tea i mft'le t tne Madi-Ji Mtdi. ir:e ' 'o Ask voi,r !r'.g- glot. Tilt liit ,:yi-s iu .-!o' nt r -man ns. '"I he Steinway'' and Knabe pianos CALUMETBS: I'ERTHHEIMER & BRQ, Are Everlastingly Giving Ihc Most for th- Money NOT MADE BY NONE S0CO0D. Witch Hmel Salve cured him of piles that THE Mrs. Melick will give twenty-five 1jad afflicted him for twenty years. It l TKUST. J :al, scalp treatments, furnishing tonic aim ;s to ivo our oistoirH-rs rn sireablf merciiaihlisc. also a Hteedy for akin dieanet. Be required and giving the treatment ev erv second dav. for five dollars. Heads exnmined free of charge. Satisfaction Ladies Trimmed Hats, (.'enuine Ala lor sale, by .Mrs. Jnlin v'asliiicr. Spear-l:sh. solt agent 11. 'lie lll;i,,k Hill.-,. SpM-iai If . a-ii i : e- al I- .V'-rL'-Aik Tr tM.,'!l. :- Jnva .t aUk ha ininy-feiii orh . NorhiLi; fjctier in i am (1. Sh, :hc Net Iiti!, ::.rtsir.-. ib very latent, at Ai kertuaijii .-. A .iViiig :t--1iii tioti in1 1 1'abif, maple syrup at 'he Standard (. ash St .ire 4N Snenoaii s-tret Quarts. 40- half gallon. guaranteed. Mrs. W. W. Melick. ;.r. KiiuiM, reirtihir price If -.; will be Main street., over Deetken's drug store. offered for .sale on Satuldaj next at $1 The above were -uiiKi:rtif-d lo by Ihe Mrs. Melick hairdresser has put in 111 a 11 11 fact tit er and will be sold reyiird ware of dangerous counterfeit. K. J Phillips. Mrs. Alford has exclusive agency for Stevens & Co.'s "made to order dresses. Full line of beautiful plates and samples in tailor-maue gowns, Ilk waists, golf skirts and tapes. Call and inspect our samples oefore buying elsewhere. Fit guarnteed. Room i. over Deetken's drug store. W. L. Neil, D. D. 8., resident dentist, has moved his office to Room 19. Syndicate block. Lessons in embroidery ard fine the "Mahler Electrical" apparatus and is now prepared to give the electric facial massage, also to remove super lessofcoKt. BLG(M'S. ITrtiest VjA "er.tu:e. nho was lcund ovt to the gratul turv liv .'u-lt Va!sh of V-n , fluous hair by the process of electro for . (rtupliclty 111 the Hillock mi, e balling lysis. Hair so removed can never re turn ( neration painless, scars case, w 3 trougLl down it, i--i.u i iis terday .nd place. I il th, t.iuir ja I I tin impossible. Method is endorsed by th .(.-: grflKn. I: 40 Maplo syrup i.- par-Ik ularJy btalthy durii.g the t-prinuiLf ami a mo! aL't-e'-atie a:ti.le of lie a well as an excellent metiu iif W e l,elp vou to ecinoiniz- in- .,1 ' A k. So family 1 an allord to be Oh Minute f'ongh Cure. It :11 -awp a onh U. S. health reports. Satisfaction unat'l. to furLi-h the rtiaired tiouu of euaranteed. 659 Main street, over Deetken's drug store. !..dl-y ! Mi Laughlin. h: on '.lie l'or.eer-Times satire given as a prize for to cr.h Moonev was tried before Judge .tin! -ure a (old quicker than anv other 1 ei 1 j. ing , ".s a comparative -tranyir in needle work of all Kinds at Mrs. Mooney's, 41 Lee street. A complete line Is carried of lace materials, cor for pillows, embroidery silks, photo r frames, etc ' A woman's nerer too old to be handsome cever too old to be young again, if she the (in. having eoroe here from low rueii( iije. ' writes 1'. YV William-. Sterling Kun. I ft. It 1 ures .roup oron- aooui 1 year ago Laet summer he ran Early yesterday on 'he charge of petty larceny, found guilty and fined JL'tV in default of which he was sentenced to ten days in the county jail. He as arrested cn complaint of John Johnson for stealing chnis anu all ihnu' anl lung troubles and tht hlkh.rn boarding hous 'u tV L"irt Your Easter Dress Your Easter Waist Your Easter Coat Your Easter Skirt Your Easter Gloves Your Easter Tie. prt vents coiiKuuipfion l'ient.r., am! harm waul. He 1-1 a trother-in-law ot Tom less. Kirk G. I' Hurley, superintendent of the Sunset. Spe'ial line tuurhes. ;aiu;- ..1.1 UIM Kocky Mountain Tea, Ask your druggist. ANHAUSER-BUSCH, ST. LOUlb AND PABST MILWAUKEE BEER 13 MADE OF MALT AND HOPS ONLY. The horse t.elonginp to (Jeorge Angel, (hat wa-i injured ,n the runa-ay between enamels, at I ' Mouth : V.. hiB pocketbook containing 17 in money. "Safe bind, safe find.'' Fortify yourself now by purifying and enriching your blood and building up your system with Hood's Sarsaparilla and you Vv e are clo-:r,i (jut in;r Lead and lieadwood 011 Wednesday morn De Mouth's Aik. ng. nad to be shot yeoterday. lt injuries HENCE CALL FOR IT. A full line ... go-. -arts ; were found 'o be ronj-i.tiralile. hene it Aaa thought bet to put the be;mt out ol In for sale at J" u!ar f r: e may expect good health, thruout the coming season. All liver ills are cured by Hood's Pills. 25c. F. M. Gaatz, D. D. S. Modern Dentistry of all kinds. Gas administered. Eighteen years of experience. Rosen Ark. misei v Li- of hi.ILf-f : re e . e.l ami ie Mouth 5 fi Germany. II the i (emy ol s ,::i.l i'e- William K' ".e:-. a r.atr. .VI. y lirou of the Big Hit Mining thal Block. took out hi- -eorul ;je:- T7BTEY PIANO, both stylish and company, who has been in Ihe uty several days. .(, thai Frank O'CHwiei.. formerly with tht Pioneer-Times, as collector and clerk's office yesitrday. WALL f'AI""i:. 1,11,..: Mi signs at Sanderson - No street, e carri.s the largest She--nian afterwards as city editor, went south with the troops during the Spanish war and died in Florida. stock .n .h- A new deal at Chase's. Dress goods patterns and remnants for below cost. When he gets a bargain his customers get a benefit. The Cottage Iaundry is now prepared to do washing on short notice nt reasonable prices. Family washings and lace curtains a specialty. Work called for and delivered. No. 9 City Creek. city. M. E. Huohard. manager of the " iciahv I'a.king company, who was calletl east several weeks ago by the death of his iff. is (juite ill at the Her in (Unaha. Mr. Henry Walker and .Miss Anna Wi-e of Alzada. Montana. ere married on Tues ''alhoun Pros, are in receipt of a new pia-rir truck, the prodt.rt of the Shopman. H.i'!d & 'Vi. f:K-tory. whith is: one of tlie most complete ever used in Iieailwood. This firm cat now handle the heavy muic a in order to be the correct Stvl;, with as mm h ease and safety JL-good to be haa only at Hawley'3. Na 39, by Bulls-ck Hotel. Dr. Collier, the osteopath, has moved his office and hereafter may be found at the parlors of the Gilmore house, corner of City Creek and Williams street W. W. Mayhew, Merton. Wis., Bays: "1 consider One Minute Cough Cure a most wonderful medicine, quick and safe." It is the only harmless remedy that gives immediate results. It cures coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, grippe, whooping cough, pneumonia aad all throat and lung diseases. Its early use prevents consumption. Children always like it and mothers endorse It. Kirk O. Phillips. New Goods! New Goods arriving at Chase's every day. They don't keep goods to look at, but sell, as you will ' see if you price them. day April 17th. at the home of Mr and tuo they were a light hand organ ,- a box of merchandise Mrs. Samuel Schuster, in Terraville. Rev Richards officiating should be bought at M. J. Werthkimer & Bro. J. I. Carson, f'rothonotary. Washington. F'a., says: I have found Kodol Dyspepsia Cure an excellent remedy in case of stomach trouble, apd have derived great benefit from its use." It digests what you eat and cannot fall to cure. Kirk O. Phillips. Now is the time to save money on the Ivers & Pond and Kranich and SWO.00 REWARD---The Fox terrier A petition for the adoption of ' arne "Social" 'iclonjring- to S. Itloomitray ed awao Saturday lait. ill pay $20 Agnes and Maggi - McLeary w .is irr terday In countv court by John A. clnlla to Ihe finder of the dogr. gher and hn wife. Margar t .. il': i;liir : II A.N TEi M n to lean, barber trade, th) Bach Pianos. Special discount until of Lead, and the order granux! Miss Fannie Foster, a ,-ousin of Mrs. G account ot tne great demand tor our May 1st. For information address MRS. JOHN CASHNER. Spearfish, S. D. graduates we will furnish free transportation to our colleges at Chicago, St ( . Moody of this city, who has held the position of superintendent of practice teaching at the Normal School for the Ixraii. san or Minneapolis, to guarantee tdeady positions at $60 month Ml Wall Paperl 1 past yer. has resigned on account of ill ly on palaoe rare, hospitals, hotels. health and will return to Sioux City. country and city shops. Those large cities offer the advantage of constant Frank Bryant, the Squaw creek miniDg man, ha? purchased I). B. Ingram's rei 4 practice that cannot be had in small ones Our diplomas recognized everywhere. ctence in Sperflsh and will move his family there from Carbonate. Mr. The Largest Stock Ever Shipped to the Black Hills Vou can eorn scholarship. Address all correspondence for any branch to Agent of Moler Barber Colllee. 1623 Farnam gram, who has beein the grocery business In SpearfUh. hag gold out to John Munger St.. Omaha. and will move his family to Omah. nr. Ralph is minus about one-third of the little finger on his left band, the result of an accident yesterday. One of Lh. workmeD. while cleaning a spade, struck YESTERDAY'S PERSONALS J B. LeBeau of Centra was in Dead-wood. H Richardion. the piano tuner, returned ZOELLNER BROS. CO. Men's'and Boy's Outfitters. I Guarantee Chicago Prices. Stock all fresh and of new Designs fur 1900. Handsome and Artistic. Paper carried in store. You need nut have to wait to send east for sample hooks, and run risk of not getting what you order. Come in and look at our patterns. It is a pleasure to show g-oods whether vou luv or not, Rememder our store is Headquarter lor Paints, Oils and Window Glass. from Sturgia. Col. A. J. Kellar of Hot Springs was a 647 MAIN STREf the top of a fence r"t. The doctors hand happened to be on top of that particular post when the spade made oennections. The finger wag cut off slick and 'clean Queen City Mail. B. R. Noble, ot the Marble. Porcelain. Clay company operating near Custer, ha let a contract for one hundred and fifty thousand feet of lumber with which a B. & M arrival. Maurice Flavin of Sturgis passed thru the city for Lead. Ellsworth Daggett, the Salt Laie mining expert, is in the city. KIRK G. PHILLIPS Elmer Ladu, representing the R. L. Polk Black Hills Distributing Agents for the Worlff Renowned Co., directory compilers. U in th.; city J WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGIST portable aaw mill will be built and placed on the marble property. Three cabin are oelng built beside the marble ledge. The company hat recently added to the already large property a mica, mine. All other signs may have failed; cold cloudy weather may . have discour-ized M-ilcoIm McCallum. president of the De troit & Deadwood Mining company, left for J Corner Main and Lee Street, Deadwood, S. D. Chicago. D ITVVVVVVMyisiv V v V V V ' John O. Hattea and M. P. 0 Brien of the Earner bonnets, and the pussy willows and Big Hit Mining company, went to Spear KNOX HATSl fish. KSTIt A Y XU'i U'r. Nrrtice io nre"rv ih'ii ' 1 crxuses may have been al.iw bui when thl street sprinkler cjnl wen Jed its way Mrs. M K. Arnold and family left for Colorado Springs to Join Mr. Arnold and down the dusty street yesterday it was a surer sign of spring than remain permanently. WHEN TRAVELING Whether on pleasure bpnt or business, take on every trip a bottle of Syrup e Figs, as It acta most pleasantly ana effectually on the kidneys, liver anu bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, and other forms of sickness. For sale rencc county, S. D., ami w. tnk.' about Marcil 21, 1900, one I1 umi white s)Ot In forfheail. Vft forty robins, it tj the ilrtt Hma in 4ive W. H. Crilly and S. Doughty, represent years that 1U aer-vicea hare been requlrJ r iv dmrtt a nthar marks f't' ' r ing Armour brothers, packios company, were Burlington arrivals. so early In toe year. visible. The owner can have the : -Comeand buy a Hat wKicK has taken 6 of the. highest awards at the Chicago Worlds Fair. by proving ownership, arid puyiiigl ira and Blaine Mealey. Squaw creek TO HAVE AN J5TB A.VD BAK SPECIAXr- In 60 cent bottles by all leading dmg. gists. Manufactured by the-California mine ownars, returned from Iowa, where costs of keeping and advertising . , 1ST. ELLEN CHR1STKN. they have been visiting their mother. Fig Syrup Co. only. w e are pleased to inform our readers Postofflco; Central C4fv-. ! Mrs. Arthur Richard Miss Woods and- April 4, 1000. Miss Johnson of White wood ' returned ad eye specialUst, It golnc to open aa oiuo ta Deadwood. . about May 1. The home after a short Tislt with Mrs. E. Mnel Ier. John Jennack. Has a first-class outfit of tf,anis Dr. E. E. Clough went to Hot Springs to doctor bear th endorsement of Dr. J.' A. Denny, chief surgeon C. B. A Q. aystam has been n aatiataot to the foremost oc- Spring Styles ArfcJfow Here ;,-:'-V;";:r "For ' Sale at M - ' Zoellner Bros. Go. carriages and is prepared to di Baks his monthly Visit te th So Id Ier j' Green Cut Bane. When Fed Tour Poultry, Will double the number of eggs, Will stop egg eating. Will stop leather picking. Will prevent roup. . Will make the eggs more fertile. Will make eggs hatch vigorous kinds rrf citv work. Callinc par Home. From there he will go to Hill City funerals. tc. will receive i-romi-'i rnilt la. Chicago. Dr. J. Elliott Colour; i piofusor of opthalmocr. Coliec of Medicine and Surrery, Chicago; Instructor tention. Call Harrison tel-iiin' 83. .1 f.; and Keystone. Dr. H. H. Muggier and C. B. Harris, acf cum pan led by William Archer of New Tort, arrived on the freight Wednesday In opbthalmoloKy. Chicago PoHclinio aad t ThetPicneer 'Clothiers. chicks. - Bursery C. M. SC P. railway. ( 0. E. S..NO. 23. DEADiVOOr night from Keystone. ' ' Regular meetings secoai and fj Will Invigorate the whole flock. Will mass little chicks grow larger. Will make little chicks grow faster. U. R. Suscell left tor Kansas City, YES, irS A BIRD. . Louisville. Chicago, and New Tork, to be - , I- i . ' Will mature broilers earlier. Mondays at 7:30. All memoers dially invited. - ' ANNIE. I. PHILLIPS, W. E. V. HATCH. W. P. , I LILLIAN O. HATCH. Sec. absent seTeral. weeks and try aad risenp-erats from the effects ot th grippe. ( - . died xchialvelr by Carwlla, at the ror- , ill reduce the grain bill one-half. It is better than medicine, cheaper I-ee Day cam in yesterday from the Br or Lea aad Sherman streets, la aa ele-gaot smoke. Tha twmtJcth met r . y a V W A TTL.TBL' a. Gilt Edge aad, la tnaklhc preparation ; ta leave for CaliferaU for a visit with his mother, from whence ha will go ta Cape dollar inretted In one of these weed pats you th dreamland.- Mad of the bewt to-baeeo. Ttey smoke free aad easy. To the ladiea would ear: I hira lunt nlnH n Only two cents and a half a pound. -Manufactured aad for sale by ' PHTSICIAN, BUM EON AND 01 AI LiOUun. P'ron Una

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