The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on April 15, 1900 · Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 7

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1900
Page 7
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Tihes. rEAR. U:.l. S. I). , IU.ACK 1 1 1 1.LS i, Sl'N DAY MOkWIXC, AI'RJL. 15. l'Mio. FI Vl- end. Also i no pui chasing i f loon fi et jlD FIRE DEPARTMENT ol new hose to lie diviile.l as lollnws "(in in be placed in Hiawatha park Ley's Report As to the Condi - Also a new cart for the ranie i ;i 1 it v d the various companies. arpet Department in Hiawatha park.-which is de 'ircd necessity in that portion of l;eail, may lie used if they are annual report made by Chief Easter at the Churches. 'loday appropriate serv ii . s will be observe d at all the e lmr lies in Lead. .Willi the except inn of the I'l-i't-byfrian church, at. which no services of any .ind will be held, owing to the sic k ness of the pastor, Rev. Inland. At the First liaptist ni ruing and evening services will be held. .Mrs. Woinell-dorf extends a cordial :nvitation ! lriei els and strangers !o attend these furnislii's an i uteres1 iiii and report m I -ad's soiin-r of All ol tne me apparatus is kept m the lust of com I i 1 ion and ;,-ady for im- . frr,n lire. I he n port shows Second Floor Right. 541 feet i'f Hd, ser i -u I1 city. 1 1"'' repon haj : Jdy respei tfully submit r no ful- Vuii will OUll In i mitronti d with tin Services:. house clcciniiig prop. Slt I report as chief ot the I ..-. I hire a Is :;; find yourself in n I m oar, n t shinies and limpings. in iliate use when nceile-1. Ha ii company is supplied with lubber coats, couplings, lire buckets, and in fact, most everything thai is neeews iry for .i company and the purpose for which they are iu'enile d. I would recommend that Washington aehli'ai.i receive some attention regarding iis lire protection. The chief pays the firemen a well- ifnt for the past jear: Sre now in good working or- At the M. I-,, church theie will bi iiioining and evening nnms. The Congregational people have inn carpet depiii (mint is now in complete nadiness fur th ar- hi, spring fcout the city twenty-Kin- range: for duo services. it'n hy-heell , viz: eight of wliii li liav.- we have bought to good advantage though wholesale prices ; i position since last year. At Christ Episcopal church and also it St. Patrick's Catholic chinch there uglier -out h Sunnysiele: three m will be morning juiil eveiimo- services lawo in Hiawatha park. in still quote y,,u tl Id low pi iirs fur high standard mad pbtely outfit, you for homo or public wants, and there is e varied assortment thaiioms to select from in the entire wi We Sllggert a VISlt. tOeoIlVillCI- VOUlSI'll'. .special programs of ami mu Lg 'to tii" ',;i1 w:t, winks, six anil earned compliment w in n l.e says' We have a volunteer (ire i epart-nient. (,ll' of the hist, active i,i well equipped ones that call In- seen any- sic have been prepared, which the case ,if the mains are four. generally with th- other (bun lies icbes. ! i l At the Episcopal ehiireh (lie Kniehls Me reservoir on the hill ;.lmve which lias jur.t lH-e:i coin- IVmplar will attend in a body, and 'veivbndy is invited to any o! these unices. where, and one hieh stands peer to any anil without fear o! eont'adio-tniii. an.l they perform their duties more satisfactorily and ea.sily, as well as promptly, than the m:i orit v of lie size ot which is ; .xl.ib jl a pressure of UU pv; PctabIished FOR IT5 I Qualities kone minion aim a nan canons: Love Main street :70 f""l. This 1878 havinK I"' n full;- completed The Next Mayor. The manly stand taken by L. A. Fell and his n pubbc an fi n mis i i rallying to the support of .lavor (lushrust re of great value lor fire pro- iruout the whole city, uhicn "I consider that it; viec of :he fact of the hard service our hreineii have lieen called upon to perlorm in and during the year just closing, and being volunteers they should be honored and respedi d by evervon-'. ' I with all a' the smaller tanks for re-election, afi -r liming w.m t! are neretolore been used lor mill i Mil i if in lllllll .Mr. Cell in tile rilll- .ee for which they were con vinticiti. is gratifyinu' an I wiM make Mr. (Jusliurst's election most certain. I ne norui-il republiijan majoiity in x c . nir jr . I r , Ull c " i 1 I L. Lj "u ! ir rr I wo In se ci nipany lias lorty-five and liftv active lire- 1 Burned District Notes. Work on the Ciushurst -Senile: id is about .'."i 1 1 out of a vote ot Lead, So. DaK: exca- ibciit l.ooii. and hose carts a n.l l.K.u teet ot Frank Alt cannot his year of repub- vation is iirogresmg rapidly and with overcome that in tl iicanism. It is a pb rriceable; one .if their living been placed in Sonny- isuie lo note that iilon. reasonably fair weather will soon be complete. No other active signs oi new building is apparent except that; the debris ;s being gen'Tilly cleared ompany Number On. has active firemen: l.l.'it) feet of liiceable hose two hose the campaign so 'far has been clear ot misunderstanding, and th" contest bids fair to be an honorable, manly one all round. If Mr. Att wins out under the odds lie must forever be considered a I hale in politics. The Salted Mine Case. up. It is understood that Hose oom-pai.y No. 1 will soon begin the en! -1 tion of a solid and imposing looking oik store brick building with orna-i Specials... ft hose company has onto ve firemen: lam toot of good hose and one cart. This j mental front, to contain a parlor and J cart room. They car. do this without goii.g into ib ht with a little help from' In Our was organized in October, fporateil in November, iviii. hose house, carts, nosi. and Nothing materially new has devclop-i d up to date ill the Sylvai.ite mine salting case. The Hilh'k boys are still at huge. Fined I. a Venture, who was placed under arrest Fi iday night. Ladies Ready Made the citizens, and can build so mat another story can be added, should it iie i bought, advisable in the future. . everything that is nee, ssary asite in the making tin of a company .and which is a if fit to that portion rf the the residents in that part of ay feel more safe in iiukscss- charged with being a party to the conspiracy, was brought up from Head-wood by Sheriff 1 lunkett yesterday afternoon and his c ase cam" up before Judge Walsh. His attorney, Thos. Harvey, asked for a fen- days and in accordance, the court set his ln-aring for next Wednesday, the isth. Apparel Department Only tltc l.Ti.TrkY dl t liis month to secure : manufacturer juices cm everytliino; in the line ol Ladies Tailor Made Suits in Chi-viots, Venetians, Homespun, Coverts, fta organization mi their im- The .Morgan a Hendricks building is rapidly bt :ng repaired, and Jenkins will have an elegant new set of fixtures soon in place. Th,' n- vv hotel proposition is resting, p'-nding decision of, some prominent people to take stock in the venture. The promoters fil l assured of success. One thing seems certain, anil that is ii, e ,iii7ens will absolutely not stand fflidst. Mvside addition there has ited one cart with 500 foot of rviceable hese, three now hy-1 is to he used and ope rated citijens in general in th;v. u- U grand total of active fire-. ruTovs. Lamel ilair. etc., all in the latest styles at mamitaeturers prices. the old district to be used again as it was before the fire. "No houses of ill fame for this part of town" is the cry. and no subterfuge will be tolerated in maintaing cMie, even if it is necessary Grand Easter Ball. Crescent Temple No. 3, Rathbone Sisters have sec u red the Miner's Fnion Hall for the evening of Faster Monday and will give a grand ball uxin that date. to city as near as, ran he es- US; good serviceable host own- to proceed against the lessors or Ladies J uliets, Capes, Skirts. Wa ists. The latest in styles, colors, t; rie s, form the spring and summer, now at manufacturer's prices. We giu antic the fit and finish of c vey garment in this department. A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY is now offered to secure a new Sp .Tai-liid, Waist, or Skirt for Easter at a saving of one-half on the regnl prie e. uve hose carts; one hook lo lowing are the committees in is ri f th bulletin.: In which one !r truch fully equippeil and dy for active use when re kept. It is intended to bniid th blocks up for legitimate business, have wide walks and good streets ; rd no part of the proposed new business section is lo be blighted by the o.rnal bouse business. The opposers say that if charge of the event. Executive Mrs. I.. 1). Jacobs. Mrs. Jno. Esterbrooks, Mrs. Jno. Cihbs. Mrs. Pen Stone, Miss K. Culloni. Floor Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Jno. Esterbrooks. Mr. Jno. Esterbrooks wwsuikp inmpanv has some- 8,000 feet of good te.vice 'Black Hills Clothie Lead. S. E hich ran be used in cafe the OSCAR SILVER away they are necessary, get them remote Jr., Miss E. Culloni. Er. Adamsky. from sight and hearing in sum themselves. I ueeepiion .Mrs. .). a. i;cck, .virs. n. part of the city, and poll eeded. I recommend that hydrants ta the following placi s. One Her of Barclay's avenue ami and also one at the cor- II and Gold streets in South P. Ixirey, Mrs. V. Malkison. Mrs R. Daueherty. Mrs. J. V. Curran. Mis. J. W. Freeman, Miss Maud Faust. Miss Alice Murphy. Miss Hannah Walsh. They see nothing in the argument that they are a good thing 'or the city." but declare instead that rothing that is illigitimate is for the permanent S. R. SMITH Mammoth furniture hou THIRD ANNTAL Masaucrade Ball good of any place. 0VENTRY. being i':.,,, for new buildings are . - , ,,,,t i:il eall OF THE BLACK HILLS. MINOR MENTION. Richard Hlae kste ne has leturneri from an eastern businos trip. Mr. Maitland of Monheim's foicc. is suffering wiih an ;ittae k cif facial cry- pushed anil as Mum - l e contracted for. work will begin all ilong the line. The -eaants of the Specialist i.,,;i,iticiL: nirnn an u:' ' " IMI 1 I'll Uf"1' " I Mayflower MM Lodge . Xo. 44. At Central City, April 18, 19(10 anxious and are trying to have matters sipe las. hurried. ""Ml Houses bought and sold moneyoan- Ilor Block, Lead, S. D. Ili ft ire t.ikinu stork on l'ebniaiy l.'.th. .11 d to make room for i:.ent 'if in -.v i-'ooels. I will pivi' vi ty Lll;i;i(AL I il.-JCt i I N I S on I Carpet -. Ci i' k' l y. Kt' . It will pay you -to come and look at the- bargains in Croc .Lamps. Complete sets and remnants, all will go at very low pric I have a small stoc k of Wall Tape r which must be sold be new stoe-k arives. The-re are S"iue nice patterns left, and at pric 3 please you. ed. general insurance and notary public. Victor T. J"psen, Room 1, Cettciu & Andrews block, Lead, S. 1). P it If you are looking for a goodsmoke ask for Chamison's MONARCH Music bv Emo"- Oivlu'str.T. SupjK-r ;it Lcnk', TioltotB - l.OO S. R. SMITH strictly union-made cigar. Fa-tory in May block, Ix-ad. Mrs. George Scott mother of Joseph Scott, arrived in Lead yesterday for a "1 Sale of Silk Satin Waits AND 1 1 ne. HENRY MAILLARD, short visit with relatives. Henry assay oirioe and laboratory is iocattd in the basement of raust's new tilock. l,ead, and he is pre-n: iWi to fill all orders in his line. tT COBWEB JOS. SAVA DEALER IN Hay, Feed, FJour and Woe Rock Springs and Deer Crec Blacksmith Coal always on h Orders delivered anywhere raville. Central and vicinity a Black Hills Bottling and Vinegar Works. rday April 14,1900. )ne Day Only Latest Styles. season g-oods, Btst Material- Always the Best to meet any competition. MAIN ST.. CENTRAL C t William Brewer left yestenLiv for New York city, his old home, where h intends to remain. Mr. Young of Hot Springs is vi-iting in Lead for a few cliys. Mr. Young conducts a blacksmith t-hop a', that plaee. The Popular restaurant in Lead acknowledges no superiors. They have none but experienced help and endeavor to give their patrons the best irS4.00 Waists - S2.75 IFS6.00 Waists - S4.25 rS8.00 Waists - S6.25 r S12.O0 Waists - S8.00 This price for Saturday, April 14, Only. Pattern Hats, Best Styles, Lowest Prices. ANTHONY Tit Lead's I Leading1 MAI NNFACTLKEH t HEALER IN Mineral Waters of all kindu, in syphons and bottles; Soda Wateis of all flavors; Wine and Cider Vinegar; Cider, Syrups, Flavorings, etc., etc. Special prices to Jobbers in Vinegtr will be "made upoa application. Correspondence solicited. Office and factory. 408 Main street Lead, S. D. Harrison Telephone 175. Resort No, 15 East Main Street PRiCTlCM, PLUM and Steam Httc LEAD, SO. that can be obtained in the market Glv them trial and we feel sure you ase's Where They Sell Cheap. No. 5 Main Street Lead LEAD. will be .well pleased. , it. -: tGootinQetl on Page' Four.) .

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